Ghurar Al-Hikam Wa Durar Al-Kalim, Exalted Aphorisms And Pearls Of Speech


Translator(s): Tahir Ridha Jaffer

Compiler(s): Qadhi Nasih al-Deen Abu al-Fath ‘Abd al-Wahid Ibn Muhammad Al-Tamimi al-Amudi

Publisher(s): Ansariyan Publications - Qum

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A Collection of Aphorisms of Imam ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib

Compiled by: Qadhi Nasih al-Deen Abu al-Fath ‘Abd al-Wahid Ibn Muhammad Al-Tamimi al-Amudi (d. 510 AH)

Translated by: Tahir Ridha Jaffer

Publisher: Ansariyan Publications - Qum (2012)

ISBN-10: 9642192802

ISBN-13: 978-9642192809

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A Collection of Aphorisms of Imam ‘Ali ibn Abi TalibA collection of Aphorisms and short sayings of Imam ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s.) The book is a late fifth or early sixth century work by Al-Amudi, translated from Arabic, original title غرر الحکم و درر الکلم. The sayings that are more than 11000 in number contain words of wisdom and advice that can benefit everyone in their daily lives. The book contains Arabic text and its English translation.

Translator’s Preface

In the name of Allah, the all-Beneficent the all-Merciful

After praising Allah, without whose help and blessing no work would be possible and without whose grace and mercy no sinful creature would walk the face of this earth, and sending salutations on His most beloved Messenger (s), the greatest man to set foot on this earth and the best of role models for the entire humankind, this humble servant presents the following translation that is dedicated to the Master of the Believers, Commander of the Faithful and the Beloved of the Prophet (s)

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– ‘Ali ibn Abi Ṭālib (‘a).

Ghurar al-Ḥikam wa Durar al-Kalim is a late fifth or early sixth century work that comprises of the aphorisms and short sayings of Imam ‘Ali ibn Abi Ṭālib(‘a). The sayings, which number more than eleven thousand, contain words of wisdom and advice that can benefit everyone in their daily lives. It is for this reason that we embarked on translating this work. We hope that, God-willing, it will be a source of inspiration to all those who read it.

There are many different extant copies of this book(1) and in one recent edition, the original alphabetical listing of sayings have been rearranged and categorized subject-wise. It is the translation of this version of the work that we present before you.

Translating a work such as this poses numerous challenges. Firstly, this work is comprised of traditions in the form of aphorisms and short sayings, many of which have been extracted from other longer traditions, sermons and letters.(2) As such, in many cases the context of the narration is missing and needs to be investigated.

Another challenge is that in many cases it is evident that there have been changes inadvertently made by the narrators or the scribes and hence other possible forms of the sayings are mentioned in brackets. Here we have translated the other possible forms in parenthesis and have included what we have inferred from the text in square brackets for the sake of clarification and fluidity. Alternative translations and explanatory notes have been included in

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1- Some of these different copies even have some differing narrations (Ref: Nigāhi be Kitābe Ghurar al-Ḥikam, Sayyid Muḥammad Raḍawi, Safine, no. 4, Autumn 1383 Hijri Solar).
2- The most common source from which the author has taken sayings is the Nahj al-Balāgha.

the footnotes.

In addition, there are certain sayings that are difficult to comprehend and accept. An example of this can be seen in the section on the sayings about women. Here we would urge the readers to refer to what the scholars and commentators have said about such narrations and how they should be interpreted.

The seven volume commentary written by the respected scholar ‘Allāma Jamāl al-Dīn Muḥammad Khwansāri has been helpful in understanding many of the seemingly ambiguous sayings. In cases where we were unable to gain a satisfactory understanding of the sayings, our respected teachers in the ḥawza were more than willing to spare their time in order to assist. For this I thank them and pray that the Almighty reward them amply. Lastly, the classical dictionaries have, as always, been an invaluable resource during the translation.

Though all effort has been made to present an accurate translation of the sayings, we take full responsibility for any mistakes and errors in the translation and seek forgiveness from the Almighty for the same.

In closing, we would like to express our appreciation to Sayyid Muhammad Ridha Shushtari for facilitating this translation and Ansariyan Publications for arranging the typesetting (along with inclusion of the original Arabic text) and publication of this work.

Tahir Ridha Jaffer

Qum al-Muqaddasah

1433 A.H.

About The Compiler

The compiler of this work was the great scholar and muḥaddith Qā

i Nāsiḥ al-Dīn Abu al-Fatḥ ‘Abd al-Wāhid ibn Muḥammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wāhid al-Āmudi(1) al-Tamīmī from the scholars of the fifth century who passed away in 510

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1- Or al-Āmidi

AH.(1) He was a contemporary of Sayyid Ra

i, Sayyid Murta

a and Shaykh Ṭusi.

Some of the great scholars such as Ibn Shahr Āshub, ‘Allāma Majlisi and Muḥaddith Nūri, have praised him and considered his work to be of great value. Many of these scholars have also narrated from him.

There has been some discussion about al-Āmudi’s beliefs because he used the phrase karramallāhu wajhahu (may Allah honour him) for Imam ‘Ali (‘a) in his introduction to this book, and this is the practice of the Sunnis and not the Shi‘as. However, the great scholar Jamāl al-Dīn Muḥammad Khwansāri notes that this was either done out of precautionary dissimulation (taqiyya)(2) or was an addition by one of the scribes.

He further mentions some arguments to dispel any doubts about al-Āmudi’s being an Imāmi scholar. These are summarized as follows:

• The fact that Ibn Shahr Āshub mentions him as one of his teachers in his book Ma‘ālim al ‘Ulamā and notes that he was an Imāmi scholar.

• Ibn Shahr Āshub also mentions him again in his other book al-Manāqib and states that he was a Shi‘a scholar.

• Whoever examines this book will notice that many of the narrations have been compiled from other Shi‘a books.

• This book contains certain narrations that can only be narrated by a Shi‘a such as the narrations about the Holy Prophet (s) and his progeny.(3)

Our esteemed teacher and student of the late Ayatullah Sayyid Abu al-Qāsim al-Khui (r), Ayatullah Muslim al-Dāwari (may Allah grant him a long life), argues that

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1- There seems to be a difference of opinion about the year of his death. Some scholars say it was in 550 AH and others say it was 510 AH.
2- Mirza ‘Abdullah Afandi has also mentioned this explanation.
3- Like the narration where Imam ‘Ali (‘a) says: I am the allotter of hellfire, the treasurer of the gardens [of Paradise], the owner of the pond [of Kawthar]... – see the section on Muhammad (s) and his progeny.

the fourth point cannot be considered as proof since many Sunni scholars have mentioned such traditions about the family of the Prophet (s). He further adds that the compiler’s reliability (tawthīq) has not been established even though he was known to be one of the teachers of Ibn Shahr Āshub.

Another important point to note is that the there is no chain of transmitters (ṭarīq) for this book so its authenticity and reliability comes into question. This, however, does not mean that the narrations contained in it are all inauthentic and unreliable. Rather, it only means that we cannot be certain about the origins of this work and hence need to ascertain the authenticity and source of each narration before we can attribute it to the Imam (‘a).

Also, since the compiler has not listed the chains of narrators of the narrations, it would be impossible to authenticate any saying that cannot be found in any other source where the chain of transmission has been mentioned and can hence be verified using the normal processes of scrutiny.

A recent effort to expand on the work of al-Āmudi is the book Ikmālu Ghurar al-Ḥikam by Mahdi al-Ansari al-Qummi(1) in which 15,751 more aphorisms of Amīr al-Mu’minīn (‘a) have been added to the original title from twenty other ḥadith sources, both Sunni and Shi‘i.


In the name of Allah, the all-Beneficent the all-Merciful

All praise is due to Allah who led us with His guidance to His path and made us excel above all His

p: 5

1- This work was published in Iran in 1425 AH.

servants through [belief in] His Oneness. I glorify Him for all the single and paired bounties, a glorifying the limits of which cannot be comprehended and the magnitude of which cannot be fathomed by the imaginations.

I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, alone, without any partner – the witnessing of one whose tongue speaks veraciously and whose heart is filled up with the truth. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His chosen servant from among the servants and His messenger who called the people to the path of guidance. He sent him while the nations were following falsehoods and treading on misguided ways, one after another.

So Allah, the Glorified, introduced to them, through His prophet (s), the ways of the religion [of truth], and clarified for them the paths of certitude, until the truth became illuminated and gleamed and falsehood was destroyed and perished. May the blessings of Allah be [showered] upon him and his progeny, the pure leaders, and the chosen infallible people of his household, and [on] his selected virtuous companions, blessings that neither cease in the [late] hours of the night nor [in] parts of the day.

The one who has committed excesses against his soul and is in need of the mercy of his Lord, ‘Abd al-Wāḥid ibn Muḥammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wāhid al-Āmudi al-Tamīmī, said: The thing that motivated me to compile, annotate, and compose this book, was that which Abu ‘Uthmān al-Jāḥidh was successful in doing. He enumerated and wrote down

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in his manuscript a list of one hundred wise and eloquent sayings that were not widely known, on various topics, from Amīr al-Mu’minīn ‘Ali ibn Abi Ṭālib (‘a).

So I said: How astonishing it is that this man who was the most learned of his time, unmatched by his contemporaries, despite his great knowledge and erudition, having ascended to the peak of understanding, with his closeness to the first era, and his possessing a great share and a large portion of virtues and excellent merits; how could he shut his eyes from the luminous full moon and content himself with so little from so much? And is this not but a fraction of the whole, a little of the innumerable and a drizzle from the downpour?

And I despite my covered heart and falling short from the station of perfection, and my acknowledgement of my inability to recognize the excellences of the hearts of the foremost, and my falling short from following in their footsteps and my insignificance in comparison to their greatness – have compiled a small number of of his short aphorisms and a few of his wise sayings which render even the most eloquent ones mute and make the wisest sages despair of matching it.

Allah knows that in this endeavour I am only like a person who takes with his hand from the sea and acknowledges his shortcoming, even if it may seem an exaggeration, but why not? When he (‘a) has drank from the spring of Prophethood and

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possesses in his heart divine knowledge, as he (may Allah honour him) says, and his words are true and his speech veracious, based on what the narrators have narrated: verily I have much knowledge in my heart; if only I came across someone who could bear it!

I have omitted the chains of narrators from it and have arranged it alphabetically, placing together the aphorisms and sayings that rhyme and exhibit assonance so that it falls more easily upon the ears and is grasped quicker by the hearts and minds, because of the intense inclination of the souls towards poetical speech and their dislike for prosaic form. In this way its readers may easily commit it to memory and it may become a source of joy for those who examine it, having been extracted from its masterpiece with my cutting off most of it out of fear of lengthening [it] and sufficing with that which contains a remedy from hardships and difficulties for the people of intellect and understanding.

And I have named it Ghurar al-Ḥikam wa Durar al-Kalim (Exalted Aphorisms and Pearls of Speech) in the hope of getting reward from Allah, the Glorified, while seeking refuge with Him, the Most High, from every flaw. And my success is from none save Allah; in Him I have put my trust and to Him will be my return.


Parents الآباء

1. Being good to parents is the greatest [and most important] duty.

1_ بِرُّ الوالِدَیْنِ أکْبَرُ فَریضَة.

2. Be good to your parents and

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your children will be good to you.

2_ بِرُّوا آباءَکُمْ یَب_ََرَّکُمْ أبْناؤُکُمْ.

3. Whoever is good to his parents, his child will be good to him.

3_ مَنْ بَرَّ والِدَیْهِ بَرَّهُ وَلَدُهُ.

4. The death of a father breaks one’s back.

4_ مَوْتُ الوالِدِ قاصِمَةُ الظَّهْرِ.

5. One who scorns his parents has diverged from the right path.

5_ مَنِ اسْتَنْکَفَ مِنْ أبَوَیهِ فَقَدْ خالَفَ الرُّشْدَ.

6. The affection of parents is [the basis of] the relationship between siblings.

6_ مَوَدَّةُ الآباءِ نَسَبٌ بَیْنَ الأبناءِ.

The Camel

The Camel الإبل

1. Seek goodness in the hoofs of the camel when driven away and when coming back.

1_ اُطْلُبُوا الخَیْرَ فی أخْفافِ الإبِلِ طارِدَةً ووارِدَةً.

The Son Of Adam (The Human Being)

The Son of Adam (The Human Being) ابن آدم

1) How wretched the son of Adam is! His death is hidden, his ailments concealed, his every action recorded, harmed by the bite of a mosquito, made malodorous by perspiration and caused to die by [something as simple as] choking.

1_ مِسْکینٌ اِبْنُ آدَمَ، مَکْتُومُ الأجَلِ، مَکْنُونُ العِلَلِ، مَحفُوظُ العَمَلِ، تُؤْلِمُهُ البَقَّةُ، وتُنْتِنُهُ العَرَقَةُ، وتَقْتُلُهُ الشَّرْقَةُ.

2) Woe to the son of Adam! How heedless and negligent of his salvation he is!

2_ وَیْحَ ابْنِ آدَمَ ما أغْفَلَهُ، وَعَنْ رُشدِهِ ما أذْهَلَهُ.

3) Woe to the son of Adam! A prisoner of hunger, prone to overeating, a target of calamities and a successor of the dead.

3_ وَیْحَ ابْنِ آدَمَ، أسیرُ الجُوعِ، صَریعُ الشَّبَعِ، غَرَضُ الآفاتِ، خَلیفَةُ


Grandeur الأمْواتِ. الاُبّهة

1. It is possible that a person who possesses [apparent] grandeur is actually the lowliest of the low.

1_ رُبَّ ذی اُبَّه_َة أحْقَرُ مِنْ کُلِّ

p: 9



Self-Sacrifice الإیثار

    1. Self-sacrifice is a virtue, hoarding [wealth] is a vice.

1_ اَلإیثارُ فَضیلَةٌ، اَلإحْتِکارُ رَذیلَةٌ.

    2. Self-sacrifice is the noblest benevolence.

2_ الإیثارُ أشرَفُ الإحْسانِ.

    3. Self-sacrifice is a trait of the virtuous.

3_ الإیثارُ شیمَةُ الأبْرارِ.

    4. Self-sacrifice is the highest degree of benevolence.

4_ الإیثارُ غایَةُ الإحْسانِ.

    5. Self-sacrifice is the noblest munificence.

5_ الإیثارُ أشرَفُ الکَرَمِ.

    6. Self-sacrifice is the highest form of benevolence.

6_ الإیثارُ أعلَی الإحْسانِ.

    7. Self-sacrifice is the loftiest of noble traits.

7_ الإیثارُ أعلَی المَکارِمِ.

    8. Self-sacrifice is the greatest worship and the most sublime eminence.

8_ الإیثارُ أفضَلُ عِبادَة، وأجَلُّ(أحْسَنُ) سیادَة.

    9. Self-sacrifice is the highest level of munificence and the most excellent quality.

9_ الإیثارُ أعْلی مَراتِبِ الکَرَمِ، وأفْضَلُ الشِّیَمِ.

    10. Self-sacrifice is the best [form of] benevolence and the highest stage of faith.

10_ الإیثارُ أحْسَنُ الإحْسانِ وأعْلی مَراتِبِ الإیمانِ.

    11. Self-sacrifice is a trait of the virtuous and a quality of the righteous.

11_ الإیثارُ سَجِیَّةُ الأبْرارِ، وَشیمَةُ الأَخیارِ.

    12. The most excellent generosity is self-sacrifice.

12_ أفضَلُ السَّخاءِ اَلإیثارُ.

    13. The greatest munificence is self-sacrifice.

13_ أحسَنُ الکَرَمِ اَلإیثارُ.

    14. It is through self-sacrifice that the free become enslaved.(1)

14_ بِالإیثارِ یُسْتَرَقُّ الأحرارُ.

    15. It is through self-sacrifice that munificence gets true meaning.

15_ بِالإیثارِ یُسْتَحَقُّ اسْمُ الکَرَمِ.

    16. By preferring others over yourself, you gain [their] servitude.

16_ بِالإیثارِ علی نَفْسِکَ تَمْلِکُ الرِّقابَ.

    17. The best of noble traits is self-sacrifice.

17_ خَیْرُ المَکارِمِ الإیثارُ.

    18. It is when they prefer others over themselves that the spirit of noble people becomes evident.

18_ عِنْدَ الإیثارِ علَی النَّفْسِ تتَبَیَّ_نُ جَواهِرُ الکُرَماءِ.


p: 10

1- Meaning that when one is selfless, others serve and obey him as though they were his slaves.

19. The highest of noble traits is self-sacrifice.

19_ غایَةُ المَکارِمِ الإیثارُ.

    20. Self-sacrifice suffices as nobility.

20_ کَفی بالإیثارِ مَکْرُمَةً.

    21. Whoever prefers others to himself has reached the height of magnanimity.

21_ مَنْ آثَرَ علی نَفْسِهِ بالَغَ فی المُرُوءَةِ.

    22. Whoever prefers others to himself deserves to be called a person of virtue.

22_ مَنْ آثَرَ علی نَفْسِهِ اسْتَحقَّ إسْمَ الفَضیلَةِ.

    23. One who prefers you to his property and wealth has preferred you over himself.

23_ مَنْ آثَ_َرکَ بِنَشَبِهِ فَقَدِ اختارَکَ علی نَفْسِهِ.

    24. From the qualities of the virtuous is impelling themselves to be selfless.

24_ مِنْ شِیَمِ الأبْرارِ حَمْلُ النُّفوُسِ علَی الإیثارِ.

    25. One of best [form of] benevolence is self-sacrifice.

25_ مِنْ أحْسَنِ الإحسانِ اَلإیثارُ.

    26. One of the most excellent choices is adorning oneself with selflessness.

26_ مِنْ أفْضلِ الإختیارِ التَّحَلّی بِالإیثار.

    27. Nobility cannot be fully achieved but by self-restraint and self-sacrifice.

27_ لاتُکْمَلُ المَکارِمُ إلاّ بِالعَفافِ والإیثارِ.

The Appointed Time Of Death

The Appointed Time of Death الأجل

1. The appointed time of death is [already] determined and sustenance is [already] apportioned, so let not any of you grieve its reduction; for verily greed does not expedite it and self-restraint does not delay it, and it behoves a believer to be patient.

1_ اَلأجلُ مَحْتُومٌ، والرِّزْقُ مَقْسُومٌ، فلا یَغُمَّنَّ أحَدَکُمْ إبطاؤُهُ، فإنَّ الحِرْصَ لایُقَدِّمُهُ، والعَفافُ لا یُؤَخِّرُهُ، والمُؤمِنُ بالتَّحَمُّلِ(بِالتَّجَمُّلِ (خَلیقٌ.

2. The truest thing is death.

2_ أصْدَقُ شَیْ ء اَلأجَلُ.

3. The nearest thing is death.

3_ أقْرَبُ شَیْ ء الأجَلُ.

4. The reality of death exposes the lie of [false] aspiration.

4_ صِدقُ الأجلِ یُفْصِحُ (یَفْضَحُ) کِذْبَ الأمَلِ.

5. At every

p: 11

moment there is death.

5_ فی کُلِّ لَحْظَة أجَلٌ.

6. The remembrance of [the times of] death has disappeared from your hearts and has been replaced by false hopes and aspirations.

6_ قَدْ غابَ عَنْ قُلُوبِکُمْ ذِکرُ الآجالِ، وَحَضَرَتْکُمْ کَواذِبُ الآمالِ.

7. Your hearts have forgotten the reality of death and you have been overcome by deception of [false] hope.

7_ قَدْ ذَهبَ عَنْ قُلُوبِکُمْ صِدْقُ الأجَلِ، وغَلَبَکُم غُرُورُ الأملِ.

8. The one who takes death into consideration values his time.

8_ مَنْ راقَبَ أجَلَهُ إغْتَنَمَ مَهَلَهُ.

9. One whose death draws near to him cannot be saved [from it] by his efforts.

9_ مَنْ دَنی مِنْهُ أجَلُهُ لَمْ تُعِنْهُ (لم تُغْنِهِ) حِیَلُهُ.

10. The passing of time draws one towards death.

10_ مِنَ الآجالِ إنْقِضاءُ السَّاعاتِ.

11. How is it possible for one to live forever, when there will come a day which he will not pass and a seeker who will quickly bring him to his death, urging him forwards?

11_ ما عَسی أنْ یَکُونَ بَقاءُ مَنْ لَهُ یَوْمٌ لایَعدُوهُ وطالِبٌ حَثیثٌ مِنْ أجَلِهِ یَحدُوهُ.

12. It is when [the time of] death comes that the failure of [one’s] aspirations become apparent.

12_ عِنْدَ حُضُورِ الآجالِ، تَظْهَرُ خَیْبَةُ الآمالِ.

13. When death strikes, hopes and aspirations are exposed.

13_ عِنْدَ هُجُومِ الآجالِ تَفْتَضِحُ الأمانی والآمالُ.

14. Every future [event] is near.

14_ کُلُّ آت قَریبٌ.

15. How many a person has delayed his work until death came upon him!

15_ کَمْ مِنْ مُسَوِّف بِالعَمَلِ حتّی هَجَمَ عَلَیْهِ الأجَلُ.

16. The appointed time of death is sufficient as a guard.

16_ کَفی بِالأجَلِ حارِساً.

17. There is a prescribed duration for every term

p: 12

[of life].

17_ لِکُلِّ أجَل کِتابٌ.

18. Death strikes down.

18_ اَلأجَلُ یَصْرَعُ.

19. Departure [from this world] is imminent.

19_ اَلرَّحیلُ وَشیکٌ.

20. The appointed time of death is a shield.

20_ اَلأجلُ جُنَّةٌ.

21. The appointed time of death is an impenetrable fortress.

21_ اَلأجَلُ حِصْنٌ حَصینٌ.

22. Death cuts hopes short.

22_ اَلآجالُ تَقْطَعُ الآمالَ.

23. Death exposes hope.

23_ اَلأجَلُ یَفْضَحُ الأمَلَ.

24. Death is the reaper of hope.

24_ اَلأجلُ حَصادُ الأمَلِ.

25. When death comes, hopes are exposed.

25_ إذا حَضَرَتِ الآجالُ افتَضَحَتِ الآمالُ.

26. When you reach the end of your hopes, then remember the suddenness of death.

26_ إذا بَلَغْتُمْ نِهایَةَ الآمالِ فَاذکُرُوا بَغَتاتِ الآجالِ.

27. The bane of aspirations is the coming of death.

27_ آفَةُ الآمالِ حُضُورُ الآجالِ.

28. The bane of hope is death.

28_ آفةُ الأمَلِ الأجَلُ.

29. Your death will [soon] come to you, so be moderate in what you seek.

29_ سَوْفَ یَأتیکَ أجَلُکَ فَأجْمِلْ فی الطَّلَبِ.

30. Anticipate death, for verily the hopes of people are on the verge of being cut short as death comes upon them.

30_ سابِقُوا الأجَلَ فإنَّ النَّاسَ یُوْشِکُ أنْ یَنْقَطِعَ بِهِمُ الأملُ فَیُرهِقَهُمُ الأجلُ.

31. Anticipate death and do good deeds; [by this] you will attain felicity through your [hastening to good deeds while you have] respite.

31_ سابِقُوا الأجَلَ، وأحْسِنُوا العَمَلَ، تَسْعَدُوا بالمَهَلِ.

32. Every moment you come closer to death, so improve your deeds.

32_ کُلَّما قارَبتَ أجَلاً فَأحْسِنْ عَمَلاً.

33. For every appointed time there is an arrival.

33_ لِکُلِّ أجَل حُضُورٌ.

34. For every person there is a day that he shall not go beyond.

34_ لِکلِّ امْرِء یَوْمٌ لایَعْدُوهُ.

35. For everyone there is a driver who drives him towards

p: 13

his death.

35_ لِکُلِّ أحَد سائِقٌ مِنْ أجَلِهِ یَحْدُوهُ.

36. If the appointed times of death were to become known, the [secret] hopes [of people] would be exposed.

36_ لَو ظَهَرَتِ الآجالُ لافْتَضَحَتِ الآمالُ

37. If you were to see death and its approach, you would surely hate [false] aspiration and its deception.

37_ لَوْ رَأیْتُمُ الأجَلَ ومَسیرَهُ لأبْغَضْتُمُ الأمَلَ وغُرُورَهُ.

38. If you were to think about the closeness of death and its [imminent] arrival, the sweetness of life and its comfort would become bitter for you.

38_ لَوْ فَکَّرْتُمْ فی قُرْبِ الأجَلِ وَحُضُورِهِ لأمَرَّ عِنْدکُمْ حُلْوُ العَیْشِ وَسُرُورُهُ.

39. Whoever is mindful of his [eventual] death reduces his aspirations.

39_ مَنْ راقَبَ أجَلَهُ قَصَّ_رَ أمَلَهُ.

40. Whoever regards his stay [in this world] as short and temporary, his hope and aspiration gets diminished.

40_ مَنِ اسْتَقصَ_رَ بَقائَهُ وأجَلَهُ قَصُرَ رَجاؤُهُ وأمَلُهُ.

41. One who rides with the reins of his aspiration stumbles over his death.

41_ مَنْ جَری فی عِنانِ أمَلِهِ عَ_ثُرَ بِأجَلِهِ.

42. How close hope is to death!

42_ ما أقْرَبَ الأجَلَ مِنَ الأمَلِ.

43. How severing death is for hope!

43_ ما أقطَعَ (أقْرَبَ ) الأجلَ لِلأمَلِ.

44. He who counts tomorrow [to be] from his lifetime has not given death its rightful place.

44_ ما أنْزلَ المَوتَ مَنْزِلَهُ مَنْ عَدَّ غَداً مِنْ أجَلِهِ.

45. What an excellent cure death is!

45_ نِعْمَ الدَّواءُ الأجَلُ.

46. Each breath of a person is a step closer to his death.

46_ نَفَسُ الْمَرْءِ خُطاهُ إلی أجَلِهِ.

47. No shield is more protective than the appointed time of death.

47_ لا جُنََّةَ أوقیمِنَ الأجلِ.

48. Nothing is truer than death.

48_ لا شَیْءَ أصْدَقُ مِنَ

p: 14


49. You are the harvests of the appointed terms and the targets of death.

49_ إنَّکُمْ حَصائِدُ الآجالِ وأغْراضُ الحِمامِ.

50. May the mercy of Allah be on the person who understands that his [every] breath brings him a step closer to his death, so he hastens to [do] good deeds and shortens his hopes.

50_ رَحِمَ اللّهُ امْرَءاً عَلِمَ أنَّ نَفَسَهُ خُطاهُ إلی أجَلِهِ، فبادَرَ عَمَلَهُ، وقَصَّرَ أمَلَهُ.

51. May the mercy of Allah be on the person who anticipates [his] death, belies [his false] aspirations, and makes his actions sincere.

51_ رَحِمَ اللّهُ امْرَءا ًبادَرَ الأجَلَ، وأکْذَبَ الأمَلَ، وأخلَصَ العَمَلَ.

52. Sometimes death is [hidden] beneath an aspiration.

52_ رُبَّ أجَل تَحْتَ أمَل.

53. With the passing of hours, lifetimes perish.

53_ مَعَ السَّاعاتِ تَفنَی الآجالُ.

54. Verily there is a shield over me, in the form of my appointed time of death, which protects me; so when my day comes, it relieves itself of me and surrenders me [to death]. At this time the arrow will not miss its target and the wound will not heal.

54_ إنَّ عَلَیَّ مِنْ أجَلی جُنَّةً حَصینَةً، فَإذا جاءَ یَومِی انْفَرَجَت عَنّی وَأسْلَمَتْنی، فَحینَئذ لا یَطیشُ السَّهْمُ ولا یَبْرَءُ الکَلِمُ.

The Hereafter

The Hereafter الآخرة

1. The Hereafter is the victory of the felicitous.

1_ اَلآخِرةُ فَوزُ السُّعَداءِ.

2. Occupying yourself with improving your Hereafter will save you from the chastisement of hellfire.

2_ اِشتِغالُکَ بإصْلاحِ مَعادِکَ یُنْجیکَ مِنْ عَذابِ النَّارِ.

3. The [true] winner is one who has sold this transitory life for the [eternal] Hereafter.

3_ الرَّابِحُ مَنْ باعَ العاجِلَةَ بِالآجِلَةِ.

4. Wealth and children are the adornment

p: 15

of the life of this world whereas good deeds are the tillage of the Hereafter.

4_ اَلمالُ وَالْبَنُونَ زینَةُ الحَیوةِ الدُّنیا، والعَمَلُ الصَّالِحُ حَرْثُ الآخِرَةِ.

5. The conditions in this world are based on convention whereas the conditions in the Hereafter are based on merit.

5_ أحْوالُ الدُّنیا تَتْبَعُ الإتِّفاقَ وأحْوالُ الآخرةِ تَتْبَعُ الاِسْتِحْقاقَ.

6. Surely in front of you is a difficult place of ascension in which one whose weight is lighter is in a better position than the one whose weight is heavier, and the one who moves slowly is worse off than the one who moves swiftly. Verily its landing will lead you to either Paradise or hell.

6_ إنّ أمامَکَ عَقَبَةً کَؤُوداً، اَلمُخِفُّ فیها أحْسَنُ حالاً مِنَ المُثْقِلِ، والمُبْطِئُ عَلَیها أقْبَحُ أمْراً مِنَ المُس_ْرِعِ، إنّ مَهْبِطَها بِکَ لامُحالَةَ علی جَنَّة أوْ نار.

7. Verily the final destination is al-Qiyāmah and this is enough of an admonition for the one who reasons, and [enough of] a warning for the one who is unaware; and after that - what you know of the torment of the Day of Judgment and the frightening terror, and the deafening of the ears, and the turning of the ribs, and the narrowness of the grave, and the intensity of sadness and heavy-heartedness.

7_ إنَّ الغایَةَ القیامَةُ، وکَفی بِذلِکَ واعِظاً لِ_مَنْ عَقَلَ، ومُعْتَبَراً لِمَنْ جَهِلَ، وبَعدَ ذلک ما تَعْلَمُونَ مِنْ هَوْلِ الْمُطَّلَعِ، وَرَوْعاتِ الفَزَعِ، واسْتِکاکِ الأسماعِ، وَاخْتِلافِ الأضلاعِ، وضیقِ الأرماسِ، وَشِدَّةِ الأبلاسِ.

8. If you desire success and honor in the Hereafter, then take from the perishing [life of this world]

p: 16

for the everlasting [life of the Hereafter].

8_ إنْ رَغِبْتُم فی الفَوزِ وکَرامَةِ الآخِرَةِ فَخُذُوا فی الفَناءِ لِلْبَقاءِ.

9. Verily you are following the path of those who came before you, so put your efforts in [working for] your Hereafter and do not care for worldly gain.

9_ إنَّکَ فی سَبیلِ مَنْ کانَ قَبْلَکَ، فَاجْعَلْ جِدَّکَ لآخرَتِکَ، ولا تَکْتَ_رِثْ بِعَمَلِ الدُّنیا.

10. Verily you have been created for the Hereafter, so work for it!

10_ إنّک مَخْلُوقٌ لِلآخِرَةِ فَاعْمَل لَها.

11. If you work for the Hereafter, your arrow hits the mark.

11_ إنّکَ إنْ عَمِلْتَ لِلآخِرَةِ فازَ قِدْحُکَ.

12. Verily you are all proceeding towards the Hereafter and will be presented before Allah.

12_ إنَّکمْ إلی الآخِرَةِ صائِرُونَ وعَلَی اللّهِ مَعْرُوضُونَ.

13. The sweetness of the Hereafter removes the pangs of misery of this world.

13_ حَلاوَةُ الآخِرَةِ تُذهِبُ مَضاضَةَ شقاءِ الدُّنیا.

14. Attain the Hereafter by abandoning this world, and don’t [try to] acquire [the embellishments of] this world by abandoning the faith.

14 _ حَصِّلُوا الآخِرَةَ بِتَرکِ الدُّنیا، ولاتُحَصِّلُوا بِتَرکِ الدِّینِ الدُّنیا.

15. The Hereafter is everlasting.

15_ الآخرَةُ أبَدٌ.

16. Blessed is he who remembers the Hereafter and thus does good.

16_ طُوبی لِمَنْ ذَکَرَ المَعادَ فأحْسَنَ.

17. The seeker of the Hereafter finds in it what he hopes for, whereas in this world [only] that which is predestined for him comes to him.

17_ طالِبُ الآخِرَةِ یُدْرِکُ مِنْها أمَلَهُ وَیَأتیهِ مِنَ الدُّنیا ما قُدِّرَ لَهُ.

18. You must strive and struggle for the betterment of the Hereafter.

18_ عَلَیکَ بِالْجِدِّ والإجتِهادِ فی إصْلاحِ المَعادِ.

19. I wonder at the one who denies the second genesis while he

p: 17

sees the first genesis.

19_ عَجِبْتُ لِمَنْ أنْکَرَ النَشأةَ الاُخْری وهُوَ یَرَی النَّشأَةَ الاُولی.

20. The goal of the Hereafter is everlasting [life].

20_ غایَةُ الآخِرَةِ البَقاءُ.

21. In the Hereafter there is accounting without action.

21_ فی الآخِرَةِ حِسابٌ ولاعَمَلٌ.

22. Be from the children of the Hereafter and do not be from the children of this world, for surely every child will join his mother on the Day of Reckoning.

22_ کُونُوا مِنْ أبْناءِ الآخِرَةِ ولاتَکُونُوا مِنْ أبْناءِ الدُّنیا فإنَّ کُلَّ وَلَد سَیَلْحَقُ بِاُمِّهِ یَوْمَ القیمَةِ.

23. One who works for the Hereafter will be triumphant.

23_ مَنْ عَمِلَ لِلْمَعادِ ظَفِرَ بِالسَّدادِ.

24. One who develops his Hereafter achieves his aspirations.

24_ مَنْ عَمَرَ آخِرَتَهُ بَلَغَ آمالَهُ.

25. One who buys his Hereafter with his worldly life, gains both of them.

25_ مَنِ ابْتاعَ آخِرَتَهُ بِدُنْیاهُ رَبِحَهُما.

26. One who builds the abode of his permanent dwelling is truly wise.

26_ مَنْ عَمَرَ دارَ إقامَتِهِ فَهُوَ العاقِلُ.

27. One who is certain about the Hereafter turns away from this world.

27_ مَنْ أیْقَنَ بِالآخِرَةِ أعْرَضَ عَنِ الدُّنیا.

28. One who improves his Hereafter will be triumphant.

28_ مَنْ أصْلَحَ المَعادَ ظَفِرَ بِالسَّدادِ.

29. One who is certain about the Hereafter does not covet this world.

29_ مَنْ أیْقَنَ بِالآخِرَةِ لَمْ یَحْرِصْ علَی الدُّنیا.

30. One who is desirous of the Hereafter [and works for it] attains it.

30_ مَنْ حَرَصَ علَی الآخرةِ مَلَکَ.

31. Everything in the Hereafter has perpetuity and everlastingness.

31_ لِکُلِ شیْء مِنَ الآخِرَةِ خُلُودٌ وَبَقاءٌ.

32. There is no substitute for the Hereafter; and this world is not the price of one’s soul.

32_ لَیْسَ عَنِ الآخِرَةِ عِوَضٌ، وَلَیْسَتِ الدُّنْیا لِلنَّفْسِ

p: 18


33. He who does not concern himself with improving his Hereafter is not a [true] believer.

33_ لَیْس بِمُؤْمِن مَنْ لَمْ یَهْتَمَّ بِإصْلاحِ مَعادِهِ.

34. One who longs for the bounties of the Hereafter is content with little in this world.

34_ مَنْ رَغِبَ فی نَعیمِ الآخِرَةِ قَنِعَ بِیَسیرِ الدُّنیا.

35. Who is more at a loss than the one who trades his Hereafter for this world?!

35_ مَنْ أخْسَرُ مِمَّنْ تَعَوَّضَ عَنِ الآخِرَةِ بِالدُنیا؟!

36. One who puts all his efforts for [the betterment of] his Hereafter succeeds in attaining what he looks forward to.

36_ مَنْ جَعَلَ کُلَّ هَمِّهِ لآخِرَتِهِ ظَفِرَ بِالمأمُولِ.

37. Whoever strives for his permanent abode, his action becomes sincere and his fear [of displeasing Allah] increases.

37_ مَنْ سَعی لِدارِ إقامَتِهِ خَلُصَ عَمَلُهُ وکَثُرَ وَجَلُهُ.

38. One who is certain about his Hereafter thinks no more of this world.

38_ مَنْ أیْقَنَ بِالآخِرَةِ سَلا عَنِ الدُّنیا.

39. Whoever increases his remembrance of the Hereafter, his transgression reduces.

39_ مَنْ أکْثَرَ مِنْ ذِکْرِ الآخِرَةِ قَلَّتْ مَعْصِیَتُهُ.

40. One who strives to improve his Hereafter, Allah will improve for him his worldly life.

40_ مَنْ أصْلَحَ أمْرَ آخِرَتهِ، أصْلَحَ اللّهُ لَهُ أمْرَ دُنیاهُ.

41. One whose efforts are for the Hereafter will attain the best of his aspired goals.

41_ مَنْ کانَتِالآخِرَةُ هِمَّتَهُ بَلَغَ مِنَ الخَیْرِ غایَةَ اُمْنیَّت_ِهِ.

42. One who does not work for the Hereafter will not attain what he hopes for.

42_ مَنْ لَمْ یَعْمَلْ لِلآخِرَةِ لَمْ یَنَلْ أمَلَهُ.

43. One who has three [qualities] will have saved his life in this world and the Hereafter: he commands good and himself follows it,

p: 19

forbids evil and himself keeps away from it, and is careful in following the commandments of Allah, the Mighty and High.

43_ مَنْ کانَ فیهِ ثَلاثٌ سَلِمَتْ لَهُ الدُّنیا والآخِرَةُ: یَأمُرُ بِالمَعْرُوفِ وَیَأتَمِرُ بِهِ، وَیَنْهی عَنِ المُنْکَرِ ویَنْتَهی عَنْهُ، ویُحافِظُ علی حُدُودِ اللّهِ جَلَّ وَعلا.

44. How great a loser is the one for whom there is no share in the Hereafter!

44_ ما أخْسَرَ مَنْ لَیْسَ لَهُ فی الآخِرَةِ نَصیبٌ.

45. The bitterness of this world is the sweetness of the Hereafter.

45_ مِرارَةُ الدُّنیا حَلاوَةُ الآخِرَةِ.

46. The deceived one who succeeds in attaining the smallest portion of this world [through his greatest effort] is not comparable the one who succeeds in attaining [the smallest portion

of] the Hereafter by exerting his greatest effort.

46_ ما المَغْروُرُ الذَّی ظَفِرَ مِنَ الدُّنیا بأدنی سُهْمَتِِهِ(بِأعْلی هِمَّتِهِ) کالآخَرِ الَّذی ظَفِرَ مِنَ الآخِرَةِ بأعْلی هِمَّتِهِ(بأدنی سُهمَتِهِ).

47. He who works for his Eternal Abode obtains what he desires.

47_ نالَ المُنی مَنْ عَمِلَ لِدارِ البَقاءِ.

48. Do not sell the Hereafter for this world and do not exchange the everlasting for the evanescent.

48_ لاتبیعُوا الآخرَةَ بالدُّنیا، ولاتَسْتَبْدِلُوا الفَناءَ بِالبَقاءِ.

49. Never let anything occupy you from working for the Hereafter for indeed the time is short.

49_ لایَشْغَلَنَّکَ عَنِ العَمَلِ لِلآخِرَةِ شُغلٌ فإنَّ المُدَّةَ قَصیرَةٌ.

50. The Hereafter and this world do not come together.

50_ لاتَجْتَمِعُ الآخِرَةُ وَالدُّنیا.

51. The perishing and the permanent do not go together.

51_ لاتَجتَمِعُ الفَناءُ والبَقاءُ.

52. No one attains what he wishes for in the Hereafter except by abstaining from that which he desires in this world.

52_ لایُدْرِکُ أحَدٌ ما یُریدُ

p: 20

مِنَ الآخِرَةِ إلاّ بِتَرْکِ ما یَشتَهی مِنَ الدُّنیا.

53. It behoves one who is certain about the everlastingness and permanence of the Hereafter to work for it.

53_ یَنبَغی لِمَنْ أیْقَنَ بِبَقاءِ الآخِرَةِ ودَوامِها أنْ یَعْمَلَ لَها.

54. People do not abstain from anything of their worldly life for the sake of improving their Hereafter but that Allah, the Glorified, recompenses them with what is better than it.

54_ لایَتْرُکُ النَّاسُ شَیْئاً مِنْ دُنیاهُمْ لإصلاحِ آخِرَتِهِمْ إلاّ عَوَّضَهُمُ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ خَیْراً مِنْهُ.

55. Aspire for what Allah has promised the God-wary, for surely the truest promises are His promises.

55_ إرْغَبُوا فیما وَعَدَاللّهُ المُتَّقینَ، فإنّ أصْدَقَ الوَعْدِ میعادُهُ.

56. Verily tomorrow is close to today. This day will pass with what is in it and tomorrow will come [soon] following it.

56_ إنَّ غَداً مِنَ الیَوْمِ قَریبٌ، یَذْهَبُ الیَومُ بِما فیهِ، ویَأتی الْغَدُ لاحِقاً بِهِ.

57. The [final] destination is in front of you and time is behind you, pushing you [forward].

57_ إنَّ الغایَةَ أمامَکُمْ، وإنَّ السَّاعَةَ وَرائَ_کُمْ تَحْدُوکُمْ.

58. Verily you have an ultimate destination so move towards your destination, and you have a guide so move towards it with [the help of] your guide.

58_ إنّ لَکُمْ نِهایَةً فَانْتَهُوا إلی نِهایَتِکُمْ، وإنّ لَکُمْ عَلَماً فَانْتَهُوا بِعَلَمِکُمْ.

59. A man may be happy to gain what he was not meant to lose, and [he may be] saddened to lose what he was not meant to gain; so let your happiness be in that which you have acquired for your Hereafter and let your sadness be in that which you have lost

p: 21

from it; and let your concern be for that which comes after death.

59_ إنَّ المَرْءَ قَدْ یَسُرُّهُ دَرَکُ ما لَمْ یَکُنْ لِیَفُوتَهُ، ویَسُؤُءُهُ فَوْتُ ما لَمْ یَکُنْ لِیُدْرِکَهُ، فَلْیَکُنْ سُرُورُکَ بِما نِلتَ مِنْ آخِرَتِکَ، ولْیَکُنْ أسَفُکَ علی ما فاتَکَ مِنْها، ولْیَکُنْ هَمُّکَ لِما بَعْدَ المَوْتِ.

60. Let your concern be for your Hereafter and your sorrow be for your soul - for how many of the sorrowful have been led to everlasting bliss by their sorrow, and how many of the distressed have attained their aspiration.

60_ إجْعَلْ هَمَّکَ لآخِرَتِکَ، وحُزْنَکَ علی نَفْسِکَ، فَکَمْ مِنْ حَزین وََفَدَ بِهِ حُزْنُهُ علی سرُورِ الأبَدِ، وَکَمْ مِنْ مَهْمُوم أدْرَکَ أمَلَهُ.

61. Prepare yourselves for the day when the eyes will be glazed, and the minds will lose their sanity because of its horror, and the perceptions will become dull.

61_ إسْتَعِدُّوا لِیَوم تَشْخَصُ فیهِ الأبْصارُ وتَتَدلَّهُ لِهَولِهِ العُقُولُ وتَتَبَلَّدُ البَصائِرُ.

62. Beware of the day when the deeds are audited, when earthquakes increase and when young children turn old.

62_ إحْذَرُوا یَوْماً تُفْحَصُ فیهِ الأعْمالُ، وتَ_کْثُرُ فیهِ الزِّلْزالُ، وتَشیبُ فیهِ الأطْفالُ.

63. Be careful not to be swindled out of the Permanent Abode, the dwelling of the righteous and the virtuous elite, about whose qualities the Qur’an has spoken and whose dwellers it has praised; while Allah, the Glorified, has guided you and invited you to it.

63_ إیَّاکَ أن تَخْدَعَ عَنْ دارِ القَرارِ، ومَحَلِّ الطَّیِّبینَ الأخْیارِ، والأولیاءِ الأبْرارِ التَّی نَطَقَ القُرآنُ بِوَصْفِها، وأثنی علی أهْلِها، وَدَلَّکَ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ عَلیْها وَدَعاکَ إلیها.

64. Is there nobody who has prepared the provisions for

p: 22

his Hereafter before the coming of [the hour of] his departure?

64_ ألا مُتَزَوِّدٌ لآخِرَتِهِ قَبْلَ اُزُوفِ رِحْلَتِهِ.

65. The Hereafter is the abode of your permanent stay, so prepare for it that which will be lasting for you.

65_ اَلآخِرَةُ دارُ مُسْتَقَرِّکُمْ، فَجَهَزُوا إلیها ما یَبْقی لَکُمْ.

66. Place your concern and effort for your Hereafter.

66_ إجْعَلْ هَمَّکَ وجِدَّکَ لآخِرَتِکَ.

67. Be concerned about your Hereafter and you will become upright.

67_ إجْعَلْ هَمَّکَ لِمَعادِکَ تَصْلَحْ.

68. Exert all your effort for your afterlife and your [final] station will be improved, and do not sell your Hereafter for your worldly life.

68_ إسْتَفْرِغْ جَهْدَکَ لِمَعادِکَ تُصْلِحْ مَثْ_واکَ، ولاتَبِ_عْ آخِرَتَکَ بِدُنیاکَ.

69. Work hard in preparing the answers for the Day of Questioning and Reckoning.

69_ إجعَلْ جِدَّکَ لإعدادِ الجَ_وابِ لِیَ_ومِ المَسْئَلَةِ (المُس_ائَلَة) والحساب.

70. Those who have the greatest share of the Hereafter are those who have the smallest share of this world.

70_ أوْفَرُ النَّاسِ حَظّاً مِنَ الآخِرَةِ أقَلُّهُمْ حَظّاً مِنَ الدُّنیا.

71. I enjoin you to be well prepared and increase your provisions for the day when you will meet with what you have sent forth and regret what you have left behind, and will be rewarded for what you had forwarded [in advance].

71_ إنّی آمُرُکُمْ بِحُسْنِ الإسْتِعْدادِ والإکثارِ مِنَ الزَّادِ لِیَوْم تَقْدِمُونَ علی ما تُقَدِّمُونَ، وتَنْدَمُونَ علی ما تُخَلِّفُونَ، وتُجْزَوْنَ بِما کُنْتُمْ تُسَلِّفُونَ.

72. When you turn away from the transitory world and become occupied with the permanent abode, then your arrow has indeed hit its mark, the doors of prosperity are opened for you and you have attained success.


p: 23

إذا أعرَضْتَ عَنْ دارِ الفَناءِ، وتَوَلَّهْتَ بِدارِ البَقاءِ، فَقَدْ فازَ قِدْحُکَ، وَفُتِحَتْ لَکَ أبْوابُ النَّجاحِ، وظَفِرْتَ بِالفَلاحِ.

73. The reward of the Hereafter makes one forget the hardships of this world.

73_ ثَوابُ الآخِرَةِ یُنْسی مَشَقَّةَ الدُّنیا.

74. Take from what will not last for you and what you will not last for [of this world] for that which you will not separate from and which will not separate from you [of the Hereafter].

74_ خُذْ مِمَّا لایَبْقی لَکَ ولا تَبْقی لَهُ لِما لا تُفارِقُهُ ولایُفارِقُکَ.

75. Partake in the best of actions and befriend the best of friends; for verily every person will get that which he has earned and will be with the one whom he loves in the Hereafter.

75_ خُذْ مِنْ صالِحِ العَمَلِ، وخالِلْ خَیْرَ خَلیل، فإنَّ لِلْمَرءِ ما اکْتَسَبَ، وَهُوَ فی الآخِرَةِ مَعَ مَنْ أحَبَّ.

76. The Everlasting Abode [of Paradise] is the home of the veracious and the dwelling of the virtuous and righteous.

76_ دارُ البَقاءِ مَحَلُّ الصِّدّیقینَ ومَوطِنُ الأبْرارِ والصَّالِحینَ.

77. Remembrance of the Hereafter is a cure and a remedy.

77_ ذِکْرُ الآخِرَةِ دَواءٌ وشِفاءٌ.

78. May Allah have mercy on the person who takes from [his] life for [his] death, from the transitory for the everlasting and from the perishing for the permanent.

78_ رَحِمَ اللّهُ امْرَءاً أخَذَ مِنْ حَیوة لِمَوْت، وَمِنْ فَناء لِبَقاء، ومِنْ ذاهِب لِدائِم.

79. Seek the Hereafter and the world will come to you belittled.

79_ عَلَیْکَ بِالآخِرَةِ تَأْتِکَ الدُّنیا صاغِرَةً.

80. Everything in the Hereafter is greater when seen than when heard of, so be satisfied with what you hear

p: 24

[of it] without seeing [it] and what you learn of [it] without witnessing [it].

80_ وکُلُّ شَیْء مِنَ الآخِرَةِ عِیانُهُ أعْظَمُ مِنْ سَماعِهِ، فَلْیَکْفِکُمْ مِنَ العَیانِ السَّماعُ ومِنَ الغَیْبِ الخَبَرُ.

81. How can one who is occupied with this world work for the Hereafter?

81_ کَیفَ یَعْمَلُ لِلآخِرَةِ المَشْغُولُ بِالدُّنیا؟

82. Verily you are in greater need of developing the permanent abode [of the Hereafter] than you are of building the temporary abode [of this world].

82 _ إنَّکُمْ إلی عِمارَةِ دارِ البَقاءِ أحْوَجُ مِنْکُمْ إلی عِمارَةِ دارِ الفَناءِ.

83. Verily you have been created for the Hereafter, not for this world, and for perpetuity, not for extinction.

83_ إنَّکُمْ إنَّما خُلِقْتُمْ لِلآخِرَةِ لا لِلدُّنیا، ولِلبَقاءِ لا لِلْفَناءِ.

84. Verily you have been created for perpetuity, not for extinction; and you are most certainly in a temporary abode of subsistence and a place which is not suitable for settling.

84 _ إنَّما خُلِقْتُمْ لِلْبَقاءِ لا لِلفَناءِ، وإنّکُمْ فی دارِ بُلْغَة ومَنْزِلِ قُلْعَة.

85. The betterment of the Hereafter is in the rejection of this world.

85 _ صَلاحُ الآخِرَةِ رَفْضُ الدُّنیا.

86. I am amazed at the one who knows his Lord, how can he not strive for the everlasting abode?!

86_ عَجِبْتُ لِمَنْ عَرَفَ رَبَّهُ کَیْفَ لایَسْعی لِدارِ البَقاءِ؟!

87. One who is certain about the everlasting is uninterested in that which perishes.

87 _ مَنْ أیْقَنَ بِما یَبْقی زَهِدَ فیما یَفْنی.

88. One who loves the everlasting abode becomes oblivious to [worldly] pleasures.

88 _ مَنْ أحَبَّ الدَّارَ الباقیَةَ لَهی عَنِ اللذَّات.

89. One who hopes to attain the bountiful rewards [of the Hereafter] will not

p: 25

have his hopes disappointed.

89_ مَنْ أمَّلَ ثوابَ الحُسْنی لَمْ تُنْکَدْ آمالُهُ.

90. Would you be happy to meet Allah tomorrow on the Day of Resurrection while He is pleased with you and not angry? Then be indifferent to [the pleasures of] this world and desirous of the Hereafter. And adopt God-wariness and honesty, for these are the consolidators of faith. And accompany the people of truth and emulate their actions - you will become one of them.

90_ أیَسُرُّکَ أنْ تَلْقَی اللّهَغَداً فی القِیامَةِ وهُوَ عَلَیْکَ راض غَیرُ غَضْبانَ؟ کُنْ فی الدُّنیا زاهِداً، وفی الآخرَةِ راغِباً، وعَلَیْکَ بِالتَّقوی والصِّدقِ، فَهُما جِماعُ الدِّینِ، والْزَمْ أهْلَ الحقِّ، واعْمَلْ عَمَلَهُمْ تَ_کُنْ مِنْهُمْ.

91. He whose goal is [attaining] this world will not be successful in [attaining] the Hereafter.

91_ ما ظَفِرَبِالآخِرَةِ مَنْ کانَتِ الدُّنیا مَطْلَبَهُ.

92. The fortunate one who becomes prosperous in the permanent abode by attaining his desires is not like the deceived one who loses the bounties [of the Hereafter] because of his bad choices and wretchedness.

92_ مَا المَغْبُوطُ الَّذی فازَ مِنْ دارِ البَقاءِ بِبُغْیَتِهِ کالمَغبُونِ الَّذی فاتَهُ النَّعیمُ بِسُوءِ اخْتیارِهِ وشَقاوَتِهِ.

93. Do not be one of those who hopes for the Hereafter without working [for it], and postpones repentance with long hopes; one who speaks in this world with the words of those who are indifferent [to its pleasures] but acts in it with the actions of the desirous.

93_ لا تَ_کُنْ مِمَّن یَرْجوُا الآخِرَةَ بِغَیْرِ عَمَل، ویُسَوِّفُ التَّوبَةَ بِطُولِ الأمَلِ، یَقُولُ فی الدُّنیا بِقَوْلِ الزَّاهِدینَ، ویَعمَلُ فیها بِعَمَلِ الرَّاغِبینَ.

94. None will be rewarded with

p: 26

the bounties of the Hereafter except those who are patient in the face of the tribulations of this world.

94_ لایُنْعَمُ بِنَعیمِ الآخِرَةِ إلاّ مَنْ صَبَ_رَ عَلی بلاءِ الدُّنیا.

95. There is no benefit in working for the Hereafter while having desire for this world.

95_ لایَنْفَعُ العَمَلُ لِلآخِرَةِ مَعَ الرَّغْبَةِ فی الدُّنیا.

96. No one will attain an elevated rank in the Hereafter except through sincerity in action, reducing hopes and espousing God-wariness.

96_ لایُدْرِکُ أحَدٌ رِفْعَةَ الآخِرَةِ إلاّ بِإخلاصِ العَمَلِ، وتَقْصیرِ الأمَلِ، وَلُزُومِ التَّقوی.

97. Become deserving of what Allah has prepared for you [in the Hereafter] by seeking the fulfillment of His true promise and being wary of the horror of His reckoning.

97_ إسْتَحِقُّوا مِنَ اللّهِ ما أعَدَّ لَکُمْ بِالتَّنَجُّزِ لِصِدقِ میعادِهِ والحَذَرِ مِنْ هَوْلِ مَعادِهِ.

The Brother, The Friend, The Associate And The Companion

The Brother, The Friend, The Associate and The Companion الاخوّة والصّدیق والرّفیق والمصاحبة

1. Brothers are the best of assets [in times of hardship].

1_ اَلإخْوانُ أفْضَلُ العُدَدِ.

2. The one who assists [you] in obeying [Allah] is the best companion.

2_ اَلمُعینُ عَلَی الطَّاعَةِ خَیرُ الأصحابِ.

3. A Friend is one whose friendship is true [even] in absence.

3_ اَلصَّدیقُ مَنْ صَدَقَ غَیبُهُ(غَیْبَتُهُ).

4. The loss that causes illness (or burns [the heart]) is the loss of loved ones.

4_ اَلفَقْدُ المُمْرِضُ (المُرْمِضُ) فَقْدُ الأحبابِ.

5. A companion is like a patch [of cloth], so take one that matches [yours].

5_ اَلصَّاحِبُ کالرُّقعَةِ فَاتَّخِذْهُ مُشاکِلاً.

6. An associate is like a friend, so choose one who is suitable.

6_الرَّفیقُ کالصَّدیقِ فَاخْتَرَهُ مُوافِقاً.

7. A stranger is one who does not have a [close] friend.

7_ اَلْغَریبُ مَنْ لَیْسَ لَهُ

p: 27


8. Brothers in faith have lasting affection [for each other].

8_ إخْوانُ الدّین أبْقی مَوَدَّةً.

9. The brother whom you benefit from is better than the brother [for] whom you increase [benefit].

9_ أخٌ تَسْتَفیدُهُ خَیْرٌ مِنْ أخ تَسْتَزیدُهُ.

10. Seeking the destruction of a friend stems from lack of conciliation.

10_ اِسْتِفْسادُ الصَّدیقِ مِنْ عَدَمِ التَّوفیقِ.

11. Brothers are an embellishment in times of ease and a [means of] support in times of tribulation.

11_اَلإخوانُ زینَةٌ فِی الرَّخاءِ وَعُدَّةٌ فِی البلاءِ.

12. Worldly brothers are such that their affection is cut off as quickly as its causes are severed.

12_ إخوانُ الدُّنیا تَنْقَطِعُ مَوَدَّتُهُمْ لِسُرْعَةِ انْقِطاعِ أسبابِها.

13. The best of your brothers is he who supports you with his benevolence, and better than him is one who makes you needless of all other than him.

13_ خَیرُ إخْوانِکَ مَنْ واساکَ بِخیرِهِ وخَیرٌ منهُ مَنْ أغناکَ عَنْ غیرِهِ.

14. The best of brothers are the most sincere [of them] and the worst of them are the most


14_ خَیرُ الإخْوانِ أنْصَحُهُمْ وشَرُّهُمْ أغَشُّهُمْ.

15. The best brother is one whose brotherhood is not based on worldly gain.

15_ خَیرُ الإخْوانِ مَنْ لَمْ تَکُنْ علی الدُّنیا اُخُوَّتُهُ.

16. The best brother is one whose affection is for the sake of Allah.

16_ خَیرُ الإخوانِ مَنْ کانَتْ فی اللّهِ مَوَّدَتُه.

17. The best brother is one after whose loss you would not like to remain [alive].

17_ خَیرُ الإخوانِ مَنْ إذا فَقَدْتَهُ لَ_مْ تُحِبَّ البَقاءَ بَعدَهُ.

18. The best of your brothers is one who rushes towards good and pulls you towards it, and enjoins you to righteousness and assists

p: 28

you in it.

18_ خیرُ إخوانِکَ مَنْ سارَعَ إلَی الخَیرِ وجَذَبَکَ إلیه، وأمَرَکَ بِالبِرِّ وَأعانَکَ علَیْهِ.

19. The best of your brothers is the one who exhorts you to speak the truth by his own veracity and compels you to perform the best deeds by his own good actions.

19_ خَیرُ إخوانِکَ مَنْ دَعاکَ إلی صِدْقِ المَقالِ بِصِدقِ مَقالِهِ ونَدَبَکَ إلی أفْضلِ الأعمالِ بِحُسنِ أعمالهِ.

20. The best of your brothers is the one who shows you the path of guidance, makes you acquire piety and prevents you from following your lowly desires.

20_ خَیرُ إخوانِکَ مَنْ دَلَّکَ علی هُدیً، وألبَسَکَ(أکْسَبَکَ) تُقیً، وَصَدَّکَ عَنْ إتّباعِ هَویً.

21. The best of your brothers is the one who assists you financially [in your time of need].

21_ خَیرُ إخوانِکَ مَنْ واساکَ.

22. Many a brother has not been born to your mother.

22_ رُبَّ أخ لَمْ یَلِدْهُ اُمُّکَ.

23. The friend of an ignorant person is troubled and afflicted.

23_ صَدیقُ الجاهلِ مَتْعُوبٌ مَنکُوبٌ.

24. Accompany your brothers with kindness and cover their offences with forgiveness.

24_ صاحِبِ الإخوانَ بالإحسانِ، وتَغَمَّدْ ذُنُوبَهُم بالغُفْرانِ.

25. Accompany the intelligent and you will benefit, turn away from this world and you will be safe.

25_ صاحبِ العُقلاءَ تَغْنَمْ وأعرِضْ عنِ الدُّنیا تَسلَمْ.

26. Accompany the intelligent, associate with the learned and overcome your vain desires, [by this] you will join the company of the Exalted Assembly.

26_ صاحبِ العُقلاءَ وجالِسِ العُلَماءَ، وأغْلِبِ الهوی، تُرافِقِ المَلأ الأعلی.

27. Accompany the wise, associate with the forbearing and turn away from this world - you shall dwell in the Garden of the Abode.

27_ صاحبِ الحُکَماءَ، وجالِسِ

p: 29

الحُلَماءَ، وأعرِضْ عَنِ الدُّنیا تَسْکُنْ جَنَّةَ المأوی.

28. Association with the wicked leads one to become evil, just like the wind - when it passes by a foul smell, it carries the stench.

28_ صُحبَةُ الأشرارِ تُکْسِبُ الشَّرَّ کالرّیحِ إذا مَرَّتْ بالنَّتِنِ حَمَلَتْ نَتِناً.

29. Accompanying a fool is torment for the soul.

29_ صُحْبَةُ الأحْمَقِ عذابُ الرُّوحِ.

30. Accompanying a wise friend enlivens the soul.

30_ صُحْبَةُ الوَلیِّ اللَّبیبِ حَیاةُ الرُّوحِ.

31. The friend of a fool is in distress.

31_ صَدیقُ الأحمقِ فی تَعَب.

32. The friend of an ignorant person is exposed to harm.

32_ صَدیقُ الجاهِلِ مَعْرَضٌ لِلْعَطَبِ.

33. Your friend is one who forbids you [from evil] and your enemy is one who entices you [to

Perform evil].

33_ صَدیقُکَ مَنْ نهاکَ، وعدُوُّکَ مَنْ أغراکَ.

34. Association with the wicked leads one to have negative thoughts about the righteous.

34_ صُحبَةُ الأشرارِ تُوجبُ سُوءَ الظَّنِّ الأخیارِ.

35. You should accompany the one who is intelligent and devout, for surely he is the best of companions.

35_ عَلَیکَ بِمُقارَنَةِ ذِی العَقلِ والدِّینِ فإنَّهُ خَیرُ الأصحابِ.

36. You should keep ties with brethren of purity, for they are an embellishment in times of ease and a support in [times of] tribulation.

36_ عَلیکَ بإخْوانِ الصَّفا فإنّهُمْ زینَةٌ فِی الرَّخاءِ وعَونٌ فِی البلاءِ.

37. You should build a bond of brotherhood with the one who cautions and forbids you [from doing evil] for verily he is aiding and guiding you.

37_ عَلَیکَ بِمُواخاةِ مَنْ حَذَّرَکَ وَنهاکَ فإنّهُ یُنجِدُکَ ویُرشِدُکَ.

38. One who is amiable towards people is loved by them.

38_ مَنّ تَألّفَ النَّاسَ أحَبُّوهُ.

39. The companionship [in this world]

p: 30

is short.

39_ الإصْطِحابُ قلیلٌ.

40. A friend is the closest of relations.

40_ الصَّدیقُ أقْرَبُ الأقارِبِ.

41. The friend has been named ṣadīq because he is truthful to you about your nature and faults, so have confidence in one who does this for he is your [true] friend.

41_ إنّما سُمِّیَ الصَّدیقُ صدیقاً لأنّه یَصْدُقُکَ فی نَفْسِکَ ومَعائبِکَ، فَمَنْ فَعَلَ ذلک فاستَنِمْ إلیْهِ فإنَّهُ الصَّدیقُ.

42. The comrade has been named rafīq because he encourages you to improve your religion; so whoever assists you to improve your faith, then he is a concerned comrade.

42_ إنَّما سُمِّیَ الرَّفیقُ رَفیقاً لأنَّه یَرفَقُکَ علی إصلاحِ دینکَ فَمنْ أعانَکَ علی صَلاحِ دینکَ فَهُوَ الرَّفیقُ الشَّفیقُ.

43. As the companionship prolongs, the [mutual] respect is affirmed.

43_ إذا طالَّتِ الصُّحْبَةُ تأکَّدَتِ الحُرمَةُ.

44. If you like to remain safe, then keep away from the companionship of a foolish person.

44_ إذا أحْبَبْتَ السَّلامَةَ فَاجْتَنِبْ مُصاحَبَةَ الجَهُولِ.

45. When the sins of a friend increase, the joy of being with him decreases.

45_ إذا کَثُرَتْ ذُنوبُ الصَّدیقِ قَلَّ السُّرُورُ بهِ.

46. When your friend takes you as a brother, then be like a servant to him and accord him with true loyalty and perfect sincerity.

46_ إذَا اتَّخذَکَ وَلیُّکَ أخاً فَکُنْ لَهُ عَبْداً وامْنَحْهُ صِدقَ الوفاءِ وحُسْنَ الصَّفاءِ.

47. When the disloyalty of a friend becomes evident, forsaking him becomes easy.

47_ إذا ظَهرَ غَدْرُ الصَّدیقِ سَهُلَ هَجْرُهُ.

48. Through mutual understanding, companionship lasts.

48_ بِحُسنِ المُوافَقَةِ تَدُومُ الصُّحبَةُ.

49. Through good companionship, camaraderie increases.

49_ بِحُسنِ الصُّحبَةِ تَ_کْثُرُ الرِّفاقُ.

50. The worst friend is the one who is [easily] fed up.

50_ بِئسَ الصَّدیقُ المَلولُ(المُلُوک).

51. How

p: 31

bad a colleague the ignoramus is!

51_ بِئسَ القَرینُ الجَهُولُ.

52. How evil a colleague the enemy is!

52_ بِئسَ القَرینُ العدُوُّ.

53. How evil a comrade the envious one is!

53_ بِئسَ الرَّفیقُ الحَسُودُ.

54. Hold on to every friend who is brought close to you by hard times (and who benefits you

in times of distress).

54_ تَمَسَّکْ بِکُلِّ صَدیق أفادَتْکَهُ الشِّدَّةُ، (أفادکَ نَکْبَةُ الشِّدَّةِ).

55. Be warm-hearted to your friend and he will be warm-hearted towards you, honour him and he will honour you, give him preference over yourself and he will give you preference over himself and his family.

55_ تَحَبَّبْ إلی خَلیلِکَ یُحْبِبْکَ، وأکرِمْهُ یُکْرِمْکَ وآثِرْهُ علی نَفْسِکَ یُؤثِرْکَ علی نَفسِهِ وأهْلِهِ.

56. A good companion is a blessing.

56_ جَلیسُ الخَیرِ نِعْمَةٌ.

57. An evil companion is a curse.

57_ جَلیسُ الشّرِّ نِقْمَةٌ.

58. Sit in the company of the people of piety and wisdom and increase your discourse with them, for if you are ignorant they will enlighten you and if you are knowledgeable, you will increase your knowledge.

58_ جالِسْ أهْلَ الوَرَعِ والحِکْمَةِ، وأکثِرْ مُناقَشَتَهُمْ، فإنَّکَ إنْ کُنتَ جاهلاً عَلَّمُوکَ، وإنْ کُنْتَ عالِماً إزدَدْتَ عِلماً.

59. Good companionship increases the affection of the hearts.

59_ حُسنُ الصُّحْبَةِ یَزیدُ فی مَحَبَّةِ القُلُوبِ.

60. The jealousy of a friend is an ailment of [his] friendship.

60_ حَسَدُ الصَّدیقِ مِنْ سُقْمِ المَوَدَّةِ.

61. The best choice is accompanying the righteous.

61_ خَیْرُ الاِختیارِ صُحبَةُ الأخیارِ.

62. The best of those whom you can accompany are the people of knowledge and insight.

62_ خیرُ مَنْ صاحَبْتَ ذَوُوا العِلْمِ والحِلمِ.

63. The best person you can accompany is the one who

p: 32

does not compel you to seek adjudication between yourself and him.

63_ خَیْرُ مَنْ صَحِبْتَهُ مَنْ لایُحوِجُکَ إلی حاکِم بَینَکَ وبیْنَهُ.

64. The best companion is one who makes you infatuated with the Hereafter, urges you to renounce worldly pleasures and assists you in obeying your Lord.

64_ خَیرُ مَنْ صَحِبْتَ مَنْ وَلَّهَکَ بالاُخری، وزَهَّدَکَ فی الدُّنیا، وأعانَکَ علی طاعةِ المَولی.

65. A man’s friend is a sign of his intelligence and his speech is evidence of his merit.

65_ خَلیلُ المَرءِ دَلیلٌ علی عَقْلِهِ، وکَلامُهُ بُرهانُ فَضْلِهِ.

66. The best of all things is that which is newer, but the best of brothers is the oldest of them.

66_ خَیْرُ کُلِّ شَیْء جدیدُهُ، وخَیْرُ الإخْوانِ أقدَمُهُمْ.

67. The best brother is the most helpful of them in [performing] good deeds, the most active in doing good deeds and the most affable in companionship.

67_ خَیرُ الإخْوانِ أعْوَنُهُمْ عَلی الخَیْرِ، وأعْمَلُهُمْ بِالبِرِّ، وأرْفَقُهُمْ بِالمُصاحِبِ.

68. Many a friend may be envious.

68_ رُبَّ صَدیق حَسُود.

69. Many a friend is scorned because of his ignorance, not because of his intention.

69_ رُبَّ صَدیق یُؤتی(یُؤبی) مِنْ جَهْلِهِ لامِنْ نیَّتِهِ.

70. The beauty of companionship is tolerance.

70_ زَیْنُ المُصاحَبَةِ الإحتِمالُ.

71. The worst of your brothers is the one who makes you accept falsehood.

71_ شَرُّ إخوانِکَ مَنْ أرْضاکَ بالباطِلِ.

72. The worst of your brothers is the one who forces you to compromise and compels you to ask for pardon.

72_ شرُّ إخوانِکَ مَنْ أحوَجَکَ إلی مُداراة وألْجَأکَ إلی اعْتِذار.

73. The worst of your friends is the one for whom you [always] have to undergo hardship.

73_ شرُّ أصْدِقائِکَ مَنْ

p: 33

تَتَکَلّفُ لهُ.

74. The worst of brothers is one who forsakes you [in times of need].

74_ شرُّ الإخوانِ الخاذِلُ.

75. The worst companion is an ignorant person.

75_ شرُّ الأصحابِ الجاهِلُ.

76. The worst brother is the one who keeps ties with you in good times but abandons you in times of difficulty.

76_ شرُّ الإخوانِ المُواصِلُ عِنْدَ الرَّخاءِ، والمَفاصِلُ عِنْدَ البلاءِ.

77. The worst of your brothers is the one who beguiles you with vain desire and distracts you with this world.

77_ شرُّ إخوانِکَ مَنْ أغراکَ بِهَویً، ووَلّهَکَ بالدُّنیا.

78. The worst of your brothers is the one who flatters you and hides your faults from you.

78_ شرُّ إخوانِکَ مَنْ داهَنَکَ فی نَفْسِکَ، وساتَرَکَ عَیْبَکَ.

79. The worst of your brothers is the deceiving flatterer.

79_ شرُّ إخوانِکَ اَلْغاشُّ المُداهِنُ.

80. The worst of your brothers is the one who is slow in performing good deeds and slows you down [from doing good] along with him.

80_ شرُّ إخوانِکَ مَنْ تَثبَّطَ (یَتبَطّئُ) عنِ الخَیرِ وثبَّطکَ (ویُبَطِّئُکَ) معَهُ.

81. The worst and most deceitful of your brothers is the one who entices you with [the pleasures of] this transitory world and makes you unmindful of the Hereafter.

81_ شرُّ إخوانِکَ وأغَشُّهُمْ لَکَ مَنْ أغراکَ بِالعاجِلَةِ واَلهاکَ عَنِ الآجِلَةِ.

82. The worst companion is the one who changes [his loyalty] quickly.

82_ شرُّ الأصحابِ السَّریعُ الإنقِلابِ.

83. The worst comrade is the one who is very suspicious.

83_ شرُّ الأتْرابِ الکثیرُ الإرتیابِ.

84. The worst affinity is [one that leads to] putting someone into trouble.

84_ شرُّ الاُلفَةِ إطِّراحُ الکُلفَةِ.

85. The condition of companionship is lack of disagreement.

85_ شَرْطُ المُصاحَبَةِ

p: 34

قِلّةُ المُخالَفَةِ

86. A bad companion is [like] a splinter of hellfire.

86_ صاحِبُ السُّوءِ قَطْعَةٌ منَ النّار

87. Companionship with the righteous leads one to acquire righteousness just like the wind - when it passes by perfume, it carries the fragrance.

87_ صُحْبَةُ الأخْیارِ تُکْسِبُ (تَکتسِبُ) الخَیرَ کالریحِ إذا مَرَّتْ بالطّیبِ حَمَلَتْ طیباً.

88. Enmity with the honourable is safer than friendship with the wicked.

88_ مُعاداةُ الکَریمِ أسْلَمُ مِنْ مُصادَقَةِ اللَّئیمِ.

89. The companionship of a wise person is dependable.

89_ مُصاحَبَةُ العاقِلِ مأمُونَةٌ.

90. Sitting in the company of the virtuous brings honour.

90_ مُجالَسَةُ الأبرارِ تُوجِبُ الشَّرَفَ.

91. Accompanying the wicked brings ruin.

91_ مُصاحَبَةُ الأشرارِ تُوجِبُ التَّلَفَ.

92. Sitting with people of low morals wears out the hearts.

92_ مُجالَسَةُ السِّفَلِ تُضْیئُ القُلُوبَ.

93. Holding back your kindness invites [your companions] to accompany someone other than you.

93_ مَنْعُ خَیْرِکَ یَدْعُوا إلی صُحبَةِ غیرِکَ.

94. Being in the company of an ignorant person is one of the greatest tribulations.

94_ مُصاحَبَةُ الجاهِلِ مِنْ أعْظَمِ البلاءِ.

95. Sitting with the common people corrupts one’s habits.

95_ مُجالَسَةُ العَوامِّ تُفسِدُ العادَةَ.

96. One who accompanies the wicked is like one who travels by sea, if he is saved from

96_ مُصاحِبُ الأشرارِ کراکِبِ البَحرِ إنْ سَلِمَ مِنَ الغَرَقِ لَمْ یَسْلَمْ مِنَ الفَرَقِ.

97. Drowning he will still not be saved from the fear [of drowning].

97_ مُجالَسَةُ أبناءِ الدُّنیا مِنْساةٌ للإیمانِ قائدَةٌ إلی طاعةِ الشیطانِ.

98. Sitting with worldly people causes one to forget his faith and drives [one] towards the obedience of Satan.

98_ مُوافَقَةُ الأصحابِ تُدیمُ الإصطِحابَ، والرِّفقُ فی المَطالِبِ یُسَهِّلُ الأسبابَ.

99. Agreement with companions prolongs the companionship; and showing

p: 35

courtesy in matters makes the means [of accomplishment] easy.

99_ مُجالَسَةُ الحُکماءِ حَیاةُ العُقولِ، وشِفاءُ النُّفُوسِ.

100. Sitting in the company of wise men enlivens the minds and cures the souls.

100_ وَحدَةُ المَرْءِ خَیْرٌ لَهُ مِنْ قَرینِ السُّوءِ.

101. The loneliness of a man is better for him than [having] an evil comrade.

101_ بالتِّواخی فی اللّهِ تُثْمِرُ الاُخُوَّةَ.

102. By establishing ties for the sake of Allah, brotherhood becomes fruitful.

102_ تُبْتَنی الاُخوَّةُ فی اللّهِ علَی التَّناصُحِ فی اللّهِ، والتَّباذُلِ فی اللّهِ، والتَّعاونِ علی طاعةِ اللّهِ، والتَّناهی عن معاصِی اللّهِ، والتَّناصرِ فی اللّهِ، وإخْلاصِ المَحَبِّةِ.

103. Brotherhood for the sake of Allah is based on advising each other for the sake of Allah, contributing for His sake, helping each other to obey His commands, forbidding each other from disobeying Him, assisting each other for His sake and sincere affection.

103_ تناسَ مَساوِیَ الإخوانِ، تستَدِمْ وُدَّهُمْ.

104. Pretend to have forgotten the bad actions of your brothers and their affection [towards you] will last longer.

104_ ثَمَرَةُ الاُخُوَّةِ حِفْظُ الغَیبِ وإهْداءُ العَیْبِ.

105. The fruit of brotherhood is [in] protecting [the reputation of one’s brother in] his absence and presenting his faults to him [so that he may correct himself].

105_ مَنْ آخی فی اللّهِ غَنِمَ.

106. One who fraternizes for the sake of Allah, Gains.

106_ مَنْ آخی فی الدُّنیا حُرِمَ.

107. One who fraternizes for the sake of this world is deprived [of it].

107_ مَنْ لا إخوانَ لَهُ لا أهلَ لَهُ.

108. One who has no brothers has no kin.

108_ مَنْ ناقَشَ الإخوانَ قَلَّ صَدیقُهُ.

109. One who [always] argues with his brothers has few

p: 36


109_ مَنْ فَقَدَ أخاً فی اللّهِ فَکَأنَّما فَقدَ أشْرَف أعضائهِ.

110. He who loses the one who was his brother for the sake of Allah, it is as if he has lost the most important organ of his body.

110_ مَنْ کانَ ذا حِفاظ ووَفاء لَمْ یَعدَم ْحُسْنُ الإخاءِ.

111. One who preserves [that which is entrusted to him] and is loyal will not be deprived of the benefit of brotherhood.

111_ مِنْ عَجْزِ الرِّأیِ إسْتِفْسادُ الإخْوانِ.

112. It is from weak personal judgment to break ties with one’s brothers.

112_ ما أکثَرَ الإخوانَ عِندَ الجِفانِ وأقَلَّهُمْ عِندَ حادِثاتِ الزَّمانِ.

113. How numerous are friends during times of prosperity and how few they are during the difficult times!

113_ ما تَواخی قَوْمٌ علی غَیرِ ذاتِ اللّه سُبْحانَهُ إلاّ کانَتْ اُخُوَّتُهُمْ علَیْهِم تِرَةً یَوْمَ العَرْضِ علَی اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ.

114. No community has established brotherhood for other than seeking the pleasure of Allah, the Glorified, but that their brotherhood will be counted as a sin against them on the day when the deeds are presented to Allah, the Glorified.

114_ مَوتُ الأخِ قَصُّ الجَناحِ والیَدِ.

115. Death of a brother is like having wings clipped and hands cut.

115_ نِظامُ المُرُوَّةِ حُسْنُ الاُخُوَّةِ، ونِظامُ الدّینِ حُسنُ الیَقینِ.

116. The order of humanity is based on righteous brotherhood and the order of religion is based on unshakable certainty.

116_ لاتَصْرِمْأخاکَ علَی ارْتیاب، ولاتَهْجُرهُ بَعدَ اسْتِعتاب.

117. Do not sever ties with your brother because of some doubt that you have, and do not abandon him after he has sought [your] pardon.

117_ لاتُضَیِّعَنَّ حَقَّ أخیکَ اتِّکالاً علی ما بَینَکَ

p: 37

وبَینَهُ فَلیسَ لَکَ بأخ مَنْ أضَعْتَ حَقَّهُ.

118. Do not neglect the rights of your brother out of confidence in your close relationship with him, for he whose rights you neglect is not your brother.

118_ لاتُواخِ مَنْ یَستُرُ مَناقِبَکَ ویَنْشُرُ مثالِبَکَ.

119. Do not take as a brother one who hides your positive traits and exposes your shortcomings.

119_ لاتَطْلُبَنَّ الإخاءَ عِندَ أهْلِ الجَفاءِ واطلُبْهُ عِندَ أهلِ الحِفاظِ والوَفاءِ.

120. Do not seek brotherhood [and friendship] among the uncouth people, rather seek it among the trustworthy and loyal people.

120_ لا خَیرَ فیمَنْ یَهْجُرُ أخاهُ مِنْ غیرِ جُرم.

121. There is no good in the one who abandons his brother without [him committing] any offence.

121_ لاخیرَ فی أخ لایُوجِبُ لَکَ مِثلَ الَّذی یُوجبُ لِنَفْسِهِ.

122. There is no good in the brother who does not enjoin on you what he enjoins on himself.

122_ یُغْتَنَمُ مُؤاخاةُ الأخیارِ، ویُجّتَنَبُ مُصاحَبَةُ الأشرارِ والفُجَّارِ.

123. The brotherhood of the righteous is to be considered beneficial whereas association with the wicked and sinful is to be avoided.

123_ إیّاکَ ومُصادَقَةَ الکَذَّابِ، فإنّهُ یُقَرِّبُ عَلَیکَ الْبَعیدَ، ویُبَعِّدُ علَیکَ القَریبَ.

124. Be careful not to accept the words of a liar, for he will bring close to you that which is far and take far away from you that which is close.

124_ إیّاک أنْ تُخرِجَ صَدیقَکَ إخراجاً یُخرِجُهُ عَنْ مَودَّتِکَ وَاستَبْقِ لَهُ مِنْ اُنْسِکَ مَوْضِعاً یَثِقُ بالرُّجوعِ إلیهِ.

125. Be careful not to drive away your friend in a way that removes all the affection he has for you, and leave some room from your friendship for him

p: 38

so that he may rely on returning back to it.

125_إیّاکَ أنْ تُوحِشَ مُوادَّکَ وَحْشةً تُفضی بهِ إلی اختیارِهِ البُعدَ عَنْکَ، وَإیثارِ الفُرْقَةِ.

126. Be careful not to alienate the one who has affection for you in such a manner that he opts to distance himself and prefers to separate himself from you.

126_ إیّاکَ وصُحبَةَ مَنْ ألهاکَ، وأغراکَ، فإنّهُ یَخْذُلُکَ ویُوبِقُکَ.

127. Be careful not to associate with the one who makes you negligent and deceives you, for he will surely forsake you and destroy you.

127_ إیّاکَ ومُصاحَبَةَ أهلِ الفُسُوقِ، فإنّ الرَّاضیَ بِفِعْلِ قَوْم کالدَّاخِلِ مَعَهُمْ.

128. Be careful not to associate with the sinners, for verily one who is pleased with the actions of a group is like one of them.

128_ إیّاکُمْ ومُصادَقَةَ الفاجِرِ، فإنّهُ یَبیعُ مُصادِقَهُ بِالتَّافِهِ المُحتَقَرِ.

129. Be careful not to befriend a wicked person, for he would surely sell his friendship for the most worthless of things.

129_ أکثَرُ الصَّلاحِ والصَّوابِ فی صُحبَةِ اُولِی النُّهی والألبابِ.

130. It is better and more appropriate to associate with people of wisdom and intelligence.

130_ أحسَنُ الشِّیَمِ إکْرامُ المُصاحِبِ، وَإسْعافُ الطَّالِبِ.

131. The best habits are honouring one’s companion and assisting one who seeks help.

131_ أشرَفُ الشِّیَمِ رِعایَةُ الوُدِّ، وأحسَنُ الهِمَمِ إنجازُ الوَعدِ.

132. The noblest of traits is guarding one’s friendship and the best of endeavours is fulfilling one’s promise.

132_ مَنْ دَعاکَ إلی الدَّارِ الباقیةِ، وأعانَکَ علَی العَمَلِ لَها، فَهُوَ الصَّدیقُ الشَّفیقُ.

133. Whoever invites you to the Eternal Abode and assists you to work for it, then he is the true, caring friend.

133_ الرَّفیقُ فی دُنیاهُ کالرَّفیقِ

p: 39

فی دینهِِ.

134. The friend in one’s worldly life is like the friend in his faith.

134_ سَلِ (عنِ) الرَّفیقَِ قَبْلَ الطَّریقِ.

135. Inquire about the companion [on the journey] before the route.

135_ لایَحُولُ الصَّدیقُ الصَّدُوقُ عَنِ المَودَّةِ وإنْ جُفِیَ.

136. The true friend will not turn away from his friendship even if he is treated harshly.

136_ إحمِلْ نَفْسَکَ معَ أخِیکَ عِندَ صَرْمِهِ علَی الصِّلَةِ وعندَ صُدُودهِ علَی اللُّطْفِ والمُقارَبَةِ، وعندَ تَباعُدِهِ علَی الدُنُوِّ، وعندَ جُرمِهِ علَی العُذرِ حتّی کأنّکَ لَهُ عبدٌ، وکأنّهُ ذُو نِعمَة عَلَیکَ، وإیّاکَ أنْ تَضَعَ ذلکَ فی غیرِ مَوْضِعهِِ، أو تَفْعَلَهُ معَ غیرِ أهْلِهِ.

137. Bring yourself to build ties with your brother when he cuts you off, and to be kind and seek closeness [to him] when he turns away from you, and to be near to him when he distances himself from you, and to assume that he has an excuse when he does something wrong to you – to the extent that you are like his servant, and as if he has done some great favor upon you. Beware however, not to do this where it is not befitting or with someone who is not worthy of it.

137_ إمحَضْ أخاکَ النَّصِیحَةَ حسَنَةً کانَتْ أو(أم) قَبیحَةً.

138. Be sincere in giving your brother advice whether [he finds it] courteous or offensive.

138_ إحمِلْ نَفْسکَ عِندَ شِدَّةِ أخیکَ علَی اللّینِ، وعِندَ قَطیعتهِ علَی الوَصلِ، وعِندَ جُمودِهِ علَی البَذلِ، وکُنْ للَّذی یَبدُو مِنْهُ حَمُولاً وَلَهُ وَصوُلاً.

139. Bring yourself to be polite to your brother when he is harsh to you, and to build

p: 40

ties [with him] when he cuts you off, and to be generous [with him] when he is niggardly, and tolerate what he does and keep relations with him.

139_ إخْتَرْمِنْ کُلِّ شَیْء جَدیدَهُ، ومِنَ الإخوانِ أقدَمَهَمْ.

140. Choose the new of everything but the oldest one from among your brothers.

140_ إجْتَنِبْ مُصاحِبَةَ الکَذَّابِ، فإنِ اضْطُرِرْتَ إلَیهِ فلا تُصَدِّقْهُ، ولا تُعلِمْهُ أنّکَ تُ_کَذِّبُهُ، فإنّه یَنْتَقِلُ عَنْ وُدِّکَ ولا یَنْتَقِلُ عَنْ طَبْعِهِ.

141. Avoid the company of a liar, but if you are forced to be in his company then do not accept his words as true, and do not let him know that you belie him, for he will readily turn away from your friendship rather than abandoning his habit [of lying].

141_ اُبْذُل لِصَدیقِکَ کُلَّ المَودَّةِ، ولا تَبْذُلْ لَهُ کُلَّ الطُّمَأنینةِ وأعْطِهِ مِنْ نَفْسِکَ کُلَّ المُواساةِ، ولا تَقُصَّ إلَیهِ بِکُلِّ أسرارِکَ.

142. Spare no effort in showing affection to your friend, but do not put your entire trust in him; give him all your support, but do not disclose all your secrets to him.

142_ فَقْدُ الإخوانِ مُوهی الجَلَدِ.

143. The loss of one’s brothers weakens one’s fortitude.

143_ لَیْسَ لَکَ بأخ، مَنِاحْتَجْتَ إلی مُداراتِهِ.

144. He whom you need to indulge is not your [true] brother.

144_ لَیسَ بِرَفیق مَحمُودِ الطَّریقَةِ مَنْ أحوَجَ صاحِبَهُ إلی مُماراتِهِ.

145. He who forces his companion to argue with him is not a comrade with praiseworthy traits.

145_ لَیسَ لَکَ بأخ مَنْ أحوَجَکَ إلی حاکِم بینَکَ وبینَهُ.

146. He who makes it necessary for you to get a judge to adjudicate between yourself and him is

p: 41

not your brother.

146_ جَمالُ الاُخُوَّةِ إحسانُ العِشْرَةِ، والمُواساةُ معَ العُسْرَةِ.

147. The embellishment of brotherhood is good companionship and [giving] support despite [financial] difficulty.

147_ حُسْنُ الإخاءِ یُجْزِلُ الأجرَ ویُجمِلُ الثَّناءَ.

148. Good brotherhood increases reward and beautifies praise.

148_ خَیرُ الإخوانِ أقَلُّهُمْ مُصانَعَةً فی النَّصیحَةِ.

149. The best of brothers are the least hypocritical in giving good advice.

149_ خَیرُ الإخوانِ مَنْ لا یُحْوِجُ إخوانَهُ إلی سِواهُ.

150. The best of brothers is the one who makes it unnecessary for his brother to seek from anyone other than him.

150_ خَیرُ إخْوانِکَ مَنْ عَنَّفَکَ فی طاعَةِ اللّهِ.

151. The best of your brothers is the one who is stern with you regarding obedience to Allah.

151_ خَیرُ إخوانِکَ مَنْ واساکَ، وخیرٌ مِنْهُ مَنْ کَفاکَ، وإنِاحْتاجَ إلَیکَ أعفاکَ.

152. The best of your brothers is the one who supports you, and better than him is the one who suffices for you, and when he needs you, he excuses you [if you are unable to assist him].

152_ خَیرُ الإخوانِ مَنْ لَمْ یَکُنْ علی إخوانِهِ مُسْتَقْصیاً.

153. The best of brothers is one who does not scrutinize his brothers.

153_ خَیرُ إخوانِکَ مَنْ کَثُرَ إغضابُهُ لَکَ فی الحقِّ.

154. The best of your brothers is the one whose anger at you increases in matters pertaining to the truth.

154_ اَلصَّدیقُ أفْضَلُ الذُخرَینِ.

155. A friend is the better of the two resources.

155_ اَلصَّدِیقُ أفضلُ العُدَّتَینِ.

156. A friend is the better of the two assets.

156_ اَلصَّدیقُ أفضلُ عُدَّة وأبقی مَوَدَّةً.

157. A friend is a better asset and is more lasting in fondness.

157_ الصَّدیقُ إنسانٌ هُوَ أنتَ إلاّ أنّهُ غیْرُکَ.


p: 42

A friend is a person who is ‘you’ except that he is other than you.

158_ اَلصَّدیقُ الصَّدوُقُ مَنْ نَصَحَکَ فی عَیبکَ وحَفِظَکَ فی غَیبِکَ وَآثرَکَ علی نَفْسِهِ.

159. The truthful friend is one who advises you of your faults protects your dignity in your absence and gives you preference over himself.

159_ الحازمُ مَنْ تَخیَّرَ لِخُلَّتِهِ فإنَّ المَرْءَ یُوزَنُ بخَلِیلِهِ.

160. The wise person is one who selects his friend carefully, for a man is gauged by his friend.

160_ اَلأصدِقاءُ نَفسٌ واحِدَةٌ فی جُسُومِ مُتفَرِّقَة.

161. Friends are one soul in different bodies.

161_ الصَّدیقُ مَنْ کانَ ناهِیاً عَنِ الظُّلمِ والعُدْوانِ مُعیناً علَی البِرِّ وَالإحسان ِ.

162. The [true] friend is he who forbids [one from] injustice and wrongdoing while helping [one] to perform good deeds and be righteous.

162_ إصحَبْ مَنْ لا تَراهُ إلاّ وکَأنّهُ لاغَناءَ بِهِ عَنْکَ، وإنْ أسَأتَ إلَیهِ أحسَنَ إلَیکَ وکَأنّهُ المُسیءُ.

163. Keep the company of one whom you find cannot do without you, and if you do something bad to him he responds with good, as if he was the one at fault.

163_ مَنْ لا (أخا) إخاءَ لَهُ لا خَیرَ فیهِ.

164. One who has no brother (or brotherhood) has no goodness in him.

164_ مَنْ جانَبَ الإخْوانَ علی کُلِّ ذَنْب قَلَّ أصدِقاؤُهُ.

165. One who turns away from his brothers because of every [small] misdeed will have few friends.

165_ مَنِاسْتَفْسَدَ صَدیقَهُ نَقَصَ مِنْ عَدَدِهِ.

166. One who spoils [his relationship with] his friend has reduced his own number.

166_ مَنْ صَحِبَ الأشرارَ لَمْ یَسْلَمْ.

167. One who accompanies evildoers will not be safe [from them].

167_ مَنِاهْتَمَّ بِکَ

p: 43

فَهُوَ صَدیقُکَ.

168. Whoever is concerned about you, then he is your [true] friend.

168_ مَنْ أحْسَنَ المُصاحَبَةَ کثُرَ أصحابُهُ.

169. One whose company is good will have many companions.

169_ مَنْ جالَسَ الجُهّالَ فَلْیَستَعِدَّ لِلْقیلِ والقالِ.

170. One who sits in the company of the ignorant should be prepared for fruitless talk and gossip.

170_ مَنْ لَمْ یَتَعاهَدْ مُوادِدَهُ فَقَدْضَیَّعَ الصَّدیقَ.

171. One who does not attend to the needs of the one who shows friendship towards him has lost a friend.

171_ مَنِاسْتَقْصی علی صَدیقِهِ انْقطَعَتْ مَوَدَّتُهُ.

172. One who demands too much from his friend will sever his friendship.

172_ مَنِ اسْتَخَفَّ بِمُوالِیهِ اسْتَثقَلَ وَطْأةَ مُعادیهِ.

173. One who takes his [relationship with his] allies lightly will find the overrunning of his enemies to be heavy.

173_ علَی التَّواخی فی اللّهِ تَخْلُصُ المَحَبَّةُ.

174. It is through brotherhood for the sake of Allah that love becomes sincere.

174 _ عِندَ نُزُولِ الشَّدائدِ یُجَرَّبُ حِفاظُ الإخوانِ.

175. It is in times of tribulation that the protection of brethren is put to test.

175_ عِندَ زَوالِ القُدْرَةِ یَتَبَیَّنُ الصَّدیقُ مِنَ العَدُوِّ.

176. It is when power is lost that friend is distinguished from foe.

176_ عَجِبْتُ لِمَنْ یَرْغَبُ فی التَّکثُّرِ مِنَ الأصحابِ کَیفَ لایَصحَبُ العُلَماءَ الألِبَّاءَ الأتقیاءَ الَّذینَ یَغنَمُ فَضائِلَهُمْ وتَهْدیهِ عُلُومُهُمْ وتُزَّینُهُ صُحبَتُهُمْ.

177. I am amazed at the one who seeks more companions why does he not accompany the wise, pious scholars from whose character he can benefit and from whose knowledge he can get guidance and whose company is an embellishment for him!

177_ فی کُلِّ صُحْبَة اخْتیارٌ.

178. In every companionship there is choice.

178_ فی

p: 44

الشِّدَّةِ یُخْتَبَرُ الصَّدیقُ.

179. In times of difficulty one comes to know who his [true] friend is.

179_ فی الضّیقِ یَتَبیَّنُ حُسْنُ مُواساةِ الرَّفیقِ.

180. It is in times of [financial] difficulty that the value of a friend’s generosity becomes apparent.

180_ فی حُسنِ المُصاحَبَةِ یَرْغَبُ الرِّفاقُ.

181. Good companionship is something friends wish for.

181_ إیّاکَ أنْ تَغفُلَ عَنْ حقِّ أخیکَ، اتِّکالاً علی واجبِ حَقِّکَ عَلیهِ، فإنَّ لأخیکَ علَیکَ مِنَ الحقِّ مِثلَ الَّذی لَکَ عَلَیهِ.

182. Be careful not to become negligent of your brother’s right [over you] while counting on your right over him, for indeed your brother has the same right over you that you have over him.

182_ إیّاکَ أنْ تُهْمِلَ حقَّ أخیکَ اتِّکالاً عَلی ما بَینَکَ وبَیْنَهُ فَلَیسَ لَکَ بأخ مَنْ أضَعْتَ حَقَّهُ.

183. Be careful not to ignore the right of your brother while relying on the bond between you and him, for he whose right you overlook is not your brother.

183_ أفْضَلُ العُدَدِ ثِقاتُ الإخوانِ.

184. The best assets are reliable brothers.

184_ أفضَلُ الْعُدَدِ أخٌ وَفیٌّ وشَقیقٌّ زَکیُّ.

185. The best of assets are a loyal brother and a righteous sibling.

185_أصْدَقُ الإخْوانِ مَوَدَّةً أفْضَلُهُمْ لإخوانِهِ فی السَّرّاءِ والضَّرّاءِ مُواساةً.

186. The brother whose friendship is strongest is one who is most supportive of his brother [both] in times of ease and difficulty.

186_ أبْعدُ النَّاسِ سَفَراً مَنْ کانَ سَفَرُهُ فی ابْتِغاءِ أخ صالِح.

187. The one who journeys in search of a righteous brother journeys the farthest.

187_إنَّ أخاکَ حقَّاً مَنْ غَفَرَ زلَّتَکَ، وَسَدَّ خَلَّتَکَ وقَبِلَ عُذْرَکَ، وسَتَرَ عَوْرتَکَ، ونَفی وَجَلَکَ، وحَقَّقَ أمَلَکَ.

188. Your true brother is one

p: 45

who forgives your mistake, fulfils your need, accepts your excuse, hides your [hidden] flaw, removes your apprehension and actualizes your hope.

188_ لا تَصْحَبْ مَنْ فاتَهُ العَقلُ، ولاتَصْطَنِعْ مَنْ خانَهُ الأصلُ، فإنَّ مَنْ لا عَقلَ لَهُ یَضُرُّکَ مِنْ حیثُ یَری أنَّه یَنْفَعُکَ، وَمَنْ لا أصلَ لَهُ یُسیءُ إلی مَنْ یُحْسِنُ إلَیهِ.

189. Do not accompany the one who has lost his mind and do not seek good from one who is betrayed by his roots, for the one who is insane will harm you while he thinks he is helping you and the one who does not have [virtuous] roots will do evil to the one who does good to him.

189_ تَصْحَبْ إلاَّ عاقِلاً تَقِیّاً، ولا تُعاشِرْ إلاّ عالِماً زَکیّاً، ولاتُودِعْ سِرَّکَ إلاّ مُؤمِناً وَفیّاً.

190. Do not accompany anyone but the intelligent and pious; and do not associate with anyone but the knowledgeable and righteous; and do not mention your secret to anyone but the trustworthy and loyal.

190_ لا تَصْحَبْ مَنْ یَحفَظُ مَساوِیَکَ، ویَنْسی فَضائلَکَ وَمعالِیَکَ.

191. Do not accompany one who recalls your misdeeds and forgets your virtues and merits.

191_ لا تَحْلُومُصاحَبَةُ غَیْرِ أریب.

192. The companionship of the unintelligent is not enjoyable.

192_ لایَصْحَبُ الأبرارَ إلاّ نُظَراؤُهُمْ.

193. None accompany the virtuous except those who are like them.

193_ لایَأمَنُ مُجالِسُوا الأشرارِ غوائِلَ البَلاءِ.

194. Those who sit in the company of the wicked are not safe from the calamities of tribulation.

194_ لإخوانُ جَلاءُ الهُمُومِ والأحزانِ.

195. Brothers are eliminators of grief and sorrow.

195_ أطِعْ أخاکَ وإنْ عَصاکَ، وَصِلْهُ وإنْ جَفاکَ.

196. Obey your brother even if he

p: 46

disobeys you, and establish ties with him even if he shuns you.

196_ إصْحَبْ أخاَ التُّقی والدّینِ تَسْلَمْ، وأسْتَرشدْهُ تَغْنَمْ.

197. Keep yourself in the company of a virtuous and pious brother and you will remain safe, seek advice from him and you will benefit.

197_ أحْبِبْ فی اللّهِ مَنْ یُجاهِدُکَ علی صَلاحِ دین، ویُکْسِیکَ(یُکْسِبُکَ) حُسنَ یَقین.

198. Love for the sake of Allah the one who struggles against you for the betterment of [your] religion and covers you with the mantle of certitude.

198_ إرْفَقْ بِإخْوانِکَ، وَاکْفِهِمْ غَربَ لِسانِکَ، وأجْرِ عَلَیْهِمْ سَیْبَ إحسانِکَ.

199. Be courteous to your brothers and don’t expose them to the harshness of your tongue; and let your goodness flow forth for them.

199_ اُبْذُلْ لِصَدیقِکَ نُصْحَکَ، ولِمَعارِفِکَ مَعُونَت_َکَ، ولِکافَّةِ النَّاسِ بِشْرَکَ.

200. Offer your advice to your friend, your assistance to your acquaintance, and to all the people, your cheerfulness.

200_ إحْذَرْ مُصاحَبَةَ کُلِّ مَنْ یُقْبَلُ رَأیُهُ، ویُنکَرُ عَمَلُهُ، فإنَّ الصّاحِبَ مُعْتَبَرٌ بِصاحِبِهِ.

201. Be cautious of the company of one whose opinion is accepted but whose actions are evil, for surely a person is judged by the company he keeps.

201_ إحْذَر مُجالِسَةَ قَرینِ السَّوءِ فَإنَّهُ یُهْلِکُ مُقارِنَهُ، ویُرْدی مُصاحِبَهُ.

202. Be careful not to associate with an evil colleague, for his association will destroy you and his companionship will ruin you.

202_ لا تُؤثِرْ دَنِیّاً عَلی شَریف.

203. Do not give preference to an ignoble person over a noble one.

203_ لا تَصْحَبَنَّ مَنْ لا عَقْلَ لَهُ.

204. Never associate with one who has no intelligence.

204_ لا تَصْحَبِ المائِقَ فَیُزَیِّنَ لَکَ فِعْلَهُ، ویَوَدَّ أنّکَ مِثْلُهُ.

205. Do not associate

p: 47

with a fool, for he will embellish his actions for you and want you to become like him.

205_ لاتَصْحَبَنَّ أبْناءَ الدُّنیا فإنّکَ إنْ أقْلَلْتَ إسْتَثْقَلُوکَ وإنْ أکْثَرتَ حَسَدُوکَ.

206. Do not associate with those who love this world, for if you have less they will disregard you and if you have more they will envy you.

206_ لا تُکْثِرَنَّ صُحْبَةَ اللَّئیمِ، فإنَّهُ إنْ صَحِبَتْکَ نِعْمَةٌ حَسَدَکَ، وإنْ طرَقَتْکَ نائِبَةٌ قَذَفَکَ.

207. Do not frequent the company of a wicked person, for if you are bestowed with a blessing, he will envy you and if a misfortune befalls you, he will abandon you.

207_ لا تَسْتَکْثِرَنَّ مِنْ إخوانِ الدُّنیا، فَإنَّکَ إنْ عَجَزْتَ عَنْهُمْ تَحَوَّلُوا أعداءً، وإنَّ مَثَلَهُمْ کَمَثَلِ النَّارِ کَثیرُها یُحرِقُ وقلیلُها یَنْفَعُ.

208. Do not acquire more ‘worldly’ brothers, for if you become incapable of fulfilling their wishes they turn into enemies; and their example is like the example of fire – a lot of it burns and a little of it benefits.

208_ کُنْ بِالوَحْدَةِ آنَسَ مِنکَ بِقُرَناءِ السُّوءِ.

209. Take comfort for yourself in solitude rather than bad company.

209_ کُنْ بِعَدُوِّکَ العاقِلِ أوثَقَ مِنْکَ بِصَدیقِکَ الجاهِلِ

210. Be more confident of your intelligent foe than your ignorant friend.

210_ کُلَّما طالَتِ الصُّحْبَةُ تَأکَّدتِ الحُرْمَةُ.

211. Whenever the companionship prolongs, the [mutual] respect is affirmed.

211_ لِکُلِّ شَیْء آفَةٌ وآفَةُ الْخَیْرِ (الخَیِّرِ) قَرینُ السُّوءِ.

212. For everything there is a bane and the bane of a good person is bad company.

212_ لِکُلِّ شَیْء نَکَدٌ ونَکَدُ العُمرِ مُقارَنَةُ العَدُوِّ.

213. For everything there is a vexation and the vexation of your lifetime is

p: 48

[being in] the company of an enemy.

213_ لَیْسَ مَنْ خالَطَ الأشرارَ بِذی مَعْقُول.

214. One who mingles with the wicked is not intelligent.

214_ لَیْسَ شَیْءٌ أدْعی لِخَیر وأنْجی مِنْ شَرّ مِنْ صُحْبَةِ الأخیارِ.

215. There is nothing that brings one closer to good and keeps one safer from evil than keeping company with the righteous.

215_ مَنْ صاحبَ العُقَلاءَ وُقِّرَ.

216. One who accompanies the wise is respected.

216_ إحْذَرْ مُصاحَبَةَ الفُسَّاقِ والفُجَّارِ والمُجاهِرینَ بِمَعاصِی اللّهِ.

217. Be careful not to accompany the immoral, the wretched, and those who openly disobey the commandments of Allah.

217_ إحْذَرْ مُجالِسَةَ الجاهِلِ، کما تَأمَنُ مِنْ مُصاحَبَةِ العاقلِ.

218. Be just as wary of sitting in the company of the ignorant, as you would be at ease in the company of the intelligent.

218_ إیّاکَ ومُصاحَبَةَ الفُسَّاقِ، فإنَّ الشّرَّ بالشّ_رِّ یَلْحَقُ.

219. Be careful not to remain in the company of the immoral, for surely evil clings to evil.

219_ إیّاکَ أنْ تُخْدَعَ عَنْ صَدیقِکَ، أو تُغْلَبَ عَنْ عَدُوِّکَ.

220. Be careful not to be cheated by your friend or to be overcome by your foe.

220_ إیّاکَ ومُصادَقَةَ الأحْمَقِ، فَإنَّهُ یُریدُ أنْ یَنْفَعَکَ فَیَضُ_َّرکَ.

221. Be careful not to befriend a fool, for he will harm you while trying to benefit you.

221_ إیّاکَ ومُصادَقَةَ البَخیلِ، فإنَّهُ یَقْعُدُ عَنْکَ (بِکَ) أحوَجَ ما تَ_کوُنُ إلَیهِ.

222. Be careful not to befriend a miser, for he will hold back [from assisting you] when you are most in need of him.

222_ إیّاکَ ومُصاحَبَةَ الأشْرارِ، فَإنَّهُمْ یَمُنُّونَ عَلَیْکَ بِالسَّلامَةِ مِنْهُمْ.

223. Be careful not to accompany the wicked, for they consider it a favour

p: 49

upon you to keep you safe from themselves.

223_ أخُوکَ مُواسیکَ فی الشِّدَةِ.

224. Your brother is your supporter in times of difficulty.

224_ إنْ اَرَدْتَ قَطیعَةَ أخیکَ فَاسْتَبْقِ لَهُ مِنْ نَفْسِکَ بَقِیَّةً یَرْجِعُ إلَیْها إنْ بَدا لَهُ ذلِکَ یَوْماًما.

225. If you want to cut off ties with your brother [in faith] then leave some of your friendship for him, so that he may return to it someday if he so wishes.

225_ َقدِّمِ الإخْتبارَ وأجِدِ الإسْتِظْهارَ فِی اخْتیارِ الإخوانِ وإلاّ ألْجَأکَ الإضطرارُ إلی مُقارَنَةِ الأشرارِ.

226. Before choosing a friend, assess him and try hard to find out about him, otherwise you will be forced by necessity to associate with the wicked.

226_ کَفی بِالصُّحْبَةِ إخْتِبارَاً.

227. Accompanying a person [for some time] is sufficient to evaluate him.

227_ إنِ اسْتَنَمْتَ إلی وَدُودِکَ فَأحْرِزْ لَهُ مِنْ أمْرِکَ واستَبْقِ لهُ مِنْ سِ_ِّرکَ مالَعَلَّکَ أنْ تَنْدِمَ عَلَیْهِ وَقتاً ما.

228. [Even] if you have gained confidence and trust in your close friend, safeguard some of your affairs and conceal some of your secrets [from him], for it is possible that you may regret [revealing them] at some time [in the future].

228_ إذا تَأکَّدَ الإخاءُ سَمُجَ الثَّناءُ.

229. As the bond of brotherhood strengthens, compliments become distasteful.

229_ إذا آخَیْتَ فَأکْرِمْ حقَّ الإخاءِ.

230. When you [decide to] establish the bond of brotherhood, then honour the right of brotherhood.

230_ إذا وَثِقْتَ بِمَودَّةِ أخیکَ فَلا تُبالِ مَتی لَقیتَهُ ولَقِیَکَ.

231. If you are certain of the affection of your brother then don’t be concerned [about what transpires] when you meet him or he meets you.

231_ مَنِاتَّخَذَ

p: 50

أخَاً بَعدَ حُسنِ الإختبارِ دامَتْ صُحبَتُهُ وتَأکَّدَتْ مَوَدَّتُهُ.

232. One who takes a brother after successfully evaluating him, his companionship will last longer and his bond will be more firmly established.

232_ مَنْ لَم یُقَدِّمْ فِی اتّخاذِ الإخوانِ الاعتِبارَ دَفَعَهُ الاغتِرارُ إلی صُحْبَةِ الفُجَّارِ.

233. One who does not investigate before he takes a brother will be misled to association with

the depraved.

233_ مَنِاتَّخذَ أخَاً مِنْ غیرِ اختِبار ألجَأهُ الاضطرارُ إلی مُرافَقَةِ الأشرارِ.

234. One who takes a brother without evaluation will be forced by necessity to associate with the wicked.

234_ اَلإخْوانُ فی اللّه تعالی تَدُومُ مَوَّدَتُهُمْ لِدَوامِ سَبَبِها.

235. The amity between those who are brothers for the sake of Allah endures because of its firm foundation.

235_ إخوانُ الصِّدقِ زینَةٌ فی السَّرّاءِ وعُدَّةٌ فی الضَّرّاءِ.

236. True brotherhood is an embellishment in times of ease and a provision in times of difficulty.

236_ اَلأخُ المُکْتَسَبُ فی اللّهِ أقْرَبُ الأقْرِباءِ وأحَمُّ مِنَ الأُمَّهاتِ والآباءِ.

237. The brother acquired for the sake of Allah is the nearest of relations – even closer than mothers and fathers.

237_ أخُوکَ فی اللّهِ مَنْ هَداکَ إلی رَشاد، ونَهاکَ عَنْ فَساد، وأعانَکَ إلی إصلاحِ معاد.

238. Your brother for the sake of Allah is one who guides you towards rectitude, forbids you from corruption and assists you to improve your Hereafter.

238_ أخُوکَ الصَّدیقُ مَنْ وَقاکَ بِنَفْسِهِ، وآثَرَکَ علی مالِهِ ووَلدِهِ، وَعِرْسِهِ.

239. Your true friend and brother is the one who protects you with his life, and prefers you over his wealth, his children and his spouse.

239_ قَلیلٌمِنَ الإخْوانِ مَنْ یُنْصِفُ.

240. It is only a few

p: 51

of the brothers who are fair.

240_ قَرینُ السُّوءِ شَ_رُّ قَرین وداءُ اللُّؤْمِ داءٌ دفینٌ.

241. An evil companion is the worst of companions; and the disease of ignobility is a concealed disease.

241_ قارِنْ أهلَ الخَیرِ تَکُنْ مِنْهُمْ، وبایِنْ أهْلَ الشَّ_رِّ تَبِنْ عَنْهُمْ.

242. Accompany the virtuous and you will become one of them; separate yourself from the evil people and you will be dissociated from them.

242_ قَدِّمِ الاختبارَ فِی اتِّخاذِ الإخوانِ، فإنَّ الاختِبارَ مِعیارٌ یَفْرُقُ بَیْنَ الأخیارِ والأشرارِ.

243. Be sure to investigate before taking anyone as your brother, for assessment is the gauge that distinguishes the virtuous from the wicked.

243_ مَنْ رَفِقَ بِمُصاحِبِهِ وافَقَهُ، ومَنْ أعنَفَ بِهِ أخْرَجَهُ وفارَقَهُ.

244. One who is courteous to his companion will gain his acceptance, and one who is harsh to him will drive him away and get separated from him.

244_ مَنْ لَمْ یَرْضَ مِنْ صَدیقِهِ إلاّ بِإیثارِهِ علی نَفْسِهِ دامَ سَخَطُهُ.

245. One who is not pleased with his friend except when he prefers him over himself, will always be resentful.

245_ مَنْ کانَتْ صُحْبَتُهُ فی اللّهِ کانَتْ صُحْبَتُهُ کَریمَةً ومَوَدَّتُهُ مُسْتَقیمَةً.

246. One whose companionship is for the sake of Allah, his companionship is honourable and his friendship is upright.

246_ مَنْ لَمْ تَکُنْ مَوَدَّتُهُ فِی اللّهِ فَاحْذَرْهُ، فَإنَّ مَوَّدَتَهُ لَئیمَةٌ وصُحْبَتَهُ مَشُومَةٌ.

247. Be careful of the one whose friendship is not for the sake of Allah, for his friendship is wicked and his company is doomed.

247_ مَنْ لَم یَصْحَبْکَ مُعیناً عَلی نَفْسِکَ فَصُحْبَتُهُ وَبالٌ عَلیْکَ إنْ عَلِمتَ.

248. One who does not assist you by [his] accompanying you, then

p: 52

his company is [actually] a burden on you, if [only] you knew.

248_ مَنْ لَمْ یَحْتَمِلْ زَلَلَ الصَّدیقِ ماتَ وحیداً.

249. One who does not overlook the mistakes of his friend will die lonely.

249_ مَنْ طَلَبَ صَدیقَ صِدْق وَفیّاً طَلَبَ ما لا یُوجَدُ.

250. One who seeks a truly loyal friend, seeks that which cannot be found.

250_ مَنْ دَنَتْ هِمَّتُهُ فلا تَصْحَبْهُ.

251. Do not accompany the one who lacks determination.

251_ مَنْ لَمْ تَنْفَعْکَ صَداقَتُهُ ضَرَّتْکَ عَداوَتُهُ.

252. One whose friendship does not benefit you, his enmity will harm you.

252_ مَنْ لَم یَنْصَحْکَ فی صَداقَتِِهِ فَلا تُعَذِّرْهُ.

253. Do not excuse one who is insincere in his friendship with you.

253_ مِنْ شَرائطِ الإیمانِ حُسْنُ مُصاحَبَةِ الإخوانِ.

254. One of the conditions of faith is [having] good companionship with one’s brothers.

254_ مِنْ عَدَمِ العَقلِ مُصاحَبَةُ ذَوی الجَهلِ.

255. Associating with the ignorant stems from lack of intelligence.

255_ لا تَتَّخِذَنَّ عَدُوَّ صَدیقِکَ صَدیقاً فَتُعادیَ صَدیقَکَ

256. Never take your friend’s enemy as your friend, thereby making an enemy out of your friend.

256_ لا عَیْشَ لِمَنْ فارَقَ أحِبَّ_تَهُ.

257. There is no life for one who is separated from those whom he loves.

257_ لا خَیْرَ فی صَدیق ضَنین(ظَنین).

258. There is no good in a stingy (or suspicious) friend.

258_ لا یَکُونُ الصَّدیقُ صَدیقاً حتّی یَحْفَظَ أخاهُ فی غَیْبَتِهِ ونَکْبَتهِ وَوَفاتِهِ.

259. A friend is not truly a friend unless he protects his brother in his absence, his misfortune and his death.

259_ لاتَقْطَعْ صَدیقاً وإنْ کَفَرَ.

260. Do not break off ties with a friend, even if he is ungrateful.

260_ لاتَثِقْ بالصَّدیقِ قَبْلَ الخُبْرَةِ.

261. Do not trust

p: 53

in a friend before testing him.

261_ لاتَعُدَّنََّّ صَدیقاً مَنْ لا یُواسی بِمالِهِ.

262. Do not count one who does not support [you] with his wealth as a friend.

262_ لاتَأمَنْ صَدیقَکَ حتّی تَخْتَبِرَهُ وکُنْ مِنْ عَدُوِّکَ علی أشَدِّ الحَذَرِ.

263. Do not rely on your friend until you have tested him, and be extremely cautious of your enemy.

263_ مَنْ أحسنَ مُصاحَبَةَ الإخْوانِ اسْتدامَ مِنْهُمُ الوُصْلَةَ.

264. One who keeps good ties [and company] with his brothers makes their bond [with him] last longer.

264_ مَنْ بَصَّ_َرکَ عَیْبَکَ وحَفِظَکَ فی غَیْبِکَ فَهُوَ الصَّدیقُ فَاحفَظْهُ.

265. One who points out your faults to you and defends you in your absence, then he is your true friend, so protect him.

265_ مَنْ لا صَدیقَ لَهُ لا ذُخْرَ لَهُ.

266. One who has no friend has no provision.

266_ مَنْ دَعاکَ إلی الدَّارِ الباقِیَةِ وأعانَکَ علَی العَمَلِ لَها فَهُوَ الصَّدیقُ الشَّفیقُ.

267. One who calls you towards the Eternal Abode and assists you to work for it, then he is indeed a caring friend.

267_ مِنْ سُوءِ الاختیارِ صُحْبَةُ الأشْرارِ.

268. One of the bad choices [that a person can make] is accompanying the wicked.

268_ ما تَأکَّدَتِ الحُرْمَةُ بِمِثلِ المُصاحَبَةِ والمُجاوَرَةِ.

269. Nothing establishes the boundaries of respect like companionship and neighbourhood.

Good Etiquette

Good Etiquette الأدب

1. Good etiquette is one of the two distinguishing merits.

1_ اَلأدَبُ أحَدُ الْحَسَبَیْنِ.

2. Good etiquette in a person is like a tree whose roots are the intellect.

2_ اَلأدبُ فی الإنْسانِ کَشَجَرَة أصْلُها العَقلُ.

3. The noblest of personal merits is good etiquette.

3_ أشرفُ حَسَب حُسْنُ الأدبِ.

4. The best etiquette is preserving one’s magnanimity.


p: 54

أفْضلُ الأدبِ حِفْظُ المُرُوءَةِ.

5. The best etiquette is that [in] which you start with yourself.

5_ أفضلُ الأدبِ ما بَدَأْتَ بِهِ نَفْسَکَ.

6. The best etiquette is for a person to stay within his limits and not go beyond his rank.

6_ أفضلُ الأدبِ أنْ یَقِفَ الإنسانُ عِندَ حَدِّهِ ولایَتَعدَّی قَدْرَهُ.

7. The best of etiquettes is that which stops you from what is forbidden.

7_ أحسنُ الآدابِ ما کَفَّکَ عَنِ المَحارِمِ.

8. The noblest merit is good etiquette.

8_ أکرَمُ حَسَب حُسْنُ الأدبِ.

9. The people of intellect are in need of good etiquette just as the plants thirst for rain.

9_ إنَّ بِذَوی العُقُولِ مِنَ الحاجَةِ إلی الأدبِ، کَما یَظْمَأُ الزَّرْعُ إلَی المَطَرِ.

10. People are more in need of good etiquette than of silver and gold.

10_ إنَّ النَّاس إلی صالحِ الأدبِ أحْوَجُ مِنْهُمْ إلی الفِضَّةِ والذَّهبِ.

11. Good etiquette is the best merit.

11_ الأدبُ أفْضَلُ حَسَب.

12. Etiquettes are renewed vestments.

12_ الآدابُ حُلَلٌ مُجَدَّدَةٌ.

13. Good etiquette is the best trait.

13_ الأدبُ أحسنُ سَجِیَّة.

14. Etiquette is a reflection of the intellect.

14_ الأدبُ صُورَةُ العَقلِ.

15. Good etiquette is the perfection of man.

15_ الأدبُ کَمالُ الرَّجُلِ.

16. You are gauged by your etiquette so beautify it with forbearance.

16_ إنَّکَ مُقَوَّمٌ بأدَبِکَ، فَزَیِّنْهُ بالحِلمِ.

17. Indeed you are more in need of acquiring good etiquette than you are of acquiring silver and gold.

17_ إنّکُمْ إلی اکْتِسابِ الأدَبِ أحوَجُ مِنْکُم إلَی اکْتِسابِ الفِضَّةِ وَالذَّهبِ.

18. Through good etiquette brainpower is sharpened.

18_ بِالأدبِ تُشْحَذُ الفِطَنُ.

19. The worst attribute is bad etiquette.

19_ بِئسَ النَّسَبُ سُوءُ الأدَبِ.

20. The fruit of good etiquette is good character.

20_ ثَمَرةُ الأدبِ حُسْنُ الخُلْقِ.

21. Good

p: 55

etiquette covers up bad lineage.

21_ حُسْنُ الأدَبِ یَستُرُ قُبْحَ النَّسَبِ.

22. Good etiquette is the best supporter and finest companion.

22_ حُسنُ الأدبِ خَیْرُ مُوارز وأفضلُ قَرین.

23. Good etiquette is the best attribute and noblest means.

23_ حُسنُ الأدبِ أفْضلُ نَسَب وأشرَفُ سَبب.

24. The value of good etiquette is nobler than the value of lineage.

24_ حَسَبُ الأدبِ أشرَفُ مِنْ حَسَبِ النَّسَبِ.

25. The best thing that parents can bequeath to their children is good etiquette.

25_ خَیْرُ ما وَرَّثَ الآباءُ الأبناءَ الأدبُ.

26. The means of purifying [one’s] character is good etiquette.

26_ سَبَبُ تَزْکِیَةِ الأخلاقِ حُسْنُ الأدَبِ.

27. The seeker of good etiquette is wiser than the seeker of gold.

27_ طالبُ الأدَبِ أحزَمُ مِنْ طالِبِ الذَّهبِ.

28. Seeking [good] etiquette is the embellishment of [one’s] honourable lineage.

28_ طَلَبُ الأدَبِ جَمالُ الحَسَبِ.

29. Adopt good etiquette for it is the embellishment of honourable lineage.

29_ علَیکَ بِالأدبِ فإنَّهُ زَیْنُ الحَسَبِ.

30. A little good etiquette is better than many noble ancestors.

30_ قلیلُ الأدَبِ خیْرٌ مِن کَثیرِ النَّسَبِ.

31. Everything requires intellect and intellect requires etiquette.

31_ کُلُّ شَیْء یَحْتاجُ إلیَ العَقْلِ، والعَقلُ یَحتاجُ إلیَ الأدبِ.

32. Every distinction is limited except intelligence and good etiquette.

32_ کُلُّ الحَسَبِمُتَناه إلاّ العَقْلَ والأدَبَ.

33. In order to discipline yourself, it is enough that you keep away from [doing] that which you hate from others.

33_ کَفاکَ مُؤدِّباً لِنَفْسِکَ تَجَنُّبُ ما کَرِهْتَهُ مِنْ غَیْرِکَ.

34. Good etiquette will not be effective until it is accompanied with intellect.

34_ لَنْ یَنْجََعَ الأدَبُ حَتّی یُقارِنَهُ العَقْلُ.

35. One whose etiquette decreases, his vices increase.

35_ مَنْ قَلَّ أدَبُهُ کَثُرَتْ مَساوِیهِ.

36. One who is abased because of his

p: 56

poor etiquette will not be elevated by his noble lineage.

36_ مَنْ وَضَعَهُ دَناءَةُ أدَبِهِ لَمْ یَرْفَعْهُ شَرَفُ حَسَبِهِ.

37. One whose etiquette is bad, his honourable lineage gets tarnished.

37_ مَنْ ساءَ أدَبُهُ شانَ حَسَبَهُ.

38. One who is lowered by his lineage is elevated by his good etiquette.

38_ مَنْ قَعَدَ بِه حَسَبُهُ نَهَضَ بِهِ أدَبُهُ.

39. One who is held back by his lack of etiquette will not be pushed forward by the weight of his honourable lineage.

39_ مَنْ أخَّرَهُ عَدَمُ أدَبِهِ لَمْ یُقَدِّمْهُ کَثافَةُ حَسَبِهِ.

40. Whoever is keen about [acquiring] good etiquette, his vices will decrease.

40_ مَنْ کَلَفَ بِالأدَبِ قَلَّتْ مَساوِیهِ.

41. One who is infatuated with [good] etiquette has adorned himself.

41_ مَنِاسْتُهْتِرَ بالأدَبِ فَقَدْزانَ نَفْسَهُ.

42. One whose etiquette augments his intellect is like a [lone] shepherd among many sheep.

42_ مَنْ زادَ أدَبُهُ علی عَقْلِهِ کانَ کالرَّاعی بَیْنَ غَنَم کَثیرَة.

43. One whose etiquette is not his best quality, his simplest condition will be his destruction.

43_ مَنْ لَمْ یَکُنْ أفْضلَ خِلالِهِ أدبُهُ کانَ أهْوَنَ أحوالِهِ عَطَبُهُ.

44. One who is not reformed by the discipline of Allah cannot become reformed through self-discipline.

44_ مَنْ لَمْ یَصْلُحْ علی أدَبِ اللّهِ لَمْ یَصْلُحْ علی أدَبِ نَفْسِهِ.

45. The best companion of the intellect is etiquette.

45_ نِعمَ قَرینُ العقلِ الأدَبُ.

46. The best attribute is good etiquette.

46_ نِعْمَ النَسَّبُ حُسْنُ الأدَبِ.

47. There is no merit like good etiquette.

47_ لاحَسَبَ کالأدبِ.

48. There is no adornment like good etiquette.

48_ لازینَةَ کالآدابِ.

49. There is no heritage like etiquette.

49_ لامیراثَ کالأدَبِ.

50. There is no vestment like good etiquette.

50_ لاحُلَلَ کالآدابِ.

51. There is no honour with

p: 57

bad etiquette.

51_ لاشرَفَ مَعَ سُوءِ أدَب.

52. One who has a dirty tongue has no etiquette.

52_ لاأدبَ لِسَیّی النُّطْقِ.

53. There is no rank higher than good etiquette.

53_ لاحَسَبَ أرفَعُ مِنَ الأدبِ.

54. He who has no etiquette has no intelligence.

54_ لاعَقْلَ لِمَنْ لا أدَبَ لَهُ.

55. He who lacks good etiquette and inclines towards idle play does not become a leader.

55_ لایُرَأَّسُ مَنْ خَلا عَنِ الأدَبِ وصَبا إلی اللَّعَبِ.

56. There are three things which one always needs to seek more of: Good etiquette, avoidance of suspicion, and abstinence from all that is forbidden.

56_ ثلاثٌ لَیْسَ عَلَیْهِنَّ مُسْتَزادٌ حُسْنُ الأدَبِ ومُجانَبَةُ الرَّیبِ، والکَفُّ عَنْ المَحارِمِ.

Harm And Preventing Harm

Harm and Preventing Harm الأذی وکف الأذی

    1. Harm breeds hatred.

1_ اَلأذی یَجْلِبُ القِلی.

    2. One who prevents himself from harming [others] will not be opposed [or hated] by anyone.

2_ مَنْ کَفَّ أذاهُ لَمْ یُعانِدْهُ أحدٌ.

    3. Preventing yourself from harming [others] reforms the hearts of your enemies towards you.

3_ مَنْعُ أذاکَ یُصلِحُ لَکَ قُلُوبُ عِداکَ.


Eating الأکل

1. Eating less is from self-restraint and overeating is from indulgence.

1_ قِلَّةُ الأکلِ مِنَ العَفافِ، وکَثْرَتُهُ مِنَ الإسْرافِ.

2. Eating less prevents many maladies of the body.

2_ قِلَّةُ الأکْلِ یَمْنَعُ کَثیراً مِنْ أعلالِ الجِسمِ.

3. How often has [the eating of] one food prevented [the eating of] other foods.

3_ کَمْ مِنْ أکْلَة مَنَعَتْ أکَلات.

4. Overeating is from gluttony, and gluttony is the worst flaw.

4_ کَثرَةُ الأکلِ مِنَ الشَّ_رَهِ، والشَّ_رَهُ شَ_رُّ العُیوبِ.

5. Overeating and oversleeping corrupt the soul and bring about impairment.

5_ کَثرَةُ الأکلِ والنَّوْمِ تُفْسِدانِ النَّفْسَ وتَجْلُبانِ المَضَرَّةَ.

6. Overeating causes bad [body]

p: 58


6_ کَثرَةُ الأکلِ تُذَفِّرُ (تُدْفِرُ).

7. Be like the bee when it eats it eats what is good and when it secretes it secretes what is good, and when it sits on a twig it does not break it.

7_ کُنْ کالنَّحْلَةِ إذا أکَلَتْ أکَلَتْ طَیِّباً، وإذا وَضَعَتْ وَضَعتْ طَیِّباً، وإذا وَقَعَتْ علی عُود لَمْ تُکَسِّرْهُ.

8. Whoever eats less, his thoughts become pure.

8_ مَنْ قَلَّ أکلُهُ صَفی فِکْرُهُ.

9. One who restricts his eating, his health improves and his thoughts become righteous.

9_ مَنِ اقْتَصَرَ فی أکْلِهِ کَثُرَتْ صِحَّتُهُ، وصَلُحَتْ فِکْرَتُهُ.

10. One whose efforts are [solely] for [acquiring] that which enters his stomach, his value is [equal to] that which comes out from it.

10_ مَنْ کانَتْ هِمَّتُهُ ما یَدْخُلُ بَطْنَهُ کانَتْ قیمَتُهُ ما یَخْرُجُ مِنْهُ.

11. One who eats excessively, his health deteriorates and his expenses become heavy for him to bear.

11_ مَن کَثُرَ أکْلُهُ قَلَّتْ صِحَّتُهُ، وثَقُلَتْ علی نَفْسهِ مَؤُنتُهُ.

Allah And His Attributes

Allah and His Attributes اللّه وصفاته

1. The knowledge of Allah, the Glorified, tore through the veils of the unseen and encompassed the darkness of inner-beliefs.

1_ خَرَقَ عِلْمُ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ باطِنَ غَیْبِ السُّتََراتِ، وأحاطَ بِغُمُوضِ عَقائدِ السَّریراتِ.

2. Everyone who is called ‘one’ other than Allah, the Glorified, is little; and every honoured one other than Him is inferior; and every strong one other than Him is weak; and every master other than Him is a slave; and every knower other than Him is a learner; and every capable one other than Him is sometimes able and other times unable.

2_ کُلُّ مُسَمًّی بِالوَحْدَةِ غَیرُ اللّهِ

p: 59

سُبْحانَهُ قَلیلٌ، وکُلُّ عزیز غَیرُهُ ذَلیلٌ، وَکُلُّ قَویّ غَیرُهُ ضعیفٌ، وَکُلُّ مالِک غَیرُهُ مَمْلُوکٌ، وکُلُّ عالِم غَیرُهُ مُتَعَلِّمٌ، وَکُلُّ قادِر غیرُهُ یَقْدِرُ ویَعْجِزُ.

3. Every hidden thing is apparent for Allah, exalted are His bounties.

3_ کُلُّ باطِن عندَ اللّه جَلّتْ آلاؤُهُ ظاهرٌ.

4. Every secret is manifest for Allah.

4_ کُلُّ سِرّ عندَ اللّهِ عَلانِیَةٌ.

5. Whoever contemplates about the essence of Allah, apostatizes.

5_ مَنْ تَفَکَّرَ فی ذاتِ اللّهِ اَلْحَدَ(تَزَنْدَقَ)

6. Allah, the Glorified, does not misguide anyone and Allah is not unjust to the servants.

6_ ماکانَ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ لِیُضِلَّ أحَداً ولَیسَ اللّهُ بِظلاّّم لِلْعَبیدِ.

7. How great is the clemency of Allah, the Glorified, upon the recalcitrant, and how great is His forgiveness to the extravagant servants.

7_ ما أعظَمَ حِلْمَ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ عَنْ أهْلِ العِنادِ، وما أکْثَرَ عَفْوَهُ عَنْ مُسرِفی العِبادِ.

8. Allah, how great is that which we see of your creation, yet how small its greatness is next to what is hidden from us of your might!

8_ ما أعْظَمَ ألّلهُمَّ ما نَری مِنْ خَلْقِکَ، وما أصغَرَ عَظیمَهُ فی جَنْبِ ما غابَ عنَّا مِنْ قُدْرَتِکَ.

9. Allah! How awesome is that which we witness of Your kingdom, yet how negligible is that compared to what is hidden from us of Your grand sovereignty!

9_ ما أهْولَ ألّلهُمَّ ما نُشاهِدُهُ مِنْ مَلَکُوتِکَ، وما أحقَرَ ذلِکَ فیما غابَ عنَّا مِنْ عظیمِ سُلْطانِکَ.

10. He is Allah, the One for whom all signs of existence stand witness over the denying heart.

10_ هُوَ اللّهُ الَّذی تَشْهَدُ لَهُ أعْلامُ الوُجودِ علی قَلْبِ ذی الجُحُودِ.

11. Allah, Great is His Majesty, is not perceived by

p: 60

the eyes through the sense of sight, rather He is perceived by the hearts though the realities of faith.

11_ لا تُدْرِکُ اللّهُ جلَّ جَلالُهُ العُیُونُ بِمُشاهَدَةِ الأعیانِ، لکن تُدْرِکُهُ القُلُوبُ بِحَقائقِ الإیمانِ.

12. How can one whose guarantor is Allah, lose?

12_ کَیفَ یَضیعُ مَنِ اللّهُ کافِلُهُ؟!

13. Allah, the Glorified, has not created anything in vain so that He may be entertained.

13_ ما خلَقَ اللّهُ سُبحانَهُ أمْراً عَبَثاً فَیَلْهُوَ.

14. Allah, the Glorified, does not abandon anything to futility thereby rendering it void.

14_ ما ترَکَ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ أمْراً سُدیً فَیَلْغُوَ.

15. The knowledge of Allah, the Glorified, encompasses the concealed interiors and records the apparent exteriors.

15_ قَدْ أحاطَ عِلْمُ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ بِالبَواطِنِ، وأحصیَ الظَّواهِرَ.

16. Allah, the Glorified, has recorded your traces, known your actions and ordained your death.

16_ قَدْ سَمَّی اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ آثارَکُمْ، وعَلِمَ أعْمالَکُمْ، وکَتَبَ آجالَکُمْ.

17. Allah, the Glorified, did not create the creation on account of loneliness, nor did He command them [to obey Him] in order to gain anything.

17_ لَمْ یَخْلُقِ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ الخَلْقَ لِوَحْشَة ولَمْ یَسْتَعْمِلْهُمْ لِمَنْفَعة.

18. Allah, the Glorified, has not created you in vain, and has not abandoned you to wander aimlessly, and He has not left you alone in misguidance and blindness.

18_ لَمْ یَخْلُقْکُم اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ عَبَثاً، ولَمْ یَتْرُکْکُمْ سُدیً، ولَمْ یَدَعْکُمْ فی ضلالَة ولا عمی.

19. How amazing the human being is! He sees through [a layer of] fat(1), speaks with a piece of flesh, hears with a bone and breathes through a hole.

19_ إعْجِبُوا لِهذا الإنسانِ یَنْظُرُ بِشَحْم ویَتَکَلَّمُ بِلَحم ویَسْمَعُ بِعَظْم وَیَتَنَفَّسُ مِنْ خَرْم.

20. About

p: 61

1- Referring to fatty tissue that makes up part of the eye.

the unity of Allah, the Exalted, he said: The depths of understanding cannot perceive Him and the heights of [intellectual] endeavors cannot reach Him.

20_ وَقالَ فی توحیدِاللّهِ تعالی: غَوْصُ الفِتَنِ لایُدْرِکُهُ وبُعدُ الهِمَمِ لا یَبْلُغُهُ.

21. Faces bow down in front of the greatness of Allah, hearts tremble out of fear of Him and souls are sacrificed for His pleasure.

21_ تَعْنُوا الوُجُوهُ لِعَظَمَةِ اللّهِ، وتَجِلُّ القُلُوبُ مِنْ مَخافَتِهِ، وتَتَهالَکُ النُفُوسُ علی مَراضیهِ.

22. Belief in the oneness of Allah enlivens the soul.

22_ اَلتَّوحیدُ حَیوةُ النَّفْسِ.

23. Belief that Allah is one means that you should not [try to] imagine [Him].

23_ اَلتَّوحیدُ أنْ لا تَتَوَهَّمَ.

24. Whoever believes in one God is saved.

24_ قَدْنَجا مَنْ وَحَّدَ (وَجَدَ، وُحِدَ).

25. He (‘a) said about the oneness of Allah: He is near everything but not attached, far from everything but not separate.

25_ وقال _ علیه السلام _ فی توحیدِ اللّهِ: قَریبٌ مِنَ الأشیاءِ غَیرُ مُلابِس، بعیدٌ مِنْها غَیْرُ مُبایِن.

26. He (‘a) said about the oneness of Allah, the Glorified: He is neither inside things nor outside them.

26_ وقال _ علیه السلام _ فی توحیدِ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ: لَیسَ فی الأشیاءِ بِوالِج ولا عَنْها بِخارج.

27. If your Lord had a partner, then his prophets would [also] have come to you.

27_ لَو کانَ لِرَبِّکَ شَریکٌ لأتَتْکَ رُسُلُهُ.

28. One who believes in the oneness of Allah, the Glorified, does not compare Him to the creation.

28_ مَنْ وَحَّدَ اللّهَ سُبْحانَهُ لَمْ یُشَبِّهْهُ بِالخَلْقِ.

29. He, the Glorified, was not perceived by the intellects and thus described, rather, He, the Exalted, described himself before the

p: 62

describers [attempted to describe Him].

29_ لَمْ تَرَهُ سُبْحانَهُ العُقُولُ فَتُخْبِرَ عَنْهُ، بَلْ کانَ تعالی قَبلَ الواصِفینَ بِهِ لَهُ.

30. Allah, the Glorified, did not give the intellect knowledge about the limits of His qualities, yet He did not prevent it from gaining the necessary understanding of Him.

30_ لَمْ یُطْلِعِ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ العُقُولَ عَلی تَحدیدِ صِفَتِهِ، وَلَمْ یَحْجُبْها عَنْ واجِبِ مَعرِفَتِهِ.

31. He, the Glorified, can neither be confined in the intellect, thereby changing through the process of thought [or imagination], nor in the shackles of the mind, thereby becoming limited and the object of alteration.

31_ لَمْ یَتَناهَ سُبْحانَهُ فی العُقُولِ فَیَکُونَ فی مَهَبِّ فِکْرِها مُکَیَّفاً ولافی رَوِیَّاتِ خَواطِرِها مُحَدَّداً مُصَرَّفاً.

32. Allah has not settled in anything so that it be said He exists therein, nor is He separated from anything so that it is said He is detached from it.

32_ لَمْ یَحْلُلِ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ فی الأشیاءِ فَیکُونَ (فَیُقالَ هُوَ فیها کائِنٌ) فیها کائناً ولَمْ یَنْأ عَنْها فَیُقالَ هُوَ عَنْها بائنٌ.

33. Whoever seeks permission from Allah, He grants it [to him].

33_ مَنِ اسْتَأذَنَ علَی اللّهِ أذِنَ لَهُ.


Matters الأُمور

1. Matters come to pass by divine decree, not by [the] planning [of human beings].

1_ اَلاُُمُورُ بالتَّقدیرِ لابِالتَّدبیرِ.

2. Deduce that which has not happened from that which has transpired, for matters are similar.

2_ اِستَدِلَّ علی ما لَمْ یَکنْ بِما کانَ فإنَّ الاُمُورَ أشباهٌ.

3. The most successful matters are those that have been shrouded in secrecy.

3_ أنجَحُ الأُمُورِما أحاطَ بِهِ الکِتْمانُ.

4. Indeed when matters are similar, the latter is judged by the former.

4_ إنَّ الأُمورَ

p: 63

إذا تَشابَهَتْ اُعْتُبِرَ آخِرُها بِأوَّلِها.

5. Matters are [perfected] through experience [and trial].

5_ الأُمُورُ بِالتَّجرِبَةِ.

6. Matters are similar [to one another].

6_ الأُمُورُ أشباهٌ.

7. Matters are subservient to destiny until death (or injustice) enters the plan.

7_ تَذِلُّ الأُمُورُ لِلْمَقادیرِ حتّی یَکُونََ الحَتْفُ (الحِیْفُ) فی التَّدبیرِِ.

8. Seek in your work the course by which your excuse may be credible, your evidence may be established and your integrity may be restored.

8_ تَحَرَّ مِنْ أمْرِکَ مایَقُومُ بِهِ عُذرُکَ، وتَثْبُتُ بِِهِ حُجَّتُکَ ویَفیءُ إلَیْکَ بِرُشْدِکَ.

9. The best matters are those which give rise to certitude.

9_ خَیْرُ الأُمُورِ ما أسْفَرَ عنِ الیَقینِ.

10. The best matters are those which lead to deliverance [from hellfire].

10_ خَیْرُ الأُمُورِ ما أدّی إلَی الخَلاصِ.

11. The best matters are those which are free from cupidity.

11_ خَیْرُ الأُمُورِ ما عَری عَنِ الطَّمَعِ.

12. The best matters are those that reveal the truth.

12_ خَیْرُ الأُمُورِ ما أسْفَرَ عَنِ الحقِّ.

13. The best matters are those that are easy to initiate, end well and give praiseworthy results.

13_ خَیرُ الأُمُورِ ما سَهُلَتْ مَبادیهِ، وحَسُنَتْ خَواتِمُهُ وحُمِدَتْ عَواقِبُهُ.

14. The best matters are those that give the quickest benefit and the most praiseworthy results.

14_ خَیْرُ الأُمُورِ أعْجَلُها عائدَةً، وأحْمَدُها عاقبَةً.

15. Take of your matter that which makes your excuse credible and establishes your proof.

15_ خُذْ مِنْ أمْرِکَ ما یَقُومُ بِهِ عُذْرُکَ، وتَثْبُتُ بِهِ حُجَتُک.

16. Sometimes matters look grim (or inescapable).

16_ رُبَّما تَجَهَّمَتِ(تَحَتَّمَتِ) الأُمورُ.

17. The worst matters are those that are the most dubious.

17_ شَ_رُّ الأُمورِ أکثَرُها شَکاًّ.

18. Blessed is he who is not unaware of the similarity between matters.

18_ طُوبی لِمَنْ

p: 64

لَمْ تَغُمَّ عَلَیْهِ مُشْتَبَهاتُ الأُمورِ.

19. Sometimes matters become prevalent (or obscure).

19_ قَدْ تَعُمُّ(تُغَمُّ) الأُمورُ.

20. One who suffers the severity of matters is destroyed.

20_ مَنْ کابَدَ الأُمورَ هَلَکَ.

21. One who suffers the severity of matters, perishes.

21_ مَنْ کابَدَ الأُمُورَ عَطِبَ.

22. One who neglects his [own] affairs is negligent in all matters.

22_ مَنْ ضَیَّعَ أمْرَهُ ضَیَّعَ کُلَّ أمْر.

23. The gauge of [successful] matters is [in] their good endings.

23_ مِلاکُ الأُمورِ حُسنُ الخَواتِمِ.

24. One who does not safeguard his affairs is destroyed.

24_ هَلَکَ مَنْ لَمْ یُحرِزْ أمْرَهُ.

25. Do not embark on any matter until you have knowledge of it.

25_ لاتُقْدِمَنَّ علی أمْر حتّی تُخْبِرَهُ.

26. Make [matters] easy and not arduous; make [them] light and not strenuous.

26_ یَسِّرُُوا وَلا تُعَسِّرُوا، وخَفِّفُوا ولا تُثَقِّلُوا.

27. Every matter has an outcome.

27_ لِکُلِّ أمْر مَ آلٌ.

28. What has not [yet] happened can be deduced from what has transpired.

28_ یُسْتَدَلُّ عَلی مالَمْ یَکُنْ بِما قَد کانَ.

29. Let the most beloved matters to you be the most universal in justice and the most equitable with [regards to the] rights [of others].

29_ لِیَکُنْ أحَبُّ الأُمورِ إلَیکَ أعَمَّها فی العَدْلِ وأقسَطَها بِالحقِّ.

30. Be wary of every matter that degrades the one who performs it when it becomes apparent, and abases him.

30_ إحذَرْ کُلَّ أمْر إذا ظَهَرَ، أزری بفاعِلِهِ وحَقَّرَهُ.

31. Be wary of every matter that ruins the Hereafter and improves the worldly life.

31_ إحذَرْ کُلَّ أمْر یُفْسِدُ الآجِلَةَ، ویُصْلِحُ الدَّانیةَ.

Enjoining Good And Forbidding Evil

Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil الأمرُ بالمعروف والنهی عن المنکر

1. Enjoining good and forbidding evil are the best actions of the

p: 65


1_ اَلأمرُ بِالمَعْرُوفِ أفْضلُ أعْمالِ الخَلقِ.

2. Enjoin good and you will be among the virtuous. Forbid evil with your hand and tongue, and make an effort to disassociate yourself from the one who commits it.

2_ اُومُرْ بِالمَعْروفِ تَکُنْ مِنْ أهْلِهِ، وأنْکِرِ المُنْکَرَ بِیَدِکَ ولِسانِکَ، وبایِنْ مِنْ فِعْلِهِ بِجَهْدِکَ.

3. Submit yourselves to good and enjoin it; keep away from evil and forbid it.

3_ إئتَمِرُوا بِالمَعرُوفِ، وَأْمُرُوا بهِ، وتَناهَوا عَنِ المُنکَرِ وانْهَوا عنهُ.

4. Verily enjoining good and forbidding evil neither brings death near nor decreases sustenance, rather it multiplies reward and magnifies recompense; and a just word in the presence of an oppressive ruler is [even] better than this.

4_ إنَّ الأمْرَ بالمَعروفِ والنَّهیَ عنِ المُنْکَرِ لا یُقَرِّبانِ مِنْ أجَل، وَلا یَنْقُصانِ مِنْ رِزق، لکنْ یُضاعِفانِ الثَّوابَ ویُعْظِمانِ الأجْرَ، وأفْضَلُ مِنْهُما کَلِمَةُ عَدْل عِندَ إمام جائر.

5. Whoever observes excesses being committed and people being called towards evil, and disapproves of it with his heart, is safe and free [from responsibility for it], and whoever disapproves of it with his tongue will be rewarded for it, and he is in a higher position than the former. But whoever disapproves of it with his sword in order that the proof of Allah may remain superior and the word of the oppressors may remain inferior, has found the path of guidance and stands on the right way while his heart is illuminated with conviction.

5_ إنَّ مَنْ رَأی عُدْواناً یُعمَلُ بهِ، ومُنْکَراً یُدعی إلَیهِ، فَأنْکَرَهُ بِقَلْبِهِ فَقَدْ سَلِمَ وبَرِئَ، ومَنْ أنْکَرَهُ بِلِسانِهِ فَقَد اُجِرَ، وهُوَ أفْضَلُ مِنْ

p: 66

صاحِبِهِ، وَمَنْ أنْکَرَهُ بِسَیفِهِ لِتَکُونَ حُجَّةُ اللّهِ العُلْیا، وکَلِمَةُ الظَّالِمینَ السُّفلی، فَذلکَ الَّذی أصابَ سَبیلَ الهُدی، وَقامَ عَلَی الطَّریْقِ، ونَوَّرَ فی قَلْبِهِ الیَقینُ.

6. If one of you sees an evil being committed and is unable to forbid it with his hand or tongue and forbids it with his heart, while Allah knows the truth of his intention, then [it is as if] he has forbidden it.

6_ إذا رَأی أحَدُکُمْ المُنْکَرَ، وَلَمْ یَسْتَطِعْ أنْ یُنْکِرَهُ بِیَدِهِ ولِسانِهِ، وأنْکَرَهُ بِقَلْبِهِ، وعَلِمَ اللّهُ صِدقَ ذلِک مِنْهُ فَقَد أنکَرَهُ.

7. When [showing] respect is of no benefit then humiliation is firmer; when the whip is not successful then the sword is sharper.

7_ إذا لَمْ تَنْفَعِ الکَرامَةُ فَالإهانَةُ أحْزَمُ، وَإذا لَمْ یَنجَحِ السَّوْطُ فَالسَّیفُ أحْسَمُ.

8. He (‘a) said regarding those who enjoin good and forbid evil: From among them there is one who disapproves of evil with his hand, tongue and heart. He is the one who has perfectly attained [all the] virtuous qualities. And among them there is one who disapproves of evil with his tongue and heart but not with his hand. He is the one who has attained only two virtuous qualities but lacks one. And among them there is the third one who disapproves of evil with his heart but not with his tongue and hand. He is the one who lacks the two better qualities out of three and possesses only one. Then, among them there is he who does not disapprove of evil with his tongue, heart or hand. He

p: 67

is just [like] a dead man among the living. All the virtuous deeds, including fighting in the way of Allah, when compared to the act of enjoining good and forbidding evil, are just like drops in the ocean. Enjoining good and forbidding evil does not bring death nearer, nor does it decrease sustenance. And better than all this is a just word in the presence of a tyrannical ruler.

8 _ وقال _ علیه السّلام _ فی ذِکْرِ الآمرینَ بالمَعْرُوفِ والناهینَ عَنِ المُنکَرِ: فَمِنْهُمُ المُنْکِرُ لِلْمُنْکَرِ بِیَدِهِ ولِسانِهِ وقَلْبِِهِ، فَذلِکَ المُستَکْمِلُ لِخِصالِ الخَیْرِ، ومِنْهُمْ المُنکِرُ بِلسانِهِ وقَلْبِهِ، والتَّارِکُ بِیَدِهِ، فذلِکَ المُتَمَسِّکُ بِخَصلَتَینِ مِنْ خِصالِ الخَیْرِ ومُضَیِّعُ خَصلَة، ومِنْهمْ المُنکِرُ بِقَلبِهِ والتَّارِکُ بِلِسانِهِ ویَدِهِ، فذلِکَ مُضَیِّعٌ أشْ_َرفَ الخَصلَتَیْ_نِ مِنَ الثَّلاثِ ومُتَمَسِّکٌ بواحِدَة، ومِنْهُمْ تارِکٌ لإنکارِ المُنْکَرِ بِقَلْبِهِ ولِسانِِهِ وَیدِهِ فذلِکَ مَیِّتُ الأحیاءِ وَما أعْمالُ البِرِّ کُلِّها والجهادُ فی سَبیلِ اللّهِ عِنْدَ الأمرِ بالمعْروفِ والنَّهیِ عَنِ المُنکَرِ إلاّ کنَفْثَة فی بحْر لُجّیّ، وانَّ الأمرَ بِالمَعروفِ والنَّهیِ عَنِ المُنْکَرِ لا یُقَرِّبانِ مِنْ أجل، ولایَنقُصانِ مِنْ ِرزْق وأفْضلُ مِنْ ذلک کُلِّهِ کَلِمَةُ عَدْل عِنْدَ إمام جائر.

9. Enjoining good [was prescribed] as a reformation for the common people, and forbidding evil as a restriction for the insolent.

9_ والأمرَ بِالمَعرُوفِ مَصْلَحةً لِلْعَوامِّ، والنَّهیَ عَنِ المُنْکَرِ رَدْعاً لِلسُّفَهاءِ.

10. Be one who invites towards good, dissuades from evil, builds ties with those who cut him off and gives to those who deprive him.

10_ کُنْ بِالمعرُوفِ آمِراً، وعَنِ المُنْکَرِ ناهِیاً، ولِمَنْ قَطَعَکَ واصِلاً، وَلِمَنْ حَرَمَکَ مُعطِیاً.

11. Be one who invites towards good, dissuades from evil, acts with virtue and prevents

p: 68


11 _ کُنْ بِالمَعْرُوفِ آمِراً، وعَنِ المُنکَرِ ناهِیاً، وبِالخَیْرِ عامِلاً، وللْشَّ_رِّ مانِعاً.

12. Be one who invites towards good while acting upon it, and don’t be one who enjoins it while being distant from it [himself], thereby committing a sin and earning the displeasure of his Lord.

12_ کُنْ آمِراً بالمَعْروفِ عاملاً بهِ، ولا تَکُنْ مِمَّنْ یَأمُرُ بِِهِ ویَنْأی عَنْهُ فَیَبُوءُ بإثمهِ، ویَتَعَرَّضُ مَقَتَ رَبِّهِ.

13. You will never be guided to good until you stray from evil.

13_ لَنْ تَهتَدِیَ إلَی المَعْرُوفِ حَتّی تَضِلَّ عَنِ المُنْکَرِ.

14. One who enjoins good strengthens the backs of the believers.

14_ مَنْ عَمِلَ (أمَرَ) بِالمَعرُوفِ شَدَّ ظُهُورَ المُؤمِنینَ.

15. One who forbids evil rubs the noses of the evildoers to the ground.

15_ مَنْ نهَی عَنِ المُنْکَرِ أرْغَمَ اُنُوفَ الفاسِقینَ.

16. It is disgraceful for a man to dissuade the people from evil actions and forbid them from vices and sins, and then perform the same deeds when he is alone and not refrain from them.

16_ یَقْبَحُ عَلَ_یالرَّجُلِ أنْ یُنْکِرَ عَلَی النَّاسِ مُنکَرات ویَنهاهُمْ عَنْ رَذائِلَ وسَیِّئات، وإذا خَلا بِنَفْسِِهِ إرتَکَبَها ولا یَسْتَنْکِفُ مِنْ فِعْلِها.

17. Allah, the Glorified, has not commanded you to do anything but [that which is] good and has not forbidden you from anything but evil.

17_ لَمْ یَأمُرْکُمُ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ إلاّ بِحَسَن، وَلَمْ یَنْهَکُمْ إلاّ عَنْ قَبیح.

18. Allah, the Glorified, does not command anything except that He assists [the people] towards it.

18_ ما أمَرَ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ بشَیْء إلاّ وأعانَ علَیهِ.

19. Allah, the Glorified, does not forbid anything but that He has makes [the people] needless of it.

19_ ما

p: 69

َنهَی اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ عَنْ شَیْء إلاّ وأغنی عنهُ.

20. Verily I deem myself higher than that I should forbid people from that which I do not forbid myself, or enjoin them towards that which I have not preceded them in performing, or that I should be pleased with their actions which my Lord is not pleased with.

20_ إنّی لأرفَعُ نَفْسی أنْ أنْهَی النَّاسَ عَمّا لَستُ أنْتَهی عَنْهُ أوْ آمُرَهُمْ بِما لا أسْبِقُهُمْ إلَیِهِ بِعَمَلی أوْ أرضی مِنْهُمْ بِما لا یَرضی رَبیّ.

Hopes And Aspirations

Hopes and Aspiration الآمال والأمانی

1. Many [of those] who hope get disappointed, and many a traveller fails to return.

1_ کَمْ مِنْ آمِل خائِب وغائِب غَیْرِ آئِب.

2. Many a person hopes for what he never achieves.

2_ کَمْ مِنْ مُؤَمِّل ما لا یُدْرِکُهُ.

3. Hope brings death closer and takes aspiration further away.

3_ اَلأمَلُ یُقَرِّبُ المَنِیَّةَ، ویُباعِدُ الاُمنِیَّةَ.

4. Hope is the dominion of devils over hearts of the negligent.

4_ اَلأملُ سُلطانُ الشَّیاطینِ علی قُلُوبِ الغافِلینَ.

5. Hope is like a mirage, it deceives the one who sees it and disheartens the one who looks forward to it.

5_ اَلأملُ کالسَّرابِ، یُغِرُّ مَنْ رَاهُ، ویُخْلِفُ مَنْ رَجاهُ.

6. Hope is always in denial; and long life is an affliction for man.

6_ اَلأملُ أبَداً فی تَکْذِیب، وطُولُ الحَیاةِ لِلْمَرْءِ تَعذیبٌ.

7. Belie hope and do not trust it, for it is a deception and he who possesses it is deceived.

7_ أکذِبِ الأمَلَ، وَلا تَثِقْ بِهِ، فَإنَّهُ غُرُورٌ، وصاحِبُهُ مَغْرُورٌ.

8. Belie your hopes and take advantage of your lifetimes to perform your best deeds, and hasten with the hastening

p: 70

of the wise and those endowed with understanding.

8_ أکذِبُوا آمالَکُمْ، واغْتَنِمُوا آجالَکُمْ بِأحسَنِ أعْمالِکُمْ، وبادِرُوا مُبادَرَةَ اُولِی النُّهی والألبابِ.

9. Be wary of the deceit of hopes, for many a person has hoped for a day that never came and built a house that he never occupied and amassed wealth that he never used, and it may be that he amassed it unlawfully by depriving others of their rights, thereby acquiring what is forbidden and carrying the burden of sin.

9_ إتَّقُوا خِداعَ الآمالِ، فَکَمْ مِنْ مُؤَمِّلِ یَوْم لَمْ یُدْرِکْهُ، وَبانی بِناء لَمْیَسکُنْهُ، وجامِعِ مال لَمْ یَأکُلْهُ، وَلَعَلَّهُ مِنْ باطِل جَمَعَهُ وَمِنْ حَقّ مَنَعَهُ، أصابَهُ حَراماً، واحْتَمَلَ بِهِ أثاماً.

10. Be wary of vain hopes, as it is possible for one who starts a day not to end it and for one who is deemed fortunate at dusk to be mourned at dawn.

10_ إتَّقُوا باطلَ الأمَلِ، فَرُبَّ مُسْتَقْبِلِ یَوم لَیْسَ بِمُسْتَدْبِرِه، ومَغْبُوط فی أوّلِ لَیْلَة قامَتْ بَواکیهِ فی آخِرِهِ.

11. Be cautious of dashed hopes and seized blessings.

11_ إحْذَرُوا الأمَلَ المَغْلُوبَ، والنَّعیمَ المَسْلُوبَ.

12. Beware of relying on [your] hopes, for this is the trait of fools.

12_ إیّاکَ والثِّقَة بِالآمالِ فَإنَّها مِنْ شِیَمِ الحَمْقی.

13. The deception of hope corrupts [one’s] action.

13_ غُُرُورُ الأمَلِ یُفْسِدُ العَمَلَ.

14. An ignorant person is fooled by the deception of his hope, so he loses the best of his actions.

14_ غَرَّ جَهُولاً کاذِبُ أمَلِهِ فَفاتَهُ حُسْنُ عَمَلِهِ.

15. The deception of hope wastes time and brings death closer.

15_ غُرُورُ الأمَلِ یُنْفِدُ المَهَلَ ویُدْنی الأجَلَ.

16. In the deception of hopes, lifetimes lapse.

16_ فی

p: 71

غُرُورِ الآمالِ إنْقِضاءُ الآجالِ.

17. Aspirations may deceive.

17_ قَدْ تَغُرُّ الاُمنِیَّةُ.

18. Hopes may beguile.

18_ قَدْ تَکْذِبُ الآمالُ.

19. Rarely do hopes turn out to be true.

19_ قَلَّما تَصْدُقُ الآمالُ.

20. Reduce your hopes, fear the suddenness of death and hasten towards performing good deeds.

20_ قَصِّ_رُوا الأمَلَ، وخافُوا بَغْتَةَ الأجَلِ، وبادِرُوا صالِحَ العَمَلِ.

21. Decrease your hopes and your actions will become sincere.

21_ قَلِّلِ الآمالَ، تَخْلُصْ لَکَ الأعمالُ.

22. Reduce your hopes, for your death is indeed near!

22_ قَصِّ_رْ أمَلَکَ فَما أقْرَبَ أجَلَکَ.

23. Reduce [your] hopes, for verily life is short; and perform good actions, for verily little of it is plenty.

23_ قَصِّ_رِ الأمَلَ فَإنَّ العُمْرَ قَصیرٌ، وافْعَلِ الخَیرَ فَإنَّ یَسیَرهُ کَثیرٌ.

24. Reduce [your] hopes, hasten towards [good] deeds and fear the suddenness of death, as the return of lifetime cannot be hoped for like the return of livelihood. Whatever is missed from livelihood today may be hoped for tomorrow with increase, but whatever is lost from one’s lifetime yesterday, its return cannot be hoped for today.

24_ قَصِّ_رُوا الأمَلَ، وَبادِرُوا العَمَلَ، وَخافُوا بَغْتَةَ الأجلِ، فَإنَّهُ لَنْ یُرجی مِنْ رَجْعَةِ العُمْرِ ما یُرجی مِنْ رَجْعَةِ الرِّزقِ، ما فاتَ الیَوْمُ مِنَ الرِّزقِ یُرجی غَداً زیادَتُهُ، وما فاتَ أمْسِ مِنَ العُمرِ لَمْ تُرْجَ الیَومَ رَجْعَتُهُ.

25. Every person is seeking his aspirations while [concurrently] being sought by his death.

25_ کُلُّ امْرِء طالِبُ اُمْنِیَّتِهِ ومَطْلُوبُ مَنِیَّتِهِ.

26. How many a person is deluded by hopes, [and] ends up wasting his actions!

26_ کَمْ مِنْ مَخْدُوع بِالأمَلِ مُضَیِّع لِلْعَمَلِ.

27. Hope is sufficient as a deception.

27_ کَفی بِالأمَلِ إغْتِراراً.

28. Increased aspirations stem from corruption of

p: 72

the intellect.

28_ کَثْرَةُ الأمانی مِنْ فِسادِ العَقْلِ.

29. For every hope there is a delusion.

29_ لِکُلِّ أمَل غُرورٌ.

30. Hopes never end.

30_ اَلآمالُ لاتَنتَهی.

31. Hope causes death to be forgotten.

31_ اَلأملُ یُنْسِی الأجَلَ.

32. Aspirations are incentives for men.

32_ اَلأمانیُّ هِمَّةُ الرِّجالِ.

33. Hope is the veil of death.

33_ اَلأمَلُ حِجابُ الأجَلِ.

34. There is no end to hope.

34_ اَلأمَلُ لا غایَةَ لَهُ.

35. Hope is an intimate companion.

35_ اَلأملُ رَفیقٌ مُونِسٌ.

36. Hope is a cheater, deceiver, and harmer.

36_ اَلأملُ خادِعٌ، غارٌّ، ضارٌّ.

37. Hope corrupts [one’s] actions and wastes [one’s] lifetime.

37_ اَلأملُ یُفْسِدُ العَمَلَ، ویُفنِی الأجَلَ.

38. Aspirations blind the eyes of insight.

38_ اَلأمانیُّ تُعْمی عُیُونَ البَصائِرِ.

39. Aspirations beguile you, and in the presence of reality, they abandon you.

39_ اَلأمانیُّ تَخْدَعُکَ، وعِنْدَ الحَقائقِِ تَدَعُکَ.

40. Verily I am fighting against my hopes and waiting for my death.

40_ إنّی مُحاربُ أمَلی، ومُنْتَظِرُ أجَلی.

41. Verily you will not reach what you hope for and will never surpass death, so be conscious of Allah and be moderate in your desires.

41_ إنّکَ لَنْ تَبْلُغَ أمَلَکَ، وَلَنْ تَعدُوَ أجَلَکَ، فَاتَّقِ اللّهَ، وأجْمِلْ فی الطَّلَبِ.

42. If you are deceived by hopes, you will surely be annihilated by the fast approaching death and will have lost [the opportunity to perform] good deeds.

42_ إنَّکُمْ إنِ اغْتَرَرْتُمْ بِالآمالِ، تَخَرَّمَتْکُمْ بَوادِرُ الآجالِ وقَدْ ماتَتْکُمُ الأعْمالُ.

43. The bane of hopes is the coming of death.

43_ آفَةُ الآمالِ حُضُورُ الآجالِ.

44. The bane of hope is death.

44_ آفَةُ الأمَلِ اَلأجَلُ.

45. With the realization of hopes, it becomes easier to overcome [one’s] fears.

45_ بِبُلُوغِ الآمالِ یَهُونُ رُکُوبُ الأهْوالِ.

46. The worst habit is

p: 73

hoping [for too much] as it wastes one’s lifetime and causes one to lose [the opportunity to perform good] deeds.

46_ بِئْسَ الشّیمَةُ الأمَلُ یُفْنِی الأجَلَ، ویُفَوِّتُ العَمَلَ.

47. Keep away from vain hopes, for they take away the delight of the blessings of Allah from you and make them seem small and insignificant, thereby increasing your lack of gratitude.

47_ تَجَنَّبُوا المُنی، فإنَّها تَذْهَبُ بِبَهجَةِ نِعَمِ اللّهِ عِنْدَکُمْ، وتُلْزِمُ إسْتِصْغارَها لَدَیْکُمْ، وَعلی قِلَّةِ الشُّکرِ مِنْکُمْ.

48. The fruit of hope is corruption of deeds.

48_ ثَمَرَةُ الأمَلِ فَسادُ العَمَلِ.

49. The product of aspirations is regret (and its fruit is loss).

49_ حاصِلُ الأمانِی، الأسَفُ (وَ ثَمرَتُهُ التَّلَفُ).

50. How close death is to hope!

50_ ما أقْرَبَ الأجَلَ مِنَ الأمَلِ.

51. How corrupting is hope for deeds!

51_ ما أفْسَدَ الأمَلَ لِلْعَمَلِ.

52. How severing is death for hope!

52_ ما أقْطعَ الأجَلَ للأمَلِ.

53. No one lengthens his hopes except that he [also] curtails his actions.

53_ ما أطالَ أحدٌ فی الأمَلِ إلاّ قَصَّ_َر فِی العَمَلِ.

54. What is the matter with you? You hope for that which you do not achieve, amass wealth which you do not use and build houses which you do not occupy!

54_ ما لَکُمْ تُؤَمِّلُونَ ما لاتُدْرِکُونَهُ، وتَجْمَعُونَ مالا تأکُلُونَهُ، وَتَبْنُونَ ما لا تَسْکُنُونَهُ؟

55. No one lengthens his hopes except that he forgets death and performs evil actions.

55_ ماأطال اَحَدٌ الأمَلَ إلاَّ نَسیَ الأجَلَ، وأساءَ العَمَلَ.

56. The best assistance for action is curtailing hopes.

56_ نِعْمَ عَوْنُ العَمَلِ قَصْ_رُ الأمَلِ.

57. Let aspirations and ploys not deceive you, for this suffices as ineptness.

57_ لا تَغُرَّنَّکَ الأمانیُّ والخُدَعُ، فَکفی بِذلِکَ خُرْقاً.


p: 74

No deception is more misleading than hope.

58_ لاغارَّ أخْدَعُ مِنَ الأمَلِ.

59. Nothing is more untrue than hope.

59_ لاشَیْءَ أکْذَبُ مِنَ الأمَلِ.

60. Aspirations are not loyal to those who rely on them.

60_ لاتَفِی الأمانیُّ لِمَنْ عَوَّلَ عَلَیْها.

61. The smallest of hopes leads to corruption of actions.

61_ یَسیرُ الأمَلِ یُوجِبُ فَسادَ العَمَلِ.

62. Be wary of [false] aspirations, for verily they are certain [causes of] deaths.

62_ إحْذَرُوا الأمانیَّ، فَإنَّها مَنایا مُحَقَقَةٌ.

63. Be cautious not to depend on hopes, for they are the wares of the unintelligent.

63_ إیّاکَ والإتِّکالَ عَلَی المُنی، فَإنَّها مِنْ بَضائِعِ النَّوْکی.

64. The most beneficial cure is abandoning [false] aspirations.

64_ أنْفَعُ الدَّواءِ تَرْکُ المُنی.

65. Aspirations are scattered [and dispersed].

65_ الأمانیُّ أشتاتٌ.

66. Aspirations delude.

66_ اَلأمانِیُّ تُُخْدَعُ.

67. False aspiration is the trait of fools.

67_ اَلأمانیُّ شَیْمَةُ الحَمْقاءِ.

68. Submission to hope corrupts [one’s] actions.

68_ طاعةُ الأمَلِ، تُفْسِدُ العَمَلَ.

69. It is when death comes that the failure of hopes becomes apparent.

69_ عِنْدَ حُضُورِ الاجالِ تَظْهَرُ خَیْبَةُ الآمالِ.

70. I wonder at the one who has no control over his death, how can he lengthen his hopes?

70_ عَجِبْتُ لِمَنْ لا یَمْلِکُ أجَلَهُ کَیفَ یُطیلُ أمَلَهُ.

71. The end of hope is death.

71_ غایةُ الأملِ اَلأجَلُ.

72. The farthest thing is hope.

72_ اَبْعَدُ شَیْء الأمَلُ.

73. Those who have the most [false] hopes are the ones who remember death the least.

73_ أکْثَرُ النَّاسِ أمَلاً أقَلُّهُمْ لِلْمَوْتِ ذِکراً.

74. Those who have the longest hopes are the ones whose deeds are the worst.

74_ أطْوَلُ النَّاسِ أمَلاً أسْوَئُهُمْ عَمَلاً

75. Verily Allah, the Glorified, hates the one who has long hopes and performs evil actions.


p: 75

إنَّ اللّهَ سُبْحانَهُ لَیُبْغِضُ الطَّویلَ الأمَلِ، السَّیِّءَ العَملِ.

76. Indeed man reaches near [the realization of] his hopes, when the [sudden] approach of his death cuts them short, then - Glory be to Allah! - Neither is the hope realized nor is the hoper spared.

76_ إنَّ المَرْءَ یَشْرُفُ عَلی أمَلِهِ، فَیَقْطَعُهُ حُضُورُ أجَلِهِ، فَسُبْحانَ اللّهِ لا أمَلٌ یُدْرَکُ، ولا مُؤَمِّلٌ یُتْرَکُ.

77. Be cautious not to lengthen [your] hope, for many a deceived person has been enticed by his long hope and corrupted his deeds and cut [short] his lifetime, then neither was his hope realized nor was that which he lost regained.

77_ إیّاکَ وطُولَ الأمَلِ، فَکَمْ مِنْ مَغْرُور افتَتَنَ بِطُولِ أمَلَهِ، وأفْسََدَ عََمَلَهُ، وقَطَعَ أجَلَهُ، فَلا أمَلَهُ أدْرَکَ ولا ما فاتَهُ اسْتَدرَکَ.

78. Where will the falsehoods of hopes mislead you to?!

78_ أیْنَ تَخْتَدِعُکُمْ کَواذِبُ الآمالِ؟!

79. Where will the mirage of hopes misguide you to?!

79_ أینَ یَغُرُّکُمْ سَرابُ الآمالِ؟!

80. The most delusive thing is hope.

80_ أکْذَبُ شیْء اَلأمَلُ.

81. The one who is worst in bargaining and most unsuccessful in striving is he who exerts himself in seeking the realization of his hopes while fate does not help him in his aims, and [as a result] he leaves this world in a sorrowful state and proceeds to the next world where he faces the consequences.

81_ إنَّ أخْسَرَ النَّاسِ صَفْقَةً، وأخْیَبَهُمْ سَعیاً، رَجلٌ أخْلَقَ بَدَنَهُ فی طَلَبِ آمالِهِ، ولَم تُساعِدْهُ المَقادیرُ علی إرادَتِهِ، فَخَرَجَ مِنَ الدُّنیا بِحَسَراتِهِ، وقَدِمَ عَلَی الآخِرَةِ بِتَبِعاتِهِ.

82. Hope is treacherous.

82_ اَلأمَلُ خَوَّانٌ.

83. Hope deceives and lifetime passes.

83_ اَلأمَلُ یَغُرُّ، اَلعَیْشُ

p: 76


84. Hope misleads and transgression strikes down.

84_ اَلأمَلُ یَخْدَعُ، اَلبَغیُ یَصرَعُ.

85. One who is deceived by hopes is misled.

85_ اَلمُغْتَ_رُّ بِالآمالِ مَخْدُوعٌ.

86. Aspirations are the wares of the unintelligent.

86_ الأمانیُّ بَضائِعُ النَّوْکی.

87. Hopes are the delusions of the foolish.

87_ اَلآمالُ غَرُورُ الحَمْقی.

88. Hopes bring death closer.

88_ اَلآمالُ تُدنِی الآجالَ.

89. One whose aspirations increase, his satisfaction decreases.

89_ مَنْ کَثُرَ مُناهُ قَلَّ رِضاهُ.

90. One whose hopes lengthen, his actions become worse.

90_ مَنْ طالَ أمَلُهُ ساءَ عَمَلُهُ.

91. One who is deceived by hope is misled by it.

91_ مَنِ اغْتَرَّ بِالأمَلِ خَدَعَهُ.

92. One who is deceived by aspirations is belied by death.

92_ مَنْ غَرَّتْهُ الأمانیُّ کَذَّبَتْهُ الآجالُ.

93. One who reaches the end of his hopes should expect the arrival of his death.

93_ مَنْ بَلَغَ غایَةَ أمَلِهِ فَلْیَتَوَقَّعْ حُلُولَ أجَلِهِ

94. One who follows his aspirations faces increased hardship.

94_ مَنْ تَبِعَ مُناهُ، کَثُرَ عَناؤُهُ.

95. One who proceeds on the path of his hopes, stumbles upon his death.

95_ مَنْ جَری فی مَیْدانِ أمَلَهِ، عَثِرَ بِأجَلِهِ.

96. One whose aspirations increase, his hardship increases.

96_ مَنْ کَثُرَ مُناهُ، کَثُرَ عَناؤُهُ.

97. One who hopes for that which is not possible, his anticipation becomes long.

97_ مَنْ أمَّلَ ما لایُمْکِنُ، طالَ تَرَقُّبُهُ.

98. One whose hope is [to reach] Allah, shall realize the fulfilment of his hope and aspiration.

98_ مَنْ یَکُنِ اللّهُ أمَلَهُ، یُدْرِکُ غایَةَ الأمَلِ والرَّجاءِ.

99. Whoever regards his remaining lifetime to be fleeting, his hopes and aspirations become short.

99_ مَنِ اسْتَقصَ_رَ بَقاءَهُ وأجَلَهُ، قَصَّ_رَ رَجاؤُهُ وأمَلُهُ.

100. One who proceeds on the course of his hopes, stumbles upon his death.

100_ مَنْ جَری فی

p: 77

عِنانِ أمَلِهِ عَثِرَ بِأجَلَهِ.

101. One who hopes for anything other than Allah, the Glorified, has given lie to his hopes.

101_ مَنّ أمَّلَ غَیْ_رَ اللّهِ سُبْحانَه أکذَبَ آمالَهُ.

102. One who seeks support from his aspirations becomes penniless.

102_ مَنِ اسْتَعانَ بِالأمانیِّ أفْلَسَ.

103. It is foolishness to depending on [one’s] hope.

103_ مِنَ الحُمْقِ الاِتِّکالُ عَلَی الأمَلِ.

104. The humiliation of men is in the dashing of hopes.

104_ ذُلُّ الرِّجالِ فی خَیْبَةِ الآمالِ.

105. May Allah have mercy on the man who shortens his hopes, anticipates death, makes good use of his time and takes with him the provisions of [good] deeds.

105_ رَحِمَ اللّهُ امْرَءاً قَصَّرَ الأمَلَ، وبادَرَ الأجَلَ، واغْتَنَمَ المَهَلَ، وتَزَوَّدَ مِنَ العَملِ.

106. Many an aspiration may lie beneath death.

106_ رُبَّ اُمْنِیَّة تَحتَ مَنِیَّة.

107. Take away from your long hopes and increase your short lifetime, and do not be deceived by your good physical health and yesterday’s wellbeing, for life is short and good health is prone to change.

107_ زِدْ مِنْ طُولِ أمَلِکَ فی قَصْرِ أجَلِکَ، ولا تَغُرَّنَّکَ صِحَّةُ جِسْمِکَ وَسَلامَةُ أمْسِکَ، فَإنَّ مُدَّة َ العُمرِ قَلیلَةٌ، وسَلامَةُ الجِسمِ مُسْتَحیلَةٌ.

108. The worst poverty is [false] aspiration.

108_ شَ_رُّ الفَقْرِ المُنی.

109. Lifetimes are wasted between hope and aspiration.

109_ ضِیاعُ العُمْرِ بَیْنَ الآمالِ والمُنی.

110. Blessed is he who shortens his hopes and makes good use of his time.

110_ طُوبی لِمَنْ قَصَّرَ أمَلَهُ واغْتَنَمَ مَهَلَهُ.

111. Blessed is he who belies his aspirations and sacrifices his world in order to build his Hereafter.

111_ طُوبی لِمَنْ کَذَّبَ مُناهُ وأخْرَبَ دُنیاهُ لِعِمارَةِ اُخْراهُ.

112. One who relies on his aspirations dies without [realizing]

p: 78

his hopes.

112_ مَنِاتَّکلَ علَی الأمانیّ ماتَ دُونَ أمَلِهِ.

113. One who trusts his aspirations will have them severed by death.

113_ مَنْ وَثِقَ بِالاُمْنِیَّةِ قَطَعَتْهُ المَنیِّةُ.

114. Whoever shortens his hopes, beautifies his actions.

114_ مَنْ قَصُرَ أمَلُهُ حَسُنَ عَمَلُهُ.

115. Whoever lengthens his hopes, corrupts his actions.

115_ مَنْ أطالَ أمَلَهُ أفْسَدَ عَمَلَهُ.

The Leader

The Leader الإمام

1. A just leader is better [and more beneficial] than heavy rainfall.

1_ إمامٌ عادِلٌ خَیْرٌ مِنْ مَطَر وابِل.

2. One who obeys his Imām has obeyed his Lord.

2_ مَنْ أطاعَ إمامَهُ فَقَدْ أطاعَ رَبَّهُ.

3. A leader needs a wise mind, an eloquent tongue and a heart that is steadfast in the establishment of truth.

3_ یَحتاجُ الإمامُ إلی قَلْب عَقُول، ولِسان قَؤُول، وجَنان علی إقامَةِ الحَقِّ صَؤُول.


Leadership الإمامة

1. Leadership (imāmah) is a social order.

1_ اَلإمامَةُ نِظامُ الاُمَّةِ.

2. Leadership is an organizational structure for the society

2_ والإمامَةَ نِظاماً لِلاُْمَّةِ.

Granting Refuge To The Fearful

Granting Refuge to the Fearful الأمان وإجارة المستغیثِ والخائفِ

1. Whoever gives refuge to the one who seeks his help, Allah will grant him refuge from His punishment.

1_ مَنْ أجارَ المُسْتَغیثَ، أجارَهُ اللّهُ سُبْحانَه مِنْ عذابِهِ.

2. One who protects a fearful person from what he fears, Allah, the Glorified, will protect him from His chastisement.

2_ مَنْ امَنَ خائفاً مِنْ مَخوفَة، آمَنَهُ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ مِنْ عِقابِهِ.

The Secure

The Secure الآمِن

1. Many a person who is secure gets frightened.

1_ رُبَّ آمِن وَجِل.


Security الأمن

1. Nothing brings greater security than [having] faith and [performing] good deeds.

1_ ما مِنْ شَیْء یَحصُلُ بِهِ الأمانُ أبْلَغَ مِنْ ایمان وإحسان.

2. By Allah, no one hinders

p: 79

the security of the peaceful or takes away the rights of the people except the disbelieving infidel and the duplicitous apostate.

2_ واللّهِ ما مَنَعَ الأمْنَ أهْلَهُ، وأزاحَ الحقَّ عَنْ مُسْتَحِقِّهِ إلاّ کُلُّ کافِر جاحِد، ومُنافِق مُلْحِد.

3. Do not be deceived by [a false sense of] security, for you will surely be taken from your sanctuary.

3_ لا تَغْتَرَّنَّ بِالأمْنِ، فَإنَّکَ مَأخُوذٌ مِنْ مَأمَنِکَ.

4. It is not appropriate for an intelligent person to live in fear when he has found a way to [attain] security.

4_ لایَنْبَغی لِلْعاقِلِ أنْ یُقیمَ عَلَی الخَوفِ إذا وَجَدَ إلیَ الأمْنِ سَبیلاً.

5. There is no blessing better than security.

5_ لا نِعْمَةَ أهْنَأُ مِنَ الأمْنِ.

6. Security is [a cause of] deception; fear is [a means of] precaution.

6_ اَلأمْنُ إغْتِرارٌ، اَلخَوْفُ إسْتِظْهارٌ.

7. The sweetness of security is spoilt by the bitterness of fear and panic.

7_ حَلاوَةُ الأمْنِ، تُنَکِّدُها مَرارَةُ الخَوفِ والحَذَرِ.

8. Many a security turns into fear.

8_ رُبَّ أمْن إنْقَلَبَ خَوْفاً.

9. The comfort of life is in security.

9_ رِفاهِیَّةُ العَیْشِ فیِ الأمْنِ.

Feeling Secure From Allah’s Scheme

Feeling Secure From Allah’s Scheme الأمنُ من مکراللّه

1. One who feels secure from the scheme of Allah, his sense of security is futile (or his faith is nullified).

1_ مَنْ أمِنَ مَکْرَ اللّهِ بَطَلَ أمانُهُ (ایمانه).

2. He from whose evil people are not safe, is not secure from the punishment of Allah.

2_ ما أمِنَ عَذابَ اللّهِ مَنْ لَمْ یَأمَنِ النَّاسُ شَ_رَّهُ.

The Trustworthy

The Trustworthy الأمین

1. How few are the reliable, trustworthy people, and how many are the treacherous!

1_ ما أقَلَّ الثِّقَة َالمُؤتَمَنَ، وأکْثَرَ الخَوَّانَ.


Trustworthiness الأمانة

1. Trustworthiness

p: 80

leads to truthfulness.

1_ اَلأمانَةُ تُؤَدّی إلی الصِّدْقِ.

2. Trustworthiness and loyalty are sincere actions, lying and fabrication are perfidious utterances.

2_ اَلأمانةُ والوَفاءُ صِدْقُ الأفعالِ، والکِذْبُ والإفتِراءُ خیانَةُ الأقوالِ.

3. Return the trust to the one who has entrusted it to you, and do not act treacherously with the one who betrayed your trust.

3_ أدِّ الأمانَةَ إلی مَنِ ائْتَمَنَکَ، ولا تَخُنْ مَنْ خانَکَ.

4. Return the trust when it is entrusted to you, and do not accuse anyone when you entrust something to him, for surely one who is not trustworthy has no faith.

4_ أدِّ الأمانَةَ إذَا ائْتُمِنْتَ، ولا تَتَّهِمْ غَیرَکَ إذَا ائْتَمَنْتَهُ، فَإنَّهُ لا إیمانَ لِمَنْ لا أمانَةَ لَهُ.

5. The best [form of] trustworthiness is keeping one’s promise.

5_ أفضلُ الأمانَةِ الوَفاءُ بِالعَهدِ.

6. Trustworthiness is [a sign of] faith; cheerfulness is [a form of] kindness.

6_ اَلأمانةُ إیمانٌ، البَشاشَةُ إحسانٌ.

7. Trustworthiness is preservation [and safeguarding of what has been entrusted].

7_ اَلأمانَةُ صِیانةٌ.

8. Trustworthiness is a success for the one who observes it.

8_ الأمانَةُ فَوْزٌ لِمَنْ رَعاها(وَعاها).

9. Trustworthiness is a merit for the one who executes it.

9_ اَلأمانَةُ فَضیلَةٌ لِمَنْ أدَّاها.

10. The bane of trustworthiness is treachery.

10_ آفَةُ الأمانَةِ الخِیانَةُ.

11. When you are entrusted with something, then do not betray [the trust].

11_ إذا ائْتُمِنْتَ فَلا تَخُنْ.

12. When you entrust anyone [with something], then do not accuse them of treachery.

12_ إذا ائْتَمَنْتَ فَلا تَسْتَخِنْ.

13. When trustworthiness becomes stronger, truthfulness increases.

13_ إذا قَوِیَتِ الأمَانةُ کَثُرَ الصِّدْقُ.

14. The cornerstone of faith is trustworthiness.

14_ رَأسُ الإسلامِ(الإیمانِ) الأمانَةُ.

15. Sound trustworthiness is a symbol of good conviction.

15_ صِحَّةُ الأمانَةِ عُنْوانُ حُسْنِ المُعْتَقَدِ.


p: 81

Espouse trustworthiness for it is the best [form of] religiosity.

16_ عَلَیْکَ بِالأمانَةِ فَإنَّها أفْضَلُ دِیانَة.

17. Corruption of trustworthiness is submission to treachery.

17_ فَسادُ الأمانَةِ طاعَةُ الخِیانَةِ.

18. Successful is the one who clothes himself with loyalty and arms himself with trustworthiness.

18_ فازَ مَنْ تَجَلْبَبَ الوَفاءَ، وادَّرَعَ الأمانَةَ.

19. Everything that is not fit to be disclosed is a trust, even if its confidentiality is not specifically sought.

19_ کُلُّ شَیْء لایَحْسُنُ نَشْْرُهُ أمانَةٌ وإنْ لَمْ یُسْتَکتَمْ.

20. One who has no trustworthiness has no faith.

20_ مَنْ لا أمانَةَ لَهُ لا إیمانَ لَهُ.

21. One who takes [the] keeping [of] trust lightly will fall into treachery.

21_ مَنِ اسْتَهانَ بِالأمانَةِ وَقَعَ فیِ الخِیانَةِ.

22. One who acts with trustworthiness has perfected his religion.

22_ مَنْ عَمِلَ بِالأمانَةِ فَقَدْ أکْمَلَ الدِّیانَةَ.

23. The best trust that can be kept is fulfilling [one’s] obligations.

23_ مِنْ أحْسنَ الأمانَةِ رَعْیُ الذِّمَمِ.

24. There is no faith in one who is not trustworthy.

24_ لا إیمانَ لِمَنْ لا أمانَةَ لَهُ.

25. There is no trustworthiness in one who has no religion.

25_ لاأمانَةَ لِمَنْ لا دینَ لَهُ.


Faith الإیمان

    1. Faith is the better of the two trusts (or securities).

1_ اَلإیمانُ أفْضَلُ الأمانَتَیْنِ(الأمانَیِْن).

    2. Faith is acknowledging with the tongue and acting with the limbs.

2_ اَلإیمانُ قَوْلٌ بِاللِّسانِ، وعَمَلٌ بِالأرکانِ.

    3. Faith and modesty are linked in one linkage and they do not separate.

3_ اَلإیمانُ والحَیاءُ مَقْرُونانِ فی قَرَن، ولا یَفْتَ_رِقانِ.

    4. Faith and knowledge (or action) are twin brothers and companions who do not part ways.

4_ اَلإیمانُ والعِلْمُ (وَ العمَلُ) أخَوانِ تَوْأمانِ، ورَفیقانِ لا یَفْتَرِقانِ.

    5. Faith

p: 82

is a tree, its root is certitude, its branch is piety, its sunlight is modesty and its fruit is generosity.

5_ الإیمانُ شَجَرَةٌ، أصْلُهَا الْیَقینُ، وفَرْعُهَا التُّقی، ونُورُهَا الْحَیاءُ، وَثَمَرُهَا السَّخاءُ.

    6. Faith, sincerity, certitude and piety are [encapsulated in] patience and acceptance of what has been decreed [by Allah].

6_ الإیمانُ، والإخْلاصُ، والیَقینُ، والوَرَعُ، اَلصَّبْرُ والرِّضا بما یَأتی بِهِ القَدَرُ.

    7. Faith and action are twin brothers and companions who do not part ways; Allah does not accept one without its counterpart.

7_ اَلإیمانُ والعَمَلُ أخَوانِ تَوْأمانِ، ورَفیقانِ لایَفْترِقانِ، لا یَقْبَلُ اللّهُ أحَدَهُما إلاّ بِصاحِبِهِ.

    8. The best [sign of] faith is trustworthiness.

8_ أفضلُ الإیمانِ، الأمانَةُ.

    9. The best faith is [based on] complete certitude.

9_ أفْضَلُ الإیمانِ، حُسْنُ الإیقانِ.

    10. The people who are strongest in faith are those who rely the most on Allah, the Glorified.

10_ أقْویَ النَّاسِ إیمانَاً أکثَرُهُمْ تَوَکُّلاً عَلَی اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ.

    11. The closest people to Allah, the Glorified, are the ones with the greatest faith.

11_ أقْرَبُ النَّاسِ مِنَ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ أحْسَنُهُمْ إیماناً.

    12. The best faith is [accompanied with] sincerity and good deeds, and the worst traits are cruelty and aggression.

12_ أفضلُ الإیمانِ الإخلاصُ والإحسانُ، وأقْبَحُ الشِّیَمِ اَلتَّجافی وَالعُدْوانُ.

    13. The best faith is [based on] complete certitude, and the greatest honour is [in] doing good deeds.

13_ أفضلُ الإیمانِ حُسْنُ الإیقانِ وأفْضَلُ الشَّرَفِ بَذْلُ الإحسانِ.

    14. Verily the best faith is for a man to act justly with others.

14_ إنَّ أفضلَ الإیمانِ إنْصافُ الرَّجُلِ مِنْ نَفْسهِ.

    15. Indeed the place of faith is the heart, and the

p: 83

path to it is [through] the ears.

15_ إنَّ مَحَلَّ الإیمانِ الجَنانُ، وسَبیلَهُ الأُذُنانِ.

    16. Faith is security.

16_ اَلإیمانُ أمانٌ.

    17. Faith is the path with manifest inner secrets.

17_ اَلإیمانُ واضِحُ الوَلائجِ.

    18. Faith is an effective intercessor.

18_ اَلإیمانُ شَفیعٌ مُنجِحٌ.

    19. Faith is free of jealousy.

19_ اَلإیمانُ بَریءٌ مِنَ الحَسَدِ.

    20. Faith is the loftiest goal.

20_ الإیمانُ أعلی غایَة.

    21. Disbelief is wiped out by faith.

21_ اَلکُفْرُ یَمْحاهُ (یَمحوه) الإیمانُ.

    22. Faith is sincerity in action.

22_ اَلإیمانُ إخلاصُ العَمَلِ.

    23. Salvation comes with faith.

23_ النَّجاةُ مَعَ الإیمانِ.

    24. Faith is a flame that cannot be extinguished.

24_ اَلإیمانُ شِهابٌ لا یَخْبُو.

    25. Faith is free of hypocrisy.

25_ اَلإیمانُ بَریءٌ مِنَ النِّفاقِ.

    26. Faith is patience in tribulation and gratitude in ease.

26_ اَلإیمانُ صَبْرٌ فی البَلاءِ، وشُکْرٌ فی الرَّخاءِ.

    27. If you have faith in Allah, your place of return will be secure.

27_ إنْ امَنْتَ باللّهِ أمِنَ مُنْقَلَبُکَ.

    28. It is through faith that salvation is attained.

28_ بِالإیمانِ تَکُونُ النَّجاةُ.

    29. It is through faith that one is guided towards virtuous actions.

29_ بِالإیمانِ یُستَدَلُّ عَلَی الصَّالِحاتِ.

    30. It is through faith that one reaches the pinnacle of felicity and the zenith of happiness.

30_ بِالإیمانِ یُرْتَقی إلی ذُرْوَةِ السَّعادَةِ ونِهایَةِ الحُبُورِ.

    31. Faith is salvation.

31_ الإیمانُ نَجاةٌ.

    32. The fruit of faith is success with Allah.

32_ ثَمَرَةُ الإیمانِ اَلفَوْزُ عِندَ اللّهِ.

    33. The fruit of faith is desire for the Eternal Abode.

33_ ثَمَرَةُ الإیمانِ اَلرَّغبَةُ فی دارِ البَقاءِ.

    34. Three things, if possessed, complete one’s faith: intellect, forbearance and knowledge.

34_ ثَلاثٌ مَنْ کُنَّ

p: 84

فیهِ کَمُلَ ایمانُهُ، اَلعَقْلُ، والحِلمُ، والعِلْمُ.

    35. Three things, if possessed, perfect one’s faith: that when one is pleased, his pleasure does not lead him towards vice; and when he gets angry, his anger does not draw him away from the truth; and when he is in a position of power, he never takes that which is not his.

35_ ثلاثٌ مَنْ کُنَّ فیهِ استَکْمَلَ الإیمانَ: مَنْ إذا رَضیَ لَمْ یُخْرِجْهُ رِضاهُ إلی باطِل، وإذا غَضِبَ لَمْ یُخْرِجْهُ غَضَبُهُ عَنْ حقّ، وإذا قَدَرَ لَمْ یَأخُذْما لَیسَلَهُ.

    36. Three things, if possessed, perfect one’s faith: justice in anger and contentment, moderation in poverty and wealth, and maintaining a balance between fear and hope.

36_ ثلاثٌ مَنْ کُنَّ فیهِ فَقَدْ أکمَلَ الإیمانَ: العَدْلُ فی الغَضَبِ والرِّضا، وَالقَصدُ فی الفَقْرِ وَالغِناءِ، وَاعْتِدالُ الخَوفِ والرَّجاءِ.

    37. Three things are from the treasures of faith: concealing misfortune, charity and sickness.

37_ ثلاثٌ مِنْ کُنُوزِ الإیمانِ: کِتمانُ المُصیبَةِ، والصَّدَقَةُ، وَالمَرَضُ.

    38. Virtuous chastity and contentment with what suffices are from the pillars of faith.

38_ حُسْنُ العَفافِ، والرِّضا بِالکَفافِ مِنْ دَعائمِ الإیمانِ.

    39. Lowering your voice, casting down your gaze and walking with modesty are from the signs of faith and religiousness.

39_ خَفْضُ الصَّوتِ وغَضُّ البَصَرِ، ومَشیُ القَصْدِ، مِنْ أمارَةِ الإیمانِ وحُسنِ التَدَیُّنِ.

    40. Contently remaining obedient [to Allah], performing good deeds and hastening towards noble traits are from the perfections of faith and the best virtues.

40_ دَوامُ الطَّاعاتِ، وفِعْلُ الخَیْراتِ، والمُبادَرَةُ إلَی المَکْرُماتِ مِنْ کَمالِ الإیمانِ، وأفضَلِ الإحسانِ.

    41. The embellishment of faith is piety.

41_ زَیْنُ الإیمانِ الوَرَعُ.


p: 85

He (‘a) said about faith: It is nearness [to Allah] for the one who guards [against evil], confidence for the one who trusts [in Allah], comfort for the one who entrusts [his affairs to Allah] and a shield for the one who endures patiently.

42_ وقالَ _ علیه السّلام _ فی ذِکرِ الإیمانِ: زُلْفی لِمَنِ ارْتَقَبَ، وَثِقَةٌ لِمَنْ تَوَکَّلَ، وراحَةٌ لِمَنْ فَوَّضَ، وجُنَّةٌ لِمنْ صَبَرَ.

    43. The embellishment of faith is [in] purity of one’s innermost thoughts [and secrets] and [performing] good deeds in the open.

43_ زَیْنُ الإیمانِ طَهارَةُ السَّ_رائرِ، وَحُسْنُ العَمَلِ فیِ الظَّاهِرِ.

    44. Ask Allah for [strong] faith and act upon the ordinances of the Qur’an.

44_ سَلُوااللّهَ الإیمانَ، واعْمَلُوا بِمُوجَبِ القُرآنِ.

    45. The worst faith is that in which doubt enters.

45_ شرُّ الإیمانِ ما دَخَلَهُ الشَّکُّ.

    46. The uprightness of faith is [in] piety and its corruption is [in] greed.

46_ صَلاحُ الإیمانِ الوَرَعُ، وفَسادُهُ الطَّمَعُ.

    47. True faith and good deeds are the best provisions.

47_ صِدْقُ الإیمانِ، وصَنایِ_عُ الإحسانِ، أفْضَلُ الذَّخائِرِ.

    48. Protect your faith from doubt, for doubt spoils faith the same way salt spoils honey.

48_ صُنْ ایمانَکَ مِنَ الشَّکِّ: فَإنَّ الشَّکَّ یُفْسِدُ الإیمانَ کَما یُفْسِدُ المِلْحُ العَسَلَ.

    49. Make your faith sincere, for this is the path to Paradise and safety from hellfire.

49_ عَلَیْکُمْ بِإخلاصِ الإیمانِ فَإنَّهُ السَّبیلُ إلَی الجَنَّةِ والنَّجاةِ مِنَ النَّارِ.

    50. It is on truth and trust that faith is based.

50_ عَلَی الصِّدْقِ والأمانَةِ مَبْنَی الإیمانِ.

    51. The pinnacle of faith is certitude.

51_ غایَةُ الإیمانِ الإیقانُ.

    52. The highest degree of faith is befriending

p: 86

for the sake of Allah, having enmity for the sake of Allah, spending on each other for the sake of Allah and establishing ties with each other for the sake of Allah, the Glorified.

52_ غایَةُ الإیمانِ المُوالاةُ فیِ اللّهِ، والمُعاداةُ فیِ اللّهِ، والتَّباذُلُ فیِ اللّهِ، وَالتَّواصُلُ فیِ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ.

    53. One type of faith is that which is firmly fixed in the hearts and another is that which shifts between the hearts and breasts [without being firmly fixed in the hearts].

53_ فَمِنَ الإیمانِ ما یَکُونُ ثابِتاً مُسْتَقِرّاً فِی القُلُوبِ ومِنْهُ ما یَکونُ عَوارِیَ بَینَ القُلُوبِ والصُّدُورِ.

    54. Allah, the Glorified, has prescribed faith as a purification from doubt.

54_ فَرَضَ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ الإیمانَ تَطْهیراً مِنَ الشِّرکِ.

    55. Faith has made it incumbent on its possessor to establish the traditions of Islam and its ordinances.

55_ قَدْ أوْجَبَ الإیمانُ عَلی مُعْتَقِدِهِ إقامَةَ سُنَنِ الإسلامِ والفَرْضِ.

    56. Strengthen your faith with certitude, for this is the best religion.

56_ قَوُّوا إیمانَکم(قَوِّ إیمانَک) بالیَقینِ فَإنَّهُ أفْضَلُ الدّینِ.

    57. How can he who resents the truth taste the sweetness of faith?

57_ کَیفَ یَجِدُ حَلاَوَةَ الإیمانِ مَنْ یُسْخِطُ الحَقَّ؟!

    58. Acquiring faith is [through] adhering to the truth and being sincere with the creatures.

58_ کَسْبُ الإیمانِ لُزُومُ الحَقِّ، ونُصْحُ الخَلْقِ.

    59. He who claims to have faith yet is infatuated by misleading aspirations and false amusements of this world, has lied.

59_ کَذِبَ مَنِ ادَّعی الإیمانَ وهُوَ مَشْغُوفٌ(مَشعُوفٌ) مِنَ الدُّنیا بِخُدَعِ الأمانیِّ وزُورِ المَلاهی.

    60. The conception of faith is [achieved through] the recitation of the Qur’an.

60_ لَقاحُ الإیمانِ

p: 87

تَلاوَةُ القُرآنِ.

    61. One who entertains doubt in his faith [in one God] becomes a polytheist.

61_ مَنِ ارتابَ بِالإیمانِ أشرَکَ.

    62. One who has no faith has no trustworthiness.

62_ مَنْ لا إیمانَ لَهُ لاأمانَةَ لَهُ.

    63. One who likes his faith to become perfect should ensure that his love, hate, pleasure and displeasure are [all] for the sake of Allah.

63_ مَنْ أحبَّ أنْ یَکْمُلَ إیمانُهُ فَلْیَکُنْ حُبُّه لِلّهِ، وبُغضُهِ لِلّهِ، ورِضاهُ لِلّهِ، وسَخَطُهُ لِلّهِ.

    64. One who gives for the sake of Allah, withholds for the sake of Allah, loves for the sake of Allah and hates for the sake of Allah, has perfected [his] faith.

64_ مَنْ أعْطی فیِ اللّهِ، ومَنَعَ فِی اللّهِ، وأحَبَّ فِی اللّهِ، وأبْغَضَ فِی اللّهِ، فَقَدِ اسْتکْملَ الإیمانَ.

    65. The basis of faith is unwavering certitude.

65_ مِلاکُ الإیمانِ حُسْنُ الإیقانِ.

    66. One whose faith is true is saved, and one whose submission is complete is guided.

66_ نَجا مَنْ صَدَقَ إیمانُهُ وهُدِیَ مَنْ حَسُنَ إسْلامُهُ.

    67. There is no honour higher than faith.

67_ لاشَ_رَفَ أعْلی مِنَ الإیمانِ.

    68. There is no medium more successful than faith.

68_ لاوَسیلَةَ أنْجَحُ مِنَ الإیمانِ.

    69. There is no faith like modesty and generosity.

69_ لاإیمانَ کَالحیاءِ والسَّخاءِ.

    70. Faith without piety is of no benefit.

70_ لایَنْفَعُ الإیمانُ بِغَیرِ تَقْوی.

    71. A servant’s faith is not complete until he loves whom Allah, the Glorified, loves and hates the one whom Allah, the Glorified, hates.

71_ لایَکْمُلُ إیمانُ عَبْد حتّی یُحِبَّ مَنْ أحَبَّهُ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ، ویُبْغِضَ مَنْ أبْغَضَهُ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ.

    72. The faith of a

p: 88

servant is not true until he is more confident of what is in the Hand of Allah, the Glorified, than what is in his own hand.

72_ لا یَصْدُقُ إیمانُ عَبْد حَتّی یَکُونَ بِما فی یَدِ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ أوْثَقَ مِنْهُ بِما فی یَدهِ.

    73. Nothing that is preserved by human beings is like faith in Allah and good deeds.

73_ لاشَْیءَ یَدَّخِرُهُ الإنْسانُ کَالإیمانِ بِاللّهِ وصَنایعِ الإحْسانِ.

    74. The faith of a man is deduced by his submission and obedience [to Allah].

74_ یُسْتَدَلُّ عَلی إیمانِ الرَّجُلِ بِالتَّسْلیمِ ولُزومِ الطَّاعَةِ.

    75. The faith [of a person] is deduced by increased fear [of Allah], controlling lust and overcoming lowly desires.

75_ یُسْتَدَلُّ عَلَی الإیمانِ بِکَثْرَةِ التُّقی، ومِلْکِ الشَّهْوَةِ، وغَلَبَةِ الهَوی.

    76. Faith requires certitude.

76_ یَحتاجُ الإیمانُ إلَی الإیقانِ.

    77. Faith requires sincerity.

77_ یَحتاجُ الإیمانُ إلیَ الإخلاصِ.

    78. One who believes in Allah [and attests to His oneness] is saved.

78_ مَنْ صَدَّقَ اللّهَ سُبْحانَهُ نَجی.

    79. The foundation of faith is total submission to the will of Allah.

79_ أصْلُ الإیمانِ حُسْنُ التَّسْلیمِ لأمرِ اللّهِ.

    80. Have faith and you will be safe.

80_ آمِنْ تَأمَنْ.

The Believer

The Believer المؤمن

1. A believer is very truthful in [his] speech and generous in [his] benevolence.

1_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ صَدُوقُ اللِّسانِ، بَذُولُ الإحسانِ.

2. A believer is [always] alert, waiting for one of the two boons [of this world or the Hereafter].

2_ اَلمُؤْمِِنُ یَقْظانٌ یَنْتَظِرُ إحْدَی الحَسَنَتَینِ.

3. A believer is chaste, contented, free from sin and pious.

3_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ عَفِیفٌ، مُقْتَنِعٌ، مُتَنَزِّهٌ، مُتَوَرِِّعٌ.

4. A believer is one whose love is for [the sake of] Allah,

p: 89

whose hate is for Allah, whose taking is for Allah and whose leaving is for Allah.

4_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ مَنْ کانَ حُبُّهلِلّهِ، وبُغْضُهلِلّهِ، وأخذُهلِلّهِ، وتَرْکُهُ لِلّهِ.

5. A believer is thankful in [times of] comfort, patient in tribulation and fearful in affluence.

5_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ شاکِرٌ فیِ السَّ_رّاءِ، صابِرٌ فِی البَلاءِ، خائفٌ فِی الرَّخاءِ.

6. A believer is moderate in [times of] affluence, [and] keeps away from the [pleasures of this] world.

6_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ عَفیفٌ فِی الغِنی، مُتَنَزَّهٌ عَنِ الدُّنیا.

7. A believer is [always] between blessing and wrongdoing, [and] nothing reforms these two except thankfulness and repentance.

7_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ بَیْنَ نِعْمَة وخَطیئَة لا یُصلِحُهُما إلاّ الشُّکرُ وَالإسْتِغْفارُ.

8. A believer is dignified, honourable, self-reliant, cautious and sorrowful.

8_ اَلمُؤْمِِنُ عِزٌّ کَریمٌ، مَأمُونٌ علی نَفْسِهِ، حَذِرٌ مَحْزُونٌ.

9. A believer constantly remembers [Allah], frequently contemplates, is thankful for blessings and patient in the face of tribulation.

9_ المُؤْمِنُ دائِمُ الذِّکرِ، کَثیرُ الفِکرِ، عَلَی النَّعماءِ شاکِرٌ، وَفِی البَلاءِ صابِرٌ.

10. A believer is modest, independent, certain and pious.

10_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ حَییٌّ، غَنیٌّ، مُوقِنٌ، تَقِیٌّ.

11. When a believer is asked [for help], he helps, and when he asks [other for help], he is lenient [and does not overburden them].

11_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ إذا سُئِلَ أسْعَفَ، وإذا سَألَ خَفَّفَ.

12. A believer is wary of his sins, always fearing chastisement and hoping for the mercy of his Lord.

12_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ حَذِرٌ مِنْ ذُنُوبِهِ أبَداً یَخافُ البَلاءَ ویَرجُو رَحمَةَ رَبِّهِ.

13. To a believer, this world is his arena, action is his endeavour, death is his gift and Paradise is his prize.

13_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ الدُّنْیا مِضْمارُهُ، والعَمَلُ هِمَّتُهُ، والمَوتُ تُ_حْفَتُهُ، والجَنَّةُ سَبْقَتُهُ.

14. A believer is

p: 90

one who has purified his heart of vileness.

14_ المُؤْمِنُ مَنْ طَهَّرَ قَلْبَهُ مِنَ الدَنِیَّةِ(الریبَةِ).

15. A believer is one whose affair is near, whose sorrow is distant, whose silence is much and whose actions are sincere.

15_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ قَریبٌ أمْرُهُ، بَعیدٌ هَمُّهُ، کَثیرٌ صَمْتُه، خالِصٌ عَمَلُهُ.

16. A believer is eager in [his] obedience [to Allah] and refrains from what is forbidden.

16_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ عَلَی الطَّاعاتِ حَریصٌ، وعَنِ المَحارِمِ عَفٌّ.

17. The soul of a believer is firmer than a hard rock while he is [himself] humbler than a slave.

17_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ نَفْسُهُ أصْلَبُ مِنَ الصَّلْدِ، وهُوَ أذَلُّ مِنَ العَبْدِ.

18. When a believer observes, he takes lesson; and when he is quiet, he contemplates; and when he speaks, he remembers [Allah]; and when he is given, he is grateful; and when he undergoes hardship, he is patient.

18_ اَلمؤمِنُ إذا نَظَرَ اعْتَبَ_رَ، وإذا سَکَتَ تَفَکَرَّ، وإذا تَکَلَّمَ ذَکَرَ، وَإذا اُعْطِیَ شَکَرَ، وإذَا ابْتُِلیَ صَبَ_رَ.

19. When a believer is admonished, he restrains himself; and when he is warned, he becomes cautious; and when he is shown an example, he learns [from it]; and when he is reminded, he remembers; and when he is oppressed, he forgives.

19_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ إذا وُعِظَ اِزْدَجَرَ، وإذا حُذِّرَ حَذِرَ، وإذا عُبِّرَ اِعْتَب_َرَ، وإذا ذُکِّرَ ذَکَّرَ، وإذا اُظْلِمَ غَفَرَ.

20. The persistence of a believer is [in] his renunciation [of worldly pleasures], his interest is [in] his religiosity, his dignity is [in] his contentment and his striving is for his Hereafter. His good deeds are many, his status is elevated and he has managed [to gain]

p: 91

his freedom and salvation.

20_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ دَأْبُهُ زِهادَتُهُ، وَهَمُّهُ دِیانَتُهُ، وعِزُّهُ قَناعَتُهُ، وجِدُّهُ لآخِرَتِهِ، قَد کَثُرَتْ حَسَناتُهُ، وعَلَتْ دَرَجاتُهُ، وشَارَفَ خَلاصَهُ ونَجاتَهُ.

21. A believer looks at this world with eyes that derive lesson, and consumes from it only what is necessary, and hears in it with ears of hatred and enmity [towards it].

21_ اَلمُؤمِنُ یَنْظُرُ إلَی الدُّنیا بِعَیْنِ الإعتِبارِ، ویَقْتاتُ فیها بِبَطْنِ الإضْطِرارِ، ویَسْمَعُ فیها بِأُذُنِ المَقْتِ والإبْغاضِ.

22. The believers blame themselves and are fearful of their past mistakes; they detest this world, eagerly yearn for the Hereafter and hasten towards [acts of] obedience.

22_ اَلمُؤمنونَ لأنْفُسِهِمْ مُتَّهِمُونَ، ومِنْ فارِطِ زَلَلِهِمْ وَجِلُونَ، ولِلدُّنْیا عائِفُونَ، وإلَی الآخِرَةِ مُشْتاقُونَ، وإلَی الطّاعاتِ مُسارِعُونَ.

23. A believer is one who bears with the harm that people inflict [on him] but nobody is ever harmed by him.

23_ المُؤْمِنُ مَنْ تَحَمَّلَ أذَی النَّاسِ، ولایَتَأذّی أحَدٌ بِهِ.

24. The believer is one who safeguards his Hereafter by [sacrificing] his world, while the vicious is one who safeguards his world by [sacrificing] his Hereafter.

24_ اَلمُؤمِنُ مَنْ وَقی دینَهُ بِدُنْیاهُ، والفاجِرُ مَنْ وَقی دُنْیاهُ بدِینهِِ.

25. A believer is faithful to himself and struggles against his vain desires and feelings.

25_ اَلمُؤمِنُ أمینٌ عَلی نَفْسِهِ، مُغالِبٌ (مُجاهِدٌ) لِهَواهُ وحِسِّهِ.

26. Be careful of the opinions of believers, for Allah, the Glorified, effectuates the truth through their tongues.

26_ إتَّقُوا ظُنُونَ المُؤمِنینَ، فَإنَّ اللّهَ سُبْحانَهُ أجْرَی الحقَّ علی ألْسِنَتِهِمْ.

27. The most honourable of believers is the most sagacious of them.

27_ أشرَفُ المُؤْمِنینَ أکْثَرُهُمْ کَیْساً.

28. The best of believers in terms of belief is the one whose taking, giving,

p: 92

anger and pleasure are all for [the sake of] Allah.

28_ أفضلُ المُؤْمِنینَ إیماناً مَنْ کانَ لِلّهِ أخذُهُ، وعَطاهُ، وسَخَطُهُ، وَرِضاهُ.

29. Believers are indeed compassionate.(1)

29_ إنَّ المُؤْمِنینَ مُشْفِقُونَ.

30. Verily believers are afraid [of displeasing Allah].

30_ إنَّ المُؤْمِنینَ وَجِلُونَ.

31. Indeed the cheerfulness of a believer is in his face, his strength is in his religion and his sorrow is in his heart.

31_ إنَّ بِشْرَ المُؤمِنِ فی وَجْهِهِ، وقُوَّتَهُ فی دینِهِ، وحُزْنَهُ فی قَلْبِهِ.

32. Verily a believer feels ashamed if an act which goes against his faith is committed by him.

32_ إنَّ المُؤْمِنَ لَیَسْتَحْیی إذا مَضی لَهُ عَمَلٌ فی غَیرِ ما عُقِدَ عَلَیْهِ ایمانُهُ.

33. The goal of a believer is Paradise.

33_ غایَةُ المُؤْمِنِ الجَنَّةُ.

34. The needlessness of a believer is through [his reliance on] Allah, the Glorified.

34_ غِنَی المُؤمِنِ بِاللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ.

35. He (the believer) has enlivened his intellect, killed his lust, obeyed his Lord and disobeyed his lower-self.

35_ قَدْ أحْیا عَقْلَهُ، وأماتَ شَهْوَتَهُ، وأطاعَ رَبَّهُ وعَصی نَفْسَهُ.

36. How many a believer has succeeded through patience and thinking positively.

36_ کَمْ مِنْ مُؤمِن فازَ بِهِ الصَّبْرُ، وحُسْنُ الظَّنِّ.

37. Be a pious, contented and modest believer.

37_ کُنْ مُؤمِناً، تَقِیّاً، مُتَقَنِّعاً، عَفیفاً.

38. A believer has a perfect intellect, a pleasing leniency, an inclination towards good deeds and an aversion towards bad deeds.

38_ لِلْمُؤْمِنِ عَقْلٌ وَفِیٌّ، وحِلْمٌ مَرْضِیٌّ، ورَغْبَةٌ فِی الحَسَناتِ، وفِرارٌ مِنَ السَّیِّئاتِ.

39. A believer has three times: a time for whispering to his Lord, a time for assessing himself (or in another narration: a time for making arrangements for his livelihood) and a time when he

p: 93

1- Or, if taken in the context of Q70:27 and other similar verses, this could be translated as: Believers are indeed apprehensive [of the punishment of Allah].

freely enjoys himself with what is lawful and pleasant.

39_ لِلْمُؤْمِنِ ثلاثُ ساعات، ساعَةٌ یُناجی فیها رَبَّهُ، وساعَةٌ یُحاسِبُ فیها نَفْسَهُ، (وساعَةٌ یَرُمُّ فیها مَعاشَهُ) وساعَةٌ یُخَلّی بَینَ نَفْسِهِ ولَذَّتِها فیما یَحِلُّ ویَجْمُلُ.

40. The faith of a believer is not perfected until he deems comfort to be a trial and affliction to be a blessing.

40_ لایَکْمُلُ إیمانُ المُؤْمِنِ حَتّی یَعُدَّ الرَّخاءَ فِتْنَةً، والبَلاءَ نِعْمَةً.

41. A believer is never found to be envious, malevolent or miserly.

41_ لایُلْفَی المُؤمِنُ حَسُوداً، ولاحَقُوداً، ولابَخیلاً.

42. A believer is never anything other than forbearing and merciful.

42_ لایَکونُ المُؤْمِنُ إلاَّ حَلیماً، رَحیماً.

43. It behoves a believer to feel ashamed if the thought of disobedience crosses his mind.

43_ یَنْبَغی لِلْمُؤْمِنِ أنْ یَسْتَحییَ إذَا اتَّصَلَتْ لَهُ فِکْرَةٌ فی غَیرِ طاعَة.

44. It behoves a believer to remain obedient and to cover himself with piety and contentment.

44_ یَنْبَغی لِلْمُؤْمِنِ أنْ یَلْزَمَ الطَّاعَةَ، ویَلْتَحِفَ الوَرَعَ والقَناعَةَ.

45. A believer is tested with affliction just like the purity of gold and silver is tested with fire.

45_ یُمْتَحَنُ المُؤْمِنُ بِالبَلاءِ، کَما یُمْتَحَنُ بِالنّارِ اَلخِلاصُ.

46. There are three signs of a believer: truthfulness, certitude and [having] short hopes.

46_ لِلْمُؤْمِنِ ثَلاثُ عَلامات: الصِّدْقُ، والیَقینُ، وقَصْرُ الأمَلِ.

47. A believer is never found to be anything but content.

47_ لَنْ یُلْقَی المُؤْمِنُ إلاّ قانِعاً.

48. He who is not concerned about improving his Hereafter is not a believer.


_ لَیْسَ بِمُؤمِن مَنْ لَمْ یَهْتَمَّ بإصْ

49. If I were to strike the nose of a believer to make him hate me he would still not hate me, and if I were to bestow the

p: 94

whole world to a hypocrite to make him love me he would still not love me.

49_ لَو ضَرَبْتُ خَیْشُومَ المُؤْمِنِ علی أنْ یُبْغِضَنی ما أبْغَضَنی، وَلَو صَبَبْتُ الدُّنیا بِجُمْلَتِها عَلَی المُنافِقِ علی أنْ یُحِبَّنی ما أحَبَّنی.

50. One who believes is safe.

50_ مَنْ آمَنَ أمِنَ.

51. One who believes increases his certitude.

51_ مَنْ یُؤمِنْ یَزْدَدْ یَقیناً.

52. One who believes in Allah seeks [help and] protection from Him.

52_ مَنْ آمَنَ بِاللّهِ لَجَ_أَ إلَیْهِ.

53. A believer has not [truly] believed until he comprehends.

53_ ما آمَنَ المُؤْمِنُ حتّی عَقَلَ.

54. The example of a believer is like that of citronella, both its taste and its fragrance are pleasant.

54_ مَثَلُ المُؤْمِنِ کَالاُتْرُجَّةِ طَیِّبٌ طَعْمُها وریحُها.

55. One who purifies his faith is guided.

55_ هُدِیَ مَنْ أخْلَصَ إیمانَهُ.

56. The concern of a believer is for his Hereafter, and all his efforts are for his place of [final] return.

56_ هَمُّ المُؤمِنِ لآِخِرَتِهِ، وکُلُّ جِدِّهِ لِمُنْقَلَبِهِ.

57. A believer is never satiated while his brother is hungry.

57_ لایَشْبَعُ المُؤْمِنُ وأخُوهُ جایعٌ.

58. A believer never falls short of forbearance and never gets anxious when faced with difficulty.

58_ لایُقَصِّرُ المُؤْمِنُ عَنْ احْتِمال، ولا یَجزَعُ لِرَزِیَّة.

59. A man does not become a [true] believer until he is no longer concerned about what [food] will end his pangs of hunger and which of his two attires he will wear.

59_ لایَکونُ الرَّجُلُ مُؤْمِناً حتّی لایُبالیَ بِماذا أسَدَّ فَوْرَةَ جُوعِهِ، ولابِأیِّ ثَوبَیْهِ ابْتَذَلَ.

60. The cheerfulness of a believer is in his face and his sorrow is in his heart. He has the broadest chest (i.e. has great patience,

p: 95

knowledge and virtue) and is most humble in spirit. He hates high position and dislikes renown. His grief is long, his sorrow is distant, his silence is much and his time is occupied. He is grateful and patient, submerged in his thoughts [about the Hereafter], sparing in his friendship, easy going and of soft temperament. He is firmer than a hard rock but humbler than a slave.

60_ بِشْرُ المُؤْمِنِ فی وَجْهِهِ، وحُزْنُهُ فی قَلْبِهِ، أوْسَعُ شَیْء صَدْراً، وأذَلُّ شَیْء نَفْساً، یَکْرَهُ الرِّفْعةَ، ویَشْنَأُ السُّمْعَةَ، طَویلٌ غَمُّهُ، بَعیدٌ هَمُّهُ، کَثیرٌ صَمْتُهُ، مَشْغُولٌ وَقْتُهُ، صَبُورٌ شَکُورٌ، مَغْمُورٌ بِفِکْرَتِهِ، ضَنینٌ بِخُلَّتِهِ، سَهْلُ الخلیقَةِ، لَیِّ_نُ العَریکَةِ، نَفْسُهُ أصْلَبُ مِنَ الصُّلْدِ، وهُوَ أذَلُّ مِنَ العَبْدِ.

61. The beauty of a believer’s face is from the special favour of Allah on him.

61_ حُسْنُ وَجْهِ المُؤمِنِ مِنْ حُسْنِ عِنایَةِ اللّهِ بِهِ.

62. Verily the certitude of a believer is seen in his actions and the doubt of a hypocrite is seen in his actions.

62_ إنَّ المُؤْمِنَ یُری یَقینُهُ فی عَمَلِهِ وإنَّ المُنافِقَ یُری شَکُّهُ فی عَمَلِهِ.

63. A believer is sagacious and intelligent.

63_ اَلمُؤمنُ کَیِّسٌ، عاقِلٌ.

64. A believer is free from perversion and dissension.

64_ المُؤْمِنُ مُنَزَّهٌ عَنِ الزَّیغِ والشِّقاقِ.

65. A believer is penitent, repentant and remorseful.

65_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ مُنیبٌ، مُسْتَغْفِرٌ، تَوَّابٌ.

66. The nature of a believer is [being] sincere and his trait is suppressing anger.

66_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ غَریزَتُهُ النُّصْحُ، وسَجِیَّتُهُ الکَظْمُ.

67. The believers are such that their good deeds are expected and people are safe from their evil.

67_ اَلمُؤمِنُونَ خَیْراتُ_هُمْ مَأمُولَةٌ، وشُرُورُهُمْ مَأمُونَةٌ.

68. The fear of a believer is in his heart

p: 96

and his repentance is in his admission.

68_ تَقِیَّةُ المُؤْمِنِ فی قَلْبِهِ، وتَوْبَتُهُ فِی اعْتِرافِهِ.

69. Three things are adornments for believers: fear of Allah, truthful speech and returning trusts [to their rightful owners].

69_ ثَلاثٌ هُنَّ زَیْنُ المُؤْمِنِ: تَقْوَی اللّهِ، وصِدْقُ الحَدیثِ، وأداءُ الأمانَةِ.

70. The beauty of a believer is his piety.

70_ جَمالُ المُؤمِنِ وَرَعُهُ.

71. The joy of a believer is in the obedience of his Lord, and his sorrow is due to his sin.

71_ سُرُورُ المُؤْمِنِ بِطاعَةِ رَبِّهِ، وحُزْنُهُ علی ذَنْبِهِ.

72. The integrity of a believer is in his keeping away from what is forbidden and hastening towards virtues.

72_ طَرْفُ المُؤْمِنِ نَزاهَتُهُ عَنِ المَحارِمِ، ومُبادِرَتُهُ إلَی المَکارِمِ.

73. A believer is easy going, polite, approachable and reliable.

73_ ألمُؤْمِنُ هَیِّ_نٌ لَیِّنٌ، سَهْلٌ، مُؤتَمَنٌ.

74. A believer makes few mistakes and does plenty of work.

74_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ قَلیلُ الزَّلَلِ، کَثیرُ العَمَلِ.

75. The demeanour of a believer is characterized by moderation and his conduct is upright.

75_ المُؤمِنُ سیرَتُهُ القَصْدُ، وسُنَّتُهُ الرُّشدُ.

76. A believer loathes idle play and likes to work hard.

76_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ یَعافُ اللَّهْوَ، وَیَألِفُ الجِدَّ.

77. When the soul of a believer ascends to the heavens, the angels are amazed and say: It is incredible how he was saved from a place where the best of us(1) got corrupted.

77_ إذا صَعَدَتْ رُوحُ المُؤْمِنِ إلَی السَّماءِتَعَجَّبَتِ المَلائِکَةُ وقالَتْ عَجَباً کَیْفَ نَجا مِنْ دار فَسَدَ فیها خِیارُنا.

78. A believer is sorrowful in his thoughts [about himself], sparing in his friendship.

78_ اَلمُؤمِنُ مَغْمُومٌ بِفِکْرَتِهِ، ضَنینٌ بِخُلَّتِهِ.

79. A believer has a mild disposition and is easy going.

79_ اَلمُؤمِنُ لَیِّنُ العَریکَةِ، سَهْلُ

p: 97

1- Other copies have ‘the best of them’ – and this seems to be more correct.


80. A believer does not oppress [anyone] and eschews sin.

80_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ لایَظْلِمُ، وَلایَتَأثَّمُ.

81. A believer is fair to the one who is unfair to him.

81_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ یُنْصِفُ مَنْ لا یُنْصِفُهُ.

82. A believer is affectionate, endearing and compassionate.

82_ المُؤْمِنُ آلِفٌ، مألُوفٌ، مُتَعَطِّفٌ.

83. Indeed believers are approachable and soft-hearted.

83_ إنَّ المُؤْمنینَ هَیْنُونَ، لَیْنُونَ.

84. Believers are indeed virtuous.

84_ إنَّ المُؤْمِنینَ مُحْسِنُونَ.

85. Indeed believers are fearful [of Allah].

85_ إنَّ المُؤْمِنینَ خائِفُونَ.

86. A believer is [gauged] by his actions.

86_ اَلمُؤْمِنُ بِعَمَلِهِ.

87. Believers possess more intelligence [than others].

87_ اَلمُؤمِنُونَ أعْظَمُ أحْلاماً.

The Human Being

The Human Being الإنسان

1. The human being is [distinguished] by his intellect.

1_ اَلإنسانُ بِعَقْلِهِ.

2. The uprightness of a human being is in controlling the tongue and doing good deeds.

2_ صَلاحُ الإنسانِ فی حَبْسِ اللِّسانِ وبَذْلِ الإحسانِ.

3. He (‘a) said about the one whom he censured: He does not anticipate any misfortune and does not humble himself in piety. He does not know the door of guidance so as to go towards it, nor [does he know] the door of perdition so as to turn away from it.

3_ وَقالَ _ علیه السّلام _ فی وَصفِ مَنْ ذَمَّهُ: لایَحْسِبُ رَزِیَّةً، ولا یَخْشَعُ تَقِیَّةً، لا یَعْرِفُ بابَ الهُدی، فَیَتَّبِعَهُ ولا بابَ الرَّدی فَیَصُدَّ عَنْهُ.

Intimacy With Allah

Intimacy with Allah الأُنس باللّه

1. The fruit of intimacy with Allah is keeping aloof from the people.

1_ ثَمَرةُ الأُنسِ بِاللّهِ الاسْتیحاشُ مِنَ النَّاسِ.

2. How can one become intimate with Allah when he has not separated himself from the creation?

2_ کَیفَ یَأنَسُ بِاللّهِ مَنْ لا یَسْتَوْحِشُ مِنَ الخَلْقِ؟

3. One who is intimate with

p: 98

Allah keeps aloof from the people.

3_ مَنْ اَنِسَ باللّهِ اِسْتَوحَشَ مِنَ النَّاسِ.

4. One who keeps aloof from the people, becomes intimate with Allah, the Glorified.

4_ مَنِ اسْتَوحَشَ عَنِ النَّاسِ أَنِسَ بِاللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ.


Intimacy الأُنس

1. The comfort of security is removed by the anxiety of loneliness and the apprehension of fear disturbs the familiarity of society.

1_ اُنسُ الأمْنِ تُذْهِبُهُ وَحْشَةُ الوَحْدَةِ، وأُنْسُ الجَماعَةِ یُنَکِّدُهُ وَحْشَةُ المَخافَةِ.

2. Intimacy is in three [people]: A compatible wife, a righteous child and an agreeable brother.

2_ اَلأُنسُ فی ثَلاثَة: اَلزَّوجَةِ المُوافِقَةِ، والوَلَدِ الصَّالِحِ، والأخِ المُوافِقِ.

3. The most deserving of intimacy among the people is the close friend.

3_ أحقُّ النَّاسِ أنْ یُونَسَ بِهِ، اَلوَدُودُ، اَلمألُوفُ.

Deliberateness And Acting Unhurriedly

Deliberateness and Acting Unhurriedly التأنّی والأناة

    1. Acting slowly is praiseworthy in everything except in opportunities for [doing] good.

1_ اَلتُّؤَدَةُ مَمْدُوحَةٌ فی کُلِّ شَیْء إلاّ فی فُرَصِ الخَیْرِ.

    2. Taking time [to ascertain] is better than making haste, except in opportunities for [doing] good.

2_ اَلتَّثَبُّتُ خَیْرٌ مِنَ العَجَلَةِ إلاّ فی فُرَصِ الخَیْرِ(البِرِّ).

    3. Deliberateness is judiciousness.

3_ اَلتَّأنّی حَزْمٌ.

    4. Deliberateness brings about assurance.

4_ التَّأنّی یُوجِبُ الإستِظهارَ.

    5. Deliberateness in action protects against errancy.

5_ اَلتَّأنّیُ فیِ الفِعْلِ یُؤمِنُ الخَطَلَ.

    6. Through deliberateness, matters become easy.

6_ بِالتَّأنّی تَسْهُلُ المَطالِبُ.

    7. Confidence in speech protects from slips and mistakes.

7_ التَثَبُّتُ فی القَوْلِ یُؤمِنُ العِثارَ والزَّلَلَ.

    8. Through deliberateness, means become easy.

8_ بِالتَّأنّی تَسْهَلُ الأسْبابُ.

    9. Slowly! Darkness is disappearing; as though those who had departed have arrived [at their final destination] and those who hasten will soon join.

9_ رُوَیْداً یُسْفِرُ الظَّلامُ، کَأنْ قَدْ

p: 99

وَرَدَتِ الأظْعانُ یُوشِکُ مَنْ أسْ_َرعَ أنْ یَلْحَقَ.

    10. Bind your haste with your deliberateness, your domination with your friendliness and your evil [traits] with your good [ones]. Help the intellect overcome vain desires and you will possess understanding.

10_ صِلْ عَجَلَتَکَ بِتَأنّیکَ، وسَطْوَتَکَ بِرِفْقِکَ، وشَرَّکَ بِخَیْرِکَ، وانْصُرِ العَقْلَ عَلَی الهَوی تَمْلِکِ النُّهی.

    11. You must adopt deliberateness, for indeed one who acts unhurriedly is deserving of success.

11_ عَلَیکَ بِالأناةِ فَإنَّ المُتَأنّی حَرِیٌّ بِالإصابَةِ.

    12. In deliberateness there is [precaution and] assurance.

12_ فِی التَّأنّی إسْتِظْهارٌٌ.

    13. In deliberateness there is safety.

13_ فیِ الأناةِ السَّلامَةُ.

    14. One who acts without haste is saved from mistakes.

14_ مَنْ إتَّأدَ أمِنَ مِنَ الزَّلَلِ.

    15. There is no success for one who has no deliberateness.

15_ لا إصابَةَ لِمَنْ لا أناةَ لَهُ.

    16. Deliberateness is a virtue.

16_ اَلأناةُ حُسْنٌ.

    17. Deliberateness is success.

17_ اَلأناةُ إصابَةٌ.

One Who Acts With Deliberateness

One who Acts with Deliberateness المُتَأَنّی

1. One who acts unhurriedly is deserving of success.

1_ اَلمُتَأَنّی حَرِیٌّ بِالإصابَةِ.

2. The one who acts with deliberateness is successful even if he perishes.

2_ اَلمُتَأَنّی مُصیبٌ وإنْ هَلَکَ.

3. The one who acts without haste is either successful or close to success.

3_ أصابَ مُتَأَنّ أوْ کادَ.

Strengthening Oneself

Strengthening oneself التأیّد

1. Strengthening oneself is [a sign of] judiciousness.

1_ اَلتَّأیُّدُ حَزْمٌ.


Misery البُؤس

1. How close is misery to felicity, and death to life.

1_ ما أقْرَبَ البُؤسُ مِنَ النَّعیمِ، والمَوْتُ مِنَ الحَیاةِ.

Stinginess And Avarice

Stinginess and Avarice البُخل والشُّحُّ

1. Stinginess is one of the two forms of poverty.

1_ البُخْلُ أحَدُ الفَقْرَینِ.

2. Stinginess earns dishonor and makes one enter hellfire.

2_ اَلبُخْلُ یَکْسِبُ

p: 100

العارَ، ویُدْخِلُ النَّارَ.

3. Stinginess in spending from one’s wealth that which Allah, the Glorified, has made obligatory, is the worst type of stinginess.

3_ البُخْلُ بِإخْراجِ مَاافتَرَضَهُ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ مِنَ الأمْوالِ أقْبَحُ البُخلِ.

4. Protect yourselves from vehement miserliness, malice, anger and jealousy and prepare for each of these things a contrivance which you can fight it with, like thinking about the consequence, refraining [from] vice, seeking virtue, improving your Hereafter and espousing forbearance.

4_ اِحْتَِرسُوا مِنْ سَوْرَةِ الجِمْدِ(الحَمد)، والحِقْدِ، والغَضَبِ، والحَسَدِ، وَأعِدُّوا لِکُلِّ شَیْء مِنْ ذلِکَ عُدَّةً تُجاهِدونَهُ بِها مِنَ الفِکْرِ فیِ العاقِبَةِ، ومَنْعِ الرَّذیلَةِ، وطَلَبِ الفَضیلَةِ، وصَلاحِ الآخِرَةِ، ولُزومِ الحِلْمِ.

5. Be wary of stinginess, for it is ignobility and [leads to] vilification.

5_ اِحْذَرُوا البُخْلَ فَإنَّهُ لُؤْمٌ ومَسَبَّةٌ.

6. Be wary of avarice, for verily it brings hate, tarnishes [one’s] good qualities and exposes [one’s] faults.

6_ اِحْذَرُوا الشُّحَّ، فَإنَّهُ یُکْسِبُ المَقْتَ، ویَشِینُ المَحاسِنَ، ویُشیعُ العُیوبَ.

7. I bid you not to adorn yourself with stinginess, for it will disparage you near those who are close to you and will make your hated by your relatives.

7_ إیّاکَ والتَّحَلِّیَ بِالبُخْلِ، فَإنَّهُ یُزری بِکَ عِندَ القَریبِ (الغَریبِ)، وَیُمَقِّتُکَ إلَی النَّسیبِ.

8. I bid you to refrain from avarice, for it is the garment of indigence and the bridle that is used to drive one towards every [type of] vileness.

8_ إیّاک والشُّحَّ فَإنَّهُ جِلبابُ المَسْکَنَةِ، وزِمامٌ یُقادُ بِهِ إلی کُلِّ دِناءَة.

9. I bid you to refrain from stinginess, for the miser is hated by strangers and shunned by those who are close to him.

9_ إیّاکُمْ والبُخلَ، فَإنَّ البَخیلَ یَمْقَتُهُ

p: 101

الغَریبُ، ویَنْفُرُ مِنْهُ القَریبُ.

10. The worst stinginess is withholding money from those who deserve it.

10_ أقْبَحُ البُخْلِ مَنْعُ الأمْوالِ مِنْ مُسْتَحِقِّها.

11. Stinginess is [a form of] poverty.

11_ اَلبُخلُ فَقْرٌ.

12. Avarice leads to vilification.

12_ اَلشُّحُّ مَسَبَّةٌ.

13. Making too many excuses is a sign of stinginess.

13_ کَثْرَةُ التَّعَلُّلِ آیَةُ البُخْلِ.

14. Avarice earns vilification.

14_ اَلشُّحُّ یَکْسِبُ المَسَبَّةَ.

15. Stinginess degrades its possessor.

15_ اَلبُخْلُ یُزْری بِصاحِبِهِ.

16. Stinginess earns condemnation.

16_ اَلبُخْلُ یَکْسِبُ الذَّمَّ.

17. Stinginess gives rise to hatred.

17_ البُخْلُ یُوجِبُ البَغْضاءَ.

18. Stinginess with what is available [in one’s possession] is thinking negatively of God.

18_ اَلبُخْلُ بِالمَوجُودِ سُوءُ الظَّنِّ بِالمَعْبُودِ.

19. Stinginess humiliates its possessor and elevates the one who turns away from it.

19_ اَلبُخْلُ یُذِلُّ مُصاحِبَهُ ویُعِزُّ مُجانِبَهُ.

20. Through stinginess, vilification increases.

20_ بِالبُخْلِ تَ_کْثُرُ المَسَبَّةُ.

21. The worst trait is stinginess.

21_ بِئْسَ الخَلیقَةُ البُخْلُ.

22. Excessive avarice sullies chivalry and spoils brotherhood.

22_ زِیادَةُ الشُّحِّ تَشینُ الفُتُوَّةَ وتُفْسِدُ الاُخُوَّةَ.

23. In avarice there is vilification (and dishonour).

23_ فِی الشُّحِّ المَسَبَّةُ (السَّبَّةُ).

24. Excessive avarice leads to vilification.

24_ کَثْرَةُ الشُّحِّ تُوجِبُ المَسَبَّةَ.

25. If you were to see stinginess in the form of a man, you would have surely seen an ugly, disfigured person.

25_ لَوْ رَأیْتُمُ البُخْلَ رَجُلاً لَرَأیْتُمُوهُ شَخْصاً مُشَوَّهاً.

26. If you were to see stinginess in the form of a man, you would have surely seen a disfigured person, from whom every eye would look away and every heart would turn away.

26_ لَوْ رَأیْتُمُ البُخْلَ رَجُلاً لَرَأیْتُمُوهُ مُشَوَّهاً یُغَضُّ عَنْهُ کُلُّ بَصَر، ویَنْصَرِفُ عَنْهُ کُلُّ قَلْب.

27. One who persists in avarice is deprived of [sincere] advisers.

27_ مَنْ لَزِمَ الشُّحَّ عَدِمَ النَّصیحَ.

28. Avarice

p: 102

is one of the most revolting traits.

28_ مِنْ أقْبَحِ الخَلائِقِ الشُّحُّ.

29. How revolting is stinginess with affluence!

29_ ما أقْبَحَ البُخْلَ مَعَ الإکْثارِ.

30. How revolting is stinginess by those who possess nobility.

30_ ما أقْبَحَ البُخْلَ بِذَوِی النُّبْلِ.

31. Nothing brings down the wrath of Allah like stinginess.

31_ مَا اجْتُلِبَ سَخَطُ اللّهِ بِمِثْْلِ البُخلِ.

32. The honourable do not flee from death the way they flee from stinginess and the company of the wicked.

32_ ما فِرارُ الکِرامِ مِنَ الحِمامِ کَفِرارِهِمْ مِنَ البُخلِ ومُقارَنَةِ اللِّئامِ.

33. There is no vilification like avarice.

33_ لا مَسَبَّةَ کالشُّحِّ.

34. There is no alienation like avarice.

34_ لا غُرْبَةَ کالشُّحِّ.

35. There is no magnanimity with avarice.

35_ لا مُرُوَّةَ مَعَ شُحّ.

36. There is no evil trait worse than avarice.

36_ لا سَوْأةَ أسْوَأُ مِنَ الشُّحِّ.

37. There is no evil trait worse than stinginess

37_ لا سَوْأةَ أسْوَءُ مِنَ البُخْلِ.

The Miser And The Avaricious

The Miser and the Avaricious البخیل والشَّحیح

1. A miser is stingy towards himself with little of his worldly possessions and leaves all the rest for his heirs.

1_ البَخیلُ یَبْخَلُ علی نَفْسِهِ بِالیَسیرِ مِنْ دُنیاهُ، ویَسْمَحُ لِوُرَّاثهِ بِکُلِّها.

2. A miser gives up of more of his honour than what he holds of his possessions and loses multiple times more of his religion than what he saves of his property.

2_ اَلبَخیلُ یَسْمَحُ مِنْ عِرْضِهِ بِأکثَرَ مِمّا أمْسَکَ مِنْ عَرَضِهِ، ویُضَیِّعُ مِنْ دینِهِ أضعافَ ما حَفِظَ مِنْ نَشَبِهِ.

3. The farthest of creatures from Allah, the Exalted, is the wealthy miser.

3_ أبْعَدُ الخلائِقِ مِنَ اللّهِ تعالی اَلبَخیلُ الغَنِیُّ.

4. The most miserly with his possessions is the most generous with

p: 103

his honour.

4_ أبْخَلُ النَّاسِ بِعَرَضِهِ أسْخاهُمْ بِعِرْضِهِ.

5. The most miserly of all people is the one who is stingy to himself with his wealth, and [eventually] leaves it behind for his heirs.

5_ أبْخَلُ النَّاسِ مَنْ بَخِلَ علی نَفْسِهِ بِمالِهِ، وخَلَّفَهُ لِوُرّاثهِِ.

6. The miser is dispraised, the envious is disheartened.

6_ البَخیلُ مَذْمُومٌ، اَلْحَسُودُ مَغْمُومٌ.

7. The miser is a treasurer for his heirs.

7_ اَلبَخیلُ خازِنٌ لِوَرَثَتِهِ.

8. A miser hastens poverty.

8_ البَخیلُ مُتَعَجِّلُ الفَقْرِ.

9. A miser is always disgraced.

9_ اَلبَخیلُ أبَداً ذَلیلٌ.

10. A miser always comes up with excuses and pretexts.

10_ اَلبَخیلُ مُتَحَجِّجٌ (مُتَبََجِّجٌ) بِالمعاذیرِ والتَّعالِیلِ.

11. A miser is abased among those who are dear to him.

11_ اَلبَخیلُ ذَلیلٌ بَیْنَ أعِزَّتِهِ.

12. I am amazed at the wretched miser who rushes towards the poverty that is fleeing him and loses the wealth that is seeking him; he lives a life of poverty in this world and is called to account with the reckoning of the wealthy in the Hereafter.

12_ عَجِبْتُ لِلْشَّقِیِّ البَخیلِ یَتَعَجَّلُ الفَقْرَ الَّذی مِنْهُ هَرَبَ ویَفُوتُهُ الغِنی الَّذی إیّاهُ طَلَبَ فَیَعیشُ فِی الدُّنیا عَیْشَ الفُقَراءِ ویُحاسَبُ فِی الآخِرَةِ حِسابَ الأغْنیاءِ.

13. The avaricious has no friend.

13_ لَیْسَ لِشَحیح رَفیقٌ.

14. The miser has no close friend.

14_ لَیْسَ لِبَخیل حَبیبٌ.

15. He who is stingy to himself with his wealth is not successful and leaves behind his possessions for others.

15_ لَمْ یُوفَّقْ مَنْ بَخِلَ عَلی نَفْسِهِ بِخَیْرِهِ وخَلَّفَ مالَهُ لِغَیْرِهِ.

16. One who withholds his hand out of fear of poverty has [actually] hastened poverty.

16_ مَنْ قَبَضَ یَدَهُ مَخافَةَ الفَقْرِ فَقَدْ تَعَجَّلَ الفَقْرَ.

17. One who is stingy

p: 104

with his wealth is abased.

17_ مَنْ بَخِلَ بِمالِهِ ذَلَّ.

18. One who is miserly with that which he does not [even] possess, has exceeded in meanness.

18_ مَنْ بَخِلَ بِما لا یَمْلِکُهُ فَقَدْ بالَغَ فیِ الرَّذیلَةِ (بالرَّذیلة).

19. One who withholds his hand from [spending on] his family has only held back one hand from them but caused many hands to be withheld by them [against him].

19_ مَنْ یَقْبِضْ یَدَهُ عَنْ عَشیرَتِهِ، فَإنَّما یَقْبِضُ یَداً واحِداً عَنْهُمْ، ویَقْبِضُ عَنْهُ أیْدیَ کَثیرَةً مِنْهُمْ.

20. One who is stingy with his wealth towards himself, is generous with it to his wife’s [next] husband.

20_ مَنْ بَخِلَ بِمالِهِ علی نَفْسِهِ جادَ بِهِ علی بَعْلِ عِرْسِهِ.

21. He who is stingy to the one who needs what he possesses, Allah’s wrath upon him increases.

21_ مَنْ بَخِلَ علَی المُحْتاجِ بِما لَدَیْهِ کَثُرَ سَخَطُ اللّهِ علَیْهِ.

22. He who is stingy with his favours has not fastened his faith [and made it firm].

22_ ما عَقَدَ إیمانَهُ مَنْ بَخِ_لَ بإحْسانِهِ.

23. He who is stingy with his favours is not intelligent.

23_ ما عَقَلَ مَنْ بَخِلَ بِإحسانِهِ.

24. While passing by some filth in a cesspit, he (‘a) said: This is what you were competing for yesterday. And in another narration, he said: This is what the misers were stingy with.

24_ وقال _ علیه السّلام _: وَقَدْ مَرَّ بِقَذِر عَلی مَزْبَلَة: هذا ما کُنْتُمْ (عَلَیْهِ بالأمْسِ تَتَنافَسُونَ) تَتَنافَسُونَ فیهِ بِالأمْسِ وفی خبر آخر أنَّهُ قال: هذا ما بَخِلَ بِهِ الباخِلُونَ.

25. Woe to the miser who hastens towards the poverty which has fled from him and abandons the

p: 105

wealth that has sought him.

25_ وَیْحَ البَخیلِ المُتَعَجِّلِ الفَقْرَ الَّذی مِنهُ هَرَبَ، والتَّارِکِ الغِنَی الَّذی إیَّاهُ طَلَبَ.

26. Do not be stingy by acting tightfistedly; and do not waste by acting extravagantly.

26_ لاتَبْخَلْ فَتُقَتِّ_رَ ولا تُسْرِفْ فَتُفْرِطَ.

27. There is no magnanimity in a miser.

27_ لامُرُوَّةَ لِبَخیل.

28. Nothing holds back wealth except stinginess, and a miser is blameworthy and liable for punishment.

28_ لایُبْقِی المالَ إلاَّ البُخْلُ، والبَخیلُ مُعاقَبٌ مَلُومٌ.

29. A miser is rebuked in this world, and punished and chastised in the Hereafter.

29_ اَلباخِلُ فیِ الدُّنیا مَذْمُومٌ، وفیِ الآخِرَةِ مُعَذَّبٌ مَلُومٌ.

Taking The Initiative

Taking the Initiative المبادرة

1. Take the initiative to act, belie [false] hope and recall death.

1_ بادِرُوا العَمَلَ، وأکْذِبُوا الأمَلَ، ولاحِظُوا الأجَلَ.

2. Take the initiative to act and fear the suddenness of death, [then] you will realize the greatest hope.

2_ بادِرُوا العَمَلَ(الأمَل)، وخَافُوا بَغْتَةَ الأجَلِ، تُدْرِکُوا أفْضَلَ الأمَلِ.

3. Hasten towards [virtuous] actions before old age disables you.

3_ بادِرُوا بِالعَمَلِ عُمْراً ناکِساً.

4. Hasten towards [virtuous] actions before debilitating illness or sudden death [overtakes you].

4_ بادِروا بِالعَمَلِ مَرَضاً حابِساً، وَمَوْتاً خالِساً.

5. Hasten towards virtue, for verily virtuous deeds are an opportunity [to secure your Hereafter].

5_ بادِرِ البِرَّ فَإنَّ أعْمالَ البِرِّ فُرْصَةٌ.

6. Take the initiative to perform good deeds [now] while the neck is free from the noose and the spirit is unfettered.

6_ بادِرُوا صالِحَ الأعْمالِ والخَناقُ مُهْمَلٌ والرُّوحُ مُرْسَلٌ.

7. Take the initiative in your youth before your old age and in your health before your illness.

7_ بادِرْ شَبابَکَ قَبْلَ هَرَمِکَ، وصِحَّتَکَ قَبْلَ سُقْمِکَ.

8. Take the initiative in your affluence before your poverty and

p: 106

while you are alive before your death.

8_ بادِرْ غِناکَ قَبْلَ فَقْرِکَ، وحَیوتَکَ قَبْلَ مَوْتِکَ.

9. Take the initiative while the rest of your life is before you, and you have the ability to act by volition(1), and have the opportunity of repentance, and the possibility of abrogating your misdeeds.

9_ بادِرُوا فی مَهَلِ البَقِیَّةِ، وأنْفِ المَشیَّةِ، وانْتِظارِ التَّوبَةِ، وانْفِساخِ الحَوبَةِ.

10. Hasten to act while the bodies are healthy, the tongues are untied, the [cry of] repentance is heard and the deeds are accepted.

10_ بادِرُوا والأبْدانُ صَحیحَةٌ، والألْسُنُ مُطْلَقَةٌ، والتَّوبَةُ مَسْمُوعَةٌ، وَالأعْمالُ مَقْبُولَةٌ.

11. Hasten to act before [you are seized with] the seizing of the all-Powerful, the Omnipotent.

11_ بادِرُوا قَبْلَ أخْذَةِ العَزیزِ المُقْتَدِرِ.

12. Hasten to act before the narrowness and constriction [of the grave].

12_ بادِرُوا قَبْلَ الضَّنْکِ والمَضیقِ.

13. Hasten to act before the terror [of death] and the departure of your soul [from your body].

13_ بادِرُوا قَبْلَ الرَّوعِ والزُّهُوقِ.

14. Hasten towards good deeds before your deaths, and purchase what will remain for you [in the Hereafter] with what will depart from you [of this world].

14_ بادِروُا آجالَکُمْ بِأعْمالِکُمْ، وابتاعُوا ما یَبْقی لَکُمْ بِما یَزُولُ عَنْکُمْ.

15. Hasten [to do good] with your wealth before your deaths come upon you, so that it may purify you, set you aright and bring you closer [to Allah].

15_ بادِرُوا بِأمْوالِکُمْ قَبلَ حُلُولِ آجالِکُمْ تُزَکِّکُمْ وتُصْلِحْکُمْ وَتُزْلِفْکُمْ.

16. Hasten towards obedience [to Allah] and you will be felicitous.

16_ بادِرِ (باکِر) الطَّاعَةَ تَسْعَدْ.

17. Hasten towards good and you will be guided.

17_ بادِرِ الخَیْرَ تَرْشُدْ.

18. Hasten [to do good] before the coming

p: 107

1- Also translated: the first available opportunity when the intention is made.

of the hidden awaited one.

18_ بادِرُوا قَبْلَ قُدُومِ الغائبِ المُنْتَظَرِ.

19. Anticipate death and its throes, prepare for it before its arrival and get ready for it before it descends.

19_ بادِرُوا المَوْتَ وغَمَراتِهِ، ومَهِّدُوا لَهُ قَبْلَ حُلُولِهِ وأعِدُّوا لَهُ قَبْلَ نُزولِهِ.

20. Hasten [to act] in the period of guidance and repose of the bodies, and in your remaining lifetime, and while you have the ability to act by volition.

20_ بادِرُوا فی فَیْنَةِ الإرْشادِ، وراحَةِ الأجسادِ، ومَهَلِ البَقِیَّةِ، وأنْفِ المَشِیَّةِ.

21. Hasten in performing your good deeds and compete with your deaths, for you will be compensated for what you sent forward, rewarded for what you did beforehand and held accountable for what you left behind.

21_ بادِرُوا أعْمالَکُمْ، وسابِقُوا آجالَکُمْ، فَإنَّکُمْ مَدینُونَ بِما أسْلَفْتُمْ، وَمُجازَوْنَ بِما قَدَّمْتُمْ، ومُطالَبُونَ بِما خَلَّفْتُمْ.

22. Surpass your hope and anticipate the assault of death, for people are on the verge of having their hopes cut short and being surprised by death.

22_ بادِرُوا الأمَلَ، وسابِقُوا هُجومَ الأجَلِ، فَإنَّ النَّاسَ یُوشِکُ أنْ یَنْقَطِعَ بِهِمُ الأمَلُ، فَیَرْهَقُهُمُ الأجَلُ.

23. Hurry to take advantage of opportunity before it becomes [a cause of] distress.

23_ بادِرِ الفُرْصَةَ قَبْلَ أنْ تَ_کُونَ غُصَّةً.

24. Blessed is the one who hastens to perform good deeds before his means are cut short.

24_ طُوبی لِمَنْ بادَرَ صالِحَ العَمَلِ قَبْلَ أنْ تَنْقَطِعَ أسْبابُهُ.

25. Blessed is he who anticipates death, takes advantage of respite and prepares the provision of good deeds [for the Hereafter].

25_ طُوبی لِمَنْ بادَرَ الأجَلَ، واغْتَنَمَ المَهَلَ، وتَزَوَّدَ مِنَ العَمَلِ.

Cold Weather

Cold Weather البرد

1. Be cautious of the cold [of

p: 108

winter] at its onset and embrace it towards its ending, for it acts upon the bodies as it acts upon the branches its beginning scorches and its end causes leaves to grow.

1_ تَوَقُّو البَرْدَ فی أوَّلِهِ، وتَلَقَّوْهُ فی آخِرهِ، فَإنَّهُ یَفْعَلُ بِالأبْدانِ کَما یَفْعَلُ فِی الأغصانِ، أوَّلُهُ یُحْرِقُ، وآخِرُهُ یُورِقُ.

Righteousness And Those Who Prevent It

Righteousness and Those Who prevent it البَ_رُّ والبِ_رُّ ومن منعه

1. The righteous act is an action that reforms.

1_ اَلبِرُّ عَمَلٌ مُصْلِحٌ.

2. The righteous act is a good deed.

2_ اَلبِرُّ عَمَلٌ صالِحٌ.

3. Righteousness is the prize of the judicious.

3_ اَلْبِرُّ غَنیمَةُ الحازِمِ.

4. Righteousness is the quickest in acquiring reward.

4_ اَلبِ_رُّ أعْجَلُ شَیْء مَثُوبَةً.

5. Through righteousness the free man is owned.

5_ بِالبُ_ِرِّ یُمْلَکُ الحُرُّ.

6. Hastening to perform righteous acts increases [one’s] righteousness.

6_ تَعجِیلُ البِرِّ زیادَةٌ فِی البِرِّ.

7. The best benefaction is that which reaches the free.

7_ خَیْرُ البِرِّ ما وَصَلَ إلَی الأحْرارِ.

8. The best righteous act is that which reaches the needy.

8_ خَیْرُ البِرِّ ما وَصَلَ إلَی المُحْتاجِ.

9. In every righteous act there is gratitude.

9_ فی کُلِّ بِرّ شُکْرٌ.

10. One who prevents righteousness is deprived of gratitude.

10_ مَنْ مَنَعَ بِرّاً مُنِعَ شُکْراً.

11. Whoever extends his righteousness, his renown spreads.

11_ مَنْ بَذَلَ بِرَّهُ إنْتَشَرَ ذِکْرُهُ.

12. One whose righteousness is close [at hand], his reputation goes far [and wide].

12_ مَنْ قَرُبَ بِرُّهُ بَعُدَ صیتُهُ.

13. One who follows up one good act with another good act and bears the offences of his brothers and neighbours has perfected [his] virtue.

13_ مَنْ أتْبَعَ الإحسانَ بِالإحسانِ، واحتَمَلَ جِنایاتِ الإخْوانِ والجیرانِ، فَقَد أکْمَلَ البِرَّ.

14. One who is miserly

p: 109

towards you with his cheerfulness will not be generous with his righteousness.

14_ مَنْ بَخِلَ عَلَیْکَ بِبِشْرِهِ لَمْ یَسْمَحْ بِبِرِّهِ.

15. One of the best righteous acts is being kind to the orphans.

15_ مِنْ أفْضَلِ البِرِّ بِرُّ الأیتامِ.

16. With righteousness, mercy flows forth abundantly.

16_ مَعَ البِرِّ تَدِرُّ الرَّحْمَةُ.

17. The righteous tongue rejects the foolishness of the ignorant.

17_ لِسانُ البَرِّیَأبی سَفَهَ الجُهّالِ.

18. One whose righteousness increases is praised.

18_ مَنْ کَثُرَ بِرُّهُ حُمِدَ.

19. Urging the self towards altruism is from the qualities of the righteous.

19_ مِنْ شِیَمِ الأبْرارِ حَمْلُ النُّفُوسِ عَلَی الإیثارِ.


Insistence الإبرام

1. One who insists [too much] makes others fed up of him.

1_ مَنْ أبْرَمَ سُئِمَ.

The Innocent

The Innocent البَریء

1. The innocent one is healthy, the suspicious one is sick.

1_ اَلبَریءُ صَحیحٌ، وَالمُریبُ عَلیلٌ.

2. The innocent one is fearless.

2_ البَریءُ جَریءٌ.

3. How courageous the innocent one is and how timid is the suspicious one!

3_ ما أشْجَعَ البَریءُ وأجْبَنَ المُریبُ.

4. No one is more courageous than an innocent person.

4_ لا أشْجَعَ مِنْ بَریء.

5. Every innocent one is well.

5_ کُلُّ بَریء صَحیحٌ.

Being Cheerful And Smiling

Being Cheerful and smiling البِشْر، البَشاشة وطِلاقَةُ الوَجْه

1. Cheerfulness is one of the two forms of hospitality.

1_ البَشاشَةُ أحَدُ القَرائَیْنِ.

2. Cheerfulness is [a form of] kindness.

2_ اَلبَشاشَةُ إحْسانٌ.

3. Cheerfulness is a trap for [ensnaring] affection.

3_ اَلبَشاشَةُ حِبالَةُ المَوَدَّةِ.

4. Adopt cheerfulness for it is indeed a trap for [ensnaring] affection.

4_ عَلَیکَ بِالبَشاشَةِ فَإنَّهُ حِبالَةُ المَوَدَّةِ.

5. There is no cheerfulness with annoyance.

5_ لابَشاشَةَ مَعَ إبْرام.

6. Cheerfulness cools down the fire of opposition.

6_ اَلبِشْرُ یُطْفِئُ نارَ المُعانَدَةِ.

7. Cheerfulness is the first gift [that

p: 110

can be given].

7_ اَلبِشْرُ أوَّلُ النَّوالِ.

8. Cheerfulness is the trait of the free.

8_ اَلبِشْرُ شیمَةُ الحُرِّ.

9. Cheerfulness makes companions affable.

9_ اَلبِشْرُ یُوْنِسُ الرِّفاقَ.

10. Cheerfulness renders goodness without any expense.

10_ اَلبِشْرُ إسْداءُ الصَّنیعَةِ بِغَیْرِ مَؤُنَة.

11. By cheerfulness and keeping a smiling face, the act of giving becomes virtuous.

11_ بِالبِشْرِ وبَسْطِ الوَجْهِ یَحْسُنُ مَوْقِعُ البَذْلِ.

12. Your cheerfulness is your first righteous act and your promise is your first gift.

12_ بِشْ_رُکَ أوَّلُ بِرِّکَ ووَعْدُکَ أوَّلُ عَطائِکَ.

13. Your cheerfulness shows the nobility of your soul and your humility points to your righteous character.

13_ بِشرُکَ یَدُلُّ علی کَرَمِ نَفْسِکَ، وتَواضُعُکَ یُنْبِئُ عَنْ شریفِ خُلْقِکَ.

14. Being cheerful is the first gift and the easiest [form of] generosity.

14_ حُسْنُ البِشرِ أوَّلُ العَطاءِ، وأسْهَلُ السَّخاءِ.

15. Cheerfulness is one of the two glad tidings.

15_ حُسْنُ البِشْر أحَدُ البِشارَتَیْنِ.

16. Cheerfulness is the disposition of all those who are [truly] free.

16_ حُسْنُ البِشْرِ شیمَةُ کُلِّ حُرّ.

17. Being cheerful is one of the signs of success.

17_ حُسْنُ البِشْرِ مِنْ عَلائِمِ النَّجاحِ.

18. The cause of affection is cheerfulness.

18_ سَبَبُ المَحَبَّةِ ألبِشْرُ.

19. Smiling with cheerfulness, [practicing] benevolence, [performing] righteous actions and bestowing greetings invites the love of the people.

19_ طِلاقَةُ الوَجهِ بِالبِشرِ والعَطیَّةِ وفِعْلِ البِرِّ وبَذْلِ التَّحیَّةِ داع إلی مََحَبَّةِ البَریَّةِ.

20. Increased cheerfulness is a sign of benevolence.

20_ کَثْرَةُ البِشرِ آیَةُ البَذْلِ.

21. A cheerful face is better than a serious, frowning face.

21_ وَجْهٌ مُسْتَبْشِرٌ خَیْرٌ مِنْ قَطْوب مُؤثِر.

22. Cheerfulness is one of the two gifts.

22_ اَلبِشْرُ أحَدُ العَطائَیْنِ.

23. Cheerfulness is a delightful countenance and a radiant disposition.

23_ اَلبِشْرُ مَنْظَرٌ مُونِقٌ،وَ خُلْقٌ مُشْرِقٌ.

24. Cheerfulness is

p: 111

kindness, frowning is meanness.

24_ اَلبِشرُ مَبَرَّةٌ، العُبُوسُ مَعَرَّةٌ.

25. Cheerfulness is the beginning of righteousness.

25_ اَلبِشرُ أوَّلُ البِرِّ.

26. Keeping a cheerful face is a trait of the free.

26_ الطَّلاقَةُ شیمَةُ الحُرِّ.

27. Cheerfulness is the first gift.

27_ اَلبِشرُ أوَّلُ النّائِلِ.

Sight, Observation And Insight

Sight, Observation and Insight البصر والنظر والبصیر والبصیرة

1. Where are the eyes that glance at the [illuminated] signposts of piety?

1_ أیْنَ الأبصارُ اللامِحَةُ مَنارَ التَّقْوی؟

2. The most observant person is one who sees his own faults and refrains from his sins.

2_ أبْصَرُ النَّاسِ مَنْ أبْصَرَ عُیُوبَهُ، وأقْلَعَ عَنْ ذُنُوبِهِ.

3. [It is narrated that at one time some people looked at a passing woman with lust, at which point the Imam (‘a) said:] Verily the eyes of these virile males are covetous and this glancing is the cause of their lust. Whenever any of you sees a woman whom he finds attractive, he should go to his wife, because she [too] is a woman like her.

3_ إنَّ أبصارَ هذِهِ الفُحُولِ طوامِحُ، وهُوَ سَبَبُ هَبابِها، فإذا نَظَرَ أحَدُکُمْ إلَی امْرَأة فَأعْجَبَتْهُ، فَلْیَمُسَّ أهْلَهُ. فَإنَّما هیَ امْرأةٌ بِامْرَأة.

4. Indeed the perceptive person is one who listens and then ponders, sees then reflects, and derives benefit from examples.

4_ إنَّما البَصیرُ مَنْ سَمِعَ فَفَکَّرَ، ونظَرَ فَأبْصَرَ، وانْتَفَعَ بِالعِبرِ.

5. It is through observation [and reflection] that lessons are learned.

5_ بِالإسْتِبْصارِ یَحصُلُ الإعتِبارُ.

6. The loss of eyesight is better than the blinding of insight.

6_ ذَهابُ البَصَرِ خَیْ_رٌ مِنْ عَمَی البَصیرَةِ.

7. Loss of vision is better than looking at something that causes temptation.

7_ ذَهابُ النَّظَرِ خَیْرٌ مِنَ النَّ_ظَرِ إلی

p: 112

ما یُوجِبُ الفِتْنَةَ.

8. Sometimes the one who can see [also] loses his way.

8_ رُبَّما أخْطَأ البَصیرُ رُشْدَهُ.

9. Loss of eyesight is easier than loss of insight.

9_ فَقْدُ البَصََ_رِأهْوَنُ مِنْ فِقْدانِ البَصیرَةِ.

10. One who has lost his sight makes wrong judgments.

10_ فاقِدُ البَصَرِ فاسِدُ النَّظَرِ.

11. Indeed the secrets have been revealed for people of insight.

11_ قَدِ انْجابَتْ السَّرائِرُ لأهْلِ البَصائِ_رِ.

12. You are shown if you observe, made to hear if you listen, and guided if you seek guidance.

12_ لَقَدْ بُصِّرْتُمْ إنْ أبْصَرْتُمْ، واُسْمِعْتُمْ إنْ سَمِعْتُمْ، وهُدیتُمْ إنِاهتَدَیْتُمْ.

13. Whoever reflects with astuteness, wisdom gets established for him and he understands the lesson [of the past].

13_ مَنْ تَبَصَّ_رَ فیِ الفِطْنَةِ ثَبَتَتْ لَهُ الحِکْمَةُ وعَرِفَ العِبْرَةَ.

14. Eyesight is of no benefit if insight is blinded.

14_ نَظَرُ البَصَرِ لایُجدی إذا عَمِیَتِ البَصیرَةُ.

15. One who does not ponder has no insight.

15_ لابَصیرَةَ لِمَنْ لا فِکْرَ لَهُ.

16. The glance is a pathfinder of infatuations.

16_ اَللَّحْظُ رائِدُ الفِتَنِ.

17. Many a passion is aroused by a [single] glance.

17_ رُبَّ صَبابَة غُرِسَتْ مِنْ لَحْظَة.

18. The blinding of sight is better than a lot of gazing [at what is forbidden].

18_ عَمَی البَصَرِ خَیْرٌ مِنْ کَثیر مِنَ النَّظَرِ.

19. How many a passion has been aroused from a [single] glance!

19_ کَمْ مِنْ صَبابَة اکْتُسِبَتْ مِنْ لَحْظَة.

20. How many gazes have led to regret!

20_ کَمْ مِنْ نَظْرَة جَلَبَتْ حَسْرَةً.

21. A person’s glance is the scout of his heart.

21_ لَحْظُ الإنسانِ رائِدُ قَلْبِهِ.

22. One who glances [everywhere] freely, his regret increases.

22_ مَنْ أطْلَقَ طَرْفَهُ کَثُرَ أسَفُُهُ.

23. Vision is not attained by sight [alone], for sight

p: 113

can fool its possessor.

23_ لَیْسَ الرُّؤْیَةُ مَعَ الأبْصارِ، قَدْ تَکْذِبُ الأبْصارُ أهْلَها.


Wantonness البَطَرْ

1. Wantonness takes away blessings and brings chastisement.

1_ اَلبَطَرُ یَسْلُبُ النِّعْمَةَ، ویَجْلِبُ النِّقْمَةَ.

Falsehood And Assisting It

Falsehood and assisting it الباطل والتعاون علیه

1. One who is pleased with the action of a group is like one who participates in it with them, and for everyone who participates in falsehood there are two sins: the sin of being pleased with it and the sin of acting upon it.

1_ الرَّاضی بِفِعْلِ قَوْم کالدَّاخِلِ فیهِ مَعَهُمْ، ولِکُلِّ داخِل فی باطِل إثمانِ: إثْمُ الرِّضا بِهِ، وإثمُ العَمَلِ بِهِ.

2. Falsehood is the opposer of truth.

2_ الباطِلُ مُضادُّ الحَقِّ.

3. Falsehood is a deceptive beguiler.

3_ اَلباطِلُ غَرُورٌ خادِعٌ.

4. Falsehood is the weakest supporter.

4_ اَلباطِلُ أضْعَفُ نَصیر.

5. Falsehood [is like a mount that] makes its rider stumble.

5_ اَلباطِلُ یَزِلُّ بِراکِبِهِ.

6. Falsehoods hurl one into deviations.

6_ اَلأباطیلُ مُوقِعَةٌ فیِ الأضالیلِ.

7. Collaborating in support of falsehood is vileness and treachery.

7_ اَلتَّظافُرُ عَلی نَصْرِ الباطِلِ لُؤْمٌ وخیانَةٌ.

8. Oppose the one who opposes the truth for falsehood; and leave him and that which he has chosen for himself.

8_ خالِفْ مَنْ خالَفَ الحَقَّ إلی غَیْرِهِ، وَدَعْهُ، وَما رَضیَ لِنَفْسِهِ.

9. Seeking assistance in support of falsehood is a serious offence and an act of treachery.

9_ طَلَبُ التَّعاوُنِ علی نُصْرَةِ الباطِلِ جنِایَةٌ وخیانَةٌ.

10. One who helps falsehood has oppressed the truth.

10_ ظَلَمَ الحَقَّ مَنْ نَصَرَ الباطِلَ.

11. How can one separate from falsehood when he has not attached [himself] to the truth?

11_ کَیفَ یَنْفَصِلُ عَنِ الباطِلِ مَنْ لَمْ یَتَّصِلْ بِالحَقِّ؟!

12. Falsehood has a

p: 114

[fixed] circuit.

12_ لِلباطِلِ جَوْلَةٌ.

13. There is no joy in a flash of lightening for one who is immersed in darkness.

13_ لَیْسَ فیِ البَرْقِ اللاَّمِعِ مُسْتَمْتَعٌ لِمَنْ یَخُوضُ الظُّلْمَةَ.

14. One who embarks on falsehood, regrets.

14_ مَنْ رَکِبَ الباطِلَ نَدِمَ.

15. One whose falsehood increases, his truth will never be accepted.

15_ مَنْ کَثُرَ باطِلُهُ لَمْ یُتَّبَعْ حَقُّهُ.

16. One who rides on falsehood, his mount will destroy him.

16_ مَنْ رَکِبَ الباطِلَ أهْلَکَهُ مَرْکَبُهُ.

17. One who embarks on falsehood, his feet will slip.

17_ مَنْ رَکِبَ الباطِلَ زَلَّ قَدَمُهُ.

18. One whose goal is falsehood will not perceive the truth even if it is more manifest than the sun.

18_ مَنْ کانَ غَرَضُهُ الباطِلَ لَمْ یُدْرِکِ الحقَّ ولَوْ کانَ أشْهَرَ مِنَ الشَّمسِ.

19. One who supports falsehood, regrets.

19_ مَنْ نَصَرَ الباطِلَ نَدِمَ.

20. How ugly falsehood is!

20_ ما أقْبَحَ الباطِلَ.

21. The one who employs falsehood is chastised and condemned.

21_ مُسْتَعْمِلُ الباطِلِ مُعَذَّبٌ مَلُومٌ.

22. One who resorts to falsehood does not become powerful.

22_ لایَعِزُّ مَنْ لَجَأ إلَی الباطِلِ.

The Falsifier

The Falsifier المبطل

1. The aim of the falsifier is [to cause] corruption.

1_ غَرَضُ المُبْطِلِ الفَسادُ.

The Stomach And The Private Parts

The Stomach and the Private Parts البطنُ والفرج

1. Protect your stomach and your private parts from what is forbidden.

1_ إحْفَظْ بَطْنَکَ وفَرْجَکَ مِنَ الحَرامِ.

2. Protect your stomach and your private parts, for in these two lie your trials [and afflictions].

2_ إحْفَظْ بَطْنَکَ وفَرْجَکَ فَفیهِما فِتنَتُکَ.

3. A man’s stomach is his enemy.

3_ بَطْنُ المَرْءِ عَدُّوُهُ.

4. How far is goodness from the one whose efforts are [solely] for his stomach and private parts!

4_ ما أبْعَدَ الخَیرَ مِمَّنْ هِمَّتُهُ

p: 115

بَطْنُهُ وفَرْجُهُ.

5. The most detested servant in the sight of Allah, the Glorified, is the one whose concern (and effort) is [solely] for his stomach and his private parts.

5_ أمْقَتُ العِبادِ إلَی اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ مَنْ کانَ هَمُّهُ (هِمَّتُهُ) بَطْنُهُ وَفَرْجُهُ.

Early Rising

Early rising المباکرة

1. Wake up early [in the morning] for there is blessing in early rising; and consult each other, for success is in consultation.

1_ باکِرُوا فَالبَرَکَةُ فیِ المُباکَرَةِ، وشاوِرُوا فَالنُّجْحُ فیِ المُشاوَرَةِ.


Weeping البکاء

1. Weeping out of fear of Allah, because of being far from Allah, is the worship of the cognizant.

1_ اَلبُکاءُ مِنْ خیفَةِ اللّهِ لِلْبُعْدِ عَنِ اللّهِ عِبادةُ العارِفینَ.

2. Weeping out of the fear of Allah illuminates the heart and protects [one] from repetition of sin.

2_ اَلبُکاءُ مِنْ خَشیَةِ اللّهِ یُنیرُ القَلبَ ویَعْصِمُ مِنْ مُعاوَدَةِ الذَّنْبِ.

3. Weeping out of the fear of Allah is the key to [divine] mercy.

3_ اَلبُکاءُ مِنْ خَشْیَةِ اللّهِ مِفْتاحُ الرَّحمَةِ.

4. Weeping is the trait of the soft-hearted [and those who fear Allah].

4_ البُکاءُ سَجِیَّةُ المُشْفِقینَ.

5. By weeping out of the fear of Allah, sins get purified.

5_ بِالبُکاءِ مِنْ خَشیَةِ اللّهِ تُمَحَّصُ الذُّنُوبُ.

6. The weeping of a servant out of the fear of Allah clears away his sins.

6_ بُکاءُ العَبْدِ مِنْ خَشیَةِ اللّهِ یُمَحِّصُ ذُنُوبَهُ.

7. Blessed is the one who is granted success in his worship and weeps because of his sins.

7_ طُوبی لِمَنْ وُفِّقَ لِطاعَتِهِ، وبَکی علی خَطیئَتِهِ.

Countries And Homelands

Countries and Homelands البِلاد والأوطان

1. The worst of countries is the country in which there is neither peace nor productivity.

1_ شَ_رُّ

p: 116

البِلادِ بَلَدٌ لا أمْنَ فیهِ وَلا خِصْبَ.

2. The worst homelands are those in which the inhabitants are not safe.

2_ شَ_رُّ الأوطانِ ما لَمْ یَأمَنْ (لایأمَنُ) فیهِ القُطَّانُ.

3. There is no country (or city) that has a greater right over you than another; the best country is the one that bears you.

3_ لَیْسَ بَلَدٌ أحَقُّ البِلادِ بِکَ مِنْ بَلَد، خَیْرُ البِلادِ ما حَمَلَکَ.


Eloquence البلاغة

1. Eloquence is that which is easy on speech and light on reasoning.(1)

1_ البَلاغَةُ ما سَهُلَ علَی الم_َنْطِقِ وخَفَّ عَلَی الفِطْنَةِ.

2. Eloquence is to reply without hesitation and [to speak] correctly, without making mistakes.

2_ اَلبَلاغَةُ أنْ تُجِیبَ فلا تُبْطِئَ وتُصیبَ فَلا تُخْطِئَ.

3. Conciseness can be enough of an eloquence.

3_ قَدْ یُکْتَفی مِن البَلاغَةِ بِالإیجازِ.

4. One who undertakes the rending and mending of speech has attained eloquence.

4_ مَنْ قامَ بِفَتْقِ القَولِ ورَتْقِهِ فَقَدْ حازَ البَلاغَةَ.

5. The tools of rhetoric are: an intelligent mind and an eloquent tongue.

5_ آلَةُ(آیة) البَلاغةِ: قَلْبٌ عَقُولٌ، ولِسانٌ قائِلٌ.

6. Sometimes even the eloquent one is left speechless.

6_ رُبَّما اُرْتِجَ عَلَی الفَصیحِ الجَوابُ.


Attention المبالات

1. One whose attention reduces is [taken unawares and] thrown down.

1_ مَنْ قَلَّتْ مُبالاتُهُ صُرعَ.

The Umayyads

The Umayyads بنو اُمیّة

1. While recalling the [rule of the] Umayyads (he said): It is the spittle from the deliciousness of [this temporary] life; they [shall] taste it for a short while and then spit it all out.

1_ فی ذِکرِ بَنی اُمَیَّةَ: هِیَ مُجاجَةٌ مِنْ لَذیدِ العَیْشِ، یَتَطَعَّمُونَها بُرْهَةً، وَیَلْفَظُونَها جُمْلَةً.

Quadrupeds And Predators

Quadrupeds and Predators البهائم والسّباع

1. Verily the [only] concern of quadrupeds

p: 117

1- Meaning: eloquence is that which is easily spoken and easily understood.

(i.e. animals with four legs) is their stomachs.

1_ إنَّ البَهائِمَ هَمُّها بُطُونُها.

2. Indeed the [only] concern of predators is attacking other animals.

2_ إنَّ السِّباعَ هَمُّها العُدْوانُ علی غَیْرِها.

Fabricating Lies

Fabricating Lies البَهت

1. There is no shamelessness like fabricating lies.

1_ لا قِحَةَ کالبَهْتِ.

The House Of Allah

The House of Allah بیت اللّه

1. Visiting the House of Allah is a safeguard against the torment of hellfire.

1_ زِیارَةُ بَیْتِ اللّهِ أمْنٌ مِنْ عَذابِ جَهَنَّمَ.

The Treasury

The Treasury بیت المال

1. Verily this wealth is not for me or you, rather it belongs to the Muslims and [is] for obtaining their weapons [of defence]; so if you participate in their war [with them] then you are a partner in it, otherwise that which their hands have acquired cannot be for other than their [own] consumption.

1_ إنَّ هذا المالَ لَیسَ لی ولالَکَ، وإنَّما هُوَ لِلْمُسلِمینَ، وجَلْبُ أسیافِهمْ، فَإنْ شَرَکْتَهُمْ فی حَرْبِهِم شَ_رَکْتَهُمْ فیه، وإلاّ فَجَنا أیْدیهِمْ، لا یَکُونُ لِغَیرِ أفْواهِهِمْ.

Trade And Business With Allah

Trade and Business with Allah التجارة والتجارة مع اللّه

1. Do business with Allah and you will profit.

1_ تاجِرِ اللّهَ تَربَحْ.

2. Whoever does business with Allah, profits.

2_ مَنْ تاجَرَ اللّهَ رَبِحَ.

3. One who carries out transactions without knowledge, falls into usury.

3_ مَنِ اتَّجرَ بِغَیرِ عِلْم، فَقَدِ ارْتَطَمَ فیِ الرِّبا.

The Merchant

The Merchant التاجر

1. The merchant puts himself at risk [of doing something that is forbidden].

1_ اَلتَّاجِرُ مُخاطِرٌ.


Earth التُّراب

1. What a good purifier earth is!

1_ نِعْمَ الطَّهُورُ التُّرابُ.

Abandoning For The Sake Of Allah

Abandoning for the Sake of Allah التارک لِلّه

1. One who abandons something for the sake of Allah, the

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Glorified, is granted something better than it by Allah.

1_ مَنْ تَرَکَ لِلّهِ سُبْحانَهُ شَیْئاً عَوَّضَهُ اللّهُ خَیْراً مِمّا تَرَکَ.

Repentance And Returning (To Allah)

Repentance and Returning (To Allah) التوبة والإنابة والتائب

1. Repentance is heartfelt regret, seeking forgiveness with the tongue, abandoning [the sin] with the limbs and a determination never to repeat it again.

1_ اَلتَّوبَةُ نَدَمٌ بِالقَلبِ، واسْتِغْفارٌ بِاللِّسانِ، وَتَرْکٌ بِالجَوارِحِ، وإضمارُ أن لایَعُودَ.

2. Be careful not to make haste in sinning and to delay repentance, thereby making your punishment greater.

2_ إیَّاکَ أنْ تُسْلِفَ المَعْصیَةَ، وتُسَوِّفَ بالتَّوبَةِ، فَتَعْظُمَ لَکَ العُقُوبَةُ.

3. Is there no one who is repentant for his sins before his death comes?

3_ ألا تائِبٌ مِنْ خَطیئَتِهِ قَبْلَ حُضُورِ مَنیَّتِهِ.

4. Repentance is an eraser [of bad deeds].

4_ التَّوْبَةُ مِمْحاةٌ.

5. One who confesses his sins [and feels regret] is repentant.

5_ اَلمُقِرُّ بِالذُّنُوبِ تائِبٌ.

6. Repentance causes [divine] mercy to descend.

6_ اَلتَّوبَةُ تَسْتَنْزِلُ الرَّحْمَةَ.

7. Sincere repentance cancels [one’s] sins.

7_ إخْلاصُ التَّوبَةِ یُسْقِطُ الحَوْبَةَ.

8. Repentance purifies the hearts and washes away sins.

8_ اَلتَّوْبَةُ تُطَهِّرُ القُلُوبَ، وتَغْسِلُ الذُّنُوبَ.

9. Through repentance, sins are purged.

9_ بِالتَّوبَةِ تُمَحَّصُ السَّی_ِّئاتُ.

10. Through repentance, sins are expiated.

10_ بِالتَّوبَةِ تُکَفَّرُ الذُّنُوبُ.

11. The fruit of repentance is correcting the excesses of the self.

11_ ثَمَرَةُ التَّوْبَةِ اسْتِدْراکُ فَوارِطِ النَّفسِ.

12. Sincere repentance erases misdeeds.

12_ حُسْنُ التَّوْبَةِ یَمْحُو الحَوْبَةَ.

13. One who repents [with sincerity] has indeed returned [to Allah].

13_ مَنْ تابَ فَقَدْ أنابَ.

14. One who is granted repentance will not be deprived of its acceptance.

14_ مَنْ اُعْطِیَ التَّوبَةَ لَمْ یُحْرَمِ القَبُولَ.

15. How devastating repentance is for the great crimes [one commits]!

15_ ما أهْدَمَ التَّوبَةَ لِعَظیمِ الجُرْمِ.

16. There is

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no good in this world except for two [types of] people: the person who makes amends for the sins that he commits, through repentance, and the person who struggles against his lower-self in obedience to Allah, the Glorified.

16_ لاخَیرَ فی الدُّنیا إلاّ لأحَدِ رَجُلَینِ: رَجُلٌ أذْنَبَ ذُنُوباً فَهُوَ یَتَدارَکُها بِالتَّوْبَةِ، ورَجُلٌ یُجاهِدُ نَفْسَهُ علی طاعةِ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ.

17. The smallest [amount of] repentance and seeking forgiveness purges sins and repeated misdeeds.

17_ یَسیرُ التَّوبَةِ والاستِغْفارِ یُمَحِّصُ المَعاصِیَ والإصْرارَ.

18. It is by returning [to Allah] that forgiveness is gained.

18_ مَعَ الإنابَةِ ت_َکُونُ المَغْفِرَةُ.

Relying On Allah

Relying on Allah الثقة باللّه

1. The foundation of contentment is complete reliance on Allah.

1_ أصْلُ الرِّضا حُسْنُ الثِّقَةِ بِاللّهِ.

2. Relying on Allah is the strongest hope.

2_ اَلثِّقَةُ بِاللّهِ أقْوی أمَل.


Reward الثواب

1. Acquiring [divine] reward is the best achievement and coming close to Allah is the pinnacle of success.

1_ اِکْتِسابُ الثَّوابِ أفْضلُ الأرْباحِ، والإقْبالُ عَلَی اللّهِ رَأسُ النَّجاحِ.

2. Reward is gained in proportion to the difficulty endured.

2_ اَلثَّوابُ بِالمَشَقَّةِ.

3. There is no gain like divine reward.

3_ لا رِبْحَ کالثَّوابِ.

4. There is no provision [for the Hereafter] like reward [for good deeds].

4_ لاذُخْرَ کالثَّوابِ.


Garments الثوب

1. Raise your garment (i.e. do not let it be too long) for that is purer for you, safer for your heart and more long-lasting on you.

1_ اِرْفَعْ ثَوبَکَ فَإنَّهُ أنْقی لَکَ، وأتْقی لِقَلْبِکَ، وأبْقی عَلَیکَ.

2. Wear that which neither makes you famous nor degrades you.

2_ اِلْبَسْ ما لا تَشْتَهِرُ بِهِ ولا یُزْری بِکَ.


Cowardice الجُبْن

1. Be wary of cowardice for it

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is indeed disgraceful and [is] a deficiency.

1_ اِحْذَروُا الجُبْنَ، فَإنَّهُ عارٌ، ومَنْقَصَةٌ.

2. Cowardice is an affliction and impuissance is feeble-mindedness.

2_ اَلجُبْنُ افَةٌ، اَلْعَجْزُ سَخافَةٌ.

3. Extreme cowardice stems from impuissance of the self and weakness of conviction.

3_ شِدَّةُ الجُبْنِ مِنْ عَجْزِ النَّفْسِ وَضَعْفِ الیَقینِ.

Diligence And Striving

Diligence and Striving الجدُّ والإجتهاد

1. The best striving is that which is accompanied by [divinely granted] success.

1_ خَیْرُ الإجْتِهادِ ما قارَنَهُ التَّوْفیقُ.

2. You must be diligent even if you are not assisted by [good] fortune.

2_ عَلَیْکَ بِالجِدِّ وإنْ لَمْ یُساعِدِ الجَدُّ.

3. One who is diligent becomes fortunate.

3_ قَدْ سَعِدَ مَنْ جَدَّ.

4. Striving has been linked to achievement.

4_ قُرِنَ الإجْتِهادُ بِالوِجْدانِ.

5. One whose diligence becomes weaker, his opponent gets stronger.

5_ مَنْ ضَعُفَ جِدُّهُ قَوِیَ ضِدُّهُ.

6. Whoever embarks upon [any action with] diligence, overpowers his opponent.

6_ مَنْ رَکِبَ جِدَّهُ قَهَرَ ضِدَّهُ.

7. One who employs diligence arrives at his goal.

7_ مَنْ أعْمَلَ اجْتِهادَهُ بَلَغَ مُرادَهُ.

8. One who strives with all his effort arrives at the core of his desired objective.

8_ مَنْ بَذَلَ جُهْدَ طاقَتِهِ بَلَغَ کُنْهَ إرادَتِهِ.

9. Striving is useless without accomplishment.

9_ لایَنْفَعُ اِجْتِهادٌ بِغَیرِ تَحْقیق.

10. Striving is useless without [divinely given] success.

10_ لایَنْفَعُ إجتِهادٌ بِغَیرِ تَوْفیق.


Experience التجربة

1. Experiences don’t end.

1_ التَّجارِبُ لا تَنْقَضی(وَالعاقِلُ مِنْها فی زِیادَة).

2. Experiences are beneficial knowledge.

2_ اَلتَّجارِبُ عِلْمٌ مُسْتَفادٌ.

3. Experience bears the fruit of learning.

3_ اَلتَّجْرِبَةُ تُثْمِرُ الإعْتِبارَ.

4. The fruit of experience is making the right choice.

4_ ثَمَرَةُ التَجْربَةِ حُسْنُ الإخْتِیارِ.

5. Preservation of experiences is the pinnacle of intelligence.

5_ حِفْظُ التَّجارِبِ رَأسُ العَقلِ.

6. The best of what you have experienced is that

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which taught you a lesson.

6_ خَیْرُ ما جَرَّبْتَ ما وَعَظَکَ.

7. In every experience there is an admonition.

7_ فی کُلِّ تَجْرِبَة مَوعِظَةٌ.

8. Experiences suffice as educators.

8_ کَفی بِالتَّجارِبِ مُؤَدِّباً.

9. One who experiences, increases in judiciousness.

9_ مَنْ یُجَرِّبْ یَزْدَدْ حَزْماً.

10. One whose experiences increase, his negligence decreases.

10_ مَنْ کَثُرَتْ تَجْرِبَتُهُ قَلَّتْ غِرَّتُهُ.

11. One who consolidates the experiences [he has had] will be safe from danger.

11_ مَنْ أحْکَمَ التَّجارِبَ سَلِمَ مِنَ المَعاطِبِ.

12. One who discards experiences becomes blind to the consequences [of his actions].

12_ مَنْ غَنِیَ عَنِ التَّجارِبِ عَمِیَ عَنِ العَواقِبِ.

13. Whoever preserves [and learns from his] experiences, his actions become correct.

13_ مَنْ حَفِظَ التَّجارِبَ أصابَتْ أفْعالُهُ.

14. One who lacks experience is [easily] deceived.

14_ مَنْ قَلَّتْ تَجْرِبَتُهُ خُدِعَ.

The Experienced

The Experienced المجرّب

1. The experienced person is more proficient than a doctor [who is inexperienced].

1_ المُجَرِّبُ أحْکَمُ مِنَ الطَّبیبِ.


Anxiety الجزع

1. Anxiety during hardship completes [and enhances] the calamity.

1_ اَلجَزَعُ عِنْدَ البَلاءِ مِنْ تَمامِ المِحْنَةِ.

2. Anxiety during adversity is severer than the adversity itself.

2_ اَلجَزَعُ عِنْدَ المُصیبَةِ أشَدُّ مِنَ المُصیبَةِ.

3. The adversity is one, but if you become anxious it becomes twofold.

3_ اَلمُصیبَةُ واحِدَةٌ، وإنْ جَزَعَتْ صارَتْ اِثْنَ_تَیْنِ.

4. Adversity [endured] with patience is the better of the two adversities.

4_ اَلمُصیبَةُ بِالصَّبْرِ أعْظَمُ المُصیبَتَیْنِ.

5. Anxiety does not ward off destiny, rather it blocks recompense.

5_ اَلجَزَعُ لایَدْفَعُ القَدَرَ ولکِنْ یُح_ْبِطُ الأجْرَ.

6. Anxiety during adversity increases it whereas patience ends it.

6_ اَلجَزَعُ عِنْدَ المُصیبَةِ یَزیدُها، والصَّبْرُ عَلَیْها یُبیدُها.

7. Overcome anxiety with patience, for anxiety voids recompense and magnifies the calamity.

7_ إغْلِبُوا الجَزَعَ بِالصَّبْرِ، فإنَّ الجَزَعَ یَحبِطُ

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الأجرَ، ویُعَظِّمُ الفَجیعَةَ.

8. Anxiety is [a cause of] destruction.

8_ اَلجَزَعُ هَلاکٌ.

9. Anxiety is one of the assistants of the [difficult] time.

9_ اَلجَزَعُ مِنْ أعوانِ الزَّمانِ.

10. Anxiety magnifies the calamity.

10_ اَلجَزَعُ یُعَظِّمُ المِحْنَةَ.

11. Anxiety is more exhausting than patience.

11_ اَلجَزَعُ أتْعَبُ مِنَ الصَّبْرِ.

12. If you are [one who gets] anxious about all that has escaped from your hands, then be anxious about what has not reached you.

12_ إنْ کُنْتَ جازِعاً علی کُلِّ ما یَفْلِتُ مِنْ یَدَیْکَ فَاجْزَعْ علی مالَمْ یَصِلْ إلَیکَ.

13. With excessive anxiety, the calamity is magnified.

13_ بِکَثْرَةِ الجَزَعِ تَعْظُمُ الفَجیعَةُ.

14. Counter anxiety with patience.

14_ ضادُّوا الجَزَعَ بِالصَّبْرِ.

15. There is no recompense with anxiety.

15_ لَیْسَ مَعَ الجَزَعِ مَثُوبَةٌ.

16. Whoever becomes anxious, his adversity increases.

16_ مَنْ جَزَعَ عَظُمَتْ مُصیبَتُهُ.

17. One who is overcome by anxiety is deprived of the merit of patience.

17_ مَنْ ملَکَهُ الجَزَعُ حُرِمَ فَضیلَةَ الصَّبرِ.

18. One who becomes anxious has tormented himself, neglected the command of Allah, the Glorified, and sold off his reward.

18_ مَنْ جَزَعَ فَنَفْسَهُ عَذَّبَ، وأمْرَ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ أضاعَ، وثَوابَهُ باعَ.

19. Do not get anxious in the [face of] little that you dislike for it will put you in a lot of what you dislike.

19_ لاتَجزَعُوا مِنْ قَلیلِ ماأکْرَهَکُمْ (کَرِهْتُم)، فَیُوقِعَکُمْ ذلِکَ فی کَثیر مِمّا تَ_کْرَهُونَ.

20. Patience and anxiety do not go together.

20_ لا تَجْتَمِعُ الصَّبْرُ والجَزَعُ.

Requital And Reward

Requital and Reward المجازاة والجزاء

1. One who believes in [divine] requital does not choose [to do] anything but good.

1_ مَنْ صَدَّقَ بِالمُجازاةِ لَمْ یُؤْثِرْ غَیْرَ الحُسْنی.

2. One who is certain about requital does not choose [to do]

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anything but good.

2_ مَنْ أیْقَنَ بِالمُجازاةِ لَ_مْ یُؤثِرْ غَیْ_رَ الحُسْنی.

3. The reward is proportionate to the tribulation [endured].

3_ عَلی قَدْرِ البَلاءِ یَکُونُ الجَزاءُ.

4. The grant [of reward] from Allah is proportionate to the [sincerity of] intention.

4_ علی قَدْرِ النِّیَّةِ تَ_کُونُ مِنَ اللّهِ العَطِیَّةُ.

5. One who is not certain of the recompense [for actions], doubt has corrupted his certitude.

5_ مَنْ لَمْ یُوقِنْ بِالجَزاءِ أفْسَدَ الشَّکُّ یَقینَهُ.

6. Never make haste in reacting harshly and never be quick to punish when there is an alternative, for this causes depletion of the faith and brings closer the transformations [of blessing into calamity].

6_ لاتُسْرِعَنَّ إلی بادِرَة ولا تُعَجِّلَنَّ بِعُقُوبَة وَجَدْتَ عَنْها مَنْدُوحَةً فَإنَّ ذلِکَ مَنْهَکَةٌ لِلدّینِ مُقَرِّبٌ مِنَ الغِیَ_رِ.

7. The quickest punishment is the punishment for transgression.

7_ إنَّ أعْجَلَ العُقُوبَةِ عُقُوبَةُ البَغْیِ.

8. Verily Allah, the Glorified, has ordained punishment for committing sins against Him in order to save His servants from His chastisement.

8_ إنَّ اللّهَ سُبْحانَهُ قَدْ وَضَعَ العِقابَ عَلی مَعاصِیهِ ذِیادَةً لِعِبادِهِ عَنْ نَقِمَتِهِ.

9. The punishment of noble ones is better than the forgiveness of the vile ones.

9_ عُقُوبَةُ الکِرامِ أحْسَنُ مِنْ عَفْوِ اللِّئامِ.

10. The punishment of the hot tempered, spiteful and jealous people starts from [within] themselves.

10_ عُقُوبَةُ الغَضُوبِ والحَقُودِ والحَسُودِ تُبْدَءُ بِأنْفُسِهِمْ.

11. The punishment of the intelligent is [in the form of] insinuation.

11_ عُقُوبَةُ العُقَلاءِ التَّلْویحُ.

12. The punishment of the ignorant is [in the form of open] declaration.

12_ عُقُوبَةُ الجُهَلاءِ التَّصْریحُ.

13. There is no protector for one who is sought by Allah [for punishment].

13_ لَیْسَ لِمَنْ طَلَبَهُ اللّهُ مُجیرٌ.

14. Whoever punishes the

p: 124

one who is apologetic has committed a grave injustice.

14_ مَنْ عاقَبَ مُعْتَذِراً عَظُمَتْ إساءَتُهُ.

15. One who punishes [a person] for [having committed] an offence has no merit.(1)

15_ مَنْ عاقَبَ بِالذَّنْبِ فَلا فَضْلَ لَهُ.

16. Not every sinner deserves to be punished.

16_ ما کُلُّ مُذْنِب یُعاقَبُ.

17. How repulsive is punishment [that is meted out] despite apology.

17_ ما أقْبَحَ العُقُوبَةَ مَعَ الاِعْتِذارِ.

The Body

The Body الجسد والأجسام

1. Serving the body is granting it whatever it seeks of pleasures and desires and what it covets, but in [all] this is the destruction of the soul.

1_ خِدْمَةُ الجَسَدِ إعْطاؤُهُ ما یَسْتَدْعیهِ مِنَ المَلاذِّ والشَّهَواتِ والمُقْتَنَیاتِ وَفی ذلِکَ هِلاکُ النَّفسِ.

2. Physical health is one of the most wholesome bounties.

2_ صِحَّةُ الأجْسامِ مِنْ أهْنَاِ الأقسامِ.

3. How can one be deceived by the health of a body that is prone to malady?

3_ کَیفَ یُغْتَرُّ بِسَلامَةِ جِسْم مُعَرَّض للآفاتِ.


Antipathy الجفاء

1. Beware of antipathy, for it corrupts brotherhood and makes one despised by Allah and the people.

1_ إیّاکَ والجَفاءَ، فَإنَّهُ یُفْسِدُ الإخاءَ، ویُمَقِّتُ إلَی اللّهِ والنّاسِ.

2. Antipathy is a disgrace and sinning is [a cause of] destruction.

2_ الجَفاءُ شَیْ_نٌ، اَلمَعْصِیَةُ حَیْنٌ.

3. Antipathy spoils brotherhood.

3_ اَلجَفاءُ یُفْسِدُ الإخاءَ.


Loftiness الجَلالة

1. When acts of kindness increase and forbearance becomes strong, loftiness is attained.

1_ عِنْدَ کَثْرَةِ الإفْضالِ وشِدَّةِ الإحْتِمالِ تَتَحَقَّقُ الجَلالةُ.


Intercourse الجِماعُ

1. He (‘a) was asked about intercourse, so he said: [It is] shame that is lifted, loins that are joined and the closest thing to insanity. Persistence in it makes one senile and revival from it brings

p: 125

1- Rather, the merit is in forgiving.

regret. When lawful, its fruit is a son who, if he lives, subjects [one] to trial and if he dies, causes sadness.

1_ سُئِلَ _ علیه السّلام _ عنِ الجِماعِ، فقال: حَیاءٌ یُرْتَفَعُ، وعَوْراتٌ تَجْتَمِعُ، أشبَهُ شَْیء بِالجُنُونِ، اَلإصرارُ عَلَیْهِ هَرَمٌ، والإفاقَةُ مِنْهُ نَدَمٌ، ثَمَرَةُ حَلالِهِ الوَلَدُ، إنْ عاشَ فَتَنَ، وإنْ ماتَ حَزَنَ..


Beauty الجمال

1. External beauty is [in possessing] good looks.

1_ اَلجَمالُ الظّاهِرُ حُسْنُ الصُّورَةِ.

2. Internal beauty is [in possessing] a good heart.

2_ اَلجَمالُ الباطِنُ حُسْنُ السَّریرَةِ.

3. The beauty of a man is his clemency.

3_ جَمالُ الرَّجُلِ حِلْمُهُ.

4. The beauty of a man is dignity.

4_ جَمالُ الرَّجُلِ الوَقارُ.

5. Beauty of the freeman is [in] keeping away from dishonour.

5_ جَمالُ الحُرِّ تَجَنُّبُ العارِ.

6. The purity of beauty is [in] chastity.

6_ زَکوةُ الجَمالِ العَفافُ.

The Beautiful

The Beautiful الجمیل

1. One whose beautiful actions increase, the people unite in elevating him.

1_ مَنْ کَثُرَ جَمیلُهُ أجمَعَ النّاسُ علی تَفْضیلِهِ.


Grooming التّجمّل

1. Grooming oneself is an apparent [form of] magnanimity.

1_ التَّجَمُّلُ مُرُوءَةٌ ظاهِرَةٌ.

2. Self-grooming is a characteristic of the believers.

2_ اَلتَّجَمُلُ مِنْ أخْلاقِ المُؤمِنینَ.


Moderation المجمل

    1. Not everyone who is moderate in seeking [his livelihood] is deprived.(1)

1_ لَیْسَ کُلُّ مُجْمِل بِمَحْرُوم.

Paradise And The People Of Paradise

Paradise and the People of Paradise الجنَّةُ وأهل الجنّة

1. Paradise is the best place of return and hellfire is the worst place of residence.

1_ الجَنَّةُ خَیْرُ مَآل، والنّارُ شَرُّ مَقیل.

2. Indeed, I have not seen any place whose seeker is in slumber like Paradise and any place whose fleer is in slumber like hellfire.

2_ ألا وإنّی لَمْ أرَ کَالجَنَّةِ نامَ

p: 126

1- This is half of a sentence from letter no. 31 of Nahj al-Balāgha.

طالِبُها، ولا کالنَّارِ نامَ هارِبُها.

3. Verily the people of Paradise constitute all the believers who are easygoing and gentle.

3_ إنَّ أهلَ الجَنَّةِ کُلُّ مُؤْمِن هَین لَیْن.

4. Verily Allah, the Exalted, makes whomever He wishes, from those of his servants who posses sincere intentions and righteous hearts, enter Paradise.

4_ إنَّ اللّهَ تعالی یُدْخِلُ بِحُسْنِ النِّیَّةِ وصالِحِ السَّریرَةِ مَنْ یَشاءُ مِنْ عِبادِهِ الجَنَّةَ.

5. Paradise is the abode of peace.

5_ اَلجَنَّةُ دارُ الأمانِ.

6. If you must be desirous of something, then be desirous of a Paradise, the span of which covers the heavens and the earth.

6_ إنْ کُنْتُمْ راغِبینَ لامُحالَةَ، فَارْغَبُوا فی جَنَّة عَرْضُهاَ السَّمواتِ والأرضِ.

7. Paradise is the reward of the obedient.

7_ اَلجَنَّةُ جَزاءُ المُطیعِ.

8. Paradise is the abode of the pious.

8_ اَلجَنَّةُ دارُ الأتْقیاءِ.

9. Paradise is the goal of the foremost [in righteousness].

9_ اَلجَنَّةُ غایَةُ السّابِقینَ.

10. Paradise is the most excellent goal.

10_ اَلْجَنَّةُ أفْضَلُ غایَة.

11. Paradise is the returning place of the victorious.

11_ اَلجَنَّةُ مَ آلُ الفائِزِ.

12. Paradise is the reward of every righteous believer.

12_ اَلجَنَّةُ جَزاءُ کُلِّ مُؤْمِن مُحسِن.

13. Paradise is attained through keeping away from sins.

13_ نَیْلُ الجَنَّةِ بِالتَّنَزُّهِ عَنِ المَأثِمِ.

14. Verily you will not enter Paradise until you restrain yourself from misdeeds and stop [committing them]; and deter yourself from sins and desist [from them].

14_ إنَّکَ لَنْ تَلِجَ الجَنَّةَ حتّی تَزْدَجِرَ عَنْ غَیِّکَ، وتَنْتَهِیَ، وتَرْتَدِعَ عَنْ مَعاصیکَ، وتَرعَوِیَ.

15. If you believe in Allah and abstain from what He has forbidden, He will put you in the Abode of Peace, and if you please Him, He will cover you

p: 127

with [divine] favour.

15_ إذا آمَنْتَ بِاللّهِ واتَّقَیْتَ مَحارِمَهُ أحَلَّکَ دارَ الأمانِ، وإذا أرْضَیْتَهُ تَغَمَّدَکَ بِالرِّضوانِ.

16. The price of Paradise is good deeds.

16_ ثَمَنُ الجَنَّةِ العَمَلُ الصَّالِحُ.

17. The price of Paradise is renunciation of the [pleasures of this] world.

17_ ثَمَنُ الجَنَّةِ الزُّهدُ فی الدُّنیا.

18. The chiefs of the people of Paradise are the generous and the pious.

18_ سادَةُ أهلِ الجَنَّةِ اَلأسْخیاءُ، والمُ_تَّقُونَ.

19. The chiefs of the people of Paradise are the sincere ones.

19_ سادَةُ أهلِ الجَنَّةِ المُخْلِصُونَ.

20. The chiefs of the people of Paradise are the God-fearing and the virtuous.

20_ سادَةُ أهلِ الجَنَّةِ الأتْقیاءُ الأبْرارُ.

21. Seeking Paradise without good deeds is foolishness.

21_ طَلَبُ الجَنَّةِ بِلا عَمَل حُمْقٌ.

22. Paradise is not achieved [simply] by wishing for it.

22_ لاتَحْصُلُ الجَنَّةُ بِالتَّمَنّی.

23. Neither a swindler nor one who put others under obligation, will enter Paradise.

23_ لایَدْخُلُ الجَنَّةَ خَبٌّ ولا مَنّانٌ.

24. None will be victorious in attaining Paradise except one whose heart is good and intention sincere.

24_ لایَفُوزُ بِالجَنَّةِ إلاّ مَنْ حَسُنَتْ سَریرَتُهُ وخَلُصَتْ نِیَّتُهُ.

25. Every bliss other than Paradise is derisory.

25_ کُلُّ نَعیم دُونَ الجَنَّةِ مَحْقُورٌ.

26. None will be victorious in attaining Paradise except the one who works hard for it.

26_ لَنْ یَفُوزَ بِالجَنَّةِ إلاّ السّاعی لَها.

27. None shall attain Paradise except the one who struggles against his [lower] self.

27_ لَنْ یَحُوزَ الجنَّةَ إلاَّ مَنْ جاهَدَ نَفْسَهُ.

28. One who yearns for Paradise forgets his [worldly] desires.

28_ مَنِ اشْتاقَ إلَی الْجَ_نَّةِ سَلا عَنِ الشَّهواتِ.

29. Paradise is attained through abstaining from sins.

29_ نَیْلُ الجَنَّةِ بِالتَّنَزُّهِ عَنِ المَ_آثِمِ.

30. One who shuns what is forbidden shall attain Paradise.


p: 128

نالَ الجَنَّةَ مَنِ اتَّقی عَنِ المَحارِمِ.

31. How impossible! Allah cannot be cheated of His Paradise, and none can attain what is with Him except by His pleasure.

31_ هَیْهاتَ لایُخْدَعُ اللّهُ عَنْ جَنَّتِهِ، وَلا یُنالُ ما عِنْدَهُ إلاّ بِمَرضاتِهِ.

32. The delegation that enters Paradise is constantly showered with blessings.

32_ وَفْدُ الجَنَّةِ أبَداً مُنَعَّمُونَ.

33. Those who enter Paradise are in perpetual bliss.

33_ وارِدُ الجَنَّةِ مُخَلَّدُ النَّعْماءِ.


Generosity الجود

1. Generosity for the sake of Allah is the worship of those who are close [to Allah].

1_ اَلجُودُ فِی اللّهِ عِبادَةُ المُقَرَّبینَ.

2. Generosity without fear or hope of recompense is true generosity.

2_ اَلجُودُ مِنْ غَیْرِ خَوْف ولارَجاءِ مُکافاة، حَقیقَةُ الجُودِ.

3. Give generously and you will be honoured.

3_ إسْمَحْ تُ_کْرَمْ.

4. The most generous of you is the one who will gain the most.

4_ أسْمَحُکُمْ أرْبَحُکُمْ.

5. The most excellent of noble traits is generosity.

5_ أحْسَنُ المَکارِمِ الجُودُ.

6. The best generosity is to forgive after gaining the upper hand.

6_ أحْسَنُ الجُودِ عَفْوٌ بَعْدَ مَقْدُرَة.

7. The greatest generosity is being open-handed with whatever is available.

7_ أفْضَلُ الجُودِ بَذْلُ المَوْجُودِ.

8. The greatest generosity is delivering the rights to their [rightful] owners.

8_ أفْضَلُ الجُودِ إیصالُ الحُقُوقِ إلی أهْلِها.

9. The greatest generosity is giving despite [facing] hard times.

9_ أفْضَلُ الجُودِ ما کانَ عَنْ عُسْرَة.

10. Generosity is [true] leadership, sovereignty is [only] administration.

10_ اَلجُودُ رِیاسَةٌ، اَلمُلْکُ سِیاسَةٌ.

11. Generosity is a present honour.

11_ اَلجُودُ عِزٌّ مَوْجُودٌ.

12. Generosity is the protector of honour.

12_ اَلجُودُ حارِسُ الأعْراضِ.

13. The bane of generosity is poverty.

13_ آفَةُ الجُودِ الفَقْرُ.

14. The bane of generosity is wastefulness.

14_ آفَةُ الجُودِ التَّبْذیرُ.


p: 129

Through generosity, authority is acquired.

15_ بِالجُودِ تَ_کُوُنُ السِّیادَةُ.

16. Generosity stems from nobility of character.

16_ اَلجُودُ مِنْ کَرَمِ الطَّبیعَةِ.

17. Through generosity, men gain authority.

17_ بِالجُودِ تَسُودُ الرِّجالُ.

18. Through generosity, distinction is established and praise is acquired.

18_ بِالجُودِ یُبْتَنَی المَجْدُ وَیُجْتَلَبُ الحَمْدُ.

19. Be generous with whatever you have, [and] you will be praised.

19_ جُدْ بِما تَجِدْ تُحْمَدْ.

20. Be generous and you will gain authority; be patient and you will be triumphant.

20_ جُدْ تَسُدْ، وَاصْبِرْ تَظْفُرْ.

21. The generosity of the poor is the best generosity.

21_ جُودُ الفَقیرِ أفْضَلُ الجُودِ.

22. Be generous with what is available, fulfil your promises and be loyal with the trusts [that have been entrusted to you].

22_ جُودُوا بِالمَوْجُودِ، وأنْجِزُوا الوُعُودَ، وأوْفُوا بِالعُهُودِ.

23. The generosity of a poor person dignifies him and the stinginess of a rich person debases him.

23_ جُودُ الفَقیرِ یُجِلُّهُ، وبُخْلُ الغَنِیِّ یُذِلُّهُ.

24. Be generous with that which perishes and you will be compensated for it with that which lasts.

24_ جُودُوا بِما یَفْنی تَعْتاضُوا عَنْهُ بِما یَبْقی.

25. Be generous for the sake of Allah and struggle against your selves in obedience to Him, He will [in return] magnify your reward and increase His favour upon you.

25_ جُودُوا فیِ اللّهِ وجاهِدُوا أنْفُسَکُمْ عَلی طاعَتِهِ یُعْظِمْ لَکُمْ الجَزاءَ وَیُحْسِنْ لَکُمْ الحَباءَ.

26. Generosity is the practice of the honourable.

26_ سُنَّةُ الکِرامِ الجُودُ.

27. The highest extent of generosity is giving [from] whatever is available.

27_ غایَةُ الجُودِ بَذْلُ المَوْجُودِ.

28. One who is open-handed does good to others.

28_ مَنْ جادَ اصْطَنَعَ.

29. One who is generous gains authority.

29_ مَنْ جادَ سادَ.

30. One who does

p: 130

not show generosity is not praised.

30_ مَنْ لَمْ یَجُِدْ لَمْ یُحْمَدْ.

31. How excellent is generosity when in straitened circumstances!

31_ ما أحْسَنَ الجُودَ مَعَ الإعْسارِ.

32. One who does not give generously while he is praised has to give away while he is dispraised.

32_ مَنْ لَمْ یَسْمَحْ وهُوَ مَحْمُودٌ سَمَحَ وهُوَ مَلُومٌ.

33. One who does not give generously does not gain authority.

33_ مَنْ ل_َمْ یَسْمَحْ ل_َمْ یَسُدْ.

34. The generosity of a man endears him to his rivals and his stinginess makes him hated by his [own] children.

34_ جُودُ الرَّجُلِ یُحَبِّبُهُ إلی أضْدادِهِ، وبُخْلُهُ یُبَغِّضُهُ إلی أوْلادِهِ.

The Generous

The Generous الجواد

1. The generous person is loved and praised, even if nothing of his generosity reaches his praiser, and the stingy person is the opposite of this.

1_ اَلجَوادُ مَحْبُوبٌ، مَحْمُودٌ، وإنْ لَمْ یَصِلْ مِنْ جُودِهِ إلی مادِحِهِ شَیْءٌ، والبَخِیْلُ ضِدُّ ذلِکَ.

2. The one who is generous is praised in this world and felicitous in the Hereafter.

2_ اَلجَوادُ فِی الدُّنْیا مَحْمُودٌ، وَفِی الآخِرَةِ مَسْعُودٌ.

3. Verily the masters of the people of this world (and the Hereafter) are the generous.

3_ إنَّما سادَةُ أهْلِ الدُّنْیا (والآخِرَةِ) الأجْوادُ.

4. Be generous with the truth and miserly with falsehood.

4_ کُنْ جَواداً بِالحَقِّ، بَخیلاً بِالباطِلِ.

5. Be [either] selflessly generous or moderate in giving but do not be from the third kind (i.e. the misers).

5_ کُنْ جَواداً مُؤْثِراً، أوْ مُقْتَصِداً مُقَدِرّاً، وإیّاکَ أنْ تَکُونَ الثّالِثَ.

Proximity To Allah

Proximity to Allah جار اللّه وجواره

1. One who is close to Allah is safe, while [one who is] His enemy is frightened.

1_ جارُ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ آمِنٌ،

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وعَدُوُّهُ خائِفٌ.

2. Proximity to Allah is granted to those who obey Him and keep away from disobedience to Him.

2_ جِوارُ اللّهِ مَبْذُولٌ لِمَنْ أطاعَهُ وتَجَنَّبَ مُخالَفَتَهُ.


Neighbours الجیران

1. The worst of neighbours is the wicked neighbour.

1_ بِئْسَ الجارُ جارُ السُّوءِ.

2. A wicked neighbour is the greatest adversity and the most serious tribulation.

2_ جارُ السُّوءِ أعْظَمُ الضَّ_رّاءِ، وأشَدُّ البَلاءِ.

3. Be a neighbour to one from whose evil you are safe and whose goodness does not turn away from you.

3_ جاوِرْمَنْ تَأمَنُ شَ_رَّهُ، وَلایَعْدُوکَ خَیْ_رُهُ.

4. Ask about the neighbour before the house.

4_ سَلْ عَنِ الجارِ قَبْلَ الدّارِ.

5. Being a bad neighbour and offending the virtuous are the worst forms of vileness.

5_ سُوءُ الجَوارِ والإساءَةُ إلَی الأبْرارِ مِنْ أعْظَمِ اللُّؤمِ.

6. One who is neighbourly gets many neighbours.

6_ مَنْ حَسُنَ جَوارُهُ کَثُرَ جیرانُهُ.

7. One who is good to his neighbours gets many helpers.

7_ مَنْ أحْسَنَ إلی جیرانِهِ کَثُرَ خَدَمُهُ.

8. Taking care of one’s neighbour is an act of magnanimity.

8_ مِنَ ال_مُرُوَّةِ تَعَهُّدُ الجیرانِ.


Hunger الجُوعُ

1. Hunger is better than the humiliation of subjugation.

1_ اَلْجُوعُ خَیْرٌ مِنْ ذُلِّ الخُضُوعِ.

2. Keeping oneself hungry is the most beneficial cure, whereas eating to one’s fill increases maladies.

2_ اَلتَّجَوُّعُ أنْفَعُ الدَّواءِ، اَلشِّبَعُ یُکْثِرُ الأدْواءَ.

3. Hunger is better than subjugation.

3_ اَلجُوعُ خَیْرٌ مِنَ الخُضُوعِ.

4. Complement your food with hunger and discipline yourself with contentment.

4_ تَأَدَّمْ بِالجُوعِ وتَأَدَّبْ بِالقُنُوعِ.

5. The best condiment is hunger.

5_ نِعْمَ الإدامُ الجُوعُ.

6. How good an assistant of piety hunger is!

6_ نِعْمَ عَونُ الوَرَعِ التَّجَوُّعُ.

7. How good an assistant in cutting down the [desires of

p: 132

the carnal] self and breaking its [bad] habits hunger is!

7_ نِعْمَ العَونُ عَلی أشَ_رِ(أسْرِ) النَّفْسِ وکَسْرِ عادَتِها التَّجَوُّعُ.

High Rank

High Rank الجاهُ وذو الجاه

1. The alms-tax of high rank [and power] is benefitting others with it.

1_ زَکوةُ الجاهِ بَذْلُهُ.

2. One of the obligations of a person who possesses a high rank is to use it to grant the [needs of] one who seeks from him.

2_ مِنَ الواجِبِ عَلی ذِی الجاهِ أنْ یَبْذُلَهُ لِطالِبِهِ.

3. One who benefits others with his high rank makes himself praiseworthy.

3_ مَنْ بَذَلَ جاهَهُ اسْتَحْمَدَ.

Struggle (Jihad)

Struggle (Jihad) الجهاد

1. Whoever makes an effort to strive in obedience to Allah and His messenger, his soul shall be safe and sound [from the torments of the Hereafter] and his transaction will be profitable and gainful.

1_ إنَّ مَنْ بَذَلَ نَفْسَهُ فی طاعَةِ اللّهِ ورَسُولِِهِ کانَتْ نَفْسُهُ ناجِیَةً سالِمَةً، وَصَفْقَتُهُ رابِحَةً غانِمَةً.

2. The first thing which you overcome through Jihād is through striving with your hands, then [if this is not possible] by your tongue, then [if this is not possible] with your hearts; and the one who neither supports good with his heart nor censures evil, is turned upside down (i.e. will face the wrath of Allah).

2_ إنَّ أوَّلَ ما تُغْلَبُونَ عَلَیهِ مِنَ الجِهادِ، جِهادٌ بِأیْدیکُمْ، ثُمَّ بِألْسِنَتِکُمْ، ثُمَّ بِقُلُوبِکُمْ، فَمَنْ لَمْ یَعْرِفْ بِقَلْبِهِ مَعْرُوفاً، وَلَمْ یُنْکِرْ مُنْکَراً، قُلِّبَ فَجُعِلَ أعْلاهُ أسْفَلَهُ.

3. Struggling [in the way of Allah] is the pillar of faith and the path of the felicitous.

3_ الجِهادُ عِمادُ الدّینِ، ومِنْهاجُ السُّعَداءِ.

4. The doors of the heavens are

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opened for those who strive [in the way of Allah].

4_ اَلمُجاهِدُونَ تُفْتَحُ لَهُمْ أبْوابُ السَّماءِ.

5. If the people who came before me complained about the injustice of their rulers, then today I complain about the injustice of my people; it is as if I am led and they are the leaders, [and] I am restrained and they are the restrainers.

5_ إنْ کانَتِ الرَّعایا قَبْلی تَشْکُوا حَیْفَ رُعاتِها فَإنِّی الیَوْمَ أشْکُو حَیْفَ رَعِیَّتی، کَأنِّی المَقُودُ وهُمُ القادَةُ، والمُوزَعُ وَهُمُ الوَزَعَةُ

6. The reward for striving [in the way of Allah] is the greatest reward.

6_ ثوابُ الجِهادِ أعْظَمُ الثَّوابِ.

7. And [Allah has prescribed] Jihād as [a means of preserving the] honour of Islam.

7_ والجِهادَ عِزّاً لِلإسْلامِ.

8. Strong determination and lavishness do not go together.

8_ لا تَجْتَمِعُ عَزیمَةٌ ووَلیمَةٌ.

9. The purification of the body is [in] striving and fasting.

9_ زَکوةُ البَدَنِ الجِهادُ والصِّیامُ.

Struggling Against The Self (Jihad An-Nafs)

Struggling against the Self (Jihad an-Nafs) جهاد النفس

1. Indeed Jihād is the price of Paradise, so the one who struggles against his self will acquire it, and this is the greatest reward of Allah for the one who is cognizant of it.

1_ ألا وإنَّ الجِهادَ ثَمَنُ الجَنَّةِ، فَمَنْ جاهَدَ نَفْسَهُ مَلَکَها، وهِیَ أکْرَمُ ثَوابِ اللّهِ لِمَنْ عَرَفَها.

2. The best Jihād is the struggle of a man against his [carnal] soul.

2_ أفْضَلُ الجِهادِ مُجاهَدَةُ المَرْءِ نَفْسَهُ.

3. The best Jihād is the struggle of the self against lustful desires, and its weaning away from the pleasures of this world.

3_ أفْضَلُ الجِهادِ جِهادُ النَّفْسِ عَنِ الهَوی، وفِطامُها عَنْ لَذّاتِ الدُّنیا.

4. The first thing

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that you disavow from Jihād is struggling against your selves.

4_ أوَّلُ ما تُنْکِرُونَ مِنَ الجِهادِ، جِهادُ أنْفُسِکُمْ.

5. The last things that you [should] lose are: the struggling against your selves and obedience to those who have authority among you.

5_ آخِرُ ما تَفْقِدُونَ مُجاهَدَةُ أهْوائِکُمْ وطاعَةُ أُولِی الأَمْرِ مِنْکُمْ.

6. Indeed the best Jihād is the struggle of a man against his [carnal] soul.

6_ إنَّ أفْضَلَ الجِهادِ مُجاهَدَةُ الرَّجُلِ نَفْسَهُ.

7. Verily struggling against the self restrains it from sins and protects it from destruction.

7_ إنَّ مُجاهَدَةَ النَّفْسِ لَتَزِمُّها عَنِ المَعاصِی، وتَعْصِمُها عَنِ الرَّدی.

8. Verily the one who struggles with his [lower] self, in obedience to Allah and against disobedience to Him, has the status of a virtuous martyr in the sight of Allah.

8_ إنَّ المُجاهِدَ نَفْسَهُ عَلی طاعَةِ اللّهِ وَعَنْ مَعاصِیهِ، عِنْدَاللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ بِمَنْزِلَةِ بَرّ شَهید.

9. Indeed the one who struggles against his [lower] self, overcomes his anger and is careful in obeying [the commandments of] Allah, is raised by Allah, the Glorified, to the status of the one who fasts by day and stands in prayer by night, and is granted the rank of the patient soldier [who fights in His way].

9_ إنَّ المُجاهِدَ نَفْسَهُ، والمُغالِبَ غَضَبَهُ، والمُحافِظَ عَلی طاعَةِ رَبِّهِ، یَرْفَعُ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ لَهُ ثَوابَ الصَّائِمِ القائِمِ ویُنیلُهُ دَرَجَةَ المُرابِطِ الصّابِرِ.

10. Verily if you struggle against your [lower] self you will obtain the pleasure of Allah.

10_ إنَّکَ إنْ جاهَدْتَ نَفْسَکَ حُزْتَ رِضَی اللّهِ.

11. The fruit of struggle [against the self] is overpowering the self.

11_ ثَمَرَةُ المُجاهَدَةِ قَهْرُ النَّفْسِ.

12. Struggling against

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the self is the dowry for Paradise.

12_ جِهادُ النَّفْسِ مَهْرُ الجَنَّةِ.

13. Struggling against vain desires is the price of Paradise.

13_ جِهادُ الهَوی ثَمَنُ الجَنَّةِ.

14. Struggling against the self is the best Jihad.

14_ جِهادُ النَّفْسِ أفْضَلُ جِهاد.

15. Struggle against your [lower] self and seek repentance, you will be successful in the obedience of your Lord.

15_ جاهِدْ نَفْسَکَ، وَقَدِّمْ تَوْبَتَکَ، تَفُزْ بِطاعَةِ رَبِّکَ.

16. Struggle against your vain desires, overcome your anger and resist your bad habits, [by this] your soul will become pure, your intellect will become perfect and the reward of your Lord will be complete.

16_ جاهِدْ شَهْوَتَکَ، وغالِبْ غَضَبَک،وَخالِفْ سُوءَ عادَتِکَ، تَزْکُ نَفْسُکَ، ویَکْمُلْ عَقْلُکَ، وتَسْتَکْمِلْ ثَوابَ رَبِّکَ.

17. Fight against your [lower] self in obedience to Allah the way an enemy would fight his enemy, and overpower it the way a rival would overpower his opponent, for indeed the strongest person is the one who subdues his self.

17_ جاهِدْ نَفْسَکَ عَلی طاعَةِ اللّهِ مُجاهَدَة العَدُوِّ عَدُوَّهُ، وغالِبْها مُغالَبَةَ الضِّدِّ ضِدَّهُ، فَإنَّ أقْویَ النّاسِ مَنْ قَوِیَ علی نَفْسِهِ.

18. Struggle against your [lower] self and call it to account the way a partner would hold his partner accountable, and demand from it the right of Allah the way an adversary would demand from his foe, for verily the most felicitous of people is the one who undertakes to hold his self to account.

18_ جاهِدْ نَفْسَکَ وحاسِبْها مُحاسَبَةَ الشَّریکِ شَریکَهُ وطالِبْها بِحُقُوقِ اللّهِ مُطالَبَةَ الخَصْمِ خَصْمَهُ، فَإنَّ أسْعَدَ النّاسِ مَنِ انْتَدَبَ لِمحاسَبَةِ نَفْسِهِ.

19. Struggling against the [lower] self is the price of Paradise,

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so the one who struggles against it will acquire it, and this is the greatest reward of Allah for the one who is cognizant of it.

19_ جِهادُ النَّفْسِ ثَمَنُ الجَنَّةِ، فَمَنْ جاهَدَها مَلَکَها وهِیَ أکْرَمُ ثَوابِ اللّهِ لِمَنْ عَرَفَها.

20. Struggling against the self with knowledge is a symbol of intelligence.

20_ جِهادُ النَّفْسِ بِالعِلْمِ عُنْوانُ العَقْلِ.

21. Fighting anger with forbearance is evidence of nobility.

21_ جِهادُ الغَضَبِ بِالحِلْمِ بُرْهانُ النُّبْلِ.

22. The most excellent Jihād is struggling against the self.

22_ خَیْرُ الجِهادِ جِهادُ النَّفْسِ.

23. The highest form of struggle is for a man to struggle against his self.

23_ غایَةُ المُجاهَدَةِ أنْ یُجاهِدَ المَرْءُ نَفْسَهُ.

24. It is sufficient for you, in your struggle against your [lower] self, that you always prevail over it and fight its vain desires.

24_ کَفاکَ فی مُجاهَدَةِ نَفْسِکَ أنْ لاتَزالَ أبَداً لَها مُغالِباً، وعَلی أهْوِیَتِها مُحارِباً.

25. One who fights his [lower] self perfects his piety.

25_ مَنْ جاهَدَ نَفْسَهُ أَکْمَلَ التُّقی.

26. One who knows his self struggles against it.

26_ مَنْ عَرَفَ نَفْسَهُ جاهَدَها.

27. One who does not struggle against his self will not achieve victory.

27_ مَنْ لَمْ یُجاهِدْ نَفْسَهُ لَمْ یَنَلِ الفَوْزَ.

28. There is no struggle more worthy than struggling against the self.

28_ ما مِنْ جِهاد أفْضَلُ مِنْ جِهادِ النَّفْسِ.

29. Struggling against the self is a trait of the noble ones.

29_ مُجاهَدَةُ النَّفْسِ شیمَةُ النُّبَلاءِ.

30. Struggling against the self is a symbol of nobility.

30_ مُجاهَدَةُ النَّفْسِ عُنْوانُ النُّبْلِ.

31. Struggling against the self is the best Jihād.

31_ مُجاهَدَةُ النَّفْسِ أفْضَلُ جِهاد.

32. There is no Jihād like struggle against the self.

32_ لا جِهادَ

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کَجِهادِ النَّفْسِ.


Ignorance الجَهْل

1. Ignorance and miserliness are bad and harmful.

1_ اَلجَهْلُ،وَ البُخْلُ، مَساءَةٌ، ومَضَرَّةٌ.

2. Ignorance in a human being is more harmful than gangrene [is] to the body.

2_ اَلجَهْلُ فِی الإنْسانِ أضَرُّ مِنَ الآکِلَةِ فِی البَدَنِ.

3. Ignorance is a balky mount; whoever rides it stumbles and whoever accompanies it is led astray.

3_ اَلجَهْلُ مَطِیَّةٌ شَمُوسٌ، مَنْ رَکِبَها زَلَّ، ومَنْ صَحِبَها ضَلَّ.

4. Ignorance of merits is one of the grossest demerits.

4_ اَلجَهْلُ بِالفَضائِلِ مِنْ أقْبَحِ الرَّذائِلِ.

5. The greatest calamity is ignorance.

5_ أعْظَمُ المَصائِبِ الجَهْلُ.

6. The worst ailment is ignorance.

6_ أسْوَءُ السُّقْمِ(القِسْمِ) الجَهْلُ.

7. The greatest ignorance is the ignorance of a person about himself.

7_ أعْظَمُ الجَهْلِ جَهْلُ الإنْسانِ أمْرَ نَفْسهِ.

8. The greatest ignorance is making enmity with the powerful, befriending the immoral and trusting the traitor.

8 _ أعْظَ_مُ الجَهْلِ مُعاداةُ القادِرِ، ومُص_ادَقَةُ الفاجِرِ، والثِّقَةُ بِالغادِرِ.

9. Ignorance is a curse.

9_ اَلجَهْلُ وَبالٌ.

10. Ignorance is [a form of] death.

10_ اَلجَهْلُ مَوتٌ.

11. People are enemies of that which they are ignorant of.

11_ اَلنَّاسُ أعْداءُ ما جَهِلُوا.

12. Ignorance is the most harmful foe.

12 _ اَلجَهْلُ أنْکی عَدُوّ.

13. Ignorance makes one stumble.

13_ اَلجَهْلُ یُزِلُّ القَدَمَ.

14. Ignorance spoils the Hereafter.

14_ اَلجَهْلُ یُفْسِدُ المَعادَ.

15. Ignorance is the [primary] source of evil.

15_ اَلجَهْلُ مَعْدِنُ الشَّ_رِّ.

16. Ignorance is an ailment and a chronic disease.

16_ اَلجَهْلُ داءٌ وعَیاءٌ.

17. Ignorance attracts peril.

17_ اَلجَهْلُ یَجْلِبُ الغَرَرَ.

18. Ignorance is the root of all evil.

18_ اَلجَهْلُ أصْلُ کُلِّ شَ_رّ.

19. Ignorance is the worst disease.

19_ اَلجَهْلُ أدْوَأُ الدّاءِ.

20. Ignorance corrupts all matters.

20_ اَلجَهْلُ فَسادُ کُلِّ أمْر.

21. Ignorance makes one stumble and brings regret.

21_ اَلجَهْلُ یُزِلُّ

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القَدَمَ، ویُورِثُ النَّدَمَ.

22. Ignorance causes the living to die and perpetuates misery.

22_ اَلجَهْلُ مُمیتُ الأحْیاءِ، وَمُخَلِّدُ الشَّقاءِ.

23. Verily you will not attain any goal by ignorance, nor will you achieve any goodness by means of it, nor will you realize any of your wishes in the Hereafter through it.

23_ إنَّکُمْ لَنْ تُحَصِّلُوا بِالجَهْلِ أرَباً، ولَنْ تَبْلُغُوا بِهِ مِنَ الخَیْرِ سَبَبَاً، وَلَنْ تُدْرِکُوا بِهِ مِنَ الآخِرَةِ مَطْلَباً.

24. It is through ignorance that every evil is instigated.

24_ بِالجَهْلِ یُسْتَثارُ کُلِّ شَرّ.

25. Many an ignorance is better than forbearance (or knowledge).

25_ رُبَّ جَهْل أنْفَعُ مِنْ حِلْم(عِلْم).

26. Ward off ignorance with knowledge.

26_ رُدُّوا الجَهْلَ بِالعِلْمِ.

27. Too much ignorance is destructive.

27_ زِیادَةُ الجَهْلِ تُرْدی.

28. The worst affliction is ignorance.

28_ شَ_رُّ المَصائِبِ الجَهْلُ.

29. Counter ignorance with knowledge.

29_ ضادُّوا الجَهْلَ بِالعِلْمِ.

30. The outcome of ignorance is loss; and the joy of the envious does not last.

30_ عُقْبیَ الجَهْلِ مَضَرَّةٌ، وَالحَسُودُ لا تَدُومُ لَهُ مَسَرَّةٌ.

31. The pinnacle of ignorance is for a person to brag about his ignorance.

31_ غایَةُ الجَهْلِ تَ_بَجُّجُ المَرْءِ بِجَهْلِهِ.

32. Many a revered person has been humiliated by his ignorance.

32_ کَمْ مِنْ عَزیر أذَلَّهُ جَهْلُهُ.

33. Ignorance suffices as ignobility.

33_ کَفی بِالجَهْلِ ضِعَةً.

34. It suffices as ignorance for a person to be ignorant about himself.

34_ کَفی بِالمَرْءِ جَهْلاً أنْ یَجْهَلَ نَفْسَهُ.

35. It suffices as ignorance for a person to be pleased with himself.

35_ کَفی بِالمَرْءِ جَهْلاً أنْ یَرضی عَنْ نَفْسِهِ.

36. It suffices as ignorance for a person to laugh without [a reason for] amusement.

36_ کَفی بِالمَرْءِ جَهْلاً أنْ یَضْحَکَ مِنْ غَیْرِ عَجَب.

37. It suffices as ignorance

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for a person to be ignorant of his limits [and standing in society].

37_ کَفی بِالمَرْءِ جَهْلاً أنْ یَجْهَلَ قَدْرَهُ.

38. It suffices as ignorance for a person to be ignorant of his flaw.

38_ کَفی بِالمَرْءِ جَهْلاً أنْ یَجْهَلَ عَیْبَهُ.

39. It suffices as ignorance for a person to be ignorant about his own faults and to malign people for that which he [himself] cannot turn away from.

39_ کَفی بِالمَرْءِ جَهْلاً أنْ یَجْهَلَ عُیُوبَ نَفْسِهِ، ویَطْعَنَ عَلَی النّاسِ بِما لا یَسْتَطیعُ التَّحَوُّلَ عَنْهُ.

40. It suffices as ignorance for a person to forbid people from that which he performs himself.

40_ کَفی بِالمَرْءِ جَهْلاً أنْ یُنْکِرَ عَلَی النّاسِ ما یَأتی مِثْلَهُ.

41. The language of ignorance is impoliteness.

41_ لِسانُ الجَهْلِ الخُرْقُ.

42. One who gets uplifted by ignorance has opposed the intellect.

42_ مَنِ اسْتَطارَهُ الجَهْلُ فَقَدْعَصَی العَقْلَ.

43. One who fights his ignorance with his knowledge succeeds with the most felicitous victory.

43_ مَنْ قاتَلَ جَهْلَهُ بِعِلْمِهِ فازَ بِالحَظِّ الأسْعَدِ.

44. Being overcome by ignorance is one of the severest afflictions.

44_ مِنْ أشَدِّ المَصائِبِ غَلَبَةُ الجَهْلِ.

45. There is no poverty like ignorance.

45_ لا فَقْرَ کَالجَهْلِ.

46. With ignorance, no path is purified.

46_ لایَزْکُو مََعَ الجَهْلِ مَذْهَبٌ.

47. There is no poverty more severe than ignorance.

47_ لا فَقْرَ أشَدُّ مِنَ الجَهْلِ.

48. There is no abomination more disgraceful than ignorance.

48_ لاسَوْأةَ أشْیَنُ مِنَ الجَهْلِ.

49. There is no adversity more severe than ignorance.

49_ لامُصیبَةَ أشَدُّ مِنْ جَهْل.

50. The cornerstone of ignorance is animosity towards people.

50_ رَأسُ الجَهْلِ مُعاداةُ النّاسِ.

The Ignorant And The Foolish

The Ignorant and the Foolish اَلجاهِلُ والجهول

1. An ignorant person is never found to be

p: 140

anything but falling short or excessive.

1_ اَلجاهِلُ لَنْ یُلْقی أبَداً إلا مُفَرِّطاً، أو مُفْرِطاً.

2. Neither does an ignorant restrain himself [from wrongdoing] nor does he benefit from good advice.

2_ اَلجاهِلُ لایَرْتَدِعُ، وبِالمَواعِظِ لا یَنْتَفِعُ.

3. An ignorant person is one who obeys his vain desires in disobedience to his Lord.

3_ اَلجاهِلُ مَنْ أطاعَ هَواهُ فی مَعصیَةِ رَبِّهِ.

4. The ignorant person feels aversion towards that which the wise person feels at ease with.

4_ اَلجاهِلُ یَسْتَوْحِشُ مِمّا یَأنَسُ بِه الحَکیْمُ.

5. The ignorant person does not understand the learned because he [himself] was never learned before.

5_ اَلجاهِلُ لایَعْرِفُ العالِمَ لأنَّهُ لَمْ یَکُنْ قَبْلُ عالِماً.

6. An ignorant person does not recognize his failure and does not accept the [good] advice given to him.

6_ اَلجاهِلُ لا یَعْرِفُ تَقْصیرَهُ، وَلایَقْبَلُ مِنَ النَّصیحِ لهُ.

7. An ignorant person relies on his hopes and is negligent in his actions.

7_ اَلجاهِلُ یَعْتَمِدُ عَلی أمَلِهِ، ویُقَصِّرُ فی عَمَلِهِ.

8. The ignorant person is like a rock through which water does not gush forth, and a tree, the branches of which do not become green, and a ground upon which foliage is not found.

8_ اَلجاهِلُ صَخْرَةٌ لا یَنْفَجِرُ ماؤُها، وَشَجَرَةٌ لایَخْضَرُّعُودُها، وأرضٌ لایَظهَرُ عُشْبُها.

9. An ignorant person is [like the] dead among the living.

9_ اَلْجاهِلُ مَیِّتٌ بَیْنَ الأحْیاءِ.

10. The most wretched of all people is the ignorant one.

10_ أشْقَی النّاسِ اَلجاهِلُ.

11. An unremorseful sinner is the most ignorant person.

11_ أجْهَلُ النّاسِ مُسِیئٌ مُسْتَأنِفٌ.

12. The most ignorant person is one who is deceived by the praise of a flatterer who makes the ugly look appealing

p: 141

to him and makes him hate the [sincere] adviser.

12_ أجْهَلُ النّاسِ المُغْتَرُّ بِقَوْلِ مادِح مُتَمَلِّق، یُحَسِّنُ لَهُ القَبیحَ، ویُبَغِّضُ إلَیْهِ النَّصیْحَ.

13. The most hated creature in the sight of Allah is the ignorant person, because He deprived him of what He bestowed on His creation, and that is intellect.

13_ أبْغَضُ الخَلائِقِ إلَی اللّهِ تعالی، اَلجاهِلُ لأنَّهُ حَرَمَهُ ما مَنَّ بِهِ عَلی خَلْقِهِ، وهُوَ العَقْلُ.

14. Verily the ignorant is one whose ignorance leads astray and whose vain desires entice [towards evil]; so his speech is unhealthy and his action is blameworthy.

14_ إنَّ الجاهِلَ مَنْ جَهْلُهُ فی إغْواء، ومَنْ هَواهُ فی إغْراء، فَقَوْلُهُ سَقیمٌ، وفِعْلُهُ ذَمیمٌ.

15. The ignorant one is perplexed.

15_ اَلجاهِلُ حَیْرانٌ.

16. The ignorant person inclines towards the one who is like him.

16_ اَلجاهِلُ یَمیلُ (یَألِفُهُ مِثْلُهُ) إلی شِکْلِهِ.

17. Man is an enemy of that which he is ignorant of.

17_ المَرْءُ عَدُوُّ ما جَهِلَ.

18. The ignorant one does not restrain himself [from evil].

18_ اَلجاهِلُ لا یَرتَدِعُ.

19. An ignorant person is a slave to his passions.

19_ اَلجاهِلُ عَبْدُ شَهْوَتِهِ.

20. The ignorant person does not desist [from sinning].

20_ اَلجاهِلُ لا یَرْعَوی.

21. An ignorant person seeks to raise himself but ends up abasing himself.

21_ اَلجاهِلُ یَرْفَعُ نَفْسَهُ فَیَتَّضِعُ.

22. The ignorant person is one who is ignorant of his own capability.

22_ اَلجاهِلُ مَنْ جَهِلَ قَدْرَهُ.

23. An ignorant person is dead, even when he is alive.

23_ اَلجاهِلُ مَیِّتٌ وإنْ کانَ حَیّاً.

24. The correctness of an ignorant person is like the mistake of a learned person (i.e. it happens rarely).

24_ اَلجاهِلُ کَزَلَّةِ العالِمِ صَوابُهُ.

25. The ignorant person

p: 142

is deceived by [false] claims.

25_ اَلجاهِلُ مَنْ خَدَعَتْهُ المَطالِبُ.

26. The ignorant person is one who is ignorant about his [own] affair.

26_ اَلجاهِلُ مَنْ جَهِلَ أمْرَهُ.

27. The ignorant person is one who is deceived by his vain desires and his arrogance.

27_ اَلجاهِلُ مَنِ انْخَدَعَ لِهَواهُ (بِهواهُ) وغُروُرِهِ.

28. An ignorant person is one who takes his sincere advisor to be a deceiver.

28_ اَلْجاهِلُ مَنِ اسْتَغَشَّ النَّصیحَ.

29. When the ignorant one becomes stingy (or denies), he obtains [wealth] and when he obtains [wealth] (or professes belief in one God), he apostatizes.

29_ اَلْجاهِلُ إذا جَمَدَ(جحد) وَجَدَ، وإذا وَجَدَ (وَحَّدَ) ألْحَدَ.

30. Indeed the ignorant person is one who is enslaved by [worldly] pursuits.

30_ إنَّما الجاهِلُ مَنِ اسْتَعْبَدَتْهُ المَطالِبُ.

31. When an ignorant person grows older, his ignorance rises.

31_ إذا شابَ الجاهِلُ شَبَّ جَهْلُهُ.

32. The wealth of an ignorant person is in his worldly possessions and his hopes.

32_ ثَرْوَةُ الجاهِلِ فی مالِهِ وَأمَلِهِ.

33. The reign of an ignorant person is like a stranger who [soon] moves to another place.

33_ دَوْلَةُ الجاهِلِ کَالغَریبِ المُتَحَرِّکِ إلَی النُّقْلَةِ.

34. Many an ignorant person is saved by his ignorance.

34_ رُبَّ جاهِل نَجاتُهُ جَهْلُهُ.

35. The slip-ups of an ignorant person are excusable.

35_ زَلَّةُ الجاهِلِ مَعْذُورَةٌ.

36. An ignorant king exposes his [own] flaws.

36_ سُلْطانُ الجاهِلِ یُبْدی مَعائِبَهُ.

37. The worst person you can accompany is an ignorant one.

37_ شَرُّ مَنْ صاحَبْتَ اَلجاهِلُ.

38. The correct [action] of an ignorant person is like the slip-up of an intelligent person.

38_ صَوابُ الجاهِلِ کَالزَّلَةِ مِنَ العاقِلِ.

39. The lost item of the ignorant person cannot be found.

39_ ضالَّةُ الجاهِلِ غَیْرُ

p: 143


40. Obedience to the foolish is a sign of ignorance.

40_ طاعَةُ الجَهُولِ تَدُلُّ عَلَی الجَهْلِ.

41. Obedience to the foolish and being excessive [in speech or action] are two signs of ignorance.

41_ طاعةُ الجَهُولِ، وکَثْرَةُ الفُضُولِ تَدُلاّنِ عَلَی الجَهْلِ.

42. The habit of the inexperienced [and ignorant] ones is to cut off the elements of favour.

42_ عادَةُ الأغْمارِ قَطْعُ مَوادِّ الإحْسانِ.

43. The wealth of an ignorant person is in his worldly possessions.

43_ غِنَی الجاهِلِ بِمالِهِ.

44. The ignorant one is deceived by futile absurdities.

44_ غُرُورُ الجاهِلِ بِمُجالاتِ الباطِلِ.

45. Every ignorant person is prone to temptation.(1)

45_ کُلُّ جاهِل مَفْتُونٌ.

46. For the ignorant there is loss in every situation.

46_ لِلْجاهِلِ فی کُلِّ حالَة خُسْرانٌ.

47. One who is ignorant is disregarded [by others].

47_ مَنْ جَهِلَ أُهْمِلَ.

48. When one is ignorant, his consideration is reduced.

48_ مَنْ جَهِلَ قَلَّ إعْتِبارُهُ.

49. One who is ignorant of [a branch of] knowledge is hostile towards it.

49_ مَنْ جَهِلَ عِلْماً عاداهُ.

50. One who does not know where he is placing his foot, trips.

50_ مَنْ جَهِلَ مَوْضِعَ قَدَمِهِ زَلَّ.

51. One who is ignorant makes many blunders.

51_ مَنْ جَهِلَ کَثُرَ عِثارُهُ.

52. One who is ignorant becomes self-conceited; and his ‘today’ is worse than his ‘yesterday’.

52_ مَنْ جَهِلَ اغْتَرَّ بِنَفْسِهِ وَکانَ یَوْمُهُ شَ_رّاً مِنْ أمْسِهِ.

53. It is from the nature of the ignorant to get angry quickly, in every situation.

53_ مِنْ طَبایِعِ الجُهّالِ التَسَ_رُّعُ إلَی الغَضَبِ فی کُلِّ حال.

54. No one antagonizes the learned like the ignorant [do].

54_ ما ضادَّ العُلَماءَ کالجُهّالِ.

55. Woe be to the one who persists in his ignorance and blessed is

p: 144

1- Or, if taken in the context of Q68:6: Every ignorant person is demented.

the one who realizes [his mistake] and finds the right course.

55_ وَیْلٌ لِمَنْ تَمادی فی جَهْلِهِ، وطُوبی لِمَنْ عَقَلَ واهْتَدی.

56. There is no independence for an ignorant person.

56_ لاغِنی لِجاهِل.

57. The ignorant one is not seen to be anything but immoderate (or excessive).

57_ لایُرَی الجاهِلُ إلاّ مُفَرِّطاً (مُفْرِطاً).

58. Nothing restrains the foolish except the edge of a sword.

58_ لایَرْدَعُ الجَهُولَ إلاّ حَدُّ الحُسامِ.

59. Disobey the ignorant and you will be safe.

59_ إعْصِ الجاهِلَ تَسْلَمْ.

Hell Fire

Hellfire جهنم والنّار

    1. Hell is sufficient as a punishment.

1_ کَفی بِجَهَنَّمَ نَ_کالاً.

    2. He (‘a) said in his description of hell: [It is] a fire whose burning is intense, its roar is loud, its flames are rising, its blaze is incinerating, its groans are terrifying, its abatement is remote, its fuel is igniting, [and] its horrors are terrifying.

2_ وَقالَ _ عَلیه السّلامُ _ فی وَصْفِ جَهَنَّمَ: نارٌ شدیدٌ کَلْبُها، عال لَحَبُها، ساطِعٌ لَهَبُها، مُتَأَجِّجٌ سَعیرُها، مُتَغَیِّظٌ زَفیرُها، بَعیدٌ خُمُودُها، ذاک وقُودُها، مُتَخَوِّفٌ وَعیدُها.

    3. He (‘a) said while describing hell: Its inmate cannot leave, its prisoner cannot be released by ransom and its shackles cannot be broken. This abode has no fixed age so that it may perish, nor is there a lifespan for its inmates that they may pass away.

3_ وقال _ علیه السّلام _ فی وَصفِ جَهَنَّمِ: لایَظْعَنُ مُقیمُها، وَلا یُفادی أسیرُها، وَلا تُقْصَمُ کُبُولُها، لا مُدَّةَ لِلدّارِ فَتَفْنی، وَلا أجَلَ لِلْقَوْمِ فَیُقْضی.

    4. Verily all disbelieving schemers are inmates of the fire.

4_ إنَّ أهْلَ النّارِ کُلُّ کَفُور مَکُور.

    5. He (‘a)

p: 145

also said in his description of hellfire: Its pits are engulfed [with fire], its sides are pitch-dark, its vessels are scorching hot and everything about it is horrid.

5_ وقالَ _ عَلیه السّلام _ فی وَصْفِ النّارِ: غَمِرٌ قَرارُها، مُظْلِمَةٌ أقْطارُها، حامِیَةٌ قُدُورُها، فَظیعَةٌ أُمُورُها.

    6. None will be saved from the fire of hell except the one who abandons its actions (i.e. the actions that lead to it).

6_ لَنْ یَنْجُوَ مِنَ النّارِ إلاّ التّارِکُ عَمَلَها.

    7. This tender skin does not have the tolerance to withstand the fire [of hell].

7_ لَیْسَ لِهذا الجِلْدِ الرَّقیقِ صَبْرٌ عَلَی النّارِ.

    8. One who is afraid of hellfire keeps away from that which has been forbidden.

8_ مَنْ أشْفَقَ مِنَ النّارِ اجْتَنَبَ المُحَرَّماتِ.

    9. The inmates of hell are eternally tormented.

9_ وَفْدُ النّارِ أبَداً مُعَذَّبُونَ.

    10. The one who enters hellfire is forever wretched.

10_ وارِدُ النّارِ مَؤَبَّدُ الشَّقاءِ.

    11. The fuel of hellfire on the Day of Judgment will comprise of every rich person who was miserly towards the poor with his wealth and every learned scholar who sold his Hereafter for the world.

11_ وَقُودُ النّارِ یَوْمَ القِیمَةِ کُلُّ غَنِیّ بَخِلَ بِمالِهِ عَلَی الفُقَراءِ، وَکُلُّ عالِم باعَ الدّینَ بِالدُّنیا.

    12. Be wary of the fire whose heat is intense, whose pit is deep and whose ornaments are made of [molten] iron.

12_ إحْذَرُوا ناراً حَرُّها شَدیدٌ وقَعْرُها بَعیدٌ وحُلِیُّها حَدیدٌ.

    13. Be wary of the fire whose tumultuous blaze is ready, its flames are intense and its torment is forever renewed.

13_ إحْذَرُوا ناراً لَحیبُها عَتیدٌ و

p: 146

لَهَبُها شَدیدٌ وعَذابُها أبَداً جدیدٌ.

    14. Hellfire is the final end of the extremists.

14_ النّار غایَةُ المُفْرِطینَ.

Lovers Of The Ahlulbayt

Lovers of the Ahlulbayt محِبّ أهل البیت

1. Whoever loves us with his heart, supports us with his speech and fights our enemies with his sword, then he will be with us in Paradise at our stage.

1_ مَنْ أحَبَّنا بِقَلْبِهِ وَکانَ مَعَنا بِلِسانِهِ وقاتَلَ عَدُوَّنا بِسَیْفِهِ فَهُوَ مَعَنا فیِ الْجَنَّةِ فی دَرَجَتِنا.

2. Whoever loves us with his heart and supports us with his speech but does not fight alongside us with his hand, then he will be in Paradise but not at our stage.

2_ مَنْ أحَبَّنا بِقَلْبِهِ وأعانَنا بِلِسانِهِ ولَمْ یُقاتِلْ مَعَنا بِیَدِهِ فَهُوَ فِی الْجَنَّةِ دُونَ دَرَجَتِنا.

3. Whoever loves us with his heart but pretends to hate us with his tongue will go to Paradise.

3_ مَنْ أحَبَّنا بِقَلْبِهِ وأبْغَضَنا بِلِسانِهِ فَهُوَ فِی الْجَنَّةِ.

4. He who loves us should emulate our actions and clothe himself with piety.

4_ مَنْ أحَبَّنا فَلْیَعْمَلْ بِعَمَلِنا، ولْیَتَجَلْبَبِ الْوَرَعَ.

5. One who loves us should prepare to be covered with afflictions.

5_ مَنْ أحَبَّنا فَلْیُعِدَّ لِلْبَلاءِ جِلْباباً.

6. One who befriends us should have a thick skin for tribulations [that will befall him].

6_ مَنْ تَوَلانا فَلْیَلْبَسْ لِلْمِحَنِ إهاباً.

7. Two types of people are destroyed because of me: the fanatic lover and the extreme hater.

7_ هَلَکَ فِیَّ رَجُلانِ: مُحِبٌّ غال، ومُبْغِضٌ قال.

8. If a mountain loved me, it would crumble.

8_ لَوْ أحَبَّنِی جَبَلٌ لَتَهافَتَ.

The Beloved

The Beloved المحب والمحبوب

1. Losing a loved one leads to forlornness.

1_ فَقْدُ الأحِبَّةِ غُرْبَةٌ.

2. One who loves you

p: 147

forbids you [from evil].

2_ مَنْ أَحَبَّکَ نَهاکَ.

3. One who loves something speaks about it constantly.

3_ مَنْ أَحَبَّ شَیْئاً لَهِجَ بِذِکْرِهِ.

4. Indeed only he who does not flatter you loves you, and only he who does not let you hear [his praise] praises you.

4_ إنَّما یُحِبُّکَ مَنْ لایَتَمَلَّقُکَ ویُثْنی عَلَیْکَ مَنْ لایُسْمِعُکَ.

5. Let the most beloved person to you and the one who has the greatest status in your eyes be the one who strives hardest in benefiting people.

5_ لِیَکُنْ أحَبُّ النَّاسِ إلَیْکَ وأخْظاهُمْ لَدَیْکَ أکْثَرُهُمْ سَعْیاً فی مَنافِعِ النّاسِ.

6. Let the most beloved person to you be the compassionate adviser.

6_ لِیَکُنْ أحَبُّ النّاسِ إلَیْکَ المُشْفِقُ النّاصِحُ.


Evidence الحجَّةُ والدلیل

1. The strength of the authority of evidence is stronger than the strength of the authority of force.

1_ قُوَّةُ سُلْطانِ الحُجَّةِ أعْظَمُ مِنْ قَوَّةِ سُلْطانِ القُدْرَةِ.

The Proof (Of Allah)

The Proof (of Allah) الحجّة

1. Allah, the Glorified, never leaves His servants without a necessary proof or an established, clear path.

1_ لَمْ یُخْلِ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ عِبادَهُ مِنْ حُجَّة لازِمَة أوْ مَحَجَّة قائِمَة.

2. Allah, the Glorified, does not leave His creation unheeded, nor does He neglect their affairs.

2_ لَمْ یَتْرُکِ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ خَلْقَهُ مُغْفَلاً، ولا أمْرَهُمْ مُهْمَلاً.

3. Allah, the Glorified, never lets His servants remain without a divinely appointed Prophet or a revealed book [to guide them].

3_ لَمْ یُخْلِ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ عِبادَهُ مِنْ نَبِیّ مُرسَل، أوْ کِتاب مُنْزَل.

The Disproved

The Disproved المحجوج

1. One who is disproved has no right.

1_ لاحَقَّ لِمَحْجُوج.

The One Who Presents An Argument

The One who Presnts an Argument المحتجّ

1. The one who presents a strong

p: 148

argument may get support.

1_ قَدْ یَسْتَظْهِرُ المُحْتَجُّ.

2. One who argues by truth, succeeds.

2_ مَنِ احْتَجَّ بِالحَقِّ فَلَجَ.

The Hajj

The Hajj الحج

1. The Hajj is a means of strengthening the religion.

1_ والحَجَّ تَقْوِیَةً لِلّدینِ.


Rage الحدَّة

1. Rage is a bout of insanity because its possessor regrets [afterwards], but if he does not feel regret, then his insanity is firmly established.

1_ اَلحِدَّةُ ضَرْبٌ مِنَ الجُنُونِ، لأنَّ صاحِبَها یَنْدَمُ، فَإنْ لَمْ یَنْدَمْ فَجُنُونُهُ مُسْتَحْکَمٌ.

2. Repel [your] rage, think about the proof and protect yourself from nonsense - you will be safe from slip-ups.

2_ دَعِ الحِدَّةَ، وتَفَکَّرْ فِی الحُجَّةِ، وتَحَفَّظْ مِنَ الخَطَلِ تَأمَنِ الزَّلَلَ.

The Cautious

The Cautious الحَذِر والمتحذّر

1. One who is overly cautious may be destroyed.

1_ قَدْ یَعْطِبُ المُتَحَذِّرُ.

2. Harm comes to the cautious one from his [own] place of security.

2_ مِنْ مَأْمَنِهِ یُؤْتَی الحَذِرُ.

The Warner

The Warner المحذّر

1. One who warns you is like the one who brings you glad tidings.

1_ مَنْ حَذَّرَکَ کَمَنْ بَشَّ_رَکَ.

War, Soldiers And Armies

War, Soldiers and Armies الحرب والجُنُود والزحْف

1. Soldiers [who fight for Islam] are the glory of religion and the bastions of [its] leaders.

1_ اَلجُنُودُ عِزُّ الدّینِ، وحُصُونُ الوُلاةِ.

2. Fleeing at the right moment is equivalent to victory in its time.

2_ اَلفِرارُ فی أوانِهِ یَعْدِلُ الظَّفَرَ فی زَمانِه.

3. Soldiers are defenders of the people.

3_ اَلجُنُودُ حُصُونُ الرَّعِیَّةِ.

4. The bane of an army is opposing its commanders.

4_ آفَةُ الجُنْدِ مُخالَفَةُ القادَةِ.

5. One who abandons his army has helped his adversaries.

5_ مَنْ خَذَلَ جُنْدَهُ نَصَرَ أضْدادَهُ.

6. Cast down your gaze in battles, for this will make you calmer

p: 149

and cause your hearts to be more tranquil.

6_ غُضُّواالأبْصارَ فی الحُرُوبِ، فَإنَّهُ أرْبَطُ لِلْجَأْشِ، وأسْکَنُ لِلْقُلوُبِ.

7. Put the armoured man forward and the unarmoured one behind, and grit your teeth because this will make the swords skip off the skulls.

7_ قَدِّمُوا الدّارِعَ، وأخِّرُوا الحاسِرَ، وعَضُّوا عَلَی الأضْراسِ، فَإنَّهُ أنْبا لِلسُّیُوفِ عَنِ الْهامِ.

8. He who is frightened by what is in front of him retreats [and flees].

8_ وَمَنْ هالَهُ مابَیْنَ یَدَیْهِ نَ_کَصَ عَلی عَقِبَیْهِ.

9. Defend [yourselves] with the edge of blades, charge forward [against the enemy] with your swords, give up your lives [for the sake of Allah] and walk towards death with calm.

9_ نافِحُوا بِالظُّبی، وَصِلُوا السُّیُوفَ بالخُطی، وطیبُوا عَنْ أنْفُسِکُمْ نَفْساً، وامْشُوا إلَی المَوْتِ مَشْیاً سَجْحاً.

10. By the one who splits the seed and creates the human being! They did not accept Islam, rather they succumbed to it [to remain safe] and hid their disbelief; and when they found supporters for it, they brought forth in the open that which they had hidden and made manifest that which they had concealed.

10_ والَّذی فَلَقَ الحَبَّةَ وبَ_رَأَ النَّسَمَةَ، ما أسْلَمُوا، ولکِنِ اسْتَسْلَمُوا، وَأسَ_رُّوا الکُفْرَ، فَلَمّا وَجَدُوا أعْواناً عَلَیْهِ أعْلَنُوا ما کانُوا أسَ_رُّوا، وأظْهَرُوا ما کانُوا أبْطَنُوا.

11. I swear by Allah! Even if you run away from the sword of this transitory world you will not be safe from the swords of the Hereafter. You are the foremost among the Arabs and the greatest figures [of the community], so be ashamed of fleeing [from the battlefield], for certainly in it is a

p: 150

covering of disgrace and [a cause of] entry into hellfire.

11_ وأیْمُ اللّهِ لَئِنْ فَرَرْتُمْ مِنْ سَیْفِ العاجِلَةِ لاتَسْلَمُوا مِنْ سُیُوفِ الآخِرَةِ، وأنْتُمْ لَهامیمُ العَرَبِ، والسَّنامُ الأعْظَمُ، فَاسْتَحْیُوا مِنَ الفِرارِ، فَإنَّ فیهِ ادِّراعُ العارِ، ووُلُوجُ النّارِ.

12. Do not fight against the one who seeks refuge in religion, for one who combats religion is ruined.

12_ لاتُحارِبْ مَنْ یَعْتَصِمُ بِالدّینِ، فَإنَّ مُغالِبَ الدّینِ مَحْرُوبٌ.

13. Do not combat the one who seeks the support of truth, for the one who fights the truth is [always] defeated.

13_ لاتُغالِبْ مَنْ یَسْتَظْهِرُ بِالحَقِّ، فَإنَّ مُغالِبَ الحَقِّ مَغْلُوبٌ.

14. Never seek to challenge anyone in combat, but if you are challenged, then respond; for the one who seeks it is an aggressor, and the aggressor is struck down.

14_ لاتَدْعُوَنَّ إلی مُبارَزَة، وإنْ دُعیتَ إلَیْها فَأجِبْ، فَإنَّ الدّاعِیَ إلَیْها باغ، والباغی مَصْ_رُوعٌ.

15. Do not let the fleeing which is followed by return and the retreat that is followed by attack bear down on you. Give the swords their due right and prepare a place for the fallen [soldiers](1). Embolden yourselves to charge with intensity and strike with full force, and silence the voices, as this dispels cowardice.

15_ لاتَشْتَدَّنَّ عَلَیْکُمْ فَرَّةٌ بَعْدَها کَرَّةٌ، ولا جَوْلَةٌ بَعْدَها صَوْلَةٌ، وأعْطُوا السُّیُوفَ حُقُوقَها، وقِصُّوا (وَ وَطِّنُوا للجُنُوبِ)لِلْحَرْبِ مَصارِعَها، واذْمِرُوا أنْفُسَکُمْ عَلَی الطَّعْنِ الدَّعْسِ_یِّ والضَّ_رْبِ الطِّلَخْفی، وأمیتُوا الأصْواتَ، فَإنَّهُ أطْرَدُ لِلْفَشَلِ.

16. Keep on enduring and remain firm, until the pillar of truth illuminates upon you while you have the upper hand, and Allah is with you, and never will He stint [the reward of] your

p: 151

1- Indicating seriousness in battle.


16_ صَمْداً صَمْداً، حَ_تّی یَنْجَلی لَکُمْ عَمُودُ الحَقِّ، وأنْتُمُ الأعْلَوْنَ، واللّهُ مَعَکُمْ، ولَنْ یَتِرَکُمْ أعْمالَکُمْ.

17. Defend your religion with the edge of blades, charge forward [against the enemy] with your swords and seek the help of Allah you will gain victory and [His] assistance.

17_ ضارِبُوا عَنْ دینِکُمْ بالظُّبی، وَصِلُوا السُّیُوفَ بِالخُطاءِ، وَانْتَصرُوا بِاللّهِ تَظْفَرُوا وتُنْصَرُوا.

18. Give up your lives [for the sake of Allah] willingly and walk towards death with ease.

18_ طیبُوا عَنْ أنْفُسِکُمْ نَفْساً وامْشُوا إلَی المَوْتِ مَشْیاًسَجْحاً.

19. The survivors of war grow larger in number and have more children.

19_ بَقِیَّةُ السَّیْفِ أنْمی عَدَداً وأکْثَرُ وَلَداً.

20. Many a war is more beneficial than peace.

20_ رُبَّ حَرْب أعْوَدُ مِنْ سِلْم.

21. Sometimes you may be attacked from within your sanctuary.

21_ رُبَّما أُتِیْتَ مِنْ مَأْمَنِکَ.

22. The best of arsenals is seeking support [from Allah].

22_ أفْضَلُ العُدَدِ الإسْتِظْهارُ.

23. Verily in fleeing [from the battlefield] there is the wrath of Allah, the Glorified, persistent disgrace and lasting shame; and certainly one who flees does not prolong his life, nor does he delay his day [of death].

23_ إنَّ فِی الفِرارِ مَوْجِدَةَ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ، والذُّلَّ اللاّزِمَ، والعارَ الدّائِمَ، وإنَّ الفارَّ غَیْرُ مَزید فی عُمْرِهِ، ولا مُؤَخِّرٌ عَنْ یَوْمِهِ.

24. Your intellects have decreased and your judgments have become fatuous. You are thus targets for the archer, morsels for the eater and easy prey for the hunter.

24_ خَفَّتْ عُقُولُکُمْ، وسَفِهَتْ حُلُومُکُمْ، فَأنْتُمْ غَرَضٌ لِنابِل (عَرَضٌ لِنائِل)، وأُکْلَة لآکِل، وَفَریسَةٌ لِصائِل.

25. Keep returning to fight and be ashamed of fleeing [from the battlefield], for it is a disgrace for

p: 152

the progenies and [a cause of entry into] hellfire on the Day of Reckoning.

25_ عاوِدُوا الکَرَّ، واسْتَحْیُوا مِنَ الفَرِّ، فَإنَّهُ عارٌ فِی الأعْقابِ، وَنارٌ یَوْمَ الحِسابِ.

26. Grit your back teeth, for this makes the swords skip off the skull.

26_ عَضُّوا عَلَی النَّواجِدِ، فَإنَّهُ أنْبا لِلْسُّیُوفِ عَنِ الْهامِ.

27. Fleeing [from the battle field] is one of the two humiliations.

27_ اَلْفِرارُ أحَدُ الذُلَّیْنِ.

28. Be ashamed of fleeing [from battle], for it is a disgrace for the progenies and [a cause of entry into] hellfire on the Day of Reckoning.

28_ اِسْتَحْیُوا مِنَ الفِرارِ، فَإنَّهُ عارٌ فِی الأَعْقابِ، ونارٌ یَوْمَ الحِسابِ.

29. Twist the sides of the spears [while attacking], for this makes the spearheads move with more force.

29_ اِلْتَوُوا فی أطْرافِ الرِّماحِ فَإنَّهُ أمْوَرُ لِلأَسِنَّةِ.

Waging War

Waging War المحاربة

1. One who opposes Allah is crushed.

1_ مَنْ عانَدَ اللّهَ قُصِمَ.

2. One who fights against Allah is ruined.

2_ مَنْ حارَبَ اللّهَ حُرِبَ.

3. Indeed, if you fight against Allah, you will be defeated and destroyed.

3_ إنَّکَ إنْ حارَبْتَ اللّهَ حُرِبْتَ وهَلَکْتَ.

4. One who fights against the people will be fought and one who considers himself to be safe from plunder will be plundered.

4_ مَنْ حارَبَ النّاسَ حُرِبَ، ومَنْ أمِنَ السَّلَبَ سُلِبَ.

Freedom And The Free

Freedom and the Free الحرّ والحرّیة

1. The freeman is free even if hardship befalls him.

1_ اَلْحُرُّ حُرٌّ وإنْ مَسَّهُ الضُّ_رُّ.

2. Liberty is free of malice and deception.

2_ اَلحُرِّیَةُ مُنَزَّهَةٌ مِنَ الْغِلِّ والْمَکْرِ.

3. Sometimes the free man may be treated unjustly.

3_ قَدْ یُضامُ الحُرُّ.

4. The free man will never become enslaved until distress is removed from

p: 153


4_ لَنْ یُتَعَبَّدَ الحُرُّ حَتّی یُزالَ عَنْهُ الضُّ_رُّ.

5. There is no reward for the free except honour [and respect].

5_ لَیْسَ لِلأحْرارِ جَزاءٌ إلاّ الإکْرامُ.

6. Do not be a slave to others while Allah, the Glorified, has made you free, for that which is good is never achieved except by overcoming evil, and ease is never acquired except through difficulty.

6_ لاتَ_کُونَنَّ عَبْدَ غَیْرِکَ، وَقَدْ جَعَلَکَ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ حُرّاً، فَما خَیْرُ خَیْر لایُنالُ إلاّ بِشَ_رّ، ویُسْ_ر لایُنالُ إلاّ بِعُسْر.

The Careful

The Careful المحترس، الاِحتراس

1. One who is [overly] careful [not to put himself in any harm] is thrown [into it].

1_ اَلمُحْتَرِسُ مُلَقًّی.

2. One whose carefulness increases, his unseen [future] becomes sound.

2_ مَنْ کَثُرَ احْتِراسُهُ سَلِمَ غَیْبُهُ.


Greed الحِرص

1. Greed is a disgrace and a humiliation for the one who espouses it.

1_ الحِرْصُ ذُلٌّ ومَهانَةٌ لِمَنْ یَسْتَشْعِرُهُ.

2. Greed is the cornerstone of poverty and the foundation of evil.

2_ اَلحِرْصُ رَأسُ الفَقْرِ، وأُسُّ الشَّ_رِّ.

3. Greed is one of the two miseries.

3_ اَلحِرْصُ أحَدُ الشِّقائَیْنِ.

4. Greed, gluttony and stinginess are the result of ignorance.

4_ اَلحِرْصُ، والشَّ_رَهُ، والبُخْلُ، نَتیجَةُ الجَهْلِ.

5. Greed does not increase sustenance, rather it debases one’s status.

5_ اَلحِرْصُ لایَزیدُ فِی الرِّزْقِ، ولکِنْ یُذِلُّ القَدْرَ.

6. Take revenge on your greed through contentment, just as you would avenge your enemy by retaliation.

6_ إنْتَقِمْ مِنْ حِرْصِکَ بِالقُنُوعِ، کَما تَنْتَقِمُ مِنْ عَدُوِّکَ بِالقِصاصِ.

7. Be cautious of greed, for its possessor is subject to humiliation and suffering.

7_ إتَّقُوا الحِرْصَ، فَإنَّ صاحِبَهُ رَهینُ ذُلّ وعَناء.

8. Be wary of greed, for it is a disgrace to the religion and

p: 154

the worst companion.

8_ إیّاکَ والحِرْصَ فَإنَّهُ شَیْنُ الدّینِ، وبِئْسَ القَرینُ.

9. Verily in greed there is suffering.

9_ إنَّ فِی الحِرْصِ لَعَناءً.

10. Greed is the riding mount of hardship.

10 _ اَلحِرْصُ مَطِیَّةُ التَّعَبِ.

11. Greed is a sign of penury.

11_ اَلحِرْصُ عَلامَةُ الفَقْرِ.

12. Greed has blameworthy consequences.

12_ اَلحِرْصُ ذَمِیمُ المَغَبَّةِ.

13. Greed is a symbol of the wretched.

13_ اَلحِرْصُ عَلامَةُ الأشْقیاءِ.

14. Greed is [a trait that leads to] disgrace and suffering.

14_ اَلحِرْصُ ذُلٌّ، وعَناءٌ.

15. Greed corrupts conviction.

15_ اَلحِرْصُ یُفْسِدُ الإیقانَ.

16. Greed humiliates and causes misery.

16_ اَلحِرْصُ یُذِلُّ ویُشْقی.

17. Greed is [a trait that results in] endless suffering.

17_ اَلحِرْصُ عَناءٌ مُؤَبَّدٌ.

18. Greed degrades magnanimity.

18_ اَلحِرْصُ یُزْری بِالْ_مُرُوَّةِ.

19. Greed leads to many flaws (or great sins).

19_ اَلحِرْصُ مُوقِعٌ فی کَثیرِ (کَبیرِ) العُیُوبِ (الذُّنُوبِ).

20. Greed and gluttony earn wretchedness and humiliation.

20_ اَلحِرْصُ، والشَّ_رَهُ، یَکْسِبانِ الشَّقاءَ والذِّلَّةَ.

21. Greed diminishes the status of a man and does not increase his sustenance.

21_ اَلحِرْصُ یَنْقُصُ قَدْرَ الرَّجُلِ، ولایَزیدُ فی رِزْقِهِ.

22. Verily you cannot outrun your death, nor acquire that which is not for you, so why do you debase yourself O wretched one?!

22_ إنَّکَ لَسْتَ بِسابِق أجَلَکَ، ولابِمَرْزُوقِ ما لَیْسَ لَکَ، فَلِما ذا تُشْقی نَفْسَکَ یا شَقِیُّ.

23. It is through greed that hardship comes about.

23_ بِالحِرْصِ یَکُونُ العَناءُ.

24. The worst companion is greed.

24_ بِئْسَ الرَّفیقُ الحِرْصُ.

25. The fruit of greed is hardship.

25_ ثَمَرَةُ الحِرْصِ العَناءُ.

26. The fruit of greed is anguish.

26_ ثَمَرَةُ الحِرْصِ النَّصَبُ.

27. Shunning greed severs gluttony and cupidity.

27_ رَدُّ الحِرْصِ یَحْسِمُ الشَّ_رَهَ، والمَطامِعَ.

28. Intense greed comes from strong gluttony and weakness of faith.

28_ شِدَّةُ الحِرْصِ مِنْ قُوَّةِ الشِ_رَّهِ وضَعْفِ

p: 155


29. Counter greed with contentment.

29_ ضادُّوا الحِرصَ بِالقُنُوعِ.

30. Yielding to greed corrupts certitude.

30_ طاعَةُ الحِرْصِ تُفْسِدُ الیَقینَ.

31. It is on doubt and lack of trust in Allah that greed and avarice are based.

31_ عَلَی الشَّکِّ وقِلَّةِ الثِّقَةِ بِاللّهِ مَبْنَی الحِرْصِ والشُّحِّ.

32. The slave of greed is eternally wretched.

32_ عَبْدُ الحِْرصِ مُخَلَّدُ الشِّقاءِ.

33. In greed there is hardship.

33_ فِی الحِرْصِ العَناءُ.

34. In greed there is misery and anguish.

34_ فِی الحِرْصِ الشَّقاءُ، والنَّصَبُ.

35. Greed has been paired up with hardship.

35_ قُرِنَ الحِرْصُ بِالعَناءِ.

36. Greed [is a mount that] kills its rider.

36_ قَتَلَ الحِرْصُ راکِبَهُ.

37. Reduce your greed and remain [satisfied] with what has been allocated to you of your sustenance, [by this] you will protect your faith.

37_ قَصِّ_رْ مِنْ حِرْصِکَ، وَقِفْ عِنْدَ المَقْدُورِ لَکَ مِنْ رِزْقِکَ، تُحْرِزْ دینَکَ.

38. How can there be relief from the suffering of greed for one who has not truly trusted [in Allah]?

38_ کَیْفَ یَتَخَلَّصُ مِنْ عَناءِ الحِرْصِ مَنْ لَمْ یَصْدُقْ تَوَکُّلُهُ؟!

39. Too much greed makes its possessor miserable and abases him.

39_ کَثْرَةُ الحِرْصِ تُشْقی صاحِبَهُ، وتُذِلُّ جانِبَهُ.

40. Not everyone who seeks, finds and not everyone who turns away, loses.

40_ لَیْسَ کُلُّ مَنْ طَلَبَ وَجَدَ، لَیْسَ کُلُّ مَنْ أضَلَّ فَقَدَ.

41. One who is greedy becomes wretched and undergoes hardship.

41_ مَنْ حَرَصَ شَقی وتَعَنّی.

42. One whose greed increases, his status is lowered.

42_ مَنْ کَثُرَ حِرْصُهُ ذَلَّ قَدْرُهُ.

43. One who clothes himself with greed becomes poverty-stricken.

43_ مَنِ ادَّرَعَ الحِرْصَ افْتَقَرَ.

44. One whose greed increases, his certitude decreases.

44_ مَنْ کَثُرَ حِرْصُهُ قَلَّ یَقینُهُ.

45. One who is overcome by greed faces great

p: 156


45_ مَنْ غَلَبَ عَلَیْهِ الحِرْصُ عَظُمَتْ ذِلَّتُهُ.

46. Nothing debases the self like greed and nothing disgraces [one’s] honour like stinginess.

46_ ما أذَلَّ النَّفْسَ کَالحِرْصِ،وَ لاشانَ العِرْضَ کَالبُخْلِ.

47. How much agony is brought about by greed!

47_ ما أجْلَبَ الحِرْصَ لِلنَّصَبِ.

48. One who acts greedily is wretched and dispraised.

48_ مُسْتَعْمِلُ الحِرْصِ شَقِیٌّ مَذْمُومٌ.

49. Do not let greed overpower your patience.

49_ لایَغْلِبِ الحِرصُ صَبْرَکُمْ.

50. There is no [good] health with gluttony.

50_ لاصِحَّةَ مَعَ نَهَم.

51. A little greed leads to a lot of cupidity.

51_ یَسیرُ الحِرْصِ یَحْمِلُ عَلی کَثیرِ الطَّمَعِ.

The Greedy

The Greedy الحریصُ

1. The one who is greedy is poor, even if he owns the whole world in its entirety.

1_ اَلْحَریصُ فَقِیْرٌ، ولَوْ مَلَکَ الدُّنیا بِحَذافیرِها.

2. The greedy one is [always] weary.

2_ اَلْحَریصُ تَعِبٌ.

3. The greedy one is never satisfied.

3_ اَلْحَریصُ لایَکْتَفی.

4. The greedy person is a slave to [his] desires.

4_ اَلْحَریصُ عَبْدُ المَطامِعِ.

5. The greedy person toils for that which will harm him.

5_ اَلْحَریصُ مَتْعُوبٌ فیما یَضُ_رُّهُ.

6. The glutton is never satisfied.

6_ اَلشَّ_رِهُ لایَرْضی.

7. The greedy one is a prisoner of disgrace, never to be freed from his prison.

7_ اَلْحَریصُ أسیرُ مَهانَة لایُفَکُّ أسْ_رُهُ.

8. If you are greedy in your desire for that which has been guaranteed to you (i.e. your sustenance) then be avid in performing that which has been made incumbent upon you.

8_ إنْ کُنْتَ حَریصاً عَلی طَلَبِ المَضْمُونِ لَکَ فَکُنْ حَریصاً عَلی أداءِ المَفْرُوضِ عَلَیْکَ.

9. Many a greedy person has been killed by his greed.

9 _ رُبَّ حَریص قَتَلَهُ حِرْصُهُ.

10. I wonder at the one who knows that Allah

p: 157

has guaranteed sustenance and allotted it, and that his effort will not increase what has [already] been allotted for him of it, yet he is greedy and unrelenting in his desire for [more] wealth.

10_ عَجِبْتُ لِمَنْ عَلِمَ أنَّ اللّهَ قَدْ ضَمِنَ الأرْزاقَ، وقَدَّرَها، وأنَّ سَعْیَهُ لایَزیدُهُ فیما قُدِّرَ لَهُ مِنْها، وهُوَ حَریصٌ دائِبٌ فی طَلَبِ الرِّزْقِ.

11. Every greedy person is needy.

11_ کُلُّ حَریص فَقیرٌ.

12. Many a greedy person has been frustrated and many a contented person has not been disappointed!

12_ کَمْ مِنْ حَریص خائِب ومُجْمِل لَمْ یَخِبْ.

13. There is no adequacy for a greedy person.

13_ لَیْسَ لِحَریص غَناءٌ.

14. One who acts greedily is not bereft of indignity.

14_ مَنْ کانَ حَریصاً لَمْ یَعْدِمِ الإهانَةَ.

15. One whose greed increases, his wretchedness [also] increases.

15_ مَنْ کَثُرَ حِرْصُهُ کَثُرَ شَقائُهُ.

16. One for whom greed of worldly possessions is coupled with stinginess has held fast to the two pillars of ignobility.

16_ مَنْ جُمِعَ لَهُ مَعَ الحِرْصِ عَلَی الدُّنیا البُخْلُ بِها فَقَدِ اسْتَمْسَکَ بِعَمُودَیِ اللُّؤْمِ.

17. A greedy person has no shame.

17_ لاحَیاءَ لِحَریص.

18. A greedy person is never found relaxing.

18_ لایُلْفَی الحَریصُ مُسْتَریحاً.

19. Nothing makes one amass wealth except greed, and the greedy is wretched and dispraised.

19_ لایَجْمَعُ المالَ إلاّ الحِرْصُ، وَالحَریصُ شَقِیٌّ مَذْمُومٌ.


Vocation الحِرْفَة

1. The vocation [one undertakes] is based on the extent of deprivation.(1)

1_ عَلی قَدْرِ الحِرمانِ تَ_کُونُ الحِرْفَةُ.

2. A [simple] vocation with modesty is better than affluence with immorality.

2_ اَلْحِرفَةُ مَعَ العِفَّةِ خَیْ_رٌ مِنَ الغِنی مَعَ الفُجُورِ.

The Prohibited

The Prohibited الحرام

1. The prohibited is illicit.

1_ اَلحَرامُ سُحْتٌ.

Deprivation And Frustration

Deprivation and Frustration

p: 158

1- Another meaning could be: To the extent of deprivation there is reward.

الحرمان والخیبة

1. Deprivation is abandonment.

1_ اَلحِرمانُ خِذْلانٌ.

2. I wonder at the person who hopes for favour from the one who is above him, how can he deprive the one who is below him [of his own favour]?

2_ عَجِبْتُ لِمَنْ یَرْجُو فَضْلَ مَنْ فَوْقَهُ، کَیْفَ یَحْرُمُ مَنْ دُونَهُ.

3. The anguish of deprivation will not be calmed until acquisition is realized.

3_ لَنْ تَسْکُنَ حُرْقَةُ الحِرْمانِ حَتّی یَتَحَقَّقَ الوِجْدانُ.

4. Do not deprive the distressed even if he is extravagant.

4_ لاتَحْرِمِ المُضْطَرَّ وإنْ أسْرَفَ.

5. Do not frustrate the needy even if he insists [for more].

5_ لاتُخَیِّبِ المُحْتاجَ وَإنْ ألْحَفَ.

The Party Of Allah

The Party of Allah حزب اللّه

1. Would you like to be among the victorious party of Allah? [Then] fear Allah, the Glorified, and be righteous in all your affairs, for surely Allah is with those who guard [against evil] and those who go good [to others].

1_ أَیَسُ_رُّکَ أنَ تَ_کُوْنَ مِنْ حِزْبِ اللّهِ الغالِبینَ: إتَّقِ اللّهَ سُبْحانَهُ، وأحْسِنْ فی کُلِّ أُمُورِکَ، فَإنَّ اللّهَ مَعَ الَّذینَ اتَّقَوْا والَّذینَ هُمْ مُحْسِنُونَ.


Judiciousness الحزم

1. Judiciousness means enduring agony until the opportunity [to react] avails itself.

1_ اَلْحَزْمُ تَجَرُّعُ الغُصَّةِ، حَتّی تُمَکِّنَ الفُرْصَةُ.

2. The last sources of self-preservation are the first points of caution.

2_ أواخِرُ مَصادِرِ التَّوَقّی أوائِلُ مَوارِدِ الحَذَرِ.

3. Judiciousness is considering the consequences [of actions] and consulting the wise.

3_ اَلحَزْمُ اَلنَّظَرُ فِی العَواقِبِ، ومُشاوَرَةُ ذَوِی العُقُولِ.

4. Indeed, the one who gets involved in matters without thinking about the consequences is vulnerable to grave calamities.

4_ ألا وإنَّ مَنْ تَوَرَّطَ فِی الأُمُورِ مِنْ غَیْرِ نَظَر فِی العَواقِبِ فَقَدْ تَعَرَّضَ

p: 159

لِمُفْدِحاتِ النَّوائِبِ.

5. The root of determination is judiciousness, and its fruit is victory.

5_ أصْلُ العَزْمِ الحَزْمُ، وثَمَرَتُهُ اَلظَّفَرُ.

6. Judiciousness is a provision and negligence is a loss.

6_ اَلْحَزْمُ بِضاعَةٌ (و) التَّوانی إضاعَةٌ.

7. Judiciousness is a skill.

7_ اَلحَزْمُ صِناعَةٌ.

8. Judiciousness is [having] the most pertinent of views.

8_ اَلحَزْمُ أسَدُّ الآراءِ.

9. Judiciousness is preserving the [lessons learned through] experience.

9_ اَلحَزْمُ حِفْظُ التَجْرِبَةِ.

10. Judiciousness is [achieved] through weighing the opinions thoroughly.

10_ اَلحَزْمُ بِإجالَةِ الرَّأْیِ.

11. Judiciousness is being extremely cautious.

11_ اَلحَزْمُ شِدَّةُ الاِسْتِظْهارِ.

12. Views are many but foresight is little.

12_ اَلرَّأْیُ کَثیرٌ، والحَزْمُ قَلیلٌ.

13. Judiciousness is safeguarding that which you have been charged with and leaving that which has been guaranteed for you.

13_ اَلحَزْمُ حِفْظُ ما کُلِّفْتَ، وتَرْکُ ما کُفیتَ.

14. Tranquillity before [gaining] awareness [of the situation] is contrary to judiciousness.

14_ اَلطُّمَأْنِینَةُ قَبْلَ الخُبْرَةِ خِلافُ الحَزْمِ.

15. Verily judiciousness is only in obedience to Allah and disobedience to the [lower] self.

15_ إنَّما الحَزْمُ طاعَةُ اللّهِ، ومَعْصِیةُ النَّفْسِ.

16. The bane of judiciousness is losing the matter.

16_ آفَةُ الحَزْمِ فَوْتُ الأمْرِ.

17. When judiciousness is coupled with determination, felicity becomes complete.

17_ إذَا اقْتَرَنَ العَزْمُ بِالحَزْمِ کَمُلَتِ السَّعادَةُ.

18. The fruit of judiciousness is wellbeing.

18_ ثَمَرَةُ الحَزْمِ السَّلامَةُ.

19. Act with judiciousness and cling to knowledge your results will be praiseworthy.

19_ خُذْ بِالحَزْمِ، والْزِمِ العِلْمَ، تُحْمَدْ عَواقِبُکَ.

20. The end result of judiciousness is precaution.

20_ غایَةُ الحَزْمِ الاِسْتِظْهارُ.

21. The perfection of judiciousness is seeking to reform [one’s] opponents and being amicable with [one’s] enemies.

21_ کَمالُ الحَزْمِ اِسْتِصْلاحُ الأضْدادِ، ومُداجاةُ الأعْداءِ.

22. One who opposes judiciousness is destroyed.

22_ مَنْ خالَفَ الحَزْمَ هَلَکَ.

23. One who

p: 160

acts judiciously is cautious.

23_ مَنْ أخَذَ بِالحَزْمِ اِسْتَظْهَرَ.

24. One who fails to act with judiciousness is reckless.

24_ مَنْ أضاعَ الحَزْمَ تَهَوَّرَ.

25. One whose judiciousness is reduced, his determination is weakened.

25_ مَنْ قَلَّ حَزْمُهُ ضَعُفَ عَزْمُهُ.

26. One who is not pushed forward by judiciousness is held back by impuissance.

26_ مَنْ لَمْ یُقَدِّمْهُ الحَزْمُ، أخَّرَهُ العَجْزُ.

27. From judiciousness comes strong determination.

27_ مِنَ الحَزْمِ قُوَّةُ العَزْمِ.

28. From judiciousness comes preparedness and readiness.

28_ مِنَ الحَزْمِ اَلتَّأَهُّبُ والاِسْتِعْدادُ.

29. Preserving [the lessons learnt from] experience is from judiciousness.

29_ مِنَ الحَزْمِ حِفْظُ التَّجْرِبَةِ.

30. Genuine determination comes from judiciousness.

30_ مِنَ الحَزْمِ صِحَّةُ العَزْمِ.

31. Stopping [and assessing the situation] when faced with doubt is part of judiciousness.

31_ مِنَ الحَزْمِ الوُقُوفُ عِنْدَ الشُّبْهَةِ.

32. From the excellence of judiciousness is being prepared to move and being ready to travel [from this world to the next].

32_ مِنْ کَمالِ الحَزْمِ الاسْتِعْدادُ لِلنُّقْلَةِ، والتَّأَهُّبُ لِلرِّحْلَةِ.

The Judicious

The Judicious الحازم

1. The judicious person is one who does not get too preoccupied with the blessing [he has been given] to work for his afterlife.

1_ اَلحازِمُ مَنْ لا یَشْغَلُهُ النِّعْمَةُ عَنِ العَمَلِ لِلْعاقِبَةِ.

2. The judicious person is one who is generous with what he has in his possession and does not postpone his work of today to tomorrow.

2_ اَلحازِمُ مَنْ جادَ بِما فی یَدِهِ، ولَمْ یُؤَخِّرْ عَمَلَ یَومِهِ إلی غَدِهِ.

3. The judicious person is one who is not too preoccupied with the deceptions of his world to work for his Hereafter.

3_ اَلحازِمُ مَنْ لَمْ یَشْغَلْهُ غُرُورُ دُنْیاهُ عَنِ العَمَلِ لاُخْراهُ.

4. The judicious person is one who is

p: 161

amicable with [the people of] his time.

4_ اَلحازِمُ مَنْ داری زَمانَهُ.

5. The judicious person is one who has been made worldly-wise by experience and refined by calamities.

5_ اَلحازِمُ مَنْ حَنَّکَتْهُ التَّجارِبُ، وهَذَّبَتْهُ النَّوائِبُ.

6. The judicious person is one who gives thanks for blessings that come to him and is patient and thinks no more of it when the blessings turn away or turn back from him.

6_ اَلحازِمُ مَنْ شَکَرَ النِّعْمَةَ مُقْبِلَةً، وصَبَرَ عَنْها، وَسَلاها مُوَلِّیَةً مُدْبِرَةً.

7. The judicious person is one who delays meting out punishment when [he is] under the yoke of anger and expedites the repayment of favours by taking advantage of the available opportunity.

7_ اَلحازِمُ مَنْ یُؤَخِّرُ العُقُوبَةَ فی سُلْطانِ الغَضَبِ، ویُعَجِّلُ مُکافاةَ الإحْسانِ إغْتِناماً لِفُرْصَةِ الإمکانِ.

8. The most judicious of you is the most abstemious of you [from worldly pleasures].

8_ أحْزَمُکُمْ أزْهَدُکُمْ.

9. The most judicious of all people is one who deems his worldly affairs to be unimportant.

9_ أحْزَمُ النّاسِ مَنِ اسْتَهانَ بِأمْرِ دُنْیاهُ.

10. The most judicious of people is the one who presumes his inability despite having numerous supporters.

10_ أحْزَمُ النّاسِ مَنْ تَوَهَّمَ العَجْزَ لِفَرْطِ اسْتِظْهارِهِ.

11. The most judicious of people is the one whose inner and outer garments are patience and consideration of the consequences [of his actions].

11_ أحْزَمُ النّاسِ مَنْ کانَ الصَّبْرُ والنَّظَرُ فیِ العَواقِبِ شِعارَهُ وَدِثارَهُ.

12. The most judicious of people is the one who fulfils his promise and does not postpone his work of today to tomorrow.

12_ أحْزَمُ النّاسِ رَأْیاً مَنْ أنْجَزَ وَعْدَهُ، ولَمْ یُؤَخِّرْ عَمَلَ یَوْمِهِ لِغَدِهِ.

13. Indeed the judicious

p: 162

person is one who does not get beguiled by deceptions.

13_ إنَّ الحازِمَ مَنْ لا یَغْتَ_رَّ بِالخُدَعِ.

14. Verily the judicious person is one who occupies himself with struggling against his [lower] self, thereby rectifying it and preventing it from indulging in its vain desires and pleasures, thus he attains mastery over it; and verily for the intelligent one there is a preoccupation in keeping himself away from [that which is impermissible of] this world, its contents and its people.

14_ إنَّ الحازِمَ مَنْ شَغَلَ نَفْسَهُ بِجِهادِ نَفْسِهِ، فَأصْلَحَها، وحَبَسَها عَنْ أهْوِیَتِها ولَذّاتِها فَمَلَکَها، وإنَّ لِلْعاقِلِ بِنَفْسِهِ عَنِ الدُّنیا وَما فیها وأهْلِها شُغْلاً.

15. Verily the judicious person is one who restrains his [lower] self by taking it to account, and controls it with rage (or by overcoming it), and kills it by fighting against it.

15_ إنَّ الحازِمَ مَنْ قَی_َّدَ نَفْسَهُ بِالمُحاسَبَةِ، ومَلَکَها بِالمُغاضَبَةِ (بِالمُغالَبَةِ)، وقَتَلَها بِالمُجاهَدَةِ.

16. The judicious one is alert, the negligent one is sleepy.

16_ اَلحازِمُ یَقْظانٌ، اَلغافِلُ وَسْنانٌ.

17. The judicious person is one who does not harm others.

17_ اَلْحازِمُ مَنْ کَفَّ أذاهُ.

18. The judicious person is one who discards [excessive] expenses and luxuries.

18_ اَلْحازِمُ مَنِ اطَّرَحَ المَؤُنَ، والکُلَفَ.

19. The judicious person is one who abandons this world for the sake of the Hereafter.

19_ اَلحازِمُ مَنْ تَرَکَ الدُّنیا لِلآخِرَةِ.

20. The judicious is one who eschews extravagance and loathes waste.

20_ اَلحازِمُ مَنْ تَجَنَّبَ التَّبْذیرَ، وَعافَ السَّ_رَفَ.

21. Only he is judicious whose preoccupation is entirely with himself, whose concern is entirely for his religion, and whose struggle is entirely for his Hereafter.

21_ إنَّما الحازِمُ

p: 163

مَنْ کانَ بِنَفْسِهِ کُلُّ شُغْلِهِ، ولِدینِهِ کُلُّ هَمِّهِ، وَلآخِرَتِهِ کُلُّ جِدِّهِ.

22. Many a young person is more judicious than an old person.

22_ رُبَّ صَغیر أحْزَمُ مِنْ کَبیر.

23. The weapon of a judicious person is precaution.

23_ سِلاحُ الحازِمِ الاِسْتِظْهارُ.

24. In every action of the judicious person, there is merit.

24_ لِلْحازِمِ فی کُلِّ فِعْل فَضْلٌ.

25. The intellect of the judicious one acts as a deterrent from every demerit.

25_ لِلْحازِمِ مِنْ عَقْلِهِ عَنْ کُلِّ دَنِیَّة زاجِرٌ.

26. The judicious one does not become perplexed in times of adversity.

26_ لایَدْهَشُ عِنْدَ البَلاءِ اَلحازِمُ.

27. He who does not give generously from what he has and does not advance (or save) his work of today for his morrow(1) is not a judicious person.

27_ لایَکُونُ حازِماً مَنْ لایَجُودُ بِما فی یَدِهِ، ولایُؤَخِّرُ (وَلا یَدَّخِرُ)عَمَلَ یَوْمِهِ إلی غَدِهِ.

28. The judicious person never dispenses with a pertinent and superior opinion.

28_ لایَسْتَغْنِی الحازِمُ أبَداً عَنْ رَأْی سَدید راجِح.

Grief For What Has Been Lost

Grief for what has been Lost الحزن علی ما فات

1. Do not grieve for that which is lost.

1_ لاتَأْسَ عَلی ما فاتَ.

The Reckoning

The Reckoning الحساب

1. The reckoning is before the punishment and the reward is after the reckoning.

1_ اَلحِسابُ قَبْلَ العِقابِ، اَلثَّوابُ بَعْدَ الحِسابِ.

High Regard

High Regard الحسب

1. There is no beauty like high regard.

1_ لاجَمالَ کَالْحَسَبِ.


Jealousy الحسد

    1. Jealousy is one of the two torments.

1_ اَلْحَسَدُ أحَدُ العَذابَیْنِ.

    2. Jealousy is the viler of the two depravities.

2_ اَلْحَسَدُ اَلأَمُ الرَّذِیْلَتَیْنِ.

    3. Jealousy is an incurable disease, it does not end except by the destruction of the envier or

p: 164

1- Meaning that he does not work in this world for his Hereafter.

the death of the envied.

3_ اَلْحَسَدُ داءٌ عَیاءٌ، لایَزُولُ إلاّ بِهَلْکِ الحاسِدِ، أوْ مَوْتِ المَحْسُودِ.

    4. Jealousy eats away good deeds just like fire consumes firewood.

4_ اَلْحَسَدُ یَأکُلُ الحَسَناتِ کَما تَأکُلُ النّارَ الحَطَبَ.

    5. Jealousy is a shameful flaw and a gross deficiency; one who possesses it is not cured except by realizing his hopes about the one whom he envies.

5_ اَلْحَسَدُ عَیْبٌ فاضِحٌ، وشُحٌّ (شَجیٌّ)فادِحٌ، لایَشْفی صاحِبَهُ إلاّ بُلُوغُ آمالِهِ فیمَنْ یَحْسُدُهُ.

    6. Be cautious of jealousy, for it disparages the self.

6_ إحْذَرُوا الحَسَدَ، فَإنَّهُ یُزْری بِالنَّفْسِ.

    7. Be wary of jealousy for it is the worst quality, the ugliest attribute and the trait of the Devil.

7_ إیّاکَ والحَسَدَ، فَإنَّهُ شَ_رُّ شیمَة، وأقْبَحُ سَجِیَّة، وخَلیقَةُ إبْلِیسَ.

    8. Jealousy is stressful.

8_ اَلْحَسَدُ یُضْنی.

    9. Jealousy is the worst of diseases.

9_ اَلْحَسَدُ شَ_رُّ الأمْراضِ.

    10. Jealousy is imprisonment of the soul.

10_ اَلْحَسَدُ حَبْسُ الرُّوحِ.

    11. Jealousy is the principal of [all] flaws.

11_ اَلْحَسَدُ رَأْسُ العُیُوبِ.

    12. Jealousy makes life miserable.

12_ اَلْحَسَدُ یُنَ_کِّدُ العَیْشَ.

    13. Jealousy emaciates (and exhausts) the body.

13_ اَلْحَسَدُ یُنْضِی(یُضْنِی) الجَسَدَ.

    14. Jealousy melts away the body.

14_ اَلْحَسَدُ یُذیبُ الجَسَدَ.

    15. Jealousy gives rise to depression.

15_ اَلْحَسَدُ یُنْشِیُ الْکَمَدَ.

    16. Jealousy is the great trap of the Devil.

16_ اَلْحَسَدُ مِقْنَصَةُ (مَنْقَصَةُ) إبْلِیسَ الکُبْری.

    17. Jealousy is an ailment that cannot be cured.

17_ اَلْحَسَدُ مَرَضٌ لایُؤْسیی.

    18. Jealousy is the habitude of the vile ones and the enemies of fortunes.

18_ اَلْحَسَدُ دَأْبُ السَّفِلِ، وأعْداءِ الدُّوَلِ.

    19. When jealousy between the people rains, corruption grows.

19_ إذا أمْطَرَ التَّحاسُدُ نَبَتَ التَّفاسُدُ.


p: 165

The fruit of jealousy is wretchedness in this world and the Hereafter.

20_ ثَمَرَةُ الحَسَدِ شَقاءُ الدُّنیا والآخِرَةِ.

    21. Shun jealousy, dishonesty and malice, for indeed these three [characteristics] disgrace the religion and destroy the person [who possesses them].

21_ دَعِ الحَسَدَ، والکِذْبَ، والحِقْدَ، فَإنَّهُنَ ثَلاثَةٌ تَشینُ الدّینَ، وَتُهْلِکُ الرَّجُلَ.

    22. The cornerstone of [all] depravities is jealousy.

22_ رَأْسُ الرَّذائِلِ الحَسَدُ.

    23. The cause of depression is jealousy.

23_ سَبَبُ الکَمْدِ الحَسَدُ.

    24. The weapon of ignobility is jealousy.

24_ سِلاحُ اللُّؤْمِ اَلحَسَدُ.

    25. The worst thing that can accompany a person is jealousy.

25_ شَ_رُّ ما صَحِبَ المَرْءَ الحَسَدُ.

    26. Purify your hearts of jealousy, for it is a depressing enfeebler.

26_ طَهِّرُوا قُلُوبَکُمْ مِنَ الحَسَدِ، فَإنَّهُ مُکْمِدٌ مُضْنی.

    27. Just as rust corrodes iron until it causes it to waste away, so too does jealousy corrode the body until it wears away.

27_ کَما أنَّ الصَّدَأَ یَأْکُلُ الحَدیدَ حَتّی یُفْنِیَهُ، کَذلِکَ الحَسَدُ یُکْمِدُ الجَسَدَ حَتّی یُفْنِیَهُ.

    28. Jealousy is not from the characteristics of the God-wary.

28_ لَیْسَ الحَسَدُ مِنْ خُلُقِ الأتْقِیاءِ.

    29. Jealousy towards a friend for the blessing [he has been endowed with] stems from low self-esteem.(1)

29_ مِنْ صِغَرِ الهِمَّةِ حَسَدُ الصَّدیقِ عَلَی النِّعْمَةِ.

    30. Woe be to jealousy, how fair it is! It starts off with its companion and then kills him.

30_ وَیْحَ الحَسَدِ ما أعْدَلَهُ، بَدَأ بِصاحِبِهِ فَقَتَلَهُ.

    31. Do not be jealous of each other, for jealousy eats away the faith like fire consumes firewood; and do not have hatred for one another for this is severing [for the faith].

31_ لاتَحاسَدُوا

p: 166

1- Or from weakness and lack of resolve

فَإنَّ الحَسَدَ یَأْکُلُ الإیمانَ، کَما تَأْکُلُ النّارُ الحَطَبَ، وَلاتَباغَضُوا فَإنَّها الحالِقَةُ.

    32. There is no malady like jealousy.

32_ لاداءَ کَالحَسَدِ.

The Jealous

The Jealous الحسود

1. Happiness does not last for the jealous and the spiteful.

1_ اَلْحَسُودُ، والحَقُودُ لاتَدُومُ لَهُما مَسَ_رَّةٌ.

2. The jealous one is always ill and the miser is always abased.

2_ اَلْحَسُودُ أبَداً عَلیلٌ، والبَخیلُ أبَداً ذَلِیلٌ.

3. The jealous one is always sick, even when his body is healthy.

3_ اَلْحَسُودُ دائِمُ السُّقْمِ وإنْ کانَ صَحِیحَ الجِسْمِ.

4. The jealous person is always ill.

4_ اَلْحَسُودُ أبَداً عَلِیلٌ.

5. The jealous one is never cured.

5_ اَلْحَسُودُ لایَبْرَءُ.

6. The jealous one never gains authority.

6_ اَلْحَسُودُ لایَسُودُ.

7. The jealous one is angry at destiny.

7_ اَلْحَسُودُ غَضْبانٌ عَلَی القَدَرِ.

8. The jealous one has many regrets and his sins are multiplied.

8_ اَلْحَسُودُ کَثیرُ الحَسَراتِ، مُتَضاعِفُ السَّی_ِّئاتِ.

9. When blessings are [openly] displayed, the enviers increase.

9_ عِنْدَ تَظاهُرِ النِّعَمِ یَکْثُرُ الحُسّادُ.

10. I am amazed at the heedlessness of the jealous about the health of their bodies.

10_ عَجِبْتُ لِغَفْلَةِ الحُسّادِ عَنْ سَلامَةِ الأجْسادِ.

11. The jealous one has no friendship.

11_ لَیْسَ لِحَسُود خُلَّةٌ.

12. One whose jealousy increases, his depression becomes prolonged.

12_ مَنْ کَثُرَ حَسَدُهُ، طالَ کَمَدُهُ.

13. How little comfort the jealous person has!

13_ ما أقَلَّ راحَةُ الحَسُودِ.

14. Because of the favour of Allah upon you, do not be jealous.

14_ لاتَکُونُوا لِفَضْلِ اللّهِ عَلَیْکُمْ حُسّاداً.

15. There is no comfort for the jealous.

15_ لاراحَةَ لِحَسُود.

16. The jealous person will never be found happy.

16_ لایُوجَدُ الحَسُودُ مَسْ_رُوراً.

17. A believer is never jealous.

17_ لایَکُونُ المُؤْمِنُ حَسُوداً.

18. No life is more miserable than the life of the

p: 167

jealous and the spiteful.

18_ لاعَیْشَ أنْکَدُ مِنْ عَیْشِ الحَسُودِ والحَقُودِ.

19. The jealous person is never pleased with the one whom he is jealous of except by [his] death or cessation of the blessing.

19_ لایَرضَی الحَسُودُ عَمَّنْ یَحْسُدُهُ إلاّ بِالمَوْتِ، أوْ بِزَوالِ النِّعْمَةِ.

20. It is a consolation for you that the one who is jealous of you becomes furious when you are happy.

20_ یَشْفیکَ مِنْ حاسِدِکَ أنَّهُ یَغْتاظُ عِنْدَ سُرُورِکَ.

21. For the jealous one, there is no friendship.

21_ اَلْحَسُودُ لاخُلَّةَ لَهُ.

22. For the jealous one, there is no cure.

22_ اَلْحَسُودُ لاشِفاءَ لَهُ.

23. The jealous person considers the cessation of a blessing from the person whom he envies to be a blessing upon himself.

23_ اَلْحاسِدُ یَری أنَّ زَوالَ النِّعْمَةِ عَمَّنْ یَحْسُدُهُ نِعْمَةٌ عَلَیْهِ.

24. It is amazing how heedless the jealous are of the health of the bodies!

24_ اَلْعَجَبُ لِغَفْلَةِ الحُسّادِ عَنْ سَلامَةِ الأجْسادِ.

25. The jealous person displays his affection in his words and hides his hatred in his actions; he has the title of a friend and the attribute of an enemy.

25_ اَلحاسِدُ یُظْهِرُ وُدَّهُ فی أقْوالِهِ، ویُخْفی بُغْضَهُ فی أفْعالِهِ، فَلَهُ اسْمُ الصَّدیقِ، وصِفَةُ العَدُوِّ.

26. The jealous one is happy with disaster [befalling others] and saddened by [their] happiness.

26_ اَلحاسِدُ یَفْرَحُ بِالشُّ_رُورِ، ویَغْتَمُّ بِالسُّ_رُورِ.

27. Nothing cures the jealous one but cessation of the blessing.

27_ اَلحاسِدُ لایَشْفیهِ إلاّ زَوالُ النِّعْمَةِ.

The Envied

The Envied المحسود

1. Every person of high rank is envied.

1_ کُلُّ ذی رُتْبَة سَنِیَّة مَحْسُودٌ.

The Sword And The Steed

The Sword and the Steed الحسام والجواد

1. At times even a good steed may stumble.


p: 168

قَدْ یَکْبُو الجَوادُ.

2. At times the [sharp] sword becomes blunt.

2_ قَدْ یَنْبُو الحُسامُ.

Good Deeds

Good Deeds الحسنات

1. Acquiring of good deeds is one of the best of earnings.

1_ إکْتِسابُ الحَسَناتِ مِنْ أفْضَلِ المَکاسِبِ.

2. For every good deed there is recompense.

2_ لِکُلِّ حَسَنَة ثَوابٌ.

3. In every good deed there is reward.

3_ فی کُلِّ حَسَنَة مَثُوبَةٌ.

4. Every good deed which is not done with the intention of seeking nearness to Allah, has the ugliness of ostentation in it and its fruit is an ugly requital.

4_ کُلُّ حَسَنَة لایُرادُ بِها وَجْهُ اللّهِ تَعالی فَعَلَیْها قُبْحُ الرِّیاءِ وثَمَرَتُها قُبْحُ الْجَزاءِ.

Good Turns And Benevolent Actions

Good Turns and Benevolent Actions الإحسان والصنیعة

1. Showing kindness to the enemy is one of the two triumphs.

1_ اَلأخْدُ عَلَی العَدُوِّ بِالفَضْلِ أحَدُ الظَّفَرَیْنِ.

2. Following up one favour with another favour is from the perfection of munificence.

2_ إتْباعُ الإحْسانِ بِالإحْسانِ مِنْ کَمالِ الجُودِ.

3. Doing good is the nature of the righteous and doing evil is the nature of the wicked.

3_ اَلإحْسانُ غَرِیزَةُ الأخْیارِ، والإساءَةُ غَرِیزَةُ الأشْرارِ.

4. Benevolence from the wicked corrupts just as much as it reforms from the honourable.

4_ اَلکَرامَةُ تَُفْسُِدُ مِنَ اللَّئیمِ بِقَدْرِ ما تَُصْلَُحُ مِنَ الکَریمِ.

5. If a righteous act is not nurtured, it wears away, just like worn out garments and dilapidated buildings.

5_ اَلصَّنِیعَةُ إذا لَمْ تُرَبَّ أخْلَقَتْ، کَالثَّوْبِ البالی والأبْنِیَةِ المُتَداعِیَةِ.

6. Do good and you shall enthral.

6_ أحْسِنْ تَسْتَرِقَّ.

7. Bestow goodness and you shall advance.

7_ أفْضِلْ تُقَدَّمْ.

8. Do good and you will be thanked.

8 _ أحْسِنْ تُشْکَرْ.

9. Forget your gift, [and] remember your promise.

9_ اِنْسَ رِفْدَکَ، أُذْکُرْ وَعْدَکَ.


p: 169

Give and you shall become capable (or be chosen).

10_ أعْطِ تَسْتَطِعْ(تَصْطَنِعْ).

11. Give generously and you shall gain authority.

11 _ اِسْمَحْ تَسُدْ.

12. Confer favours and you will be praised.

12_ اِنْعِمْ تُحْمَدْ.

13. Extend your goodness and do no harm.

13_ أُبْذُلْ مَعْرُوفَکَ، وکُفَّ أذاکَ.

14. Be good [to others] and good will be done to you.

14_ أحْسِنْ یُحْسَنْ إلَیْکَ.

15. Be good to the evildoer and you will dominate him.

15_ أحْسِنْ إلَی المُسیءِِ تَمْلِکْهُ.

16. Bestow favours on the people and your status will increase.

16_ أفْضِلْ عَلَی النّاسِ یَعْظُمْ قَدْرُکَ.

17. Show kindness to whomever you wish and you will become his master.

17_ أحْسِنْ إلی مَنْ شِئْتَ وکُنْ (تَ_کُنْ) أمِیرَهُ.

18. Confer favours and you will be thanked, fear [Allah] and you will be feared [by the people] and do not crack [silly] jokes such that you are belittled.

18_ أنْعِمْ تُشْکَرْ، وارْهَبْ تُحْذَرْ، ولاتُمازِحْ فَتُحْقَرْ.

19. Seize the opportunity to perform righteous deeds and be careful of your obligations towards your brothers.

19_ اِغْتَنِمْ صَنایِعَ الإحْسانِ، وَارْعَ ذِمَمَ الإخْوانِ.

20. Start by giving the one who has not asked you, and extend your favour to the one who has sought it, and be cautious never to turn away a beggar.

20_ إبْدَأْ بِالعَطِیَّةِ مَنْ لَمْ یَسْئَلْکَ، وابْذُلْ مَعْرُوفَکَ لِمَنْ طَلَبَهُ، وإیّاکَ أنْ تَرُدَّ السّائِلَ.

21. Donate your wealth generously towards righteous works and support your friend[s] with it, for indeed generosity is a more befitting trait for the free.

21_ أُبْذُلْ مالَکَ فِی الْحُقُوقِ، وَواسِ بِهِ الصَّدِیقَ، فَإنَّ السَّخاءَ بِالحُرِّ أخْلَقُ.

22. Do good to the one who is under your authority and the one

p: 170

under whose authority you are will do good to you.

22_ أحْسِنْ إلی مَنْ تَمْلِکُ رِقَّهُ، یُحْسِنْ إلَیْکَ مَنْ تَمَلَّکَ رِقَّکَ.

23. The best faith is [that which is accompanied by] righteousness.

23_ أفْضَلُ الإیمانِ اَلإحْسانُ.

24. The best favours are those that correspond with divinely ordained laws.

24_ أحْسَنُ الصَّنایِ_عِ ما وافَقَ الشَّرایِ_عَ.

25. The best act is that which benefits the pious ones.

25_ أفْضَلُ البِرِّ ما أُصِیبَ بِهِ الأب_ْرارُ.

26. The best act is that which benefits those who are deserving of it.

26_ أفْضَلُ البِرِّ ما أُصِیبَ بِهِ أهْلُهُ.

27. The merit of a righteous action is better than the action [itself].

27_ أفْضَلُ مِنَ الصَّنِیعَةِ مَزِیَّةُ الصَّنِیعَةِ.

28. The greatest righteous act is establishing ties with near relatives.

28_ أوْفَرُ البِرِّ صِلَةُ الرَّحِمِ.

29. The most beautiful act of a person in a position of power is conferring of favours [to those under him].

29_ أجْمَلُ أفْعالِ ذَوِی القُدْرَةِ الإنْعامُ.

30. The best treasure is a free man who has been reserved [in your friendship because of your kindness to him].

30_ أفْضَلُ الکُنُوزِ حُرٌّ یُدَّخَرُ.

31. The greatest good deed is supporting one’s brothers [financially].

31_ أحْسَنُ الإحْسانِ مُواساةُ الإخْوانِ.

32. The best gift is forgoing obligation.

32_ أفْضَلُ العَطاءِ تَرْکُ المَنِّ.

33. The noblest of favours are the good turns of the munificent [and honourable] ones.

33_ أشْرَفُ الصَّنایِ_عِ اِصْطِناعُ الکِرامِ.

34. The most worthy of giving [to] is the one who feels the least in need of asking [from others].

34_ أوْلَی النّاسِ بِالنَّوالِ أغْناهُمْ عَنِ السُّؤالِ.

35. The best grant is that which is given before it is sought.

35_ أفْضَلُ النَّوالِ ما وَصَلَ قَبْلَ السُّؤالِ.

36. The most

p: 171

pleasing kindness is offering [something] without being asked [for it].

36_ أحْلیَ النَّوالِ بَذْلٌ بِغَیْرِ سُؤال.

37. The best grant is that which is [bestowed] before the humility of having to ask [for it].

37_ أفْضَلُ العَطِیَّةِ ماکانَ قَبْلَ مَذَلَّةِ السُّؤالِ.

38. The best of all people who have preceded you is the one who has preceded you in his good expectation of you.

38_ أفْضَلُ النّاسِ سالِفَةً عِنْدَکَ، مَنْ أسْلَفَکَ حُسْنَ التَّأمیلِ لَکَ.

39. The most worthy of favour among the people is one who is patient when he is put off, excuses when he is denied and shows gratitude when he is given.

39_ أَوْلَی النّاسِ بِالاِصْطِناعِ، مَنْ إذا مُطِلَ صَبَرَ، وإذا مُنِعَ عَذَرَ، وإذا أُعْطِیَ شَکَرَ.

40. Of all people, the most worthy of doing good to others is the one upon whom Allah has bestowed favours and granted with the ability [to do good to others].

40_ أحَقُّ النّاسِ بِالإحْسانِ مَنْ أحْسَنَ اللّهُ إلَیْهِ، وبَسَطَ بِالقُدْرَةِ یَدَیْهِ.

41. The most worthy of bestowing favours [to others] is the one upon whom numerous favours of Allah have been bestowed.

41_ أوْلَی النّاسِ بِالإنْعامِ مَنْ کَثُرَتْ نِعَمُ اللّهِ عَلَیْهِ.

42. Verily the good act that brings reward quickest is the act of kindness.

42_ إنَّ أسْرَعَ الخَیْ_رِ ثَواباً البِ_رُّ.

43. Verily giving away this wealth is an acquisition [for the Hereafter] and withholding it is an affliction.

43_ إنَّ إعْطاءَ هذا المالِ قِنْیَةٌ، وإنَّ إمْساکَهُ فِتْنَةٌ.

44. Verily spending this wealth in obedience to Allah is the greatest blessing and spending it in disobedience to Him is the greatest tribulation.

44_ إنَّ إنْفاقَ هذا المالِ

p: 172

فی طاعَةِ اللّهِ أعْظَمُ نِعْمَة، وإنَّ إنْفاقَهُ فِی مَعاصِیهِ أعْظَمُ مِحْنَة.

45. Indeed extending greetings is from sublime morals.

45_ إنَّ بَذْلَ التَّحِیَّةِ مِنْ مَحاسِنِ الأخْلاقِ.

46. Verily Allah, the Glorified, loves everyone who is open-handed and strong in faith.

46_ إنَّ اللّهَ سُبْحانَهُ یُحِبُّ کُلَّ سَمِحِ الیَدَیْنِ، حَریزِ الدّینِ.

47. Verily the value of asking is greater than the worth of what is given, so do not regard that which you give as much, for it will never be equal to the humiliation of asking.

47_ إنَّ قَدْرَ السُّؤالِ أکْثَرُ مِنْ قِیْمَةِ النَّوالِ، فَلا تَسْتَکْثِرُوا ما أعْطَیْتُمُوهُ، فَإنَّهُ لَنْ یُوازِیَ قَدْرَ السُّؤالِ.

48. Verily the little that is from Allah, the Glorified, is more valuable than the plenty [that is gotten] from His creatures.

48_ إنَّ الیَسِی_رَ مِنَ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ لأکْرَمُ مِنَ الکَثیرِ مِنْ خَلْقِهِ.

49. Verily the good turn that you did to one of the people was only a means to ennoble yourself and embellish your honour, so do not seek gratitude from others for that which you did for yourself.

49_ إنَّ مَکْرُمَةً صَنَعْتَها إلی أحَد مِنَ النّاسِ، إنَّما أکْرَمْتَ بِها نَفْسَکَ، وَزَیَّنْتَ بِها عِرْضَکَ، فَلا تَطْلُبْ مِنْ غَیْرِکَ شُکْرَ ما صَنَعْتَ إلی نَفْسِکَ.

50. Indeed your goodness towards the ones who plots against you from your opponents and enviers is more irritating for them than your trying to do them harm, and it is [also] a means of inviting them to reform [themselves].

50_ إنَّ إحْسانَکَ إلی مَنْ کادَکَ مِنَ الأضْدادِ والحُسّادِ لأغْیَظُ عَلَیْهِمْ مِنْ مَواقِعِ إسائَتِکَ مِنْهُمْ وهُوَ داع إلی صَلاحِهِمْ.

51. Verily your munificence does not

p: 173

extend to all of the creation, so aim it towards the noblest of creation.

51_ إنَّ کَرامَتَکَ لا ئَتَّسِعُ لِجَمیعِ الخَلْقِ، فَتَوَّخَ بِها أفاضِلَ الخَلْقِ.

52. It is not from the practice of the virtuous to delay the bestowal of favours.

52_ لَیْسَ مِنْ عادَةِ الکِرامِ تَأخیرُ الإنْعامِ.

53. Benevolence is authority.

53_ اَلمَعْرُوفُ سِیادَةٌ.

54. Benevolence is distinction.

54_ اَلمَعْرُوفُ حَسَبٌ.

55. Kindness is [a cause of] love.

55_ اَلإحْسانُ مَحَبَّةٌ.

56. Benevolent acts are loans.

56_ اَلمَعْرُوفُ قُرُوضٌ.

57. Doing good [to others] is beneficial.

57_ اَلإحْسانُ غُنْمٌ.

58. Benevolence is merit, munificence is nobility.

58_ اَلمَعْرُوفُ فَضْلٌ، اَلکَرَمُ نُبْلٌ.

59. Benevolence is a treasure.

59_ اَلمَعْرُوفُ کَنْزٌ.

60. The human being is a slave of kindness.

60_ اَلاْنْسانُ عَبْدُ الإحْسانِ.

61. Benevolence is the alms-tax for blessings.

61_ اَلمَعْرُوفُ زَکاةُ النِّعَمِ.

62. Benevolent acts are the best booty.

62_ اَلمَعْرُوفُ أفْضَلُ المَغانِمِ.

63. Kindness is the pinnacle of excellence.

63_ اَلإحْسانُ رَأْسُ الفَضْلِ.

64. Kindness enslaves (or enthrals) human beings.

64_ اَلإْحْسانُ یَسْتَعْبِدُ(یَسْتَرِقُّ) الإنْسانَ.

65. Benevolence is the most honourable authority.

65_ اَلمَعْرُوفُ أشْرَفُ سِیادَة.

66. The evil deed is erased by a benevolent act.

66_ اَلإسائَةُ یَمْحاها الإحْسانُ.

67. Merit is [acquired] with benevolence.

67_ اَلفَضْلُ مَعَ الإحْسانِ.

68. Conferring favours is the most excellent munificence.

68_ اَلإفْضالُ أفْضَلُ الکَرَمِ.

69. Benevolence is an everlasting reserve.

69_ المَعْرُوفُ ذَخیرَةُ الأبَدِ.

70. Kindness is a treasure and the munificent is one who obtains it.

70_ اَلإحْسانُ ذُخْرٌ، والکَریمُ مَنْ حازَهُ (جازَهُ).

71. People are the followers of what they deem to be good.(1)

71_ اَلنّاسُ أبْناءُ ما یُحْسَِنُونَ.

72. The good turn done by an intelligent (or an honourable) person is most excellent [in] merit.

72_ اِصْطِناعُ العاقِلِ (الکَریمِ) أحْسَنُ فَضیلَة.

73. The favour of an ignoble person is the worst

p: 174

1- Or: People are the children of what they do best.


73_ اِصْطِناعُ اللَّئِیمِ أقْبَحُ رَذیلَة.

74. Rewarding good with evil is [the highest form of] ingratitude.

74_ اَلجَزاءُ عَلَی الإحْسانِ بِالإسائَةِ کُفْرانٌ.

75. Benevolence is the most thriving cultivation and the best treasure.

75_ المَعْرُوفُ أنْمی زَرْع وأفْضَلُ کَنْز.

76. Doing good to the one who offends you is the most excellent merit.

76_ اَلإحْسانُ إلَی المُسِیءِ أحْسَنُ الفَضْلِ.

77. A benevolent act is sullied by repeatedly putting one under obligation through it.

77_ اَلمَعْرُوفُ یُکَدِّرُهُ تِکْرارُ المَنِّ بِهِ.

78. Doing good to the honourable ones is the best provision and the noblest deed.

78_ اِصْطِناعُ الأکارِمِ أفْضَلُ ذُخْر وأکْرَمُ اِصْطِناع.

79. Doing good to the one who offends [you] reforms the enemy.

79_ اَلإحْسانُ إلَی المُسِیءِ یَسْتَصْلِحُ العَدُوَّ.

80. Benevolence is a treasure so consider whom you are leaving it with.

80_ اَلمَعْرُوفُ کَنْزٌ فَانْظُرْعِنْدَ مَنْ تُودِعُهُ.

81. Righteous work is a provision, so be wary of whom you are placing it with.

81_ اَلاِصْطِناعُ ذُخْرٌ فَارْتَدْ عِنْدَ مَنْ تَضَعُهُ.

82. If you confer favours, you will be served.

82_ إنْ تَفَضَّلْتَ خُدِمْتَ.

83. Verily if you do good [to others] then you are [actually] honouring your own soul and doing good to it.

83_ إنَّکَ إنْ أحْسَنْتَ فَنَفْسَکَ تُ_کْرِمُ وإلَیْها تُحْسِنُ.

84. Verily you are more in need of doing good to the people than of accumulating wealth.

84_ إنَّکُمْ إلَی اصْطِناعِ الرِّجالِ أحْوَجُ مِنْکُمْ إلی جَمْعِ الأمْوالِ.

85. The bane of giving is procrastination.

85_ آفَةُ العَطاءِ المَطَلُ.

86. When you perform a good turn then conceal it.

86_ إذا صَنَعْتَ مَعْرُوفاً فَاسْتُرْهُ.

87. When a good turn has been done to you then publicize it.

87_ إذا صُنِعَ إلَیْکَ مَعْرُوفٌ فَانْشُ_رْهُ.

88. When you [wish

p: 175

to] give, be quick.

88_ إذا أعْطَیْتَ فَأوْجِزْ.

89. When a good turn is done to you, recall it.

89_ إذا صُنِعَ إلَیْکَ مَعْرُوفٌ فَاذْکُرْ.

90. When you do a good turn [to someone], forget it.

90_ إذا صَنَعْتَ مَعْرُوفاً فَانْسَهُ.

91. If you do good to a vile person, he will wrong you in return for your goodness to him.

91_ إذا أحْسَنْتَ عَلَی اللَّئِیمِ وتَرَکَ بِإحْسانِکَ إلَیْهِ.

92. I am free to choose with regards to the one upon whom I have not bestowed any favour but am bound to complete my favour on the one upon whom I have bestowed it; for if I complete it, I will have preserved it and if I cut it off then I will have lost it, and if I lose it then why did I embark on it [in the first place]?

92_ أنَا مُخَیَّ_رٌ فیِ الإحْسانِ إلی مَنْ لَمْ أحْسِنْ إلَیْهِ، ومُرْتَهَنٌ بِإتْمامِ الإحْسانِ إلی مَنْ أحْسَنْتُ إلَیهِ، لأنّی إذا أتْمَمْتُهُ فَقَدْ حَفِظْتُهُ، وإذا قَطَعْتُهُ فَقَدْ أضَعْتُهُ، وإذا أضَعْتُهُ فَلِمَ فَعَلْتُهُ.

93. If your bounty falls short of reaching the weak, then [at least] let your mercy reach them.

93_ إذا عَجَزَ عَنِ الضُّعَفاءِ نَیْلُکَ فَلْتَسَعْهُمْ رَحْمَتُکَ.

94. If you find from the needy people one who will carry your provision for you up to the Day of Resurrection and return it to you tomorrow when you need it most, then take the opportunity and give it to him, and increase the provisions that you give him [to carry for you] while you are able to, for it is possible that

p: 176

you may [at one time] seek him but not find him.

94_ إذا وَجَدْتَ مِنْ أهْلِ الفاقَةِ مَنْ یَحْمِلُ لَکَ زادَکَ إلی یَوْمِ القِیمَةِ، فَیُوَفّیکَ بِهِ غَداً حَیْثُ تَحْتاجُ إلَیْهِ فَأغْتَنِمْهُ، وحَمِّلْهُ إیّاهُ وأکْثِرْ مِنْ تَزْویدِهِ، وَأنْتَ قادِرٌ عَلَیْهِ، فَلَعَلَّکَ أنْ تَطْلُبَهُ فَلا تَجِدْهُ.

95. Through kindness, human beings are enslaved.

95_ بالإحْسانِ یُسْتَعْبَدُ الإنْسانُ.

96. Through benevolence, gratitude lasts.

96_ بِفِعْلِِ المَعْرُوفِ یُسْتَدامُ الشُّکْرُ.

97. Through kindness, hearts are owned.

97_ بِالإحْسانِ تُمْلَکُ القُلُوبُ.

98. Through kindness, freemen are owned.

98_ بِالإحْسانِ تُمْلَکُ الأحْرارُ.

99. Through kindness and covering faults with forgiveness, eminence increases.

99_ بِالإحْسانِ وتَغَمُّدِ الذُّنُوبِ بِالغُفْرانِ یَعْظُمُ المَجْدُ.

100. Through kindness, people are enthralled.

100_ بِالإحْسانِ تُسْتَ_رَقُّ الرِّقابُ.

101. Giving generously is the alms-tax of blessings.

101_ بَذْلُ العَطاءِ زَکوةُ النَّعْماءِ.

102. Extending the hand in giving is the most beautiful virtue and the most excellent trait.

102_ بَذْلُ الیَدِ بِالعَطِیَّةِ أجْمَلُ مَنْقَبَة، وأفْضَلُ سَجِیَّة.

103. Stretching out the hand in giving increases reward and multiplies recompense.

103_ بَسْطُ الیَدِ بِالعَطاءِ یُجْزِلُ الأجْرَ، ویُضاعِفُ الجَزاءَ.

104. Expediting good turns is the basis of righteousness.

104_ تَعْجیلُ المَعْرُوفِ مِلاکُ المَعْرُوفِ.

105. Wasting benevolence is showing it to someone who does not comprehend [its value].

105_ تَضْییعُ المَعْرُوفِ وَضْعُهُ فی غَیْرِ عَرُوف.

106. Do good [to people] and you will be served; be forbearing (or gain knowledge) and you will advance.

106_ تَفَضَّلْ تُخْدَمْ واحْلُمْ (وَاعْلَمْ) تُقَدَّمْ.

107. The completion of benevolence is abandoning [putting one under] obligation by it.

107_ تَمامُ الإحْسانِ تَرْکُ المَنِّ بِهِ.

108. The peoples’ expectation of your kindness is better than their fear of your retribution.

108_ تَأْمِیلُ النَّاسِ نَوالَکَ خَیْ_رٌ مِنْ خَوْفِهِمْ نَکالَکَ.

109. Adorn yourselves by taking up kindness, stopping transgression,

p: 177

acting upon the truth, being just and impartial, keeping away from corruption and improving your Hereafter.

109_ تَحَلَّوْا بِالأخْذِ بِالفَضْلِ، والکَفِّ عَنِ البَغْیِ، والعَمَلِ بِالحَقِّ، وَالإنْصافِ مِنَ النَّفْسِ، وَاجْتِنابِ الفَسادِ، وإصْلاحِ المَعادِ.

110. The beauty of benevolence is [in] relinquishing obligation.

110_ جَمالُ الإحْسانِ تَرْکُ الإمْتِنانِ.

111. The beauty of a benevolent act is in completing it.

111_ جَمالُ المَعْرُوفِ إتْمامُهُ.

112. Denying a favour instigates the ugliness of obligation.

112_ جُحُودُ الإحْسانِ یَحْدُو عَلی قُبْحِ الإمْتِنانِ.

113. Denying the benevolence [of others] leads to deprivation.

113_ جُحُودُ الإحْسانِ یُوجِبُ الحِرْمانَ.

114. The best good turn is one that benefits the righteous.

114_ خَیْ_رُ المَعْرُوْفِ ما أُصِیبَ بِهِ الأبْرارُ.

115. The best benevolent act is one that is neither preceded by delay nor followed by obligation.

115_ خَیْ_رُ المَعْرُوفِ مالَمْ یَتَقَدَّمْهُ المَطَلُ، ولَمْ یَتْبَعْهُ المَنُّ.

116. The best grant is that which is [given] without being sought.

116_ خَیْ_رُ العَطاءِ ما کانَ عَنْ غَیْرِ طَلَب.

117. Act with kindness towards your enemy for this is one of the two triumphs.

117_ خُذْ عَلی عَدُوِّکَ بِالفَضْلِ، فَإنَّهُ أحَدُ الظَّفَرَیْنِ.

118. Whoever bestows favours on others, they are thankful for his authority.

118_ ذُو الإفْضالِ مَشْکُورُ السِّیادَةِ.

119. Whoever shows benevolence, his habit is praised.

119_ ذُو المَعْرُوفِ مَحْمُودُ العادَةِ.

120. The pinnacle of kindness is being kind to the believers.

120_ رَأْسُ الإحْسانِ اَلإحْسانُ إلَی المُؤْمِنینَ.

121. The pinnacle of generosity is being expeditious in giving.

121_ رَأْسُ السَّخاءِ تَعْجیلُ العَطاءِ.

122. The pinnacle of faith is doing good to people.

122_ رَأْسُ الإیمانِ اَلإحْسانُ إلَی النّاسِ.

123. The pinnacle of excellence is doing good to the virtuous.

123_ رَأْسُ الفَضائِلِ اِصْطِناعُ الأفاضِلِ.

124. The pinnacle of depravity is doing good

p: 178

to the wicked.

124_ رَأْسُ الرَّذائِلِ اِصْطِناعُ الأراذِلِ.

125. Nurturing a good turn is better than starting it.

125_ رَبُّ المَعْرُوفِ أحْسَنُ مِنْ إبْتِدائِهِ.

126. Increase your benevolent acts and bestow more favours, for this is a more lasting provision and a more beautiful legacy.

126_ زِدْ فیِ اصْطِناعِ المَعْرُوفِ، وأکْثِرْ مِنْ إسْداءِ الإحْسانِ، فَإنَّهُ أبْقی ذُخْراً، وأجْمَلُ ذِکْراً.

127. The cause of affection is benevolence.

127_ سَبَبُ المَحَبَّةِ الإحْسانُ.

128. Continuous bestowal [of favours] is the practice of the honourable.

128_ سُنَّةُ الکِرامِ تَرادُفُ الإنْعامِ.

129. Ask for good from one who forgets it and do good to the one who recalls it.

129_ سَلِ المَعْرُوفَ مَنْ یَنْساهُ، واصْطَنِعْهُ إلی مَنْ یَذْکُرُهُ.

130. The worst grant is that which is preceded by delay and followed by obligation.

130_ شَ_رُّ النَّوالِ ما تَقَدَّمَهُ المَطَلُ، وتَعَقَّبَهُ المَنُّ.

131. Performing benevolent actions protects one from falling into disgrace.

131_ صَنایِ_عُ المَعْرُوفِ تَقی مَصارِعَ الهَوانِ.

132. Doing good turns is from the merits of the human being.

132_ صَنایِ_عُ الإحْسانِ مِنْ فَضائِلِ الإنْسانِ.

133. Performing benevolent actions causes the abundant flow of blessings and wards off calamity.

133_ صَنایِ_عُ المَعْرُوفِ تُدِرُّ النَّعْماءَ، وتَدْفَعُ البَلاءَ.

134. The good turn of wealth ceases with its cessation.

134_ صَنیعُ المالِ یَزُولُ بِزَوالِهِ.

135. Blessed is the one who does good to the servants [of Allah] and prepares provisions for the Hereafter.

135_ طُوبی لِمَنْ أحْسَنَ إلَی العِبادِ وتَزَوَّدَ لِلْمَعادِ.

136. He who does a good turn to those who are undeserving of it has oppressed it.

136_ ظَلَمَ المَعْرُوفَ مَنْ وَضَعَهُ فی غَیْرِ أهْلِهِ.

137. The one who confers his favours to the honourable ones acquires the most sublime gains.

137_ ظَفِرَ بِسَنیِّ

p: 179

المَغانِمِ واضِعُ صَنایِعِهِ فی الأکارِمِ.

138. Espouse kindness, for it is the best cultivation and the most profitable merchandise.

138_ عَلَیْکَ بِالإحْسانِ فَإنَّهُ أفْضَلُ زِراعَة وأرْبَحُ بِضاعَة.

139. Be good to the servants [of Allah] and act justly in the lands, [by this] you will safe when the witnesses are presented [on the Day of Judgment].

139_ عَلَیْکُمْ بِالإحْسانِ إلَی العِبادِ والعَدْلِ فِی البِلادِ تَأمَنُوا عِنْدَ قِیامِ الأشْهادِ.

140. Perform benevolent works, for they are the best provisions for the Hereafter.

140_ عَلَیْکُمْ بِصَنایِ_عِ المَعْرُوفِ فَإنَّها نِعْمَ الزَّادُ إلَی المَعادِ.

141. Perform benevolent acts and do good to your near relatives and neighbours, for these two actions prolong life and make the lands prosper.

141_ عَلَیْکُمْ بِصَنایِ_عِ الإحْسانِ وحُسْنِ البِ_رِّ بِذَوِی الرَّحِمِ والجیرانِ فَإنَّهُما تَزیدانِ فِی الأعْمارِ ویَعْمُرانِ الدِّیارَ.

142. By successive acts of kindness and benevolence, the free man is enslaved.

142_ عِنْدَ تَواتُرِ البِرِّ والإحْسانِ یُتَعَبَّدُ الحُرُّ.

143. The habit of benevolence is the source of capability [or power].

143_ عادَةُ الإحْسانِ مادَّةُ الإمْکانِ.

144. I am amazed at the one who buys slaves with his wealth, how can he not buy the freemen with his benevolence, thereby enthralling them.

144_ عَجِبْتُ لِمَنْ یَشْتَرِی الْعَبیدَ بِمالِهِ فَیُعْتِقَهُمْ کَیْفَ لایَشْتَِری الأحْرارَ بِإحْسانِهِ فَیَسْتَرِقَّهُمْ.

145. In every [act of] benevolence there is kindness.

145_ فی کُلِّ مَعْرُوف إحْسانٌ.

146. In every good turn there is indebtedness.

146_ فی کُلِّ صَنیعَة اِمْتِنانٌ.

147. Sometimes it is better to give in order to fulfil a promise [and not delay it].

147_ قَدْ یَهْنَأُ العَطاءُ لِلإنْجازِ.

148. Send your good turn ahead [for the Hereafter] and you will benefit.

148_ قَدِّمْ إحْسانَکَ تَغْنَمْ.

149. Every [form

p: 180

of] benevolence is a favour.

149_ کُلُّ مَعْرُوف إحْسانٌ.

150. How many a human being has been enslaved by benevolence!

150_ کَمْ مِنْ إنْسان اِسْتَعْبَدَهُ إحْسانٌ.

151. Increased rendering of benevolent works prolongs life and spreads renown.

151_ کَثْرَةُ اصْطِناعِ الْمَعْرُوفِ تَزیدُ فِی العُمْرِ وتَنْشُرُ الذِّکْرَ.

152. Doing a lot of good turns raises one’s honour and makes gratitude last.

152_ کَثْرَةُ الصَّنایِ_عِ تَرْفَعُ الشَّ_رَفَ وتَسْتَدیمُ الشُّکْرَ.

153. The guarantee of continued affluence and capability [and power] is [in] following up one favour with another favour.

153_ کافِلُ دَوامِ الْغِنی والإمکانِ اتِّباعُ الإحْسانِ الإحْسانَ.

154. Everything has a merit and the merit of the honourable ones is doing good to the people.

154_ لِکُلِّ شَیْء فَضِیلَةٌ وفَضِیلَةُ الکِرامِ اِصْطِناعُ الرِّجالِ.

155. Let your traits be generosity and benevolence.

155_ لِیَکُنْ سَجِیَّتُکَ السَّخاءُ والإحْسانُ.

156. One cannot show gratitude for blessings in a better way than using them to benefit others.

156_ لَنْ یَسْتَطیعَ أحَدٌ أنْ یَشْکُرَ النِّعَمَ بِمِثْ_لِ الإنْعامِ بِها.

157. If you were to see benevolence in the form a person, you would surely see him as a beautiful form that surpasses the worlds [in its beauty].

157_ لَوْ رَأیْتُمُ الإحْسانَ شَخْصاً لَرَأَیْتُمُوهُ شَکْلاً جَمیلاً یَفُوقُ العالَمینَ.

158. One who bestows goodness [to others] is served [by them].

158_ مَنْ تَفَضَّلَ خُدِمَ.

159. One who generously gives [from] his wealth becomes great.

159_ مَنْ بَذَلَ مالَهُ جَلَّ.

160. One who bestows favours fulfils the right of authority.

160_ مَنْ أنْعَمَ قَضی حَقَّ السِّیادَةِ.

161. One who puts others under obligation for his favour, spoils it.

161_ مَنْ مَنَّ بِإحْسانِهِ کَدَّرَهُ.

162. One who extends his goodness [to the people] deserves leadership.

162_ مَنْ بَذَلَ مَعْرُوفَهُ اسْتَحَقَّ

p: 181


163. One who renders a beautiful deed acquires great praise.

163_ مَنْ صَنَعَ العارِفَةَ الجَمیلَةَ حازَ المَحْمِدَةَ الجَزیلَةَ.

164. One who performs a benevolent action gains reward and gratitude.

164_ مَنْ صَنَعَ مَعْرُوفاً نالَ أجْراً وشُکْراً.

165. One who cuts off his usual favours, Allah will cut off his present capabilities.

165_ مَنْ قَطَعَ مَعْهُودَ إحْسانِهِ قَطَعَ اللّهُ مَوْجُودَ إمْکانِهِ.

166. One who does not bestow favours will not achieve nobility.

166_ مَنْ لَمْ یَتَفَضَّلْ لَمْ یَنْبُلْ.

167. One who does not give while he is sitting [in comfort] will not be given when he is standing [in a state of struggle].

167_ مَنْ لَمْ یُعْطَ قاعِداً لَمْ یُعْطَ قائِماً.

168. One who does not give while he is sitting [in ease] will be deprived when he is standing [in adversity].

168_ مَنْ لَمْ یُعْطَ قاعِداً مُنِعَ قائِماً.

169. One who favours an ignorant person demonstrates the extent of his own ignorance.

169_ مَنِ اصْطَنَعَ جاهِلاً بَرْهَنَ عَنْ وُفُورِ جَهْلِهِ.

170. One who conceals the favour [that has been done to him] is punished with deprivation.

170_ مَنْ کَتَمَ الإحْسانَ عُوقِبَ بِالْحِرْمانِ.

171. One who withholds favours is stripped of [his] ability.

171_ مَنْ مَنَعَ الإحْسانَ سُلِبَ الإمْکانَ.

172. One who does good to a freeman gains a [great] reward.

172_ مَنِ اصْطَنَعَ حُرّاً اِسْتَفادَ أجْراً.

173. One who does a kind act earns good praise.

173_ مَنْ أحْسَنَ اِکْتَسَبَ حُسْنَ الثَّناءِ.

174. One whose benefactions are abundant demonstrates his great nobility.

174_ مَنْ کَثُرَتْ عَوارِفُهُ أبانَ عَنْ کَثْرَةِ نُبْلِهِ.

175. One whose kindness is abundant is loved by his brothers.

175_ مَنْ کَثُرَتْ إحْسانُهُ أحَبَّهُ إخْوانُهُ.

176. Whoever extends his goodness [to others], more people

p: 182

are inclined towards him.

176_ مَنْ بَذَلَ مَعْرُوفَهُ کَثُرَ الرّاغِبُ إلَیْهِ.

177. One who accepts your gift has [actually] assisted you in gaining honour.

177_ مَنْ قَبِلَ عَطاءَکَ فَقَدْ أعانَکَ عَلَی الکَرَمِ.

178. One who perfects his kindness gives generously before he is asked.

178_ مَنْ أکْمَلَ الإفْضالَ بَذَلَ النَّوالَ قَبْلَ السُّؤالِ.

179. One who does good to the undeserving has wronged his goodness.

179_ مَنْ أسْدی مَعْرُوفاً إلی غَیْرِ أهْلِهِ ظَلَمَ مَعْرُوفَهُ.

180. One who gives in cases that are undeserving fails to give [the rights] to those who are deserving.

180_ مَنْ أعْطی فی غَیْرِ الحُقُوقِ قَصَّ_رَ عَنِ الحُقُوقِ.

181. One who is ungrateful for a good turn deserves an ugly separation.

181_ مَنْ کَفَرَ حُسْنَ الصَّنیعَةِ اسْتَوْجَبَ قُبْحَ القَطیعَةِ.

182. One who reciprocates a good turn with a better one has [appropriately] repaid it.

182_ مَنْ قابَلَ الإحْسانَ بِأفْضَلِ مِنْهُ فَقَدْ جازاهُ.

183. One whose benefaction increases, his assistants and helpers [also] increase.

183_ مَنْ کَثُرَ إحْسانُهُ کَثُرَ خَدَمُهُ وأعْوانُهُ.

184. Whoever extends his benevolence [to others], the hearts become inclined towards him.

184_ مَنْ بَذَلَ مَعْرُوفَهُ مالَتْ إلَیْهِ القُلُوبُ.

185. One who grants generously before being asked, then he is truly honourable and much-loved.

185_ مَنْ بَذَلَ النَّوالَ قَبْلَ السُّؤالِ فَهُوَ الکَریمُ المَحْبُوبُ.

186. One who repays goodness with evil has rid himself of magnanimity.

186_ مَنْ کافَیَ الإحْسانَ بِالإسائَةِ فَقَدْ بَرِیَ مِنَ المُرُوَّةِ.

187. Whoever does good to the people, their love for him lasts.

187_ مَنْ أحْسَنَ إلَی النّاسِ اسْتَدامَ مِنْهُمُ المَحَبَّةَ.

188. One who fulfils the [debt of] goodness that was done to him in the past has attained true freedom.

188_ مَنْ قَضی ما أُسْلِفَ مِنَ الإحْسانِ

p: 183

فَهُوَ الکامِلُ الحُرِیَّةِ.

189. One who turns to you hopefully has already got a good impression of you, so do not disappoint his expectation.

189_ مَنِ انْتَجَعَکَ مُؤَمِّلاً فَقَدْ أسْلَفَکَ حُسْنَ الظَّنِّ بِکَ فَلا تُخَیِّبْ ظَنَّهُ.

190. Whoever fulfils the rights of one who does not fulfil his rights has enslaved him.

190_ مَنْ قَضی حَقَّ مَنْ لایَقْضی حَقَّهُ فَقَدْ عَبَّدَهُ.

191. One who is kind to the people, his outcomes become good and the ways [to his goals] become easy for him.

191_ مَنْ أحْسَنَ إلَی النّاسِ حَسُنَتْ عَواقِبُهُ وسَهُلَتْ لَهُ طُرُقُهُ.

192. Whoever accepts a good turn has made the one who rendered it to him his master.

192_ مَنْ قَبِلَ مَعْرُوفاً فَقَدْ مَلَکَ مُسْدیهِ إلَیْهِ رِقَّهُ.

193. One who accepts your good turn has made his right over you mandatory [on himself].

193_ مَنْ قَبِلَ مََعْرُوفَکَ فَقدْ أوْجَبَ عَلَیْکَ حَقَّهُ.

194. Whoever does good to the one who does evil to him has taken the all-encompassing excellence.

194_ مَنْ أحْسَنَ إلی مَنْ أساءَ إلَیْهِ فَقَدْ أخَذَ بِجَوامِعِ الفَضْلِ.

195. One who is not grateful for favours is not spared from deprivation.

195_ مَنْ لَمْ یَشْکُرِ الإحْسانَ لَمْ یَعْدُهُ الحِرْمانُ.

196. One who begins giving without being asked and completes good deeds without any obligation has perfected his favour.

196_ مَنْ بَدَأَ العَطِیَّةَ مِنْ غَیْرِ طَلَب وأکْمَلَ المَعْرُوفَ مِنْ غَیْرِ امْتِنان فَقَدْ أکْمَلَ الإحْسانَ.

197. One who bestows a favour on the ungrateful one prolongs his rage.

197_ مَنْ أنْعَمَ عَلَی الکَفُورِ طالَ غَیْظُهُ.

198. One who is generous in granting [favours], enthrals the people of this world.

198_ مَنْ سَمَحَتْ نَفْسُهُ بِالعَطاءِ اِسْتَعْبَدَ أبْناءَ الدُّنیا.

199. One who

p: 184

does not nurture his good turn has indeed lost it.

199_ مَنْ لَمْ یُرَبِّ مَعْرُوفَهُ فَقَدْ ضَیَّعَهُ.

200. One who accepts your good turn has sold you his honour and magnanimity.

200_ مَنْ قَبِلَ مَعْرُوفَکَ فَقَدْ باعَکَ عِزَّتَهُ ومُرُوَّتَهُ.

201. One who accepts your good turn has humbled his prestige and honour before you.

201_ مَنْ قَبِلَ مَعْرُوفَکَ فَقَدْ أذَلَّ لَکَ جَلالَتَهُ وعِزَّتَهُ.

202. Whoever does not nurture his favour, then it is as if he did not bestow it.

202_ مَنْ لَمْ یُرَبِّ مََعْرُوْفَهُ فَکَأنَّهُ لَمْ یَصْنَعْهُ.

203. Doing good to others is part of an honourable purpose.

203_ مِنْ شَرَفِ الهِمَّةِ بَذْلُ الإحْسانِ.

204. One of the greatest afflictions is wasting good turns [on the undeserving].

204_ مِنْ أعْظَمِ الفَجایِ_عِ إضاعَةُ الصَّنایِ_عِ.

205. One of the best favours is the favour that is done to the righteous.

205_ مِنْ أفْضَلِ الإحْسانِ الإحْسانُ إلَی الأب_ْرارِ.

206. Nothing earns gratitude like doing good to others.

206_ مَا اکْتُسِبَ الشُّکْرُ بِمِثْلِ بَذْلِ المَعْرُوفِ.

207. Nothing enthrals people like doing [them] favours.

207_ مَا اسْتُرِقَّتِ الأعْناقُ بِمِثْلِ الإحْسانِ.

208. No one has appealed to me with an intercession that is greater in my sight than a favour that I had previously done to him, so that I may nurture it and follow it up with another [favour] like it; for indeed later refusals cut off the gratitude for earlier favours.

208_ ما تَوَسَّلَ أحَدٌ إلَیَّ بِوَسِیلَة أجَلَّ عِنْدی مِنْ یَد سَبَقَتْ مِنّی إلَیْهِ لاُِرَبِیَّها عِنْدَهُ بِاتِّباعِها أُخْتَها فَإنَّ مَنْعَ الأواخِرِ یَقْطَعُ شُکْرَ الأوائِلِ.

209. The basis of goodness is abandoning obligation through it.

209_ مِلاکُ المَعْرُوفِ تَرْکُ المَنِّ بِهِ.

210. With goodness [to others],

p: 185

there is loftiness.

210_ مَعَ الإحْسانِ تَ_کُونُ الرَّفْعَةُ.

211. Nurturing a good turn [and completing it] is better than starting it [anew].

211_ مَرَبَّةُ المَعْرُوفِ أحْسَنُ مِنْ إبْتِدائِهِ.

212. How good a store [for the future] benevolence is!

212_ نِعْمَ الذُّخْرُ المَعْرُوفُ.

213. The best provision for the Hereafter is doing good to the people.

213_ نِعْمَ زادُ المَعادِ الإحْسانُ إلَی العِبادِ.

214. Achievement of glorious feats is through performing noble deeds.

214_ نَیْلُ المَ آثِرِ بِبَذْلِ المَکارِمِ.

215. Never regard what you give as too much, even if it is plenty, for indeed the good praise [you will get for your generosity] will be greater than it.

215_ لاتَسْتَکْثِرَنَّ العَطاءَ وإنْ کَثُرَ فَإنَّ حُسْنَ الثَّناءِ أکْثَرُ مِنْهُ.

216. Never regard what you give as great, even if it is substantial, for indeed the extent of [humiliation undergone through] begging is greater than that.

216_ لاتَسْتَعْظِمَنَّ النَّوالَ وإنْ عَظُمَ فَإنَّ قَدْرَ السُّؤالِ أعْظَمُ مِنْهُ.

217. One who does not show kindness [to others] in times of fortune will be abandoned in times of misfortune.

217_ مَنْ لَمْ یُحْسِنْ فی دَوْلَتِهِ خُذِلَ فی نِکْبَتِهِ.

218. Whoever places his goodness with the one who does not deserve it has wasted it.

218_ واضِعُ مَعْرُوفِهِ عِنْدَ غَیْرِ مُسْتَحِقِّهِ مُضَیِّعٌ لَهُ.

219. Doing a good turn to those who deserve it subdues the enemy and protects from falling into evil.

219_ وَضْعُ الصَّنیعَةِ فی أهْلِها یَکْبِتُ العَدُوَّ ویَقی مَصارِعَ السُّوءِ.

220. Never show your benevolence to the one who does not understand its value (or who is not good).

220_ لاتَضَعَنَّ مَعْرُوفَکَ عِنْدَ غَیْرِ عَرُوف (مََعْرُوف).

221. Do not do a good turn to the one

p: 186

who is ungrateful for your kindness.

221_ لاتَصْطَنِعْ مَنْ یَکْفُرُ بِرَّکَ.

222. Never hold back an act of benevolence, even if you do not find one who understands its value.

222_ لاتَمْن_َعَنَّ المَعْرُوفَ، وإنْ لَمْ تَجِدْ عَرُوفاً.

223. Do not be ashamed of giving little, for not giving at all is even less than that.

223_ لاتَسْتَحْیِ مِنْ إعْطاءِ القَلیلِ، فَإنَّ الحِرْمانَ أقَلُّ مِنْهُ.

224. Never regard the abundance of what you have given to be much, for you are [in possession of] even more than that.

224_ لاتَسْتَکْثِرَنَّ الکَثیِرَ مِنْ نَوالِکَ، فَإنَّکَ أکْثَرُ مِنْهُ.

225. Never hold back from doing good turns and favours thereby being stripped of [your] ability.

225_ لاتَمْتَنِعَنَّ مِنْ فِعْلِ المَعْرُوفِ وَالإحْسانِ فَتُسْلَبَ الإمْکانَ.

226. Do not delay giving the needy to tomorrow, for you do not know what will happen to you or to him tomorrow.

226_ لاتُؤَخِّرْ إنالَةَ المُحْتاجِ إلی غَد، فَإنَّکَ لاتَدْرِی ما یَعْرِضُ لَکَ ولَهُ فی غَد.

227. Let not your brother be stronger in his iniquity towards you than you are in your goodness [towards him].

227_ لایَکُونَنَّ أخُوکَ عَلَی الإساءَةِ إلَیْکَ أقْوی مِنْکَ عَلَی الإحْسانِ.

228. Never let the paucity of those who show gratitude for your benevolence deter you from it, for you have been thanked by the One who does not benefit from any of it; and more may be gained from the gratitude of the thankful than what is neglected by the ingrate.

228_ لایُزْهِدَنَّکَ فِی اصْطِناعِ المعْرُوفِ قِلَّةُ مَنْ یَشْکُرُهُ، فَقَدْ یَشْکُرُکَ عَلَیْهِ مَنْ لایَنْتَفِعُ بِشَ_یْء مِنْهُ، وَقَدْ یُدْرَکُ مِنْ شُکْرِ الشّاکِرِ أکْثَرُ مِمّا أضاعَ الکافِرُ.

229. Do not help [anyone]

p: 187

against the one who has favoured you, for the one who helps against the one who has favoured him is stripped of his ability.

229_ لا تُعِنْ عَلی مَنْ أنْعَمَ عَلَیْکَ فَمَنْ أعانَ عَلی مَنْ أنْعَمَ عَلَیْهِ سُلِبَ الإمْکانَ.

230. Goodness does not thrive with the ignoble.

230_ لاتَزْکُو الصَّنیعَةُ مَعَ غَیْرِ أصیل.

231. The wicked do not do good to anyone except those who are like them.

231_ لا یَصْطَنِعُ اللِّئامُ إلاّ أمْثالَُهُمْ.

232. There is no merit loftier than benevolence.

232_ لافَضیلَةَ أجَلُ مِنَ الإحْسانِ.

233. There is no virtue greater than benevolence.

233_ لا مَنْقَبَةَ أفْضَلُ مِنَ الإحْسانِ.

234. There is no benevolence more misused than doing good to the ingrate.

234_ لامَعْرُوفَ أضْیَعُ مِنِ اصْطِناعِ الکَفُورِ.

235. There is no virtue in doing good to one who does not know its value.

235_ لاخَیْ_رَ فِی المَعْرُوفِ إلی غَیْرِ عَرُوف.

236. A good turn does not benefit except with one who possesses loyalty and self-restraint.

236_ لاتَنْفَعُ الصَّنیعَةُ إلاّ فی ذِی وَفاء وحَفیظَة.

237. Giving little is better than offering excuses [for not giving].

237_ یَسیرُ العَطاءِ خَیْ_رٌمِنَ التَّعَلُّلِ بِالإعْتِذارِ.

238. Good turns do not thrive except with the honourable.

238_ لاتَزْکُو إلاّ عِنْدَ الکِرامِ الصَّنایِ_عُ.

239. There is no virtue in the good turn that is reckoned [as a favour].

239_ لاخَیْرَ فِی المَعْرُوفِ المُحْصی.

240. The consequences of kindness are never dispraised.

240_ لاتُذَمُّ أبَداً عَواقِبُ الإحْسانِ.

241. None is praised except the one who shows his kindness.

241_ لا یُحْمَدُ إلاّ مَنْ بَذَلَ إحْسانَهُ.

242. It is enough of a donation to give what is [readily] available.

242_ کَفی بِالمَیْسُورِ رِفْداً.

243. Benevolence is the better of the two treasures.

243_ اَلْمَعْرُوفُ أفْضَلُ

p: 188


244. Good turns are shackles that cannot be extricated except through gratitude or requital.

244_ اَلمَعْرُوفُ غُلٌّ لایَفُکُّهُ إلاّ شُکْرٌ، أوْمُکافاةٌ.

245. Completing a good turn is better than starting it.

245_ إکْمالُ المَعْرُوفِ أحْسَنُ مِنْ إبْتِدائِهِ.

246. A benevolent action is not completed except by three things: by taking it to be insignificant, by expediting it and by concealing it; for when you take it to be insignificant, you have made it great; and when you expedite it, you have made it beneficial; and when you conceal it, you have made it complete.

246_ اَلمَعْرُوفُ لایَتِمُّ إلاّبِثَلاث: بِتَصْغیرِهِ، وتَعْجیلِهِ، وسَتْرِهِ، فَإنَّکَ إذا صَغَّرْتَهُ فَقَدْ عَظَّمْتَهُ، وإذا عَجَّلْتَهُ فَقَدْ هَنَّأْتَهُ وإذا سَتَ_رْتَهُ فَقَدْ تَمَّمْتَهُ.

247. Doing a good turn is the best acquisition [for the Hereafter], and generosity is the best ornament.

247_ اَلإفْضالُ أفْضَلُ قِنْیَة، والسَّخاءُ أحْسَنُ حِلْیَة.

248. When the kind people become fewer, those who adorn themselves get ruined.

248_ إذا قَلَّ أهْلُ الفَضْلِ هَلَکَ أهْلُ التَّجَمُّلِ.

249. By doing good to others, ranks get elevated.

249_ بِالإفْضالِ تَعْظُمُ الأقْدارُ.

250. By conferring favours, people are enthralled.

250_ بِالإفْضالِ تُسْتَ_رَقُّ الأعْناقُ.

251. Through [his] abundant favours, the munificent person is recognized.

251_ بِکَثْرَةِ الإفْضالِ یُعْرَفُ الکَریمُ.

252. By conferring favours [to others], [one’s] faults are hidden.

252_ بِالإفْضالِ تُسْتَ_رُ العُیُوبُ.

253. Give life to your good deed by killing it (i.e. by forgetting it).

253_ أحْیِ مَعْرُوفَکَ بِإماتَتِهِ.

254. Do good whenever possible, and deter the evildoer with righteous action.

254_ إفْعَلِ المَعْرُوفَ ما أمْکَنَ، وازْجُرِ المُسِیءَ بِفِعْلِ المُحْسِنِ.

255. Extend your benevolence to all the people, for verily nothing can be equated with the virtue of a good

p: 189

turn in the sight of Allah, the Glorified.

255_ أُبْذُلْ مَعْرُوفَکَ لِلنّاسِ کافَّةً فَإنَّ فَضِیلَةَ فِعْلِ المَعْرُوفِ لایَعْدِلُها عِنْدَاللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ شَیْءٌ.

256. Give life to the benevolent act by killing it (i.e. forgetting it), for verily the sense of obligation destroys a good turn.

256_ أحْیُوا المَعْرُوفَ بِإماتَتِهِ، فَإنَّ المِنَّ_ةَ تَهْدِمُ الصَنِیعَةَ.

257. The best good deed is coming to the aid of the aggrieved.

257_ أفْضَلُ المَعْرُوفِ إغاثَةُ المَلْهُوفِ.

258. The loftiest good turn is that which is done to those who deserve it.

258_ أجَلُّ المَعْرُوفِ ما صُنِعَ إلی أهْلِهِ.

259. The best favour of the wicked person is holding back his harm [from others].

259_ أفْضَلُ مَعْرُوفِ اللَّئیمِ مَنْعُ أذائِهِ.

260. The ugliest deed of an honourable person is withholding his contribution.

260_ أقْبَحُ أفعالِ الکَرِیمِ مَنْعُ عَطائِهِ.

261. Verily the people who do good [to others] are more in need of doing it than those who request it from them.

261_ إنَّ بِأهْلِ المَعْرُوفِ مِنَ الحاجَةِ إلَی اصْطِناعِهِ أکْثَرَ مِمّا بِأهْلِ الرَّغْبَةِ إلَیْهِمْ مِنْهُ.

262. Benevolence is [a means of] servitude.

262_ اَلمَعْرُوفُ رِقٌّ.

263. The most profitable wares are the rendering of benevolent actions.

263_ أرْبَحُ البَضایِ_عِ اِصْطِناعُ الصَّنایِعِ.

264. The perfection of giving is in expediting it.

264_ کَمالُ العَطِیَّةِ تَعْجِیلُها.

265. The human being is not enthralled until he is engulfed by favour.

265_ لَنْ یُسْتَرَقَّ الإنْسانُ حَتّی یَغْمُرَهُ الإحْسانُ.

266. One who is not good at seeking sympathy is faced with scorn.(1)

266_ مَنْ لَمْ یُحْسِنِ الاسْتِعْطافَ قُوبِلَ بِالاِسْتِخْفافِ.

267. Nothing enthrals the honourable ones like benevolence.

267_ مَا اسْتُعْبِدَ الکِرامُ بِمِثْلِ الإکْرامِ.

268. The best of treasures are: the good turn that is consigned to (or by)

p: 190

1- Or: One who does not consider compassion to be good is faced with scorn.

the free and the knowledge that is learned by the virtuous.

268_ أفْضَلُ الکُنُوزِ مَعْرُوفٌ یُودَعُ(یُودِعُهُ) الأحْرارُ، وعِلْمٌ یَتَدارَسَهُ الأخْیارُ.

269. Ingratitude for favours leads to deprivation.

269_ کُفْرانُ الإحْسانِ یُوجِبُ الحِرْمانَ.

270. One who withholds from giving is deprived of (or prevents) praise.

270_ مَنْ مَنََعَ العَطاءَ مَنَعَ الثَّناءَ.

271. Giving after having refused is more graceful than refusing after having given.

271_ اَلعَطِیَّةُ بَعْدَ المَنْعِ أجْمَلُ مِنَ المَنْعِ بَعْدَ العَطِیَّةِ.

272. Whoever does good to the people, Allah covers him with His mercy and places him in His pardon.

272_ مَنْ أحْسَنَ إلَی الرَّعِیَّةِ، نَشَرَ اللّهُ عَلَیْهِ جَناحَ رَحْمَتِهِ وأدْخَلَهُ فی مَغْفِرَتِهِ.

273. Give whatever you are giving expeditiously and beneficially, and if you refuse then let it be with politeness and apology.

273_ أعْطِ ما تُعْطِیهِ مُعَجَّلاً مُهَنَّأً وإنْ مَنَعْتَ فَلْیَکُنْ فی إجْمال وَإعْذار.

274. One who finds it easy to give away [his] wealth has hopes directed towards him.

274_ مَنْ هانَ عَلَیْهِ بَذْلُ الأمْوالِ تَوَجَّهَتْ إلَیْهِ الآمالُ.

275. One who loves to be remembered with praise should give generously from his wealth.

275_ مَنْ أحَبَّ الذِّکْرَ الجَمیلَ فَلْیَبْذُلْ مالَهُ.

276. One who gives generously enthrals the people.

276_ مَنْ بَذَلَ مالَهُ اِسْتَرَقَّ الرِّقابَ.

277. Nothing spreads renown like generosity.

277_ ماشاعَ الذِّکْرُ بِمِثْلِ البَذْلِ.

278. Generosity is the expander of ability.

278_ اَلْبَذْلُ مادَّةُ الإمْکانِ.

279. Generosity earns praise.

279_ اَلبَذْلُ یَکْسِبُ الحَمْدَ.

280. Through generosity, praises are increased.

280_ بِالبَذْلِ تَکْثُرُ المَحامِدُ.

281. By being generous with blessings, the blessings last longer.

281_ بِبَذْلِ النِّعْمَةِ تُسْتَدامُ النِّعْمَةُ.

282. Increased generosity is a sign of nobility.

282_ کَثْرَةُ البَذْلِ آیَةُ النُّبْلِ.

The Good Doer

The Good Doer المحسن

1. Let not the good doer and the evildoer

p: 191

be equal in your eyes, for will make the good-doer abstain from his benevolence and will encourage the evildoer to continue his evil.

1_ لایَکُنِ المُحْسِنُ والمُسیءُ عِنْدَکَ سَواءً، فَإنَّ ذلِکَ یُزَهِّدُ المُحْسِنَ فِی الإحْسانِ، ویُتابِ_عُ المُسِیءَ إلَی الإسائَةِ.

2. The charitable one needs the beggar.

2_ یَحْتاجُ ذُوالنّائِلِ إلَی السّائِلِ.

3. Be open-handed but do not be wasteful.

3_ کُنْ سَمِحاً ولاتَ_کُنْ مُبَذِّراً.

4. The good doer person is one who is benevolent to all people.

4_ اَلمُحْسِنُ مَنْ عَمَّ النّاسَ بِالإحْسانِ.

5. The benevolent is supported, the malevolent is scorned.

5_ المُحْسِنُ مُعانٌ، اَلمُسِیءُ مُهانٌ.

6. The good doer is one whose words are affirmed by his actions.

6_ المُحْسِنُ مَنْ صَدَّقَ أقْوالَهُ أفْعالُهُ.

7. The benevolent one is alive, even if he is transferred to the dwellings of the dead.

7_ المُحْسِنُ حَیٌّ وإنْ نُقِلَ إلی مَنازِلِ الأم_ْواتِ.

8. If you rush towards good whenever you see it, distance yourself from evil when you see it, act obediently [upon the commandments of Allah] and vie to acquire noble traits, then you are righteous and successful.

8_ إذا رَأیْتُمُ الخَیْ_رَ فَسارَعْتُمْ إلَیْهِ، ورَأیْتُمُ الشَّ_رَّ فَتَباعَدتُمْ عَنْهُ، وکُنْتُمْ بِالطّاعاتِ عامِلِینَ، وفِی المَکارِمِ مُتَنافِسِینَ، کُنْتُمْ مُحْسِنینَ فائِزِینَ.

9. The worst of the benevolent ones is the one who puts others under obligation by his favour.

9_ شَ_رُّ المُحْسِنینَ اَلمُمْتَنُّ بِإحْسانِهِ.

10. The doer of good deeds does not stumble, and when he does stumble, he finds a support [to hold on to].

10_ صاحِبُ المَعْرُوفِ لای_َعْثُرُ، وإذا عَثَرَ وَجَدَ مُتَّکَأً.

11. Every good doer is affable.

11_ کُلُّ مُحْسِن مُسْتَأنِسٌ.

12. The good doers are recognized by what the righteous people speak

p: 192

about them, and by their good deeds and virtuous conduct.

12_ یُسْتَدَلُّ عَلَی المُحْسِنیِنَ بِما یَجْری لَهُمْ عَلی اَلْسُنِ الأَخْیارِ، وحُسْنِ الأفْعالِ، وجَمِیلِ السّیرَةِ.

Physical Beauty

Physical Beauty الحُسْن

1. Physical beauty is of no benefit without nobility.

1_ لایَنْفَعُ الحُسْنُ بِغَیْرِ نَجابَة.

Dyslogia (The Inability To Express Oneself Effectively)

Dyslogia (The Inability to Express Oneself Effectively) الحصَر

1. The ugliness of dyslogia is better than the harm of talking nonsense.

1_ قُبْحُ الحَصَرِ خَیْ_رٌ مِنْ جُرْحِ الهَذَرِ.

2. The inability of effective expression weakens the argument.

2_ اَلحَصَرُ یُضَعِّفُ الحُجَّةَ.

3. Dyslogia is better than babble.

3_ اَلحَصَرُ خَیْرٌ مِنَ الهَذَرِ.


Fortune الحظّ

1. The fortune of a person that comes through the ears is for himself and that which is on the tongue for others.

1_ اَلحَظُّ لِلإنْسانِ فِی الأُذُنِ لِنَفْسِهِ وَفِی اللِّسانِ لِغَیْرِهِ.

2. Fortune rushes towards the one who does not seek it.

2_ اَلحَظُّ یَسْعی إلی مَنْ لایَخْطُبُهُ.

Gaining Favour

Gaining Favour الحُظْوَة

1. Favour is gained in the sight of the Creator by yearning for that which is with Him; favour is gained with the creatures by turning away from what they possess.

1_ اَلحُظْوَةُ عِنْدَ الخالِقِ بِالرَّغْبَةِ فیما لَدَیْهِ، اَلحُظْوَةُ عِنْدَ المَخْلُوقِ بِالرَّغْبَةِ عَمّا فی یَدَیْهِ.

Digging A Pit For A Brother

Digging a Pit for a Brother حفر البئر للأخ

1. One who digs a pit for his brother, Allah will cause him to fall in his [own] pit.

1_ مَنْ حَفَرَ بِئْراً لأخیهِ أوْقَعَهُ اللّهُ فی بِئْرِهِ.

2. One who digs a pit for his believing brother will fall into it [himself].

2_ مَنْ حَفَرَ لأخِیهِ المُؤْمِنِ بِئْراً أُوقِعَ فیها.

Spite And Malice

Spite and Malice الحِقْدُ

1. Malice is from the nature of the

p: 193


1_ اَلحِقْدُ مِنْ طَبایِعِ الأشْرارِ.

2. Spite is a fire that is not put out except by vanquish. (It is a raging fire that is not put out by anything other than death or vanquish).

2_ الحِقْدُ نارٌ لاتُطْفَیُ إلاّ بِالظَّفَرِ.(نارٌ کامِنَةٌ لایُطْفِئُها إلاّ مَوْتٌ أوْ ظَفَرٌ).

3. Malice wears away [its possessor].

3_ اَلحِقْدُ یُذْرِی.

4. Spite is the trait of the jealous ones.

4_ اَلحِقْدُ شیمَةُ الحَسَدَةِ.

5. Malice is the motive of rage.

5_ الحِقْدُ مَثارُ الغَضَبِ.

6. Spite is the vilest of flaws.

6_ الحِقْدُ اَلأَمُ العُیُوبِ.

7. Malice is a painful ailment and an infectious disease.

7_ اَلحِقْدُ داءٌ دَوِیٌّ، ومَرَضٌ مُوبِی.

8. Malice is a vile characteristic and a fatal sickness.

8_ اَلحِقْدُ خُلْقٌ دَنِیٌّ،وَمَرَضٌ مُرْدِی.

9. Keep away from harbouring grudges against each other, hating each other, quarrelling with one other and not lending a supporting hand to each other, [and by doing this] you will gain mastery over your affairs.

9_ تَجَنَّبُوا تَضاغُنَ القُلُوبِ، وَتَشاحُنَ الصُّدُورِ وتَدابُ_رَ النُّفُوسِ، وَتَخاذُلَ الأی_ْدی تَمْلِکُوا أمْرَکُمْ.

10. The cornerstone of flaws is spite.

10_ رَأسُ العُیُوبِ الحِقْدُ.

11. The cause of discord is malice.

11_ سَبَبُ الفِتَنِ الحِقْدُ.

12. The weapon of evil is spite.

12_ سِلاحُ الشَّ_رِّ الحِقْدُ.

13. The worst thing that resides in the heart is malice.

13_ شَ_رُّ ما سَکَنَ القَلْبَ الحِقْدُ.

14. Extreme malice stems from the intense jealousy.

14_ شِدَّةُ الحِقْدِ مِنْ شِدَّةِ الحَسَدِ.

15. Purify your hearts from malice, for it is an infectious disease.

15_ طَهِّرُوا قُلُوبَکُمْ مِنَ الحِقْدِ فَإنَّهُ داءٌ مُوبِیٌ.

16. In times of difficulty, feelings of malice disappear.

16_ عِنْدَ الشَّدائِدِ تَذْهَبُ الأَحْقادُ.

17. One who eliminates malice [from his heart], his heart and mind become

p: 194


17_ مَنِ اطَّرَحَ الحِقْدَ اسْتَراحَ قَلْبُُه ولُبُّهُ.

The Spiteful

The Spiteful الحقود

1. There is no brotherhood for the spiteful.

1_ لَیْسَ لِحَقُود أُخُوَّةٌ.

2. One whose spite increases, his censure decreases.

2_ مَنْ کَثُرَ حِقْدُهُ قَلَّ عِتابُهُ.

3. One who sows hatred reaps tribulations.

3_ مَنْ زَرَعَ الإِحَنَ حَصَدَ المِحَنَ.

4. How miserable is the life of a spiteful person!

4_ ما أنْکَدَ عَیْشَ الحَقُودِ.

5. The spiteful person has no love.

5_ لا مَوَدَّةَ لِحَقُود.

6. The spiteful one has a tormented soul is doubly distressed.

6_ اَلْحَقُودُ مُعَذَّبُ النَّفْسِ مُتَضاعِفُ الهَمِّ.

7. There is no repose for the spiteful.

7_ اَلحَقُودُ لاراحَةَ لَهُ.

Belittling Others

Belittling others التحقیر

1. Do not belittle anyone until you have heard from him.

1_ لاتَزْدَرِیَنَّ أحَداً حَتّی تَسْتَنْطِقَهُ.


Verification التحقیق

1. There is no action like verification.

1_ لاعَمَلَ کَالتَّحْقِیقِ.

2. There is no practice better than verification.

2_ لاسُنَّ_ةَ أفْضَلُ مِنَ التَّحْقِیقِ.

The Truth

The Truth الحق

1. Truth is an incisive sword.

1_ اَلحَقُّ سَیْفٌ قاطِعٌ.

2. Truth is the best way.

2_ اَلْحَقُّ أفْضَلُ سَبِیل.

3. Truth is the strongest supporter.

3_ اَلحَقُّ أقْوی ظَهِیر.

4. Truth is the clearest course.

4_ اَلْحَقُّ أوْضَحُ سَبِیل.

5. The truth is worthier of being followed.

5_ اَلْحَقُّ أحَقُّ أنْ یُتَّبَعَ.

6. Assisting one another to establish the truth is [a sign of] trustworthiness and faith.

6_ اَلتَّعاوُنُ عَلی إقامَةِ الحَقِّ أمانَةٌ ودِیانَةٌ.

7. Truth is a sword [to fight] against the followers of falsehood.

7_ اَلحَقُّ سَیْفٌ عَلی أهْلِ الباطِلِ.

8. Truth is a refuge for every worker (and an argument for every speaker).

8_ اَلْحَقُّ مَنْجاةٌ لِکُلِّ عامِل (وحُجَّةٌ لِکُلِّ قائِل).

9. Through truth, the petitioner gets support.

9_ بِالحَقِّ یَسْتَظْهِرُ المُحْتَجُّ.

10. It is by turning away from the

p: 195

truth that misguidance comes about.

10_ بِالعُدُولِ عَنِ الحَقِّ تَ_کُونُ الضَّلالَةُ.

11. By clinging to the truth, support is received.

11_ بِلُزُومِ الحَقِّ یَحْصُلُ الاِسْتِظْهارُ.

12. There is truth and falsehood, and each has its followers.

12_ حَقٌّ وَباطِلٌ، ولِکُلّ أهْلٌ.

13. Truth that harms is better than falsehood that brings joy.

13_ حَقٌّ یَضُ_رُّخَیْرٌ مِنْ باطِل یَسُ_رُّ.

14. Plunge into hardships to [arrive at] the truth wherever it may be.

14_ خُضِ الغَمَراتِ إلَی الحَقِّ حَیْث کانَ.

15. May Allah have mercy on the person who supports truth when he sees it, repels injustice when he sees it and assists his companion by truth.

15_ رَحِمَ اللّهُ رَجُلاً رَأی حَقّاً فأعانَ عَلَیْهِ، ورَأی جَوْراً فَرَدَّهُ وَکانَ عَوْناً بِالحَقِّ عَلی صاحِبِهِ.

16. May Allah have mercy of the person who enlivens the truth, causes falsehood to die, fights against oppression and establishes justice.

16_ رَحِمَ اللّهُ امْرَءاً أحْیی حَقّاً، وأماتَ باطِلاً، وأدْحَضَ الجَوْرَ، وأقامَ العَدْلَ.

17. The peak of wisdom is clinging to the truth and obeying the one who stands for the truth.

17_ رَأْسُ الحِکْمَةِ لُزُومُ الحَقِّ، وطاعَةُ المُحِقِّ.

18. Seeking assistance to establish the truth is [a sign of] faith and uprightness.

18_ طَلَبُ التَّعاوُنِ عَلی إقامَةِ الحَقِّ دِیانَةٌ وأمانَةٌ.

19. Cling to the things that necessitate the [establishment of] truth and beware of the things that transpose falsities [to make them seem true].

19_ عَلَیْکُمْ بِمُوجِباتِ الحَقِّ فَالْزَمُوها، وإیّاکُمْ ومُحالاتِ التُّرَهاتِ.

20. Your return to the truth is better than your persisting in falsehood.

20_ عَوْدُکَ إلَی الحَقِّ خَیْرٌ مِنْ تَمادیکَ فیِ الباطِلِ.

21. Your returning to the truth, even if you get exhausted, is better than your

p: 196

comfort while clinging to falsehood.

21_ عَوْدُکَ إلَی الحَقِّ وإنْ تَعِبْتَ خَیْرٌ مِنْ راحَتِکَ مَعَ لُزُومِ الباطِلِ.

22. In adhering to the truth, there is prosperity.

22_ فی لُزُومِ الحَقِّ تَ_کُونُ السَّعادَةُ.

23. Abandon the one who has abandoned the truth for other than it, and leave him and that which he has preferred for himself.

23_ فارِقْ مَنْ فارَقَ الحَقَّ إلی غَیْرِهِ، ودَعْهُ وما رَضِیَ لِنَفْسِهِ.

24. Little truth repels much falsehood, just as a little fire burns a lot of firewood.

24_ قَلیلُ الحَقِّ یَدْفَعُ کَثیرَ الباطِلِ کَما أنَّ القَلِیلَ مِنَ النّارِ یُحْرِقُ کَثِیرَ الحَطَبِ.

25. Speak the truth and you will benefit; do not utter falsehood and you will be safe.

25_ قُولُوا الحَقَّ تَغْنَمُوا، واسْکُتُوا عَنِ الباطِلِ تَسْلَمُوا.

26. For truth there is stability.

26_ لِلْحَقِّ دَوْلَةٌ.

27. Let your refuge be the truth, for verily truth is the strongest supporter.

27_ لِیَکُنْ مَوْئِلُکَ إلَی الحَقِّ، فَإنَّ الحَقَّ أقْوی مُعِین.

28. One who does not act upon the truth will never attain salvation.

28_ لَنْ یُدْرِکَ النَّجاةَ مَنْ لَمْ یَعْمَلْ بِالحَقِّ.

29. One who acts upon the truth, gains [from it].

29_ مَنْ عَمِلَ بِالحَقِّ غَنِمَ.

30. One who acts upon the truth, profits.

30_ مَنْ عَمِلَ بِالحَقِّ رَبِحَ.

31. One who acts upon the truth is saved.

31_ مَنْ عَمِلَ بِالْحَقِّ نَجا.

32. One who acts upon the truth becomes successful.

32_ مَنْ عَمِلَ بِالحَقِّ أفْلَحَ.

33. One who fights against the truth is thrown down.

33_ مَنْ صارَعَ الحَقَّ صُرِعَ.

34. One who speaks truthfully is believed.

34_ مَنْ قالَ بِالحَقِّ صُدِّقَ.

35. One who tries to prevail against the truth is overpowered [by it].

35_ مَنْ غالَبَ الحَقَّ غُلِبَ.

36. One who battles

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against the truth is ruined.

36_ مَنْ حارَبَ الحَقَّ حُرِبَ.

37. One who opposes the truth is killed (or thrown down) by it.

37_ مَنْ عانَدَ الحَقَّ قَتَلَهُ (صَ_رَعَهُ).

38. One who opposes the truth is seized by powerlessness.

38_ مَنْ عانَدَ الحَقَّ لَزِمَهُ الوَهْنُ.

39. One who opposes the truth has taken Allah as his adversary.

39_ مَنْ عانَدَ الحَقَّ کانَ اللّهُ خَصْمَهُ.

40. One who is not saved by the truth is destroyed by falsehood.

40_ مَنْ لَمْ یُنْجِهِ الحَقُّ، أهْلَکَهُ الباطِلُ.

41. One who transgresses the truth, his path becomes narrowed.

41_ مَنْ تَعَدَّی الحَقَّ، ضاقَ مَذْهَبُهُ.

42. One who seeks honour through truth will be honoured by truth.

42_ مَنِ اعْتَزَّ بِالحَقِّ أعَزَّهُ الحَقُّ.

43. One who shows his face [in opposition] to the truth is destroyed.

43_ مَنْ أبْدی صَفْحَتَهُ لِلْحَقِّ هَلَکَ.

44. One who takes the truth as his reins, the people will take him to be their leader.

44_ مَنِ اتَّخَذَ الحَقَّ لِجاماً اِتَّخَذَهُ النَّاسُ إماماً.

45. Whoever acts upon the truth, the creation incline towards him.

45_ مَنْ عَمِلَ بِالحَقِّ مالَ إلَیْهِ الخَلْقُ.

46. One who feels ashamed of speaking the truth is really a fool.

46_ مَنِ اسْتَحْیی مِنْ قَوْلِ الحَقِّ فَهُوَ أحْمَقُ.

47. One who struggles to establish the truth is granted success [by Allah].

47_ مَنْ جاهَدَ عَلی إقامَةِ الحَقِّ وُفِّقَ.

48. One who deviates from the truth, his end is dispraised.

48_ مَنْ نَکَبَ عَنِ الحَقِّ ذُمَّ عاقِبَتُهُ.

49. Whoever surrenders to the truth and follows the rightful [leader] is [considered to be] among the righteous.

49_ مَنِ اسْتَسْلَمَ لِلْحَقِّ، وأَطاعَ المُحِقَّ کانَ مِنَ المُحْسِنِینَ.

50. Whoever makes the truth his goal, difficult things are made

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easy for him and distant things are brought nearer to him.

50_ مَنْ جَعَلَ الحَقَّ مَطْلَبَهُ، لانَ لَهُ الشَّدیدُ، وقَرُبَ عَلَیْهِ البَعیدُ.

51. Whoever weakens the truth and forsakes it is destroyed by falsehood and killed by it.

51_ مَنْ أضْعَفَ الحَقَّ وخَذَلَهُ أهْلَکَهُ الباطِلُ وقَتَلَهُ.

52. One whose goal is the truth will attain it, even if he is very uncertain.

52_ مَنْ کانَ مَقْصَدُهُ الحَقَّ أدْرَکَهُ، ولَوْ کانَ کَثِیرَ اللَّبْسِ.

53. Whoever opposes the truth, it kills him and whoever tries to overpower it, it humiliates him.

53_ مَنْ عانَدَ الحَقَّ قَتَلَهُ، ومَنْ تَعَزَّزَ عَلَیْهِ (عَلَی الباطِلِ) ذَلَّلَهُ.

54. Whoever helps the truth, benefits.

54_ مَنْ نَصَرَ الحَقَّ غَنِمَ.

55. How numerous are those who admit to the truth but do not follow it!

55_ ما أکْثَرَ مَنْ یَعْتَرِفُ بِالحَقِّ ولا یُطیعُهُ.

56. One who contends with the truth is defeated.

56_ مُنازِعُ الحَقِّ مَخْصُومٌ.

57. How good a guide truth is!

57_ نِعْمَ الدَّلیلُ الحَقُّ.

58. Do not hold back from presenting the truth when you find those who are worthy of it.

58_ لاتُمْسِکْ عَنْ إظْهارِ الحَقِّ، إذا وَجَدْتَ لَهُ أهْلاً.

59. Let nothing make you feel at ease but the truth and let nothing make you uneasy except falsehood.

59_ لا یُؤْنِسَنَّکَ إلاّ الحَقُّ، ولا یُوحِشَنَّکَ إلاّ الباطِلُ.

60. Let not your attention towards the rights of a person [who is close to you] prevent you from establishing justice against him.

60_ لاتَمْنَعَنَّکُمْ رِعایَةُ الحَقِّ لأحَد عَنْ إقامَةِ الحَقِّ عَلَیْهِ.

61. Falsehood and truth do not go together.

61_ لا یَجْتَمِعُ الباطِلُ والحَقُّ.

62. None is patient in the face of truth except the judicious and intelligent one.

62_ لایَصْبِرُ

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عَلَی الحَقِّ إلاّ الحازِمُ الأرِیبُ.

63. There is no messenger more conveying than the truth.

63_ لا رَسُولَ أبْلَغُ مِنَ الحَقِّ.

64. There is no adviser more sincere than the truth.

64_ لاناصِحَ أنْصَحُ مِنَ الحَقِّ.

65. There is no companion who is dearer than the truth.

65_ لاصاحِبَ أعَزَّ مِنَ الحَقِّ.

66. One who takes the support of truth is not defeated.

66_ لا یُغْلَبُ مَنْ یَسْتَظْهِرُ بِالحَقِّ.

67. One who argues by truth is not defeated.

67_ لا یَخْصَمُ مَنْ یَحْتَجُّ بِالحَقِّ.

68. One who elevates himself by truth is not overtaken (or abased).

68_ لا یُدْرَکُ (لایَذِلُّ) مَنِ اعْتَزَّ بِالحَقِّ.

69. None is patient with the truth except the one who knows its merit.

69_ لا یَصْبِرُ لِلْحَقِّ إلاّ مَنْ یَعْرِفُ فَضْلَهُ.

70. A man cannot be faulted for taking his right, rather he can only be censured for taking that which is not [rightfully] his.

70_ لا یُعابُ الرَّجُلُ بِأخْذِ حَقِّهِ، وإنَّما یُعابُ بِأخْذِ مالَیْسَ لَهُ.

71. A little truth repels much falsehood.

71_ یَسِیرُ الحَقِّ یَدْفَعُ کَثیرَ الباطِلِ.

72. [About the ones who did not participate in the battle]: They forsook the truth and did not assist the falsehood.

72_ خَذَلُوا الحَقَّ، ولَمْ یَنْصُرُوا الباطِلَ.

73. The truth is illuminated and free from prejudice and hypocrisy.

73_ اَلحَقُّ أبْلَجُ مُنَزَّهٌ عَنِ المُحاباةِ والمُرایاةِ.

74. Act upon the truth even if is against your desires and do not sell your Hereafter for this world.

74_ إرْ کَبِ الحَقَّ وإنْ خالَفَ هَواکَ، ولاتَبِ_عْ آخِرَتَکَ بِدُنیاکَ.

75. Cling to the truth and it will take you to the place of the followers of truth, on the day when judgment will not be made

p: 200

except with truth.

75_ اِلْ_زَمِ الحَقَّ یُنَزِّلْکَ مَنازِلَ أهْلِ الحَقِّ یَوْمَ لا یُقْضی إلاّ بِالحَقِّ.

76. Cling to the truth and salvation will cling to you.

76_ اِلْ_زَمُوا الحَقَّ تَلْزَمْکُمُ النَّجاةُ.

77. Recognize the right of the one who knows your right, [be he] young or old, inferior or superior.

77_ اِعْرِفُوا الحَقَّ لِمَنْ عَرَفَهُ لَکُمْ، صَغِیراً کانَ أوْ کَبِیراً، وَضِیعاً کانَ أوْ رَفیعاً.

78. Indeed, one who is not benefitted by the truth is harmed by falsehood, and one who is not set straight by guidance is dragged down by misguidance.

78_ ألا ومَنْ لا یَنْفَعُهُ الحَقُّ یَضُ_رُّهُ الباطِلُ، ومَنْ لا یَسْتَقِمْ بِهِ الهُدی یَجُرُّ بِهِ الضَّلالُ إلَی الرَّدی.

79. The biggest loser is one who is able to speak the truth but still does not speak it.

79_ أخْسَرُ النّاسِ مَنْ قَدَرَ عَلی أنْ یَقُولَ الحَقَّ ولَمْ یَقُلْ.

80. The best of creation are those who judge more with truth, and the most beloved among them in the sight of Allah are those who are more truthful in speech.

80_ أفْضَلُ الخَلْقِ أقْضاهُمْ بِالحَقِّ، وأحَبُّهُمْ إلَی اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ أقْوَلُهُمْ لِلصِّدْقِ.

81. One who is overcome [while he is] on the right, is victorious.

81_ اَلْمَغْلُوبُ بِالحَقِّ غالِبٌ.

82. One who wages war against the truth is ruined.

82_ اَلمُحارِبُ لِلْحَقِّ مَحْرُوبٌ.

83. Speaking the truth is better than inarticulateness and silence.

83_ اَلقَوْلُ بِالحَقِّ خَیْ_رٌ مِنَ العَیِّ والصَّمْتِ.

One Who Is On The Right

One who is on the Right المُحِق

1. The goal of one who is on the right is [following or remaining on] the right course.

1_ غَرَضُ المُحِقِّ الرَّشادُ.

The Rights Of Allah, The Most High

The Rights of Allah, The Most High حقوق

p: 201

اللّه تعالی

1. Giving this wealth in order to fulfil the rights of Allah has been made part of generosity.

1_ إعْطاءُ هذا المالِ فی حُقُوقِ اللّهِ دَخَلٌ فی بابِ الجُودِ.

2. Take out the [rightful] dues from your wealth and share in your wealth with your friend; let your speech be measured and your endeavour well thought-out, [for by this] you will remain safe from censure and regret.

2_ اَخْرِجْ مِنْ مالِکَ الحُقُوقَ، وأشْرِکْ فیهِ الصَّدِیقَ، ولْیَکُنْ کَلامُکَ فی تَقْدیِر، وهِمَّت_ُکَ فی تَفْکِیر، تَأْمَنِ المَلامَةَ والنَّدامَةَ.

3. The right of Allah, the Glorified, upon you in times of ease is piety and gratitude, and in times of hardship, [to have] contentment and patience.

3_ حَقُ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ عَلَیْکُمْ فِی الیُسْرِ اَلْبِرُّ والشُّکْرُ وفِی العُسْرِ اَلرِّضا وَالصَّبْرُ.

Rights Of The People

Rights of the People حقوق الناس

1. Allah, the Glorified, has placed the rights of His servants before His rights, so whoever fulfils the rights of the servants of Allah, then this helps one to fulfil the rights of Allah.

1_ جَعَلَ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ حُقُوقَ عِبادِهِ مُقَدِّمَةً لِحُقُوقِهِ، فَمَنْ قامَ بِحُقُوقِ عِبادِ اللّهِ کانَ ذلِکَ مُؤَدِّیاً إلَی القِیامِ بِحُقوقِ اللّهِ.

Hoarding And Hoarders

Hoarding and Hoarders الإحْتِکار والمحتکر

1. The stingy hoarder accumulates for the one who does not thank him (i.e. his heirs) and proceeds towards the one who will not accept his excuse (i.e. Allah).

1_ اَلمُحْتَکِرُ البَخیْلُ جامِعٌ لِمَنْ لایَشْکُرُهُ،وَقادِمٌ عَلی مَنْ لایَعْذُرُهُ.

2. Hoarding is a vice.

2_ اَلإحْتِکارُ رَذِیلَةٌ.

3. Hoarding invites deprivation.

3_ اَلإحْتِکارُ داعِیَةُ الحِرْمانِ.

4. The hoarder is deprived of his blessing.

4_ اَلمُحْتَکِرُ مَحْرُومٌ مِنْ نِعْمَتِهِ.

5. It is from the nature

p: 202

of the inexperienced [and ignorant] to trouble the people by hoarding.

5_ مِنْ طَبایِ_عِ الأغْمارِ إتْعابُ النُّفُوسِ فِی الإحْتِکارِ.

6. Be solvent (or an assessor), and do not be a hoarder.

6_ کُنْ مُقْتَدِراً (مُقَدِّراً)، ولاتَکُنْ مُحْتَکِراً.

7. Hoarding is the practice of the vicious.

7_ اَلإحْتِکارُ شِیمَةُ الفُجّارِ.

The Ordinances Of Allah

The Ordinances of Allah أحکام اللّه وحدوده

1. In impelling the servants of Allah to follow (or in their acting upon) the ordinances of Allah, there is the fulfilment of rights and all of kindness.

1_ فی حَمْلِ (عَمَلِ) عِبادِ اللّهِ عَلی أحْکامِ اللّهِ اِسْتِیفاءُ الحُقُوقِ وَکُلُّ الرِّفْقِ.

2. If you were to preserve the bounds of Allah, the Glorified, He would hasten for you His promised bounty.

2_ لَوْ حَفِظْتُمْ حُدُودَ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ لَعَجَّلَ لَکُمْ مِنْ فَضْلِهِ المَوْعُودَ.

3. One who neglects the commandments of freedom is made to return to serfdom.

3_ مَنْ قَصَّرَ عَنْ أحْکامِ الحُرِّیَّةِ أُعِیدَ إلَی الرِّقِّ.


Wisdom الحکمة

1. Wisdom is a garden for the intelligent and a promenade for the noble.

1_ اَلْحِکْمَةُ رَوْضَةُ العُقَلاءِ، ونُزْهَةُ النُّبَلاءِ.

2. Wisdom does not settle in the heart of a hypocrite except that it departs from it [soon after].

2_ اَلْحِکْمَةُ لاتَحِلُّ قَلْبَ المُنافِقِ إلاّ وهِیَ عَلَی ارْتِحال.

3. Wisdom is the lost property of every believer, so take it even if it be from the mouths of hypocrites.

3_ اَلْحِکْمَةُ ضالَّةُ کُلِّ مُؤْمِن، فَخُذُوها ولَوْ مِنْ أفْواهِ المُنافِقینَ.

4. Wisdom is a tree that grows in the heart and bears [its] fruit on the tongue.

4_ اَلْحِکْمَةُ شَجَرَةٌ تَنْبُتُ فِی الْقَلْبِ، وتُثْمِرُ عَلَی اللِّسانِ.

5. Fill your heart with wisdom and don the attire

p: 203

of tranquillity for these two are the ornaments of the virtuous.

5_ اِسْتَشْعِرِ الْحِکْمَةَ، وتَجَلْبَبِ السَّکِینَةَ، فَإنَّهُما حِلْیَةُ الأب_ْرارِ.

6. The beginning of wisdom is abandoning [worldly] pleasures and its end is loathing the transitory.

6_ أوَّلُ الْحِکْمَةِ تَرْکُ اللَّذّاتِ، وآخِرُها مَقْتُ الفانِیاتِ.

7. The greatest wisdom is for the human being to know himself and to remain within his limits.

7_ أفْضَلُ الحِکْمَةِ مَعْرِفَةُ الإنْسانِ نَفْسَهُ، ووُقُوفُهُ عِنْدَ قَدْرِهِ.

8. Wisdom guides [one] to the right.

8_ اَلْحِکْمَةُ تُرْشِدُ.

9. Wisdom is protection.

9_ اَلْحِکْمَةُ عِصْمَةٌ.

10. Wisdoms are the gardens of the noble ones.

10_ اَلْحِکَمُ رِیاضُ النُّبَلاءِ.

11. When you get lost from the wisdom of Allah then stand with His power, for indeed [even] if you do not get of His wisdom that which can heal you, you will not lose of His power that which will suffice you.

11_ إذا ضَلَلْتَ عَنْ حِکْمَةِ اللّهِ فَقِفْ عِنْدَ قُدْرَتِهِ، فَإنَّکَ إنْ فاتَکَ مِنْ حِکْمَتِهِ ما یَشْفِیکَ فَلَنْ یَفُوتَکَ مِنْ قُدْرَتِهِ ما یَکْفِیکَ.

12. Through wisdom, the veil of knowledge is removed.

12_ بِالحِکْمَةِ یُکْشَفُ غِطاءُ العِلْمِ.

13. The fruit of wisdom is success.

13_ ثَمَرَةُ الْحِکْمَةِ الفَوْزُ.

14. The fruit of wisdom is disdain for the world and infatuation with the Eternal Paradise.

14_ ثَمَرَةُ الْحِکْمَةِ التَّنَزُّهُ عَنِ الدُّنیا، والوَلَهُ بِجَنَّةِ المَأْوی.

15. The beauty of wisdom is kindness and good amicability.

15_ جَمالُ الْحِکْمَةِ الرِّفْقُ، وحُسْنُ المُداراةِ.

16. The boundary of wisdom is turning away from the perishing abode [of this world] and being infatuated with the Eternal Abode [of the Hereafter].

16_ حَدُّ الْحِکْمَةِ اَلإعْراضُ عَنْ دارِ الفَناءِ، والتَّوَلُّهُ بِدارِ البَقاءِ.

17. The wisdom of a lowly person elevates

p: 204

him and the ignorance of a respectable person degrades him.

17_ حِکْمَةُ الدَّنِّی تَرْفَعُهُ، وجَهْلُ الشَّ_ریفِ یَضَعُهُ.

18. Take wisdom from wherever it may be, for verily wisdom is the lost property of every believer.

18_ خُذِ الحِکْمَةَ أنّی کانَتْ، فَإنَّ الحِکْمَةَ ضالَّةُ کُلِّ مُؤْمِن.

19. Take wisdom from the one who brings it to you, and look at what he is said and do not look at who said it.

19_ خُذِ الحِکْمَةَ مِمَّنْ أتاکَ بِها، وانْظُرْ إلی ما قالَ، ولاتَنْظُرْهُ إلی مَنْ قالَ.

20. The embellishment of wisdom is being uninterested in the pleasures of this world.

20_ زَیْنُ الحِکْمَةِ الزُّهْدُ فِی الدُّنیا.

21. The lost possession of an intelligent person is wisdom, so he is more entitled to it wherever it may be.

21_ ضالَّةُ العاقِلِ الحِکْمَةُ، فَهُوَ أحَقُّ بِها حَیْثُ کانَتْ.

22. The lost possession of a sage is wisdom, so he seeks it out wherever it may be.

22_ ضالَّةُ الحَکِیمِ الحِکْمَةُ، فَهُوَ یَطْلُبُها حَیْثُ کانَتْ.

23. Espouse wisdom, for indeed it is an exquisite ornament.

23_ عَلَیْکَ بِالحِکْمَةِ فَإنَّها الحِلْیَةُ الفاخِرَةُ.

24. The prize of the sagacious is learning wisdom.

24_ غَنِیمَةُ الأکْیاسِ مُدارَسَةُ الحِکْمَةِ.

25. Sometimes words of wisdom may be uttered by one who is not wise.

25_ قَدْ یَقُولُ الحِکْمَةَ غَیْرُ الحَکیمِ.

26. Wisdom has been paired with protection [from sins].

26_ قُرِنَتِ الحِکْمَةُ بِالعِصْمَةِ.

27. Everything leads to weariness except novel wisdom.

27_ کُلُّ شَیْء یُمِلُّ ما خَلا طَرائِفَ الحِکَمِ.

28. How can one be patient in disassociating from the enemies [of his felicity] when he is not aided by wisdom?

28_ کَیْفَ یَصْبِرُ عَلی مُبایَنَةِ الأضْدادِ مَنْ لَمْ تُعِنْهُ الحِکْمَةُ.

29. Every time

p: 205

wisdom grows stronger, lust grows weaker.

29_ کُلَّما قَوِیَتِ الحِکْمَةُ ضَعُفَتِ الشَّهْوَةُ.

30. Acquiring wisdom is [a means of] beautifying speech and employing kindness.

30_ کَسْبُ الحِکْمَةِ إجْمالُ النُّطْقِ، واسْتِعْمالُ الرِّفْقِ.

31. One who enjoys the insights of wisdom is not bereft of delight.

31_ مَنْ تَفَکَّهَ بِالحِکَمِ لَمْ یَعْدِمِ اللَّذَّةَ.

32. One who attaches himself to wisdom has ennobled himself.

32_ مَنْ لَهِجََ بِالحِکْمَةِ فَقَدْ شَرَّفَ نَفْسَهُ.

33. One who is known for [his] wisdom is looked at with reverence.

33_ مَنْ عُرِفَ بِالحِکْمَةِ لاحَظَتْ_هُ العُیُونُ بِالوَقارِ.

34. One whose wisdom becomes established understands the lessons [that can be learnt from the past].

34_ مَنْ ثَبَتَتْ لَهُ الحِکْمَةُ عَرَفَ العِبْرَةَ.

35. From the treasures of the unseen comes forth wisdom.

35_ مِنْ خَزائِنِ الغَیْبِ تَظْهَرُ الْحِکْمَةُ.

36. It is part of wisdom to obey the one who is above you, to respect those who are at your level and to be fair to those who are below you.

36_ مِنَ الحِکْمَةِ طاعَتُکَ لِمَنْ فَوْقَکَ وإجْلالُکَ مَنْ فی طَبَقَتِکَ، وَإنْصافُکَ لِمَنْ دُوْنَکَ.

37. It is from [the dictates of] wisdom that you should not dispute with the one who is above you; you should not humiliate the one who is below you; you should not pursue that which is not in your ability; you should not let your tongue go against [what is in] your heart, nor let your words go against your deeds; you should not speak about that which you have no knowledge of; and you should not leave the matter when it comes in front of you and seek it when it has

p: 206


37_ مِنَ الحِکْمَةِ أنْ لاتُنازِعَ مَنْ فَوْقَکَ، ولاتَسْتَذِلَّ مَنْ دُونَکَ، وَلاتَتَعاطی ما لَیْسَ فی قُدْرَتِکَ، ولا یُخالِفَ لِسانُکَ قَلْبَکَ، ولاقَوْلُکَ فِعْلَکَ، ولاتَتَکَلَّمَ فِیما لاتَعْلَمُ، ولاتَتْرُکَ الأم_ْرَ عِنْدَ الإقْبالِ، وتَطْلُبَهُ عِنْدَ الإدْبارِ.

38. Gatherings of wisdom are the plantations of the praiseworthy.

38_ مَجْلِسُ الحِکْمَةِ غَرْسُ (عُرْسُ) الفُضَلاءِ.

39. Lustful desire and wisdom do not go together.

-39 لاتَجْتَمِعُ الشَّهْوَةُ والحِکْمَةُ.

40. Wisdom does not reside in a heart [that is filled] with lust.

40_ لاتَسْکُنُ الحِکْمَةُ قَلْباً مَعَ شَهْوَة.

41. There is no wisdom except with safeguarding [from sin].

41_ لاحِکْمَةَ إلاّ بِعِصْمَة.

The Wise

The Wise الحُکماء

1. The wise are the most honourable of all people, the most patient of them, the quickest of them in forgiving and the best of them in character.

1_ اَلْحُکَماءُ أشْرَفُ النّاسِ أنْفُساً، وأکْثَرُهُمْ صَبْراً، وأسْرَعُهُمْ عَفْواً، وَأوْسَعُهُمْ أخْلاقاً.

2. The wise person cures the asker [of his ignorance] and is generous with virtues.

2_ اَلْحَکِیمُ یَشْفِی السّائِلَ، ویَجُودُ بِالفَضائِلِ.

3. Sit in the company of the wise and your intelligence will be improved, you will ennoble yourself and your ignorance will be removed from you.

3_ جالِسِ الحُکَماءَ یَکْمُلْ عَقْلُکَ، وتَشْرُفْ نَفْسَکَ، ویَنْتَفِ عَنْکَ جَهْلُکَ.

4. A wise person may [at times also] make a mistake.

4_ قَدْ یَزِلُّ الحَکِیمُ.

5. He who complains of his troubles to one who is not compassionate is not a wise person.

5_ لَیْسَ بِحَکِیم مَنْ شَکی ضُ_رَّهُ إلی غَیْرِ رَحیم.

6. He who expresses his joy to one who is not his close friend is not a wise person.

6_ لَیْسَ بِحَکِیم مَنِ ابْتذَلَ بِانْبِساطِهِ إلی غَیْ_رِ حَمِیم.

7. He who intends

p: 207

to take his request to one who is not wise (or generous) is not a wise person.

7_ لَیْسَ بِحَکِیم مَنْ قَصَدَ بِحاجَتِهِ غَیْ_رَ حَکِیم (کَرِیم).

8. One who unveils the words of the wise benefits from their hidden meanings.

8_ مَنْ کَشَفَ عَنْ مَقالاتِ الحُکَماءِ اِنْتَفَعَ بِحَقائِقِها.

9. Indeed the speech of a wise person, when it is correct, is a cure and when it is wrong, is a malady.

9_ إنَّ کَلامَ الحَکِیمِ إذا کانَ صَواباً کانَ دَواءً، وإذا کانَ خَطاءً کانَ داءً.

Government And Sovereignty

Government and Sovereignty الحکومة والولایة

1. Obedience is the shield of the people and justice is the shield of governments.

1_ اَلطّاعَةُ جُنَّ_ةُ الرَعِیَّةِ، والعَدْلُ جُنَّ_ةُ الدُّوَلِ.

2. The disgrace after being deposed is equal to the glory of sovereignty.

2_ اَلذُّلُّ بَعْدَ العَزْلِ یُوازی عِزَّ الوِلای_َةِ.

3. The humiliation of the man being deposed is equivalent to his evil as a sovereign.

3_ اِسْتِکانَةُ الرَّجُلِ فِی الْعَزْلِ، بِقَدْرِ شَ_رِّهِ فِی الوِلای_َةِ.

4. Be just in that which you have been given authority and thank Allah for that which has been granted to you.

4_ إعْدِلْ فِیما وُلِّیتَ، أُشْکُرْ لِلّهِ فِیما أُولِیتَ.

5. Protect your status near your king and be cautious not to be belittled due to [your] negligence in protecting that which elevated you to it.

5_ أُحْرُسْ مَنْزِلَتَکَ عِنْدَ سُلْطانِکَ، واحْذَرْ أنْ یَحُطَّکَ عَنْها التَّهاوُنُ عَنْ حِفْظِ ما رَقاکَ إلَیْهِ.

6. Direct the people [based] on their practices and religions; let the innocent from among them be safe [from your wrath] and let the suspicious ones be afraid of you, and protect their frontiers and borders.

6_ أقِمِ

p: 208

النّاسَ عَلی سُنَّتِهِمْ ودِین_ِهِمْ، وَلْیَأْمَنْکَ بَرِئُهُمْ،وَ لْیَخَفْکَ مُرِیبُهُمْ، وَتَعاهَدْ ثُغُورَهُمْ وأطْرافَهُمْ.

7. Make the religion your refuge and justice your sword, [then] you will be safe from every evil and will triumph over every foe.

7_ إجْعَلِ الدّینَ کَهْفَکَ، والعَدْلَ سَیْفَکَ، تَنْجُ مِنْ کُلِّ سُوء، وتَظْفَرْ (تَظْهَرْ) علی کُلِّ عَدُوّ.

8. Be cautious of inequity and tyranny, for verily inequity invites the sword and tyranny leads to expulsion and hastens retribution and revenge.

8_ إحْذَرِ الحَیْفَ والجَوْرَ، فَإنَّ الحَیْفَ یَدْعُو إلَی السَّیْفِ، والجَوْرَ یَعُودُ بِالجَلاءِ، ویُعَجِّلُ العُقُوبَةَ والإنْتِقامَ.

9. The most loathsome thing is the tyranny of rulers.

9_ أقْبَحُ شَ_یْء جَوْرُ الوُلاةِ.

10. Kingship is politics.

10_ اَلمُلْکُ سِیاسَةٌ.

11. Kingship spoils brotherhood.

11_ اَلمُلْکُ (اَلمَلَلُ) یُفْسِدُ الإخْوَةَ.

12. Leadership is destruction.

12_ اَلرِّیاسَةُ عَطَبٌ.

13. Equity is the embellishment of leadership.

13_ اَلإنْصافُ زَیْنُ الإمْرَةِ.

14. Haughtiness in sovereignty leads to disgrace in deposition.

14_ اَلتَّکَبُّرُ فیِ الوِلایَةِ ذُلٌّ فِی العَزْلِ.

15. Sovereignties are the arenas of men.

15_ اَلوِلایاتُ مَضامِیرُ الرِّجالِ.

16. The instrument of leadership is [patience and] large-heartedness.

16_ آلَةُ الرِّیاسَةِ سَعَةُ الصَّدْرِ.

17. The bane of leadership is arrogance.

17_ آفَةُ الرِّیاسَةِ اَلفَخْرُ.

18. When you are given a position of authority, [then] act justly.

18_ إذا وُلِّیتَ فَاعْدِلْ.

19. When the vile become sovereigns, the dignified ones are ruined.

19_ إذا مَلَکَ الأراذِلُ هَلَکَ الأفاضِلُ.

20. When the depraved gain authority, hope turns into disappointment.

20_ إذا سادَ السِّفَلُ خابَ الأم_َلُ.

21. When the wicked become rulers, the honourable are persecuted.

21_ إذَا اسْتَوْلَی اللِّئامُ أُضْطُهِدَ الکِرامُ.

22. The sovereignty of the vile and inexperienced over nations is the cause of their decline and regression.

22_ تَوَلِّی الأراذِلِ والأحْداثِ الدُّوَلَ، دَلیلُ إنْحِلالِها وإدْبارِها.

23. Your haughtiness

p: 209

in sovereignty will be [the cause of your] disgrace in deposition.

23_ تَکَبُّرُکَ فیِ الوِلای_َةِ ذُلٌّ فِی العَزْلِ.

24. The stability of nations is through the establishment of the practice of justice.

24_ ثُباتُ الدُّوَلِ بِإقامَةِ سُنَنِ العَدْلِ.

25. Love for authority is the primary source of tribulations.

25_ حُبُّ الرِّیاسَةِ رَأْسُ المِحَنِ.

26. The embellishment of leadership is bestowing favours.

26_ زَیْنُ الرِّیاسَةِ الإفْضالُ.

27. The fall of nations results from the appointment of depraved leaders.

27_ زَوالُ الدُّوَلِ بِاصْطِناعِ السِّفَلِ.

28. The excellence of leadership is [in] good governance.

28_ فَضیلَةُ الرِّیاسَةِ حُسْنُ السِّیاسَةِ.

29. Lack of leaders is easier to bear than the leadership of the depraved.

29_ فِقْدانُ الرُّؤَساءِ أهْوَنُ مِنْ رِیاسَةِ السِّفَلِ.

30. Every nation has its moment.

30_ لِکُلِّ دَوْلَة بُرْهَةٌ.

31. Nothing ever preserves nations like the exercising of justice in them.

31_ لَنْ تُحَصَّنَ الدُّوَلُ بِمِثْلِ اسْتِعْمالِ العَدْلِ فِیها.

32. One who oppresses his people helps his enemies.

32_ مَنْ ظَلَمَ رَعِیَّت_َهُ نَصَرَ أضْدادَهُ.

33. By the One who split the grain and created human being! If people had not come to me and supporters had not exhausted the argument, and if Allah had not commanded the learned that they should not acquiesce in the excesses of the oppressor and the hunger of the oppressed, I would have cast its rope (i.e. of Caliphate) on its own shoulders and would have given the last one to drink from the cup of the first (i.e. I would have let things remain in their previous state). Then you would have found that in my view, this world of yours is not better than the

p: 210

sneezing of a goat.

33_ وَالَّذی فَلَقَ الحَبَّةَ وب_َرَءَ النَّسَمَةَ، لَوْلا حُضُورُ الحاضِرِ، وَقِیامُ الحُجَّةِ بِوُجوْدِ النّاصِرِ، وما أخَذَ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ عَلَی العُلَماءِ أنْ لای_ُقارُّوا عَلی کِظَّةِ ظالِم، ولاسَغَبِ مَظْلُوْم، لألْقَیْتُ حَبْلَها عَلی غارِبِها، ولَسَقَیْتُ آخِرَها بِکَأْسِ أوَّلِها، وَلألْفَیْتُمْ دُنْیاکُمْ هذِهِ عِنْدی أزْهَدَ مِنْ عَفْطَةِ عَنْز.

The Ruler And Governer

The Ruler and Governer الحاکم والوالی

1. The generosity of rulers with booty belonging to the Muslims is [an act of] injustice and betrayal.

1_ جُودُ الوُلاةِ بِفَیْءِ المُسْلِمینَ جَوْرٌ وخَتَرٌ.

2. A predatory animal that is rapacious and tears it prey apart is better than an unjust and oppressive ruler.

2_ سَبُعٌ أکُولٌ حَطُومٌ، خَیْ_رٌ مِنْ وال ظَلُوم غَشُوم.

3. The worst of rulers is one who is feared by the innocent.

3_ شَ_رُّ الوُلاةِ مَنْ یَخافُهُ البَرِیءُ.

4. One whose rule is oppressive, his regime collapses.

4_ مَنْ جارَتْ وِلای_َتُهُ زالَتْ دَوْلَتُهُ.

5. One who is haughty in his rule, his disgrace is greater when he is deposed.

5_ مَنْ تَ_کَبَّرَ فی وِلای_َتِهِ کَثُرَ عِنْدَ عَزْلِهِ ذِلَّتُهُ.

6. One who becomes vain in his rule exhibits his stupidity.

6_ مَنِ اخْتالَ فی وِلای_َتِهِ أبانَ عَنْ حَماقَتِهِ.

7. It is from the right of the shepherd to choose for his flock that which he chooses for himself.

7_ مِنْ حَقِّ الرّاعِی أنْ یَخْتارَ لِرَعِیَتِّهِ ما یَخْتارُهُ لِنَفْسِهِ.

8. It is part of nobility that you [should] be attentive in fulfilling the rights of your subjects upon you and that you disregard any [of their] offences towards you.

8_ مِنَ النُّبْلِ أنْ تَتَ_یَقَّظَ لإیجابِ حَقِّ الرَّعِیَةِ إلَیْکَ، وتَتَغابی عَنِ الجِنایَةِ عَلَیْکَ.

9. An unjust and oppressive ruler is better than perpetual

p: 211


9_ وال ظَلُومٌ غَشُومٌ، خَیْ_رٌ مِنْ فِتْنَة تَدُومُ.

10. There is no oppression more severe than the oppression of a ruler.

10_ لاجَوْرَ أفْظَعُ مِنْ جَوْرِ حاکِم.

False Oaths

False Oaths الحلف والیمین الفاجرة

1. How can one be safe from the punishment of Allah when he is quick in making false oaths.

1_ کَیْفَ یَسْلَمُ مِنْ عَذابِ اللّهِ المُتَسَرِّعُ إلَی الیَمِینِ الفاجِرَةِ؟!

2. The swearing of a man increases for four [possible reasons]: something shameful that he knows about himself, or as a means of entreating by which he may be deemed truthful, or because of his inability to express himself so he takes oaths as verbiage to connect his speech, or because of an accusation that has been made upon him.

2_ یَکْثُرُ حَلْفُ الرَّجُلِ لأرْبَع: مَهانَة یَعْرِفُها مِنْ نَفْسِهِ، أوضَراعَة یَجْعَلُها سَبِیلاً إلی تَصْدیقِهِ، أوْ عَیّ لِمَنْطِقِهِ فَیَّتَخِدَ الأی_ْمانَ حَشْواً وَصِلَةً لِکَلامِهِ، أوْ لِتُهْمَة قَدْ عُرِفَ بِها.

3. The thing that brings the quickest punishment is a false oath.

3_ أسْ_رَعُ شَ_یْء عُقُوبَةً اَلیَمِینُ الفاجِرَةُ.

4. Do not habituate yourself to taking oaths, for verily the one who swears excessively is not safe from sin.

4_ لاتُعَوِّدْ نَفْسَکَ الیَمِینَ، فَإنَّ الحَلاّفَ لا یَسْلَمُ مِنَ الإثْمِ.

The Lawful

The Lawful الحلال

1. You should cling to the lawful, and to treating your family with kindness, and to remembering Allah in all circumstances.

1_ عَلَیْکَ بِلُزُومِ الحَلالِ، وحُسْنِ البِرِّ بِالعِیالِ،وَ ذِکْرِ اللّهِ فی کُلِّ حال.


Dreams الأحلام والرؤیا

1. Dreams may [at times] come true.

1_ قَدْ تَصْدُقُ الأَحْلامُ.

2. A good dream is one of the two [forms of] glad-tidings.

2_ الرُؤْیا الصّالِحَةُ إحْدَی البِشارَتَیْنِ.

p: 212

The Forebearing

The Forebearing الحلیم

1. The first compensation for the forbearing person from his forbearance is that all the people are [ready to be] his helpers against his enemy.

1_ أوَّلُ عِوَضِ الحَلِیمِ عَنْ حِلْمِهِ أنَّ النّاسَ کُلَّهُمْ أنْصارُهُ عَلی خَصْمِهِ.

2. The forbearing person raises his determination, in that which he has been oppressed, above seeking an evil retribution.

2_ اَلحَلیْمُ یُعْلِی هِمَّتَهُ فیما جُنِیَ عَلَیْهِ مِنْ طَلَبِ سُوءِ المُکافاةِ.

3. Indeed the best of people is one who is forbearing even when he is strong [enough to exact revenge], is not attached to the pleasures of this world even though he is well-off and is just even though he has power.

3_ إنَّ أفْضَلَ النّاسِ مَنْ حَلُمَ عَنْ قُدْرَة، وزَهَدَ عَنْ غُنْیَة، وأنْصَفَ عَنْ قُوَّة.

4. The forbearing is one who tolerates [the flaws of] his brothers.

4_ اَلحَلِیمُ مَنِ احْتَمَلَ إخْوانَهُ.

5. The forbearing is one for whom it is not difficult to act with tolerance.

5_ الحَلیمُ الَّذی لا یَشُقُّ عَلَیْهِ مَؤُنَةُ الحِلْمِ.

6. If you are not forbearing then act forbearing, for verily it is rare for a person who imitates a group not to soon become one among them.

6_ إنْ لَمْ تَ_کُنْ حَلِیماً فَتَحَلَّمْ، فَإنَّهُ قَلَّ مَنْ تَشَبَّهَ بِقَوْم إلاّ أوْشَکَ أنْ یَصِیرَ مِنْهُمْ.

7. Indeed only he is forbearing who is patient when he is offended and forgives when he is wronged.

7_ إنَّما الحَلِیمُ مَنْ إذا أُوذِیَ صَبَرَ، وإذا ظُلِمَ غَفَرَ.

8. Sit in the company of the forbearing and you will increase your forbearance.

8 _ جالِسِ الحُلَماءَ تَزْدَدْ حِلْماً.

9. Sometimes the forbearing person may get

p: 213

fed up.

9_ قَدْ یَزْهَقُ الحَلِیمُ.

10. A person who is not forbearing may at times dress in the garb of forbearance.

10_ قَدْ یَتَزَیّی بِالحِلْمِ غَیْرُ الحَلِیمِ.

11. Be forbearing in [times of] anger, very patient [and courageous] in fear, [and] moderate in your request.

11_ کُنْ حَلِیماً فِی الغَضَبِ،صَبُوراً فِی الرَّهَبِ، مُجْمِلاً فِی الطَّلَبِ.

12. He who lacks strength and thus remains quiet, only to take revenge when he gets power, is not forbearing; rather only he is forbearing who forgives when he has power and over all of whose affairs forbearance prevails.

12_ لَیْسَ الحَلِیمُ مَنْ عَجَزَ فَهَجَمَ، وإذا قَدَرَ انْتَقَمَ إنَّما الحَلِیمُ مَنْ إذا قَدَرَ عَفا، وکانَ الحِلْمُ غالِباً عَلی کُلِّ أمْرِهِ.

13. One who endeavours to act with forbearance becomes forbearing.

13_ مَنْ تَحَلَّمَ حَلُمَ.

14. One who shows forbearance is honoured.

14_ مَنْ حَلُمَ أُکْرِمَ.

15. One who adorns himself with forbearance, his recklessness subsides.

15_ مَنْ تَحَلّی بِالْحِلْمِ سَکَنَ طَیْشُهُ.

16. One who does not endeavour to act with forbearance does not become forbearing.

16_ مَنْ لَمْ یَتَحَلَّمْ لَمْ یَحْلُمْ.

17. Whoever infuriates you by the ugliness of his foolish behaviour towards you, then infuriate him by the beauty of your forbearance towards him.

17_ مَنْ غاظَکَ بِقُبْحِ السَّفَهِ عَلَیْکَ، فَغِظْهُ بِحُسْنِ الْحِلْمِ عَنْهُ.

18. One who seeks the support of forbearance against you defeats you and acts graciously towards you.

18_ مَنِ اسْتَعانَ بِالْحِلْمِ عَلَیْکَ غَلَبَکَ وتَفَضَّلَ عَلَیْکَ.


Forbearance الحِلْمُ

1. Forbearance is one of the two excellent traits.

1_ اَلْحِلْمُ أحَدُ المَنْقِبَتَیْنِ.

2. Forbearance during intense rage protects [one] from the wrath of the Almighty.

2_ اَلْحِلْمُ عِنْدَ شِدَّةِ الْغَضَبِ یُؤْمِنُ غَضَبَ الْجَبّارِ.


p: 214

Forbearance puts out the fire of rage and acrimoniousness stokes it.

3_ اَلْحِلْمُ یُطْفِیءُ نارَ الْغَضَبِ، والْحِدَّةُ تُؤَجِّجُ إحْراقَهُ.

4. Be forbearing and you will be honoured.

4_ أُحْلُمْ تُ_کْرَمْ.

5. Be forbearing and you will be respected.

5_ أُحْلُمْ تُوَقَّرْ.

6. Bear [the actions of others] with patience, otherwise you will never be pleased.

6_ أَغْضِ عَلَی الْقَذی، وإلاّ لَمْ تَرْضَ أبَداً.

7. Veil [your] anger with forbearance and ignore misconceptions with understanding.

7_ احْتَجِبْ عَنِ الغَضَبِ بِالْحِلْمِ، وغُضَّ عَنِ الوَهْمِ بِالْفَهْمِ.

8. The strongest of all people is the one who overcomes his anger with his forbearance.

8_ أقْویَ النّاسِ مَنْ قَوِیَ عَلی غَضَبِهِ بِحِلْمِهِ.

9. The best forbearance is suppressing anger and exercising self-restraint despite having power [to exact revenge].

9_ أفْضَلُ الحِلْمِ کَظْمُ الغَیْظِ، ومِلْکُ النَّفْسِ مَعَ القُدْرَةِ.

10. The most courageous of people is the one who defeats ignorance with forbearance.

10_ أشْجَعُ النّاسِ مَنْ غَلَبَ الجَهْلَ بِالحِلْمِ.

11. Verily the best of characteristics of men is forbearance.

11_ إنَّ أفْضَلَ أخْلاقِ الرِّجالِ الحِلْمُ.

12. Delaying punishment is from the perfection of forbearance.

12_ مِنْ کَمالِ الحِلْمِ تَأْخِیرُ العُقُوبَةِ.

13. Forbearance is [like] a tribe [as it protects those who belong to it].

13_ اَلْحِلْمُ عَشِیرَةٌ.

14. Forbearance is the ornament of [one’s] character.

14_ اَلْحِلْمُ زَیْنُ الْخُلْقِ.

15. Forbearance is the symbol of excellence.

15_ اَلْحِلْمُ عُنْوانُ الفَضْلِ.

16. Forbearance is the cornerstone of [good] leadership.

16_ اَلْحِلْمُ رَأْسُ الرِّیاسَةِ.

17. Forbearance is the fruit of knowledge.

17_ اَلْحِلْمُ ثَمَرَةُ العِلْمِ.

18. Forbearance is a means of silencing the foolish.

18_ اَلْحِلْمُ فِدامُ السَّفِیهِ.

19. Forbearance is the embellishment of knowledge.

19_ اَلْحِلْمُ زینَةُ الْعِلْمِ.

20. Forbearance is the perfection of intellect.

20_ اَلْحِلْمُ تَمامُ الْعَقْلِ.

21. Forbearance (or wisdom)

p: 215

is light, [and] its essence is the intellect.

21_ اَلْحِلْمُ (الحِکْمَةُ) نُورٌ، جَوْهَرُهُ (جَوْهَرتُهُ) العَقْلُ.

22. Forbearance is the ornament of knowledge and the cause of peace.

22_ اَلْحِلْمُ حِلْیَةُ العِلْمِ، وعِلَّةُ السِّلْمِ.

23. Forbearance is the system by which the affairs of a believer are organized.

23_ اَلْحِلْمُ نِظامُ أمْرِ المُؤْمِنِ.

24. If in anger there is revenge, then in forbearance there is the reward of the virtuous.

24_ إنْ کانَ فِی الغَضَبِ الإنْتِصارُ، فَفِی الْحِلْمِ ثَوابُ الأب_ْرارِ.

25. Verily forbearance is only suppression of anger and self-restraint.

25_ إنَّما الحِلْمُ کَظْمُ الغَیْظِ، ومِلْکُ النَّفْسِ.

26. The bane of forbearance is humiliation.

26_ آفَةُ الحِلْمِ الذُّلُّ.

27. When you are forbearing with a foolish person, you sadden him; so increase his sorrow by your forbearance towards him.

27_ إذا حَلُمْتَ عَنِ السَّفِیهِ غَمَمْتَهُ، فَزِدْهُ غَمّاً بِحِلْمِکَ عَنْهُ.

28. When you are forbearing with an ignorant person, you have given him the best reply.

28_ إذا حَلُمْتَ عَنِ الجاهِلِ فَقَدْ أوْسَعْتَهُ جَواباً.

29. When you hear something hateful that troubles you, then lower your head, taking no notice of it, and it will pass you by.

29_ إذا سَمِعْتَ مِنَ الْمَکْرُوهِ ما یُؤْذیکَ فَتَطَأْطَأْ لَهُ یُخْطِکَ.

30. When forbearance brings about corruption [and defiance in the enemy], forgiveness becomes a weakness.

30_ إذا کانَ الْحِلْمُ مَفْسَدةً، کانَ العَفْوُ مَعْجَزَةً.

31. Through forbearance, supporters increase.

31_ بِالحِلْمِ تَ_کْثُرُ الأنْصارُ.

32. It is through suppression [of anger] that forbearance comes about.

32_ بِالْکَظْمِ یَکُونُ الْحِلْمُ.

33. Gulping down the agonies of forbearance extinguishes the fire of anger.

33_ تَجَرُّعُ غُصَصِ الحِلْمِ یُطْفِیءُ نارَ الغَضَبِ.

34. Gulp down the agonies, for indeed I have not seen any drink that

p: 216

is sweeter than this in outcome, nor more tasteful in effect.

34_ تَجَرَّعِ الغُصَصَ، فَإنّی لَمْ أرَ جُرْعَةً أحْلی مِنْها عاقِبَةً وَلا ألَذَّ مَغَبَّةً.

35. Gulp down the pains of forbearance, for indeed it is the cornerstone of wisdom and the fruit of knowledge.

35_ تَجَرَّعْ مَضَضَ الحِلْمِ، فَإنَّهُ رَأْسُ الحِکْمَةِ، وثَمَرةُ العِلْمِ.

36. The fruit of forbearance is kindness.

36_ ثَمَرَةُ الحِلْمِ الرِّفْقُ.

37. Virtuous forbearance is a sign of abundant knowledge.

37_ حُسْنُ الحِلْمِ دَلیلُ وُفُورِ العِلْمِ.

38. The best forbearance is accustoming yourself to act with forbearance.

38_ خَیْ_رُ الحِلْمِ اَلتَّحَلُّمُ.

39. The cornerstone of knowledge is forbearance.

39_ رَأْسُ العِلْمِ الحِلْمُ.

40. The alms-tax of forbearance is bearing patiently [with the bad behaviour of the people].

40_ زَکوةُ الحِلْمِ الإحْتِمالُ.

41. The cause of reverence is forbearance.

41_ سَبَبُ الوَقارِ اَلْحِلْمُ.

42. Espouse forbearance for verily it is the fruit of knowledge.

42_ عَلَیْکَ بِالحِلْمِ فَإنَّهُ ثَمَرَةُ العِلْمِ.

43. Espouse forbearance for indeed it is a pleasing characteristic.

43_ عَلَیْکَ بِالحِلْمِ فَإنَّهُ خُلُقٌ مَرْضِیٌّ.

44. It is when rage and anger prevails that the forbearance of the forbearing is tested.

44_ عِنْدَ غَلَبَةِ الغَیْظِ والْغَضَبِ یُخْتَب_َرُ حِلْمُ الْحُلَماءِ.

45. The strength [required] for forbearance in times of anger is greater than the strength [needed] for vengeance.

45_ قُوَّةُ الحِلْمِ عِنْدَ الغَضَبِ أفْضَلُ مِنَ القُوَّةِ عَلَی الإنْتِقامِ.

46. Forbearance is sufficient as veneration.

46_ کَفی بِالحِلْمِ وَقاراً.

47. Delaying punishment is from the perfection of forbearance.

47_ مِنْ کَمالِ الحِلْمِ تَأْخِیرُ العُقُوبَةِ.

48. The best vizier of knowledge is forbearance.

48_ نِعْمَ وَزِیرُ العِلْمِ الحِلْمُ.

49. The dignity of forbearance is the adornment of knowledge.

49_ وَقارُ الحِلْمِ زِینَ_ةُ العِلْمِ.

50. I found forbearance and tolerance more helpful to

p: 217

me than courageous men.

50_ وَجَدْتُ الحِلْمَ والإحْتِمالَ أنْصَرَ لی مِنْ شَِجْعانِ الرِّجالِ.

51. Do not disgrace yourselves in order to alleviate your anger, and if an ignorant person acts ignorantly towards you then let your forbearance prevail over him.

51_ لاتَفْضَحُوا أنْفُسَکُمْ لِتَشْفُوا غَیْظَکُمْ، وإنْ جَهِلَ عَلَیْکُمْ جاهِلٌ فَلْیَسَعْهُ حِلْمُکُمْ.

52. There is no virtue like forbearance.

52_ لافَضِیلَةَ کَالْحِلْمِ.

53. There is no supporter like forbearance.

53_ لاظَهِیرَ کَالْحِلْمِ.

54. There is no forbearance like feigning inattention [and pretending not to have noticed].

54_ لاحِلْمَ کَالتَّغافُلِ.

55. There is no dignity loftier than forbearance.

55_ لاعِزَّ أرْفَعُ مِنَ الحِلْمِ.

56. There is no honour higher than forbearance.

56_ لاشَرَفَ أعْلی مِنَ الحِلْمِ.

57. No one shows forbearance towards the foolish except the intelligent.

57_ لا یَحْلُمُ عَنِ السَّفیهِ إلاّ العاقِلُ.

58. One who has no forbearance has no knowledge.

58_ لاعِلْمَ لِمَنْ لاحِلْمَ لَهُ.

59. The forbearance of a person is evinced from his abundant tolerance, and his nobility [is evinced] from his abundant benefactions.

59_ یُسْتَدَلُّ عَلی حِلْمِ الرَّجُلِ بِکَثْرَةِ احْتِمالِهِ، وعَلی نُبْلِهِ بِکَثْرَةِ إنْعامِهِ.


Praise الحمد

1. A Praiser should praise none but his Lord.

1_ لایَحْمَدُ حامِدٌ إلاّ رَبَّهُ.

2. Whoever puts praise [for Allah] as the conclusion of a blessing, Allah, the Glorified, makes it the key for more [blessings].

2_ مَنْ جَعَلَ الْحَمْدَ خِتامَ النِّعْمَةِ جَعَلَهُ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ مِفْتاحَ المَزِیدِ.

3. Whoever praises Allah, He makes him free from want.

3_ مَنْ حَمِدَ اللّهَ أغْناهُ.

The Praiseworthy And The Disgraceful

The Praiseworthy and the Disgraceful المحامد والمذام

1. Try to increase your praiseworthy actions [and traits], for verily disgraceful actions [and traits] are such that very few gain salvation from them.

1_ إسْتَکْثِرْ

p: 218

مِنَ المَحامِدِ، فَإنَّ المَذامَّ قَلَّ مَنْ یَنْجُو مِنْها.

Muhammad (S) And His Progeny

Muhammad (s) and his Progeny محمّد صلَّی اللّه علیه وآله وسلَّم وأهل بیته

1. Be pleased with Muhammad (s) as your guide [and role model] and as the one who will lead you to salvation.

1_ اِرْضَ بِمُحَمَّد صلَّی اللّه علیه وآله وسلَّم رائِداً، وإلَی النَّجاةِ قائِداً.

2. Follow the guidance of your Prophet for it is the truest guidance, and emulate his practices for they are the most exemplary practices.

2_ اِقْتَدُوا بِهُدی نَبِیِّکُمْ، فَإنَّهُ أصْدَقُ الهُدی، واسْتَنُّوا بِسُنَّتِهِ، فَإنَّها أهْدیَ السُّنَنِ.

3. Be cautious of exceeding the limits with regards to us; say that we are servants of our Lord, and then you may believe anything you wish about our merits.

3_ إیّاکُمْ والْغُلُوَّ فینا، قُولُوا:إنّا مَرْبُوبُُونَ، واْعْتَقِدُوا فی فَضْلِنا ما شِئْتُمْ.

4. Indeed we, the household [of the Prophet], are the doors of wisdom, the lights that dispel darkness and the illumination of the nations.

4_ ألا وَإنّا أهْلَ البَیْتِ أبْوابُ الحِکَمِ، وأنْوارُ الظُّلَمِ، وضِیاءُ الأُمَمِ.

5. Where are you wandering and where are you coming from and where are you straying to and what are you bewildered by while you have among you the progeny of your Prophet – they who are the guides towards right and speakers of truth?

5_ أیْنَ تَتِیهُونَ، ومِنْ أیْنَ تُؤْتَوْنَ، وأنّی تُؤْفَکُونَ، وعَلامَ تعْمَهُونَ، وَبَیْنَ_کُمْ عِتْرَةُ نَبِیِّکُمْ، وَهُمْ أزِمَّةُ الصِّدْقِ وألْسِنَةُ الْحَقِّ؟

6. Where are those who allege that they are firmly grounded in knowledge apart from us, while they lie and transgress against us, and harbour jealousy towards us because Allah,

p: 219

the Glorified, elevated us and lowered them, gave us and deprived them, put us in [His proximity] and expelled them; it is through us that guidance is granted and the blindness [of ignorance] is removed, not though them!

6_ أیْنَ الَّذینَ زَعَمُوا أنَّهُمُ الرّاسِخُونَ فِی العِلْمِ دُونَنا کِذْباً وبَغْیاً عَلَیْنا وَحَسَداً لَنا، أنْ رَفَعَنا اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ ووَضَعَهُمْ، وأعْطانا وحَرَمَهُمْ، وأدْخَلَنا وَأخْرَجَهُمْ، بِنا یُسْتَعْطَی الهُدی، وَیُسْتَجْلَی العَمی لا بِهِمْ.

7. The most virtuous of good deeds is loving us and the most despicable of evil deeds is hating us.

7_ أحْسَنُ الحَسَناتِ حُبُّنا، وأسْوَءُ السَّ_یِّئاتِ بُغْضُنا.

8. The most fortunate of all people is one who knows our merits, seeks nearness to Allah through us, is sincere in his love for us, acts on that which we have entrusted to him and keeps away from that which we have forbidden, for this person is from us and he will be with us in the Eternal Abode.

8_ أسْعَدُ النّاسِ مَنْ عَرَفَ فَضْلَنا، وتَقَرَّبَ إلَی اللّهِ بِنا، وأخْلَصَ حُبَّنا، وَعَمِلَ بِما إلَیْهِ نَدَبْنا، وانْتَهی عَمّا عَنْهُ نَهَیْنا، فَذاکَ مِنّا، وهُوَ فِی دارِ الْمُقامَةِ مَعَنا.

9. The nearest of people to us is one who loyally supports us and has enmity for our enemies.

9_ أوْلَی النّاسِ بِنا مَنْ والانا، وعادا مَنْ عادانا.

10. Indeed, for [the proclamation:] ‘There is none worthy of worship but Allah’ there are some conditions, and verily I and my progeny are from its conditions.

10_ إنَّ ل_﴿لاإلهَ إلاّ اللّهُ﴾ شُرُوطاً وَإنّی وذُرِّیَتی مِنْ شُرُوطِها.

11. Verily, the beggar is a messenger of Allah, so one who gives

p: 220

to him gives to Allah and one who withholds from him, withholds from Allah, the Glorified.(1)

11_ إنَّ الْمِسْکِینَ رَسُولُ اللّهِ فَمَنْ أعْطاهُ فَقَدْ أعْطَی اللّهَ وَمَنْ مَنَعَهُ فَقَدْ مَنَعَ اللّهَ سُبْحانَهُ.

12. Verily our affair is difficult and arduous, none can bear it except the servant whose heart Allah has tested for [and filled with] faith, and nothing preserves our words except the faithful hearts and discerning minds.

12_ إنَّ أمْرَنا صَعْبٌ مُسْتَصْعَبٌ، لای_َحْتَمِلُهُ إلاّ عَبْدٌ امْتَحَنَ اللّهُ قَلْبَهُ لِلاْیمانِ، وَلایَعِی حَدِیثَنا إلاّ صُدُورٌ أمِینَةٌ، وأحْلامٌ رَزِینَةٌ.

13. To us return the ones who exceed the bounds and the ones who lag behind [come forward to] meet up with us.

13_ إلَیْنا یَرْجِ_عُ الغالِی، وبِنا یَلْحَقُ التّالِی.

14. Verily Allah, the Exalted, made an appraisal of the world and (from it) chose us, and He chose for us followers who would help us, be happy in our happiness and sad in our sadness, and give up their lives and wealth for our sake they are ones who are (considered to be) from us and unto us, and they will be with us in the gardens (of Paradise).

14_ إنَّ اللّهَ تَعالی أطْلَعَ عَلَی الأرْضِ فَاخْتارَنا، واخْتارَ لَنا شِیعَةً یَنْصُرُونَنا، وَیَفْرَحُونَ لِفَرَحِنا، ویَحزَنُونَ لِحُزْنِنا، ویَبْذُلُونَ أنْفُسَهُمْ وأمْوالَهُمْ فِینا، فَأُولئِکَ مِنّا، وإلَیْنا، وَهُمْ مَعَنا فِی الْجِنانِ.

15. Verily our affair is difficult and arduous, rough and harsh, secret, hidden and veiled, none have access to it except the favoured angel, the appointed prophet or the believer whose heart Allah, the Glorified, has tested for faith.

15_ إنَّ أمْرَنا صَعْبٌ مُسْتَصْعَبٌ،

p: 221

1- This tradition falls under the subject of giving charity.

خَشِنٌ مُخْشَوْشِنٌ، سِ_رٌ مُسْتَسِ_رٌّ، مُقَنِّعٌ، لا یَحْمِلُهُ إلاّ مَلَکٌ مُقَرَّبٌ، أوْ نَبِیٌّ مُرْسَلٌ، أوْ مُؤْمِنٌ إمْتَحَنَ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ قَلْبَهُ لِلإیمانِ.

16. Indeed here (and he pointed towards his chest) there is great knowledge; if only I could get someone who would bear it. Yes, I do find some who can understand but cannot be relied upon and would use the tools of religion for worldly gain or would dominate the people through the favours of Allah over His servants and through His authority over His friends; or [I find] one who is submissive to those who bear the truth but has no insight or intelligence, misgivings pierce into his heart at the first instance of doubt.

16_ إنَّ هیهُنا «وأشارَ بِیَدِهِ إلی صَدْرِهِ» لَعِلْماً جَمّاً، لَوْ أصَبْتُ لَهُ حَمَلَةً، بَلی أُصِیبُ لَقِناً غَیْ_رَ مَأْمُون عَلَیْهِ، مُسْتَعْمِلاً آلَةَ الدّینِ لِلدُّنیا، أوْ مُسْتَظْهِراً بِنِعَمِ اللّهِ عَلی عِبادِهِ، وبِحُجَجِهِ عَلی أوْلِیائِهِ،أوْ مُنْقاداً لِحَمَلَةِ الحَقِّ، لا بَصِیرَةَ لَهُ فی إحْنائِهِ، یَنْقَدِحُ الشَّکُّ فی قَلْبِهِ لأوَّلِ عارِض مِنْ شُبْهَة.

17. The People of Remembrance (or followers of the Qur’an) are the People of Allah and His favoured ones.

17_ أهْلُ الذِّکْرِ (القُرْْآنِ)، أهْلُ اللّهِ، وخاصَّتُهُ (حامَّتُهُ).

18. I am the allotter of hellfire, the treasurer of the gardens [of Paradise], the owner of the pond [of Kawthar] and the holder of the Elevations, and there is no Imam from among us, the household [of the Prophet], except that he knows those who are his sincere friends [and followers], and this is the meaning of the words of the Most High:

p: 222

‘You are only a warner, and there is a guide for every people’(1).

18_ أنَا قَسیمُ النّارِ، وخازِنُ الجِنانِ، وصاحِبُ الحَوْضِ، وصاحِبُ الأعْرافِ، ولَیْسَ مِنّا أهْلَ البَیْتِ إمامٌ إلاّ وهُوَ عارِفٌ (عالِمٌ) بِأهْلِ وِلایَتِهِ، وَذلِکَ لِقَوْلِ اللّهِ تَعالی: إنَّما أنْتَ مُنْذِرٌ ولِکُلِّ قَوْم هاد.

19. I am the brother of the Prophet of Allah, the first to accept Islam, the breaker of the idols, the warrior against the disbelievers and the vanquisher of adversaries.

19_ أنَا صِنْوُ رَسُولِ اللّهِ، والسّابِقُ إلَی الإسْلامِ، وکاسِرُ الأصْنامِ، وَمُجاهِدُ الکُفّارِ، وقامِعُ الأضْدادِ.

20. I am the one who turn this world over on its face, gauges it according to its true value and drives it back on its heels.

20 _ أنَا کابُّ الدُّنْیا لِوَجْهِها، وقادِرُها بِقَدْرِها، ورادُّها عَلی عَقِبِها.

21. I am the leader (ya‘sūb(2)) of the believers and wealth is the leader of the wicked.

21_ أنَا یَعْسُوبُ المُؤْمِنینَ، والمالُ یَعْسُوبُ الفُجّارِ.

22. I will be with the Prophet of Allah, the blessings of Allah be upon him, and with me will be my progeny at the pond (so act upon our words and emulate our actions as we will vie at the pond [of Kawthar]), and we will verily drive away our enemies from it and let our close friends drink from it, and whoever takes a drink from it will never be thirsty after that again.

22_ أنَا مَعَ رَسُولِ اللّهِ صَلَواتُ اللّهِ عَلَیْهِ ومَعی عِتْرَتی عَلَی الحَوْضِ (فَلْیَأْخُذْ آخِذُکُمْ بِقَولِنا، ولْیَعْمَلْ بِعَمَلِنا، إنّا لَنُنافِسُ عَلَی الحَوْضِ) وإنّا لَنَذُودُ عَنْهُ أعْدائَنا، ونَسْقی مِنْهُ أوْلِیاءَنا، فَمَنْ شَرِبَ مِنْهُ شَرْبَةً، لَمْ

p: 223

1- Surah al-Ra’d [13]:7
2- A male bee which is followed by the other bees.

یَظْمَأْ بَعْدَها أبَداً.

23. I put the chests of the Arab [warriors] on the ground and broke the backs (or the protruding horns) of the tribes of Rabī‘ah and Mu

24. ar.

23_ أنَا وَضَعْتُ بِکَلْکَلِ (بِکَلاکِلِ) العَرَبِ، وکَسَرْتُ نَواجِمَ (قُرُونَ) رَبِیعَةَ ومُضَ_رَ.

25. I am a witness for you [if you follow me] and a plaintiff against you [if you disobey me] on the Day of Judgment.

24_ أنَا شاهِدٌ لَکُمْ، وحَجیجٌ یَوْمَ القِیمَةِ عَلَیْکُمْ.

26. I am your inviter towards the obedience of your Lord, your mentor to performing your religious obligations and your guide to that which will save you.

25_ أنَا داعِیکُمْ إلی طاعَةِ رَبِّکُمْ، ومُرْشِدُکُمْ إلی فَرائِضِ دِینِکُمْ، وَدَلیلُکُمْ إلی ما یُنْجِیکُمْ.

27. My household and I are the [means of] security for the people of earth just as the stars are the [means of] security for the people of the heavens.

26 _ أنَا وأهْلُ بَیْتی أمانٌ لأهْلِ الأرْضِ کَما أنَّ النُّجُومَ أمانٌ لاِهْلِ السَّماءِ.

28. I am the representative of the Prophet of Allah among you, and the one who will keep you within the boundaries of your religion, and the one who calls you towards the Garden of the Abode.

27_ أنَا خَلِیفَةُ رَسُولِ اللّهِ فیکُمْ ومُقِیمُکُمْ عَلی حُدُودِ دینِکُمْ، وداعِیکُمْ إلی جَنَّةِ المَأْوی.

29. Verily I am standing on a manifest proof from my Lord, insight in my religion and certitude in my affair.

28_ إنّی لَعَلی بَیِّنَة مِنْ رَبّی، وبَصیرَة مِنْ دِینی، ویَقین مِنْ أمْرِی.

30. Verily I am on the highway of truth and they are surely on the erroneous path of falsehood.


p: 224

إنّی لَعَلی جادَّةِ الحَقِّ، وإنَّهُمْ لَعَلی مَزَلَّةِ الباطِلِ.

31. Verily it is for the establishment of the proofs of Allah that I argue and it is in order to support His religion that I struggle and fight.

30_ إنّی لَعَلی إقامَةِ حُجَجِ اللّهِ أُقاوِلُ، وَعلی نُصْرَةِ دِینِهِ أُجاهِدُ وَأُقاتِلُ.

32. Indeed I raise myself such that there should be no need that my generosity cannot encompass, nor any ignorance that cannot be encompassed by my forbearance, nor any wrongdoing that my forgiveness cannot encompass, nor should there be a time that is longer than my time [spent in worship and righteous actions].

31_ إنّی لأرْفَعُ نَفْسی أنْ تَ_کُونَ حاجَةٌ لا یَسَعُها جُودی، أوْ جَهْلٌ لایَسَعُهُ حِلْمی، أوْ ذَنْبٌ لایَسَعُهُ عَفْوِی، أوْ أنْ یَکُونَ زَمانٌ أطْوَلَ مِنْ زَمانِی.

33. Whenever I would ask the Prophet of Allah (s), he would give to me and when I was silent and did not ask, he would be the one to initiate [the matter] with me.

32_ إنّی کُنْتُ إذا سَئَلْتُ رَسُولَ اللّهِ صلَّی اللّه علیه وآله وسلَّم أعْطانِی، وإذا سَکَتُّ عَنْ مَسْألَتِهِ إبْتَدَأَنی.

34. The example of my presence among you is only like a lamp in the darkness, he who enters upon it receives its light.

33_ إنَّما مَثَلی بَیْنَ_کُمْ کَالسِّراجِ فی الظُّلْمَةِ، یَسْتَضِیءُ بِها مَنْ وَلَجَها.

35. Certainly the Imams are the [only] vicegerents of Allah over His creation and the ones who explain His servants about Him; and none will enter Paradise except the one who recognizes them and is recognized by them and none will enter the hellfire

p: 225

except the one who rejects them and is rejected by them.

34_ إنّما الأئِمَّةُ قُوّامُ اللّهِ عَلی خَلْقِهِ، وعُرَفاؤُهُ عَلی عِبادِهِ، ولا یَدْخُلُ الجَنَّةَ إلاّ مَنْ عَرَفَهُمْ وعَرَفُوهُ، ولا یَدْخُلُ النّارَ إلاّ مَنْ أنْکَرَهُمْ وَأنْکَرُوهُ.

36. Indeed the protectors of the religion of Allah are the only ones who establish the religion, support it, surround it from all sides and protect it for the servants of Allah and safeguard it.

35_ إنَّما المُسْتَحْفَظُونَ لِدیْنِ اللّهِ هُمُ الَّذِینَ أقامُوا الدّینَ، ونَصَرُوهُ، وَحاطُوهُ مِنْ جَمِیعِ جَوانِبِهِ، وَحَفِظُوهُ علی عِبادِ اللّهِ ورَعَوْهُ.

37. (In remembrance of the Prophet of Allah (s), he said): He conveyed [the message] from his Lord completely, such that nobody remained with any excuse [for not having accepted the message], he counselled his people as a warner and called [them] towards Paradise as a bringer of glad tidings.

36_ )فی ذِکْرِ رَسُولِ اللّهِصلَّی اللّه علیه وآله وسلَّم) بَلَّغَ عَنْ رَبِّهِ مُعْذِراً، ونَصَحَ لاُِمَّتِهِ مُنْذِراً، وَدَعا إلَی الجَنَّةِ مُبَشِّراً.

38. Through us you were guided in the darkness, and by us you ascended the peaks [of knowledge and faith], and by way of us did you break through the pitch-black night [into the light of day].

37_ بِنَا اهْتَدَیْتُمْ (فی) الظُّلَماءِ، وبِنا تَسَنَّمْتُمُ العَلْیاءَ، وبِنَا انْفَجَرْتُمْ عَنِ السِّرارِ.

39. Through us Allah opens and through us Allah seals, through us Allah effaces and confirms whatever He wills, through us Allah removes the time of difficulty [or intense thirst and drought] and through us Allah sends down rain; so let not the Deceiver deceive you concerning Allah.

38_ بِنا فَتَحَ

p: 226

اللّهُ، وَبِنا یَخْتِمُ، وَبِنا یَمْحُو ما یَشاءُ، وَیُثْبِتُ، وبِنا یَدْفَعُ اللّهُ الزَّمانَ الکَلِبَ، وبِنا یُنَزِّ لُ اللّهُ الْغَیْثَ فَلا یَغُرَنَّکُمْ بِاللّهِ الْغَرُورِ.

40. Mingle with the people through that which they recognize and leave them in that which they reject, and do not burden them [by compelling them] to follow yourselves and us, for indeed our affair is difficult and arduous.

39_ خالِطُوا النّاسَ بِما یَعْرِفُونَ، ودَعُوهُمْ مِمّا یُنْکِرُونَ، ولاتُحَمِّلُوهُمْ عَلی أنْفُسِکُمْ وعَلَیْنا، فَإنَّ أمْرَنا صَعْبٌ مُسْتَصْعَبٌ.

41. He (‘a) said about the Prophet of Allah (s): He left this world hungry but entered the next world in soundness. He did not lay one brick upon another [to make a house for himself] until he passed away and responded to the caller of his Lord.

40_ وقالَ _ عَلَیهِ السّلامُ _ فی ذِکْرِ رَسُولِ اللّهِصلَّی اللّه علیه وآله وسلَّم: خَرَجَ مِنَ الدُّنْیا خَمِیصاً، وَوَرَدَ الآخِرَةَ سَلِیماً، لَمْ یَضَعْ حَجَراً عَلی حَجَر حَتّی مَضی لِسَبِیلِهِ وأجابَ داعِیَ رَبِّهِ.

42. The caller is calling and the guardian is watching over you, so respond to the caller and follow the guardian.

41_ داع دَعا، وراع رَعا، فَاسْتَجیبُوا لِلدَّاعی، واتَّبِعُوا الرّاعی.

43. Ask me [about what you need to know] before you lose me, for verily I am more aware of the ways of the heavens than you are of the ways of the earth.

42_ سَ_لُونی قَبْلَ أنْ تَفْقِدُونی، فَإنّی بِطُرُقِ السَّماءِ أخْبَرُ (أعْلَمُ) مِنْکُمْ بِطُرُقِ الأرْضِ.

44. Ask me before you lose me, for by Allah, there is no verse in the Qur’an but that I know about whom it was

p: 227

revealed and where it was revealed, in the plains or on the mountains, and indeed my Lord has gifted me with an intelligent heart and an eloquent tongue.

43_ سَلُونی قَبْلَ أنْ تَفْقِدُونی، فَوَ اللّهِ ما فی القُرآنِ آیَةٌ إلاّ وأنَا أعْلَمُ فِیمَنْ نَزَلَتْ، وأیْنَ نَزَلَتْ، فی سَهْْل أوْ فی جَبَل، وإنَّ رَبِّی وَهَبَ لِی قَلْباً عَقُولاً، وَلِساناً ناطِقاً.

45. Remembering the Prophet of Allah (s), he (‘a) said: His practice was moderation, his action was right guidance, his speech was distinguishing [of truth from falsehood], his judgment was just, his words were articulate and his silence was the most eloquent speech.

44_ وَقالَ _ عَلَیْه السّلامُ _ فی ذِکْرِ رَسُوْلِ اللّهِ صلَّی اللّه علیه وآله وسلَّم: سُنَّتُهُ القَصْدُ، وَفِعْلُهُ الرُّشْدُ، وَقَوْلُهُ الْفَصْلُ، وحُکْمُهُ الْعَدْلُ، کَلامُهُ بَیانٌ، وصَمْتُهُ أفْصَحُ لِسان.

46. Attach yourselves to the one who is between you and Allah, [and] you will be felicitous.

45_ صِلُوا الَّذی بَیْن_َکُمْ وبَیْنَ اللّهِ تَسْعَدُوا.

47. Establish your bond with the one who is between you and Allah, [and] you will be felicitous in your final place of return [in the Hereafter].

46_ صِلِ الَّذی بَیْنَکَ وبَیْنَ اللّهِ تَسْعَدْ بِمُنْقَلَبِکَ.

48. Remembering the Prophet of Allah (s) he said: [He was] a physician who moved about with his remedies, having readied his salves and warmed his instruments. He used these whenever needed for curing blind hearts, deaf ears and dumb tongues. He would take his cures to the places of negligence and sites of perplexity.

47_ وقالَ _ عَلَیْهِ السّلام _ فی ذِکْرِ رَسُولِ اللّهِ صلَّی اللّه علیه وآله وسلَّم:

p: 228

طَبِیبٌ دَوّارٌ بِطِبِّهِ، قَدْ أحْکَمَ مَراهِمَهُ، وأحْمی مَواسِمَهُ، یَضَعُ ذلِکَ حَیْثُ الحاجَةِ إلَیْهِ مِنْ قُلُوبِ عُمْی، وَآذان صُمّ، واَلْسِنَة بُکْم، یَتَتَبَّعُ (مُتَّبِ_عٌ) بِدَوائِهِ مَواضِعَ الغَفْلَةِ، ومَواطِنَ الحَیْرَةِ.

49. You should love of the progeny of your Prophet, for this is the right of Allah over you and this will obligate your right upon Allah. Do you not see that Allah has said ‘Say, I do not ask you any reward for it except love of (my) near relatives.’

48_ عَلَیْکُمْ بِحُبِّ آلِ نَبِیِّکُمْ، فَإنَّهُ حَقُّ اللّهِ عَلَیْکُمْ، والمُوجِبُ عَلَی اللّهِ حَقَّکُمْ، ألا تَرَوْنَ إلی قَوْلِ اللّهِ تَعالی ﴿قُلْ لاأسْألُکُمْ عَلَیْهِ أجْراً إلاّ المَوَدَّةَ فیِ القُرْبی﴾.

50. You must obey your Imams, for they are witnesses over you today and intercessors for you with Allah tomorrow.

49_ عَلَیْکُمْ بِطاعَةِ أئِمَّتِکُمْ، فَإنَّهُمُ الشُّهَداءُ عَلَیْکُمُ الیَوْمَ، والشُّفَعاءُ لَکُمْ عِنْدَ اللّهِ غَداً.

51. It is the duty of the Imam to teach the people who follow him about the boundaries of Islam and Imān (faith).

50_ عَلَی الإمامِ أنْ یُعَلِّمَ أهْلَ وِلایَتِهِ حُدُودَ الإسْلامِ والإیمانِ.

52. The [leader and] guide must be truthful to his followers and must employ his intellect; and he must be from those who are inclined to the Hereafter, for it is from there that he came forth and to it will be his return.

51_ فَلْیَصْدُقْ رائِدٌ أهْلَهُ، ولْیُحْضِرْ عَقْلَهُ، ولْیَکُنْ مِنْ أبْناءِ الآخِرَةِ، فَمِنْها قَدِمَ وإلَیْها یَنْقَلِبُ.

53. The riser has risen, the dazzler has dazzled, the apparent has appeared and the crooked has been straightened.(1)

52_ قَدْ طَلَعَ طالِعٌ، وَلَمعَ لامِعٌ، ولاحَ لائِحٌ، واعْتَدَلَ مائِلٌ.

54. He said

p: 229

1- Part of the sermon was delivered after he became the Khalifa.

while remembering the Messenger of Allah (s): He belittled this world, took it lightly and treated it with disdain; he knew that Allah willed to keep it away from him while He bestowed it to others as a trial.

53_ وَقالَ _ عَلَیْهِ السّلام _ فی ذِکْرِ رَسُولِ اللّهِ صلَّی اللّه علیه وآله وسلَّم: قَدْ حَقَّرَ الدُّنیا وأهْوَنَ بِها وَهَوَّنَها، وعَلِمَ أنَّ اللّهَ زَواها عَنْهُ اخْتِیاراً، وبَسَطَها لِغَیْرِهِ اخْتباراً.

55. Whenever I asked the Messenger of Allah (s), he would give to me and when I held back, he would be the one to initiate [the matter] with me.

54_ کُنْتُ إذا سَألْتُ رَسُولَ اللّهِ صلَّی اللّه علیه وآله وسلَّم أعْطانی، وإذا أمْسَکْتُ ابْتَدَأنی.

56. For our hatred there are waves of wrath from Allah, the Glorified.

55_ لِبُغْضِنا أمْواجٌ مِنْ سَخَطِ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ.

57. I have patched this shirt of mine so much that I am now ashamed of [taking it again to] the tailor. Someone asked me: Will you not discard it? I replied: Get away from me! Only at dawn do people speak highly of the [arduous] night journey.

56_ لَقَدْ رَقَعْتُ مِدْرَعَتِی هذِهِ حَتَّی اسْتَحْیَیْتُ مِنْ راقِعِها، فَقالَ لی قائِلٌ ألا تَنْبِذُها؟ فَقُلتُ لَهُ: أُعْزُبْ عَنِّی، عَلَی الصَّباحِ یَحْمَدُ القَوْمُ السُّری.

58. This world will incline towards us after having been refractory just like the wild camel inclines towards its young.

57_ لَتَعْطِفَنَّ عَلَیْنا الدُّنیا بَعْدَ شِماسِها عَطْفَ الضَّرُوسِ عَلی وَلَدِها.

59. I am not, nor have I ever been, intimidated by battle or frightened of being struck [by swords].

58_ لَقَدْ کُنْتُ وما أُهَدَّدُ بِالْحَرْبِ، وَلا

p: 230

أُرَهَّبُ بِالضَّ_رْبِ.

60. If the veils were removed, my certitude would not increase.(1)

59_ لَوْ کُشِفَ الغِطاءُ مَا ازْدَدْتُ یَقِیناً.

61. If my feet were to rest firmly on these slippery areas, I would surely change [many] things.

60_ لَوِ اسْتَوَتْ قَدَمایَ مِنْ هذِهِ المَداحِضِ لَغَیَّ_رْتُ أشْیاءً.

62. If we had done as you did, no pillar of the religion would be left standing and no plant of faith would grow.

61_ لَوْ کُنّا نَأْتِی ما تَأْتُونَ (آنَیْتُم)، لَما قامَ لِلْدّینِ عَمُودٌ، ولا اخْضَ_رَّ لِلإیمانِ عُودٌ.

63. If I wished to inform every man from among you of where he has come from and where he is going to and about all his affairs, I would do so, but I fear that you will take me and abandon the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. However, I will convey it to the selected ones who are safe from that [fear]. By the One who sent him with truth and chose him above the creation, I do not speak save the truth. He (the Prophet) has informed me about all this and about the destruction of those who are destroyed and the salvation of those who are saved (and the consequences of this matter [of the caliphate]). He left nothing that I would encounter except that he put it into my ear and informed me about it.

62_ لَوْ شِئْتُ أنْ أُخْبِرَ کُلَّ رَجُل مِنْکُمْ بِمَخْرَجِهِ ومَوْلِجِهِ وجَمِیعَ شَأْنِهِ لَفَعَلْتُ، لکِنّی أخافُ أنْ تَ_کْفُرُوا فِیَّ بِرَسُولِ اللّهِ صَلَواتُ اللّهِ وسَلامُهُ عَلَیْهِ، إلاّ أنّی مُفْضِیهِ

p: 231

1- Because he had already reached the peak of certitude.

إلَی الخاصَّةِ مِمَّنْ یُؤْمَنُ ذلِکَ مِنْهُ، والَّذی بَعَثَهُ بِالحَقِّ واصْطَفاهُ عَلَی الخَلْقِ ما أنْطِقُ إلاّ صادِقاً، ولَقَدْ عَهَدَ إلَیَّ بِذلِکَ کُلِّهِ، وبِمَهْلِکِ مَنْ یَهْلِکُ، وبِمَنْجا مَنْ یَنْجُو(وَمَ آلِ هذا الأمْرِ) وَما أبْقی شَیْئاً یَمُرُّ عَلی رَأسی إلاّ أفْرَغَهُ فی أُذُنَیّوَ أفضی بِهِ إلَیَّ.

64. We have a right [to it] if it is given to us, otherwise we ride on the hinds of camels(1) even if the night journey is long.

63_ لَنا حَقٌّ إنْ أُعْطِیناهُ، وإلاّ رَکِبْنا أعْجازَ الإبِلِ وإنْ طالَ السُّری.

65. We have the right of obedience and love over the people, and for them [for this] there is a goodly reward from Allah, the Glorified.

64_ لَنا عَلَی النّاسِ حَقُّ الطّاعَةِ والوِلای_َةِ، ولَهُمْ مِنَ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ حُسْنُ الجَزاءِ.

66. Whoever clings to us will join us.

65_ مَنْ تَمَسَّکَ بِنا لَحِقَ.

67. Whoever turns away from us will be annihilated.

66_ مَنْ تَخَلَّفَ عَنّا مُحِقَ.

68. One who follows our commandments advances.

67_ مَنِ اتَّبَعَ أمْرَنا سَبَقَ.

69. One who boards other than our ship, drowns.

68_ مَنْ رَکِبَ غَیْرَ سَفینَتِنا غَرِقَ.

70. They (i.e. the Imams) are the trustees of the secrets of the Messenger of Allah (s), the protectors of his mission, the container of his knowledge, the sanctuary of his wisdom, the caverns of his books and the mountains of his religion.

69_ هُمْ مَوْضِعُ سِ_رِّ رَسُولِ اللّهِ صلَّی اللّه علیه وآله وسلَّم،وَ حُماةُ أمْرِهِ، وعَیْبَةُ عِلْمِهِ، ومَوْئِلُ حُکْمِهِ، وکُهُوفُ کُتُبِهِ، وجِبالُ دینِهِ.

71. They are the gems of faith and the treasures of the Most Merciful. When they speak, they are truthful and when they remain silent,

p: 232

1- An expression that conveys humility as it was only slaves and prisoners who would ride on the hinds of camels.

they are not surpassed.

70_ هُمْ کَرائِمُ الإیمانِ، وکُنُوزُ الرَّحْمنِ، إنْ قالُوا صَدَقُوا، وإنْ صَمَتُوا لَمْیُسْبَقُوا.

72. They are the treasures of faith and the sources of virtue; when they judge, they do justice and when they debate, they overcome.

71_ هُمْ کُنُوزُ الإیمانِ، ومَعادِنُ الإحْسانِ، إنْ حَکَمُوا عَدَلُوا، وإنْ حاجُّوا خَصَمُوا.

73. They are the foundation of religion and the pillar of certitude; to them return those who have exceeded the limits and those who are behind [come forward to] join them.

72_ هُمْ أساسُ الدّینِ، وعِمادُ الْیَقینِ، إلَیْهِمْ یَفِیءُ الغالِی، وبِهِمْ یَلْحَقُ التّالِی.

74. They are the lamps in the darkness, the springs of wisdom, the sources of knowledge and the loci of forbearance.

73_ هُمْ مَصابِیحُ الظُّلَمِ، ویَنابِیعُ الحِکَمِ، ومَعادِنُ العِلْمِ، ومَواطِنُ الحِلْمِ.

75. They are the life of knowledge and the death of ignorance. Their forbearance (or wisdom) is conveyed to you from their knowledge, their silence from their speech (and their apparent from their hidden); they do not go against the truth (or the religion) nor do they differ in it, for it is among them as a silent speech and a truthful witness.

74_ هُمْ عَیْشُ العِلْمِ، ومَوْتُ الجَهْلِ، یُخْبِرُ کُمْ حِلْمُهُمْ (حُکْمُهُمْ) عَنْ عِلْمِهِمْ، وصَمْتُهُمْ عَنْ مَنْطِقِهِمْ(وَظاهِرُهُمْ عَنْ باطِنِهِمْ)، لا یُخالِفُونَ الحَقَّ (الدّین)، ولا یَخْتَلِفُونَ فیهِ، فَهُوَ بَیْنَهُمْ صامِتٌ ناطِقٌ، وشاهِدٌ صادِقٌ.

76. Do not stray from the truth and its people, for verily whoever opts [to follow] other than us, the household [of the Prophet], perishes and loses in [both] this world and the Hereafter.

75_ لاتَزِلُّوا عَنِ الحَقِّ وأهْلِهِ، فَإنَّهُ مَنِ اسْتَبْدَلَ

p: 233

بِنا أهْلَ البَیْتِ هَلَکَ، وَفاتَتْهُ الدُّنْیا والآخِرَةِ.

77. The world is never devoid of an establisher of the proof of Allah, either [as an] apparent and known [person] or [as a] hidden and unknown [person], so that the proof of Allah and His message does not become void.

76_ لاتَخْلُو الأرْضُ مِنْ قائِم لِلّهِ بِحُجَجِهِ (بِحُجَّة)، إمّا ظاهِراً مَشْهُوراً، وَإمّا باطِناً (خائِفاً) مَغْمُوراً، لِئَلاّ تَبْطُلَ حُجَجُ اللّهِ وبَیِّناتُهُ.

78. No one from this nation can be compared to the progeny of Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and no one who has benefitted from their blessings (i.e. the blessings of their knowledge and wisdom) will ever be equal to them.

77_ لا یُقاسُ بِ آلِ مُحَمَّد صَلَواتُ اللّهِ عَلَیْهِمْ مِنْ هذِهِ الأُمَّةِ أحَدٌ، وَلایَسْتَوی (ولا یُسَوّی) بِهِمْ مَنْ جَ_رَتْ نِعْمَتُهُمْ عَلَیْهِ أبَداً.

79. People! There is no proof of Allah, the Glorified, on His earth greater than our Prophet, Muhammad (s), nor is there any wisdom more manifest than His book, the Glorious Qur’an and Allah, the Exalted, has not praised anyone from among you except he who holds fast to his rope and follows His prophet; and only he perishes, who perishes when he disobeys Him, goes against His commands and follows his vain desires. This is why the Almighty says ‘… let those who disobey His order beware lest an ordeal should afflict them or a painful chastisement befall them.’(1)

78_ یا أیُّها النّاسُ إنَّهُ لَمْ یَکُنْ لِلّهِ سُبْحانَهُ حُجَّةٌ فی أرْضِهِ أوْکَدُ مِنْ نَبِیِّنا مُحَمَّد صلَّی اللّه علیه وآله وسلَّم،

p: 234

1- Al-Noor [24]:63

ولاحِکْمَةٌ أبْلَغُ مِنْ کِتابِهِ القُرآنِ العَظیمِ، وَلا مَدَحَ اللّهُ تَعالی مِنْکُمْ إلاّ مَنِ اعْتَصَمَ بِحَبْلِهِ، واقْتَدی بِنَبِیِّهِ، وإنَّما هَلَکَ مَنْ هَلَکَ عِنْدَ ماعَصاهُ وَخالَفَهُ، واتَّبَعَ هَواهُ، فَلِذلِکَ یَقُولُ عَزَّ مِنْ قائِل: ﴿فَلْیَحْذَرِ الَّذینَ یُخالِفُونَ عَنْ أمْرِهِ أنْ تُصِیبَهُمْ فِتْنَةٌ أوْ یُصِیبَهُمْ عَذابٌ ألیمٌ﴾.

80. The one who looks with the insight of the wise sees his path of guidance (or goal) and knows its valleys and its peaks.

79_ ناظِرُ قَلْبِ اللَّبِیبِ بِهِ یُبْصِرُ رُشْدَهُ (أمَدَهُ)، ویَعْرِفُ غَوْرَهُ وَنَجْدَهُ.

81. We are the callers to truth, the leaders of creation and the speakers of truth, he who obeys us acquires [success] and he who disobeys us is destroyed.

80_ نَحْنُ دُعاةُ الحَقِّ، وأئِمَّةُ الخَلْقِ، واَلْسِنَةُ الصِّدْقِ، مَنْ أطاعَنا مَلَکَ، وَ مَنْ عَصانا هَلَکَ.

82. By Allah! I have never hidden a single word nor have I ever spoken a lie.

81_ واللّهِ ما کُنْتُ وَشْمَةً، ولاکَذَبْتُ کِذْبَةً.

83. By Allah! I do not hate the sudden coming of death to me, nor is it an event that I reject. I am but like a traveller who has come to his destination or a seeker who finds what he is looking for.

82_ وَاللّهِ ما فَجَعَنِی مِنَ الْمَوْتِ وارِدٌ کَرِهْتُهُ، ولاطالِعٌ أنْکَرْتُهُ، وما کُنْتُ إلاّ کَغارِب (کَقارِب) وَرَدَ، أوْ طالِب وَجَدَ.

84. By Allah! If I were to spend a sleepless night on the thorns of al-Sa‘dān(1) or be driven shackled in chains as a prisoner, it would be more acceptable to me than meeting Allah and His Prophet as an oppressor over any [of His] servants, or a usurper

p: 235

1- This is a plant with sharp prickles.

of any worldly possessions. And how can I oppress for the sake of the body which is fast moving towards destruction and is going to spend a long time [buried] in the earth?

83_ واللّهِ لأنْ أبیتَ عَلی حَسَکِ السَّعْدانِ مُسَهَّداً، وأُجَرَّ فِی الأغْلالِ مُصَفَّداً، أحَبُّ إلَیَّ مِنْ أنْ ألْقَی اللّهَ ورَسُولَهُ ظالِماً لِبَعْضِ العِبادِ، أوْ غاصِباً لِشَ_یْء مِنَ الحُطامِ، وکَیْفَ أظْلِمُ لِنَفْس یُسْرِعُ إلَی الْبِلی قُفُولُها، وَیَطُولُ فِی الثَّری حُلُولُها.

85. The devout companions of the Messenger of Allah (s) know that I never disobeyed Allah, the Glorified, or His Prophet for even a moment; and I supported him in situations where the valiant ones retreated and when the feet were slow in moving forward with courage – Allah honoured me with [all] this. I spared no effort in his obedience, may the blessings of Allah be upon him, and I fought his enemies with all my might, and I put my life on the line in order to protect him, and he divulged to me from his knowledge that which he did not divulge to anyone other than me.

84_ وَلَقَدْ عَلِمَ المُسْتَحْفِظُونَ مِنْ أصْحابِ رَسُولِ اللّهِ صلَّی اللّه علیه وآله وسلَّم إنَّنِی لَمْ أرُدَّ عَلَی اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ ولاعَلی رَسُولِهِ ساعَةً قَطُّ، ولَقَدْ واسَیْتُهُ بِنَفْسِی فیِ المَواطِنِ الَّتی تَنْکِصُ فیها الأب_ْطالُ، وتَتَ_أَخَّرُ عَنْها الأقْدامُ نَجْدَةً، أکْرَمَنِی اللّهُ بِها، ولَقَدْ بَذَلْتُ فی طاعَتِهِ صَلَواتُ اللّهِعَلَیْهِ وآلِهِ جُهْدِی، وجاهَدْتُ أعْدائَهُ بِکُلِّ طاقَتِی، ووَقَیْتُهُ بِنَفْسِی، ولَقَدْ أفْضی إلَیَّ مِنْ عِلْمِهِ بِما لَمْ یُفْضِ بِهِ إلی أحَد غَیْرِی.

86. Knowledge has led them to real understanding

p: 236

and they have acquired the spirit of conviction. They take easy what the easygoing regard as hard. They are comfortable with that which the ignorant are repelled by. They live in this world with their bodies but their spirits are in the higher realm. They are the vicegerents of Allah on His earth and the callers to His religion. Ah, ah! How I yearn to see them.

85 _ هَجَمَ بِهِمُ الْعِلْمُ عَلی حَقیقَةِ الإیمانِ (الْبَصیرةِ)، وباشَ_رُوا رُوحَ الیَقینِ، فاَسْتَسْهَلُوا (فَاسْتَلانُوا)، مَا اسْتَوْعَرَ المُتْرَفُونَ، وأنِسُوا بِمَا اسْتَوْحَشَ مِنْهُ الجاهِلُونَ، وصَحِبُوا الدُّنیا بِأبْدان أرْواحُها مُعَلَّقَةٌ بِالمَحَلِّ الأعْلی، أُولئِکَ خُلَفاءُ اللّهِ فِی أرْضِهِ والدُّعاةُ إلی دینِهِ آه آه شَوْقاً إلی رُؤْیَتِهِمْ.

87. They are the supports of Islam and those entrusted with its protection. Through them the truth is restored in its rightful place and falsehood is removed from its position with its tongue is severed from its root. They have understood religion through reflection and contemplation, not by mere hearsay and [blind following of] what is narrated.

86 _ هُمْ دَعائِمُ الإسْلامِ، ووَلائِجُ الإعْتِصامِ، بِهِمْ عادَ الحَقُّ فی نِصابِهِ وَانْزاحَ الباطِلُ عَنْ مُقامِهِ، وانْقَطَعَ لِسانُهُ مِنْ مَنْبَتِهِ، عَقَلُوا الدِّینَ عَقْلَ وِعایَة، وَرِعایَة، لاعَقْلَ س_َماع ورِوایَة.

88. Verily we are the masters of speech; in us its offshoots (or veins) are fixed and its branches hang over us.

87_ وإنّا لأُمَراءُ الکَلامِ فیِنا تَشَبَّثَتْ (وفینا تَنَشَّبَتْ عُرُوقُهُ) فُرُوعُهُ وَعَلَیْنا تَهَدَّلَتْ أغْصانُهُ (غُصُونُهُ).

89. The chain of delusion will never be severed until the rising of the [Imam of the] avenger of the age.

88_ لَنْ تَنْقَطِعَ سِلْسِلَةُ الهَذَیانِ حَتّی

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یُدْرَکَ الثّارُ مِنَ الزَّمانِ.

90. We are the door of ‘Ḥiṭṭah’ which is the door of peace; one who enters it is safe and secure, whereas one who turns away from it is destroyed.

89 _ نَحْنُ بابُ حِطَّة، وهُوَ بابُ السّلامِ، مَنْ دَخَلَهُ سَلِمَ ونَجا، ومَنْ تَخَلَّفَ عَنْهُ هَلَکَ.

91. We are the middle cushion which is joined by those who remain behind and to which those who have exceeded the limits return.

90_ نَحْنُ النُّمْرُقَةُ الوُسْطی، بِها یَلْحَقُ التّالِی، وإلَیْها یَرْجِعُ الغالِی.

92. We are the trustees of Allah over His servants and the establishers of truth in His lands. Through us the friend [of Allah] is saved and by us the enemy is destroyed.

91_ نَحْنُ أُمَناءُ اللّهِ عَلی عِبادِهِ، ومُقِیمُوا الْحَقِّ فی بِلادِهِ، بِنا یَنْجُو المُوالِی، وبِنا یَهْلِکُ المُعادِی.

93. We are the [family] tree of Prophethood, the station of revelation, the ones upon whom angels descend, the fountains of wisdom and the sources of knowledge. Our helpers and lovers await mercy while our enemies and haters await wrath.

92_ نَحْنُ شَجَرَةُ النُّبُوَّةِ، ومَحَطُّ الرِّسالَةِ، ومُخْْتَلَفُ الْمَلائِکَةِ، ویَنابیعُ الْحِکَمِ، وَمَعادِنُ الْعِلْمِ، ناصِرُنا ومُحِبُّنا یَنْتَظِرُ الرَّحْمَةَ، وعَدُوُّنا ومُبْغِضِینا یَنْتَظِرُ السَّطْوَةَ.

94. We are the nearest ones [to the Prophet (s)], the companions, the custodians [of the treasures of Paradise] and the doors [of knowledge and wisdom]; and houses are not entered but through their doors, and whoever enters them without going through their doors is [considered] a thief and is not spared punishment.

93_ نَحْنُ الشِّعارُ والأصْحابُ، والسَّدَنَةُ والأبوابُ، وَلا یُؤْتَی البُیُوتُ إلاّ مِنْ أبْوابِها، ومَنْ أتاها

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مِنْ غَیْرِ أبْوابِها کانَ سارِقاً لاتَعْدُوهُ العُقُوبَةُ.

95. Far be it! If there was no command of piety, I would have been the most cunning of all the Arabs.

94_ هَیْهاتَ لَوْلاَ التُّقی لَکُنْتُ أدْهَی العَرَبِ.

96. I have never rejected Allah from the time that I came to know Him.

95_ ما أنْکَرْتُ اللّهَ تَعالی مُنْذُ عَرَفْتُهُ.

97. I have never doubted in the truth since the time it was shown to me.

96_ ما شَکَکْتُ فِی الحَقِّ مُذْ أُرِیتُهُ.

98. I have never lied nor have I been accused of lying.

97_ ما کَذَبْتُ ولاکُذِّبْتُ.

99. I have never strayed [from the right path] nor has anyone gone astray because of me.

98_ ما ضَلَلْتُ ولاضُلَّ بِی.

100. No verse [of the Qur’an] was revealed but that I knew the occasion of its revelation and where it was revealed, [whether] in daytime or night, on a mountain or a plain; and my Lord has gifted me with an intelligent heart and an eloquent tongue.

99_ ما نَزَلَتْ آیَةٌ إلاّ وَقَدْ عَلِمْتُ فیما نَزَلَتْ وأیْنَ نَزَلَتْ، فی نَهار، أوْ لَیْل، فی جَبَل، أوْ سَهْل، وإنَّ رَبِّی وَهَبَ لِی قَلْباً عَقُولاً، ولِساناً قَؤُولاً.

101. We have established the pillar of truth and vanquished the forces of falsehood.

100_ نَحْنُ أقَمْنا عَمُودَ الْحَقِّ، وهَزَمْنا جُیُوشَ الباطِلِ.


Foolishness الحُمْق

1. Foolishness is occupying oneself with the superfluous and accompanying the ignorant.

1_ اَلْحُمْقُ اَلاِسْتِهْتارُ بِالفُضُولِ، ومُصاحَبَةُ الْجَهُولِ.

2. Foolishness is an ailment which cannot be remedied and a sickness that cannot be cured.

2_ اَلْحُمْقُ داءٌ لا یُداوی، ومَرَضٌ لا یَبْرَءُ.

3. The worst indigence is foolishness.

3_ أفْقَرُ الفَقْرِ الْحُمْقُ.


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The most harmful thing is foolishness.

4_ أضَرُّ شَ_یْء الحُمْقُ.

5. The height of foolishness is being beguiled [by the pleasures of this world].

5_ أحْمَقُ الْحُمْقِ الاِغْتِرارُ.

6. The greatest foolishness is exaggeration in praise and censure.

6_ أکْبَرُ الْحُمْقِ اَلإغْراقُ فِی المَدْحِ والذَّمِّ.

7. The greatest foolishness is being conceited in [the state of] poverty.

7_ أعْظَمُ الْحَماقَةِ اَلاِخْتِیالُ فِی الفاقَةِ.

8. Foolishness is a disgrace.

8_ اَلْحُمْقُ شَیْنٌ.

9. Foolishness is the most harmful companion.

9_ الْحُمْقُ أضَ_رُّ الأصْحابِ.

10. Foolishness is the worst ailment.

10_ اَلْحُمْقُ أدْوَأُ الدّاءِ.

11. Foolishness leads to superfluity.

11_ اَلْحُمْقُ یُوجِبُ الفُضُولَ.

12. Foolishness is from the fruits of ignorance.

12_ اَلْحُمْقُ مِنْ ثِمارِ الْجَهْلِ.

13. Foolishness makes one a stranger in his own hometown.

13_ اَلْحُمْقُ فِی الوَطَنِ غُرْبَةٌ.

14. How bad an ailment foolishness is!

14_ بِئْسَ الدّاءُ الْحُمْقُ.

15. The poverty of foolishness is not alleviated by [material] wealth.

15_ فَقْرُ الْحُمْقِ لایُغْنیهِ الْمالُ.

16. Being conceited in poverty is the height of foolishness.

16_ مِنْ کَمالِ الْحَماقَةِ الاِخْتِیالُ فیِ الفاقَةِ.

17. Establishing brotherhood with the vicious is from the greatest [acts of] foolishness.

17_ مِنْ أعْظَمِ الْحُمْقِ مُواخاةُ الفُجّارِ.

18. Being audacious in front of the king is an act of foolishness.

18_ مِنَ الْحُمْقِ الدالَّةُ عَلَی السُّلْطانِ.

19. From the signs of foolishness are: being audacious without any means and boasting without [possessing] any nobility.

19_ مِنْ دَلائِلِ الْحُمْقِ دالَّةٌ بِغَیْرِ آلَة، وصَلَفٌ بِغَیْرِ شَرَف.

20. With foolishness, what is sought is not achieved.

20_ لایُدْرَکُ مَعَ الْحُمْقِ مَطْلَبٌ.

21. There is no ailment worse than foolishness.

21_ لاداءَ أدْوَأُ مِنَ الْحُمْقِ.

23. There is no poverty more severe than foolishness.

22_ لافاقَةَ أشَدُّ مِنَ الْحُمْْقِ.

24. Foolishness is wretchedness.

23_ اَلْحُمْقُ شَقاءٌ.

The Fool


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Fool الأحمق

1. The fool is a stranger in his [own] hometown, [and is] humiliated among his near ones.

1_ اَلأحْمَقُ غَرِیبٌ فی بَلْدَتِهِ، مُهانٌ بَیْنَ أعِزَّتِهِ.

2. A fool does not improve by abasement and he is does not separate from fault and loss.

2_ اَلأحْمَقُ لایَحْسُنُ بِالهَوانِ، ولایَنْفَکُّ عَنْ نَقْص وخُسْران.

3. Be wary of the fool for verily, being amicable with him will bring you hardship (or exhaust you), agreeing with him will destroy you, disagreeing with him will cause you suffering and keeping his company will be [like] a curse upon you.

3_ إحْذَرِ الأحْمَقَ، فَإنَّ مُداراتَهُ تُعَنِّیکَ (تُعْیِیکَ)، ومُوافَقَتَهُ تُرْدِیکَ، وَمُخالَفَتَهُ تُؤْذِیکَ، ومُصاحَبَتَهُ وَبالٌ عَلَیْکَ.

4. The most foolish of all people is the one who thinks that he is the most intelligent of all people.

4_ أحْمَقُ النّاسِ مَنْ ظَنَّ أنَّهُ أعْقَلُ النّاسِ.

5. The most foolish of all people is the one who prevents good deeds and [then] seeks gratitude, and does evil and [then] expects the reward for [doing] good.

5_ أحْمَقُ النّاسِ مَنْ یَمْنَعُ الْبِرَّ، ویَطْلُبُ الشُّکْرَ، ویَفْعَلُ الشَّ_رَّ، ویَتَوَقَّعُ ثَوابَ الخَیْ_رِ.

6. The most foolish of all people is the one who censures others for a vice while he [himself] performs it.

6_ أحْمَقُ النّاسِ مَنْ أنْکَرَ عَلی غَیْرِهِ رَذِیلَةً وهُوَ مُقِیمٌ عَلَیْها.

7. The fool does not improve by being disgraced.

7_ اَلأحْمَقُ لا یَحْسُنُ بِالهَوانِ.

8. The remoteness of a fool is better than his nearness and his silence is better than his speech.

8_ بُعْدُ الأحْمَقِ خَیْ_رٌ مِنْ قُرْبِهِ، وسُکُوتُهُ خَیْ_رٌ مِنْ نُطْقِهِ.

9. The foolishness of a person is recognized by [his] cheerfulness

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in times of blessing and increased abjectness in times of tribulation.

9_ تُعْرَفُ حَماقَةُ الرَّجُلِ بِالأشَرِ فِی النِّعْمَةِ، وکَثْرَةِ الذُّلِّ فِی الْمِحْنَةِ.

10. The foolishness of a person is recognized in three things: in his talking about that which does not concern him, [in] his answering that which he was not asked and his recklessness in [his] affairs.

10_ تُعْرَفُ حِماقَةُ الرَّجُلِ فی ثَلاث: فی کَلامِهِ فِیما لا یَعْنِیهِ، وجَوابِهِ عَمّا لا یُسْئَلُ عَنْهُ، وتَهَوُّرِهِ فیِ الأُمُورِ.

11. Cutting off [ties with] the fool is judiciousness.

11_ قَطیعَةُ الأحْمَقِ حَزْمٌ.

12. Be cautious of the fool when you are in his company, of the vicious when you associate with him and of the oppressor when you deal with him.

12_ کُنْ عَلی حَذَر مِنَ الأحْمَقِ إذا صاحَبْتَهُ، ومِنَ الفاجِرِ إذا عاشَرْتَهُ، ومِنَ الظّالِمِ إذا عامَلْتَهُ.

13. For the fool there is an oath with every statement.(1)

13_ لِلأحْمَقِ مََعَ کُلِّ قَوْل یَمِینٌ.

14. Be careful not to love the fool, for he will surely harm you while he thinks that he is benefitting you and will annoy you while he thinks that he is pleasing you.

14_ إیّاکَ ومَوَّدَةَ الأحْمَقِ، فَإنَّهُ یَضُرُّکَ مِنْ حَیْثُ یَری أنَّهُ یَنْفَعُکَ، وَیَسُوءُکَ وهُوَ یَری انَّه یَسُ_رُّکَ.

15. Keeping silent is the best response for a fool.

15_ السُّکُوتُ عَلَی الأحْمَقِ أفْضَلُ جَوابِهِ.

16. Increased fickleness is from the signs of a fool.

16_ مِنْ أماراتِ الأحْمَقِ کَثْرَةُ تَلَوُّنِهِ.

17. Putting up with a fool is a torment for the soul.

17_ مُقاساةُ الأحْمَقِ عَذابُ الرُّوحِ.

18. Never show respect to a fool, even if he is [apparently] great.

18_ لاتَعْظِمَنَّ الأحْمَقَ، وإنْ کانَ

p: 242

1- i.e. he swears with every statement that he makes.



Tolerance الإحتمال

1. Tolerance is proof of intelligence and a symbol of excellence.

1_ اَلاِحْتِمالُ بُرْهانُ الْعَقْلِ، وعُنْوانُ الفَضْلِ.

2. Tolerance is the ornament of companionship.

2_ اَلاِحْتِمالُ زَیْنُ الرِّفاقِ.

3. Tolerance is the embellishment of politics [and leadership].

3_ اَلاِحْتِمالُ زَیْنُ السِّیاسَةِ.

4. Tolerance dignifies one’s status.

4_ اَلاِحْتِمالُ یُجِلُّ القَدْرَ.

5. Tolerance is a beautiful quality.

5_ الاِحْتِمالُ خُلْقٌ سَجِیحٌ.

6. Tolerating meanness (or annoyance) is from nobility of character.

6_ اِحْتِمالُ الدَّنِیَّةِ (اَلأذِیَّةِ) مِنْ کَرَمِ السَّجِیَّةِ.

7. By bearing the burden of provision (for the people), praises increase.

7_ بِتَحَمُّلِ المُؤَنِ تَ_کْثُرُ المَحامِدُ.

8. Through increased tolerance, one’s merit (or intelligence) increases.

8_ بِکَثْرَةِ الاِحْتِمالِ یَکْثُرُ الْفَضْلُ (العَقْلُ).

9. Through tolerance and forbearance, people become your helpers and supporters.

9_ بِالاِحْتِمالِ والْحِلْمِ یَکُونُ لَکَ النّاسُ أنْصاراً وأعْواناً.

10. The forbearing one is recognized by his increased tolerance.

10_ بِکَثْرَةِ الاِحْتِمالِ یُعْرَفُ الْحَلیمُ.

11. Be tolerant, [and] your status will become lofty.

11_ تَحَمَّلْ یَجِلَّ قَدْرُکَ.

12. Adopt tolerance, for verily it is [a means of] concealing faults.

12_ عَلَیْکَ بِالاِحْتِمالِ فَإنَّهُ سَتْ_رُ الْعُیُوبِ.

13. One whose tolerance increases becomes noble.

13_ مَنْ کَثُرَ حَمْلُهُ نَبُلَ.

14. One who does not bear the burden of providing for the people has prepared his power for its transference.

14_ مَنْ لَمْ یَحْتَمِلْ مَؤُنَةَ النّاسِ فَقَدْ أهَّلَ قُدْرَتَهُ لاِنْتِقالِها.

15. It is part of honour to tolerate the wrongdoings of [one’s] brothers.

15_ مِنَ الْکَرَمِ اِحْتِمالُ جِنایاتِ الإخْوانِ.

16. Tolerate that which comes your way, for indeed tolerance is a [means of] concealing faults and verily the wise one is half [the time] tolerant and half [the time] feigning negligence.

16_ اِحْتَمِلْ ما یَمُرُّ عَلَیْکَ، فَإنَّ الاِحْتِمالَ سَتْرُ الْعُیُوبِ، وإنَّ الْعاقِلَ

p: 243

نِصْفُهُ اِحْتِمالٌ، ونِصْفُهُ تَغافُلٌ.

17. Continually bearing the liabilities [of others] causes loftiness [of character].

17_ إدْمانُ تَحَمُّلِ المَغارِمِ یُوجِبُ الْجَلالَةَ.


Vehemence(1) الحَمِیَّة

1. It is to the extent of one’s vehemence that one is protective of his honour.

1_ عَلی قَدْرِ الحَمِیَّةِ تَ_کُونُ الغِیْرَةُ.

2. Allah! Allah! I warn you servants of Allah, against feeling proud of your bigotry and boasting over your ignorance, for indeed these are the fertilizers of enmity and the bellows of Satan.

2_ فَاللّهَ اللّهَ عِبادَ اللّهِ فی کِبْرِ الْحَمِیَّةِ وفَخْرِ الْجاهِلِیَّةِ فَإنَّهُ مَلاقِحُ الشَّنَأنِ وَمَنافِجُ الشَّیْطانِ.

3. There is no vehemence in one who has no sense of honour.

3_ لاحَمِیَّةَ لِمَنْ لا أنَفَةَ لَهُ.

Abstinence [From Food]

Abstinence [From Food] الحِمْیَةُ

1. Fitness of the body is [in] abstinence from [harmful] foods.

1_ صَلاحُ البَدَنِ الحِمْیَةُ.

2. One who cannot patiently bear the agony of abstinence [from food], his sickness will be prolonged.

2_ مَنْ لَمْ یَصْبِرْ عَلی مَضَضِ الْحِمْیَةِ طالَ سَقَمُهُ.

Fulfilling Needs

Fulfilling Needs الحَوائج وقَضاؤها

1. Verily the needs of the people that are addressed to you are a blessing from Allah upon you, so take advantage of them and do not be weary of them, lest they should turn into [divine] wrath.

1_ إنَّ حَوائِجَ النّاسِ إلَیْکُمْ نِعْمَةٌ مِنَ اللّهِ عَلَیْکُمْ فَاغْتَنِمُوها وَلا تَمَلُّوها فَتَتَحَوَّلَ نَقْماً.

2. Do not delay granting the needy to tomorrow, for you do not know what will happen to you and to him tomorrow.

2_ لاتُؤَخِّرْ إنالَةَ الْمُحْتاجِ إلی غَد، فَإنَّکَ لاتَدْرِی ما یَعْرِضُ لَکَ ولَهُ فی غَد.

3. You must seek the fulfilment of your needs through people of honourable dispositions

p: 244

1- In the sense of protecting one’s dignity and integrity.

and origins, you will be successful [in getting what you need] with them, without any delay or any sense of obligation.

3_ عَلَیْکُمْ فی قَضاءِ حَوائِجِکُمْ بِکِرامِ الأنْفُسِ والأُصُولِ تُنْجَحْ لَکُمْ عِنْدَهُمْ مِنْ غَیْرِ مَطال ولا مَنّ.

4. You must seek your needs from those who are honourable and of good origins, for they are more likely to fulfil them [quickly and without obligation] and they are purer in your eyes.

4_ عَلَیْکُمْ فی طَلَبِ الْحَوائِجِ بِشِرافِ النُّفُوسِ ذَوِی الأُصُولِ الطَیِّبَةِ، فَإنَّها (فَإنَّهُ) عِنْدَهُمْ أقْصی وهِیَ (وَهُمْ) لَدَیْکُمْ (لَدَیْهِمْ) أزْکی.

5. I am amazed at the person who is approached by his Muslim brother in need and refuses to fulfil it, not deeming himself worthy of [doing] good; so assume that he does not desire any reward nor does he fear any punishment. Do they lack interest in [acquiring] noble traits?

5_ عَجِبْتُ لِرَجُل یَأتِیهِ أخُوهُ الْمُسْلِمُ فِی حاجَة، فَیَمْتَنِعُ عَنْ قَضائِها وَلایَری نَفْسَهُ لِلْخَیْرِ أهْلاً، فَهَبْ أنَّهُ لاثَوابَ یُرْجی ولاعِقابَ یُتَّقی، أفَتَزهَدُونَ فِی مَکارِمِ الأخْلاقِ.

6. Not having your needs fulfilled is better than seeking them from those who are not worthy.

6_ فَوْتُ الحاجَةِ خَیْ_رٌ مِنْ طَلَبِها مِنْ غَیْرِ أهْلِها.

7. Being generous with power [and fulfilling the needs of the people with it] is the alms-tax of power.

7_ بَذْلُ الجاهِ زَکوةُ الْجاهِ.

8. Expediting the release [of the needy from his need] is [a means of] success.

8_ تَعْجِیلُ السَّراحِ نَجاحٌ.

9. The fulfilling of needs is not made righteous except by three things: by considering it to be small such that it becomes great, by hiding it

p: 245

such that it is made apparent [by Allah] and by expediting it such that it becomes felicitous.

9_ لا یَسْتَقِیمُ قَضاءُ الحَوائِجِ إلاّ بِثَلاث: بِتَصْغِیرِها لِتَعْظُمَ، وسَتْرِها لِتَظْهَرَ، وتَعْجِیلِها لِتَهْنَأَ.

10. Everyone who has been given time [to do good before his death] gives excuses for postponement [of good deeds].

10_ کُلُّ مُؤَجَّل یَتَعَلَّلُ بِالتَّسْوِیفِ.

11. Turning away the needy is the cause of diminishment of affluence.

11_ سَبَبُ زَوالِ الْیَسارِ مَنْعُ الْمُحْتاجِ.

Expressing Your Needs

Expressing Your Needs الإحتیاجات

1. Express your needs to whomever you wish and (you will) become his captive.

1_ إحْتَجْ إلی مَنْ شِئْتَ وَکُنْ (تَ_کُنْ) أسِیْ_رَهُ.

2. When you express your needs to someone, you abase yourself before him.

2_ مَنِ احْتَجْتَ إلَیْهِ هُنْتَ عَلَیْهِ.

3. One who seeks his needs from you, his obedience to you will be to the extent of his need from you.

3_ مَنِ احْتاجَ إلَیْکَ کانَتْ طاعَتُهُ لَکَ بِقَدْرِ حاجَتِهِ إلَیْکَ.

4. When someone turns to you with his needs, it becomes obligatory upon you to help him.

4_ مَنِ احْتاجَ إلَیْکَ وَجَبَ إسْعافُهُ عَلَیْکَ.

How Are You?

How are you? کیف الحال؟

1. (When he was asked ‘how are you O Amīr al-Mu’minīn?’, he replied: ) How would he be whom life is driving towards death, whose state of health can be changed to sickness at any moment and who can be approached [by death] from his place of safety?!

1_ (وَ قیلَ لَهُ _ عَلیهِ السَّلامُ _ کَیفَ تَجِدُکَ یا أمیرَ المُؤمِنینَ؟ فقال: کَیْفَ یَکُونُ (حالُ) مَنْ یَفْنی بِبَقائِهِ، ویَسْقَمُ بِصِحَّتِهِ ویُؤتی مِنْ مَأْمَنِهِ؟!

The Perplexed

The Perplexed المتحیّر

1. It is possible for the one who

p: 246

is perplexed and bewildered to be excused.

1_ قَدْ یُعْذَرُ المُتَحَیِّرُ الْمَبْهُوتُ.


Recourse الحیلة

1. Subtlety in [seeking] recourse is the most advantageous of all ways.

1_ اَلتَّلَطُّفُ فِی الحِیْلَةِ أجْدی مِنَ الْوَسِیلَةِ.

2. For everything there is recourse.

2_ لِکُلِّ شَ_یْء حِیلَةٌ.

3. One who neglects his recourse (or natural disposition) is made to rise [towards it] by tribulations.

3_ مَنْ قَعَدَ عَنْ حِیلَتِهِ (جِبِلَّتِهِ)، أقامَتْهُ الشَّدائِدُ.

Life And Being Alive

Life and Being Alive الحیّ والحیاة

1. The living one is never satisfied [and always seeks more].

1_ اَلحَیُّ لا یَکْتَفِی.

2. The fruit of long life is illness and senility.

2_ ثَمَرَةُ طُولِ الْحَیاةِ السُّقْمُ والْهَرَمُ.

3. The end of [this] life is death.

3_ غایَةُ الْحَیاةِ الْمَوْتُ.

4. How close is life to death!

4_ ما أقْرَبَ الحَیاةَ مِنَ المَوْتِ.

5. How near is the living one to the dead because he will soon join him!

5_ ما أقْرَبَ الحَیَّ مِنَ المَیِّتِ لِلِحاقِهِ بِهِ.

6. How far is the dead one from the living by his separation from him!

6_ ما أبْعَدَ المَیِّتَ مِنَ الحَیِّ لإنْقِطاعِهِ عَنْهُ.

Modesty And Shame

Modesty and Shame الحیاء

1. Being ashamed in front of Allah, the Glorified, protects [one] from the punishment of hell.

1_ اَلْحَیاءُ مِنَ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ تَقی عَذابَ النّارِ.

2. The most modest among you are the most forbearing among you.

2_ أحْیاکُمْ أحْلَمُکُمْ.

3. The best of religious attires is modesty.

3_ أحْسَنُ مَلابِسِ الدِّینِ اَلحَیاءُ.

4. The greatest modesty is your being ashamed in front of Allah.

4_ أفْضَلُ الْحَیاءِ اِسْتِحْیاؤُکَ مِنَ اللّهِ.

5. The best modesty is your being ashamed of yourself [in front of Allah].

5_ أحْسَنُ الْحَیاءِ اِسْتِحْیاؤُکَ مِنْ نَفْسِکَ.

6. Verily modesty and chastity are

p: 247

from the characteristics of faith, and they are the traits of the free and the qualities of the virtuous.

6_ إنَّ الْحَیاءَ والْعِفَّةَ مِنْ خَلائِقِ الإیمانِ، وإنَّهُما لَسَجِیَّةُ الأحْرارِ، وَشیمَةُ الأب_ْرارِ.

7. Modesty is beautiful.

7_ اَلْحَیاءُ جَمیلٌ.

8. Modesty is preventive.

8_ اَلْحَیاءُ مَحْرَمَةٌ.

9. Shame prevents livelihood.(1)

9_ اَلْحَیاءُ یَمْنَعُ الرِّزْقَ.

10. Modesty is the key to (every) good.

10_ اَلْحَیاءُ مِفْتاحُ (کُلِّ) الْخَیْ_رِ.

11. Shame is accompanied by deprivation.

11_ اَلْحَیاءُ مَقْرُونٌ بِالْحِرْمانِ.

12. Modesty is the lowering of one’s gaze.

12_ اَلْحَیاءُ غَضُّ الطَّرْفِ.

13. Modesty is the perfection of honour.

13_ اَلْحَیاءُ تَمامُ الْکَرَمِ.

14. Modesty is the partner of chastity.

14_ اَلْحَیاءُ قَرِینُ الْعَفافِ.

15. Modesty is a beautiful quality.

15_ اَلْحَیاءُ خُلْقٌ جَمِیلٌ.

16. Modesty is a pleasing characteristic.

16_ اَلْحَیاءُ خُلْقٌ مَرْضِیٌّ.

17. Modesty is the perfection of honour and the best of traits.

17_ اَلْحَیاءُ تَمامُ الکَرَمِ، وأحْسَنُ الشِّیَمِ.

18. Modesty prevents one from ugly actions.

18_ اَلْحَیاءُ یَصُدُّ عَنْ فِعْلِ القَبیحِ.

19. Being ashamed in front of Allah effaces many of the sins [that one has committed].

19_ اَلْحَیاءُ مِنَ اللّهِ یَمْحُو کَثیراً مِنَ الخَطایا.

20. Dress yourself with modesty, wear the armour of loyalty, safeguard brotherhood and reduce your conversations with women, [if you do all this] your eminence will become complete.

20_ تَسَرْبَلِ الْحَیاءَ، وادَّرَِعِ الْوَفاءَ، واحْفَظِ الإخاءَ، وأقْلِلْ مُحادَثَةَ النِّساءِ یَکْمَلْ لَکَ السَّناءُ.

21. The fruit of modesty is chastity.

21_ ثَمَرةُ الْحَیاءِ العِفَّةُ.

22. Three things that are not to be ashamed of [are]: for a person to serve his guest, and for him to stand up from his place for his father or his teacher, and [for him] to seek the right even if it is little.


p: 248

1- Here shame is used in the negative sense of excessive bashfulness, timidity etc.

ثَلاثٌ لا یُسْتَحْیی مِنْهُنَّ: خِدْمَةُ الرَّجُلِ ضَیْفَهُ، وقِیامُهُ عَنْ مَجْلِسِهِ لأبیهِ ومُعَلِّمِهِ، وطَلَبُ الْحَقِّ وإنْ قَلَّ.

23. The shame of person feels from himself is the fruit of [his] faith.

23_ حَیاءُ الرَّجُلِ مِنْ نَفْسِهِ ثَمَرَةُ الإیمانِ.

24. The source of chastity is modesty.

24_ سَبَبُ العِفَّةِ اَلْحَیاءُ.

25. Espouse modesty, for it is the symbol of nobility.

25_ عَلَیْکَ بِالْحَیاءِ فَإنَّهُ عُنْوانُ النُّبْلِ.

26. The pinnacle of modesty is for a man to feel ashamed of himself.

26_ غایَةُ الْحَیاءِ أنْ یَسْتَحْیِیَ الْمَرْءُ مِنْ نَفْسِهِ.

27. Shame has been paired with deprivation.

27_ قُرِنَ الْحَیاءُ بِالْحِرْمانِ.

28. The increased modesty of a person is the sign of his faith.

28_ کَثْرَةُ حَیاءِ الرَّجُلِ دَلیلُ إیمانِهِ.

29. One who is shy is deprived.

29_ مَنِ اسْتَحْیا حُرِمَ.

30. Whoever has no modesty has no good in him.

30_ مَنْ لاحَیاءَ لَهُ فَلا خَیْ_رَ فیهِ.

31. One whose modesty is reduced, his piety is [also] reduced.

31_ مَنْ قَلَّ حَیاؤُهُ قَلَّ وَرَعُهُ.

32. Whoever is clothed with the garment of modesty, his faults are hidden from the people.

32_ مَنْ کَساهُ الْحَیاءُ ثَوْبَهُ خَفِیَ عَنِ النّاسِ عَیْبُهُ.

33. One who does not fear facing the people [after having been caught doing evil] does not fear Allah, the Glorified.

33_ مَنْ لَمْ یَتَّقِ وُجُوهَ الرِّجالِ لَمْ یَتَّقِ اللّهَ سُبْحانَهُ.

34. One who is not ashamed of the people will not feel ashamed in front of Allah, the Glorified.

34_ مَنْ لَمْ یَسْتَحْیِ مِنَ النّاسِ لَمْ یَسْتَحْیِ مِنَ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ.

35. That which is not appropriate for you to do in the open should not be done by you in private.

35_ ما لا یَنْبَغی أنْ تَفْعَلَهُ فیِ الْجَهْرِ

p: 249

فَلا تَفْعَلْهُ فیِ السِّ_رِّ.

36. The best partner of generosity is modesty.

36_ نِعْمَ قَرینُ السَّخاءِ الْحَیاءُ.

37. The best partner of faith is modesty.

37_ نِعْمَ قَرِینُ الإیمانِ اَلحَیاءُ.

38. There is no [good] trait like modesty.

38_ لاشِیمَةَ کَالحَیاءِ.

Narration And Transmission Of Information

Narration and Transmission of Information الإخباروالخبر والحدیث

1. Do not relate that which you have no knowledge about.

1_ لا تُخْبِرْ بِما لَمْ تُحِطْ بِهِ عِلْماً.

2. Never transmit information except from a reliable person otherwise you will become a liar, and if you transmit from other than him then surely telling lies is [a cause of] disgrace and dishonour.

2_ لا تُخْبِرَنَّ إلاّ عَنْ ثِقَة فَتَکُونَ کَذَّاباً، وإنْ أخْبَرتَ عَنْ غَیرِهِ فَإنَّ الکَذِبَ مَهانَةٌ وذُلٌّ.

3. Do not hasten to the people with that which they dislike so that they [begin to] speak about you that which they do not know.

3_ لاتُسْرِعْ إلَی النَّاسِ بِما یَکْرَهُونَ، فَیَقُولُوا فیکَ ما لایَعْلَمُونَ.

4. Analyze the information when you hear it with the analysis of understanding (i.e. in order to understand it), not the analysis of narration (i.e. in order to narrate it to others), for indeed the narrators of information are many but those who consider it carefully are few.

4_ اعْقِلُوا الخَبَرَ إذا سَمِعْتُمُوهُ عَقْلَ دِرایَة لا عَقْلَ رِوایَة، فَإنَّ رُواةَ العِلمِ کَثیرٌ، ورُعاتَهُ قَلیلٌ.

5. Reports will never be accepted as true until [they are] verified by the eyes.

5_ لَنْ یُصْدَقَ الخَبَ_رُ حتّی یَتَحَقَّقَ العَیانُ.

Gauging People

Gauging People الإختبار

1. Accompany [people] so that you may gauge [their true nature].

1_ اِصْحَبْ تَخْتَبِرْ.

2. One who gauges [the people] detests (or keeps away from)

p: 250


2_ مَنِ اخْتَ_بَرَ قَلا(وَ هَجَرَ).

3. Being at ease with every person before gauging [them] is from lack of intellect.

3_ اَلطُمَأنِینَةُ إلی کُلِّ أحَد قَبْلَ الاِخْتِبارِ مِنْ قُصُورِ العَقْلِ.

4. One who feels at ease [with people] before gauging them, regrets.

4_ مَنِ اطْمَأنَّ قَبلَ الاِختِبارِ نَدِمَ.

Deception And The Deceitful

Deception and the Deceitful الخُدعة والخدیعة والخُداع

1. Beware of [engaging in] deception, for verily deception is from the qualities of the vile.

1_ إیّاک َ والخَدیعَةَ، فَإنَّ الخَدیعَةَ مِنْ خُلْقِ اللَّئیمِ.

2. He who makes his intelligence follow deceptions has deluded it.

2_ غَرَّ عَقْلَهُ مَنْ أتْبَعَهُ الخُدَعَ.

3. One who tries to deceive Allah is [himself] deceived.

3_ مَنْ خادَعَ اللّهَ خُدِعَ.

4. The deceiver has no religion.

4_ لادینَ لِخَدَّاع.

The Servant

The Servant الخادم

    1. Beat your servant when he disobeys Allah but forgive him when he disobeys you.

1_ اِضْرِب خادِمَکَ إذا عَصَی اللّهَ، واعْفُ عَنْهُ إذا عَصاکَ.

The One Who Is Forsaken By Allah

The One who is forsaken by Allah(1) الخذلان والمخذول

1. From the signs of being forsaken by Allah is considering that which is evil as something good.

1_ مِنْ عَلاماتِ الخِذلانِ اِسْتِحْسانُ القَبیحِ.

2. One of the indications of being forsaken by Allah is taking the rights of [one’s] brothers lightly.

2_ مِنْ دَلائِلِ الخِذْلانِ الاِسْتِهانَةُ بِحُقُوقِ الإخوانِ.

3. Abandonment is a support for ignorance.

3_ اَلخِذلانُ مُمِدُّ الجَهْلِ.

4. The forsaken is he who has to ask for something from the ignoble.

4_ المَخْذولُ مَنْ لَهُ إلَی اللِّئامِ حاجَةٌ.


Muteness الخَرَس

1. Muteness is better than lying.

1_ اَلخَرَسُ خَیْرٌ مِنَ الکِذْبِ.


Ineptness الخُرْق

1. Ineptness is opposing [others’] views and having enmity with one who is capable of

p: 251

1- Because of the evil actions that one performs. See Q3:160

causing harm.

1_ الخُرْقُ مُعاداةُ الآراءِ، ومُعاداةُ مَنْ یَقْدِرُ علَی الضَّ_رّاءِ.

2. Be cautious of ineptness for it is disgraces [one’s] character.

2_ إیّاکَ والخُرْقَ، فَإنَّهُ شَیْنُ الأخلاقِ.

3. The ugliest thing is ineptness.

3_ اَقْبَحُ شَیْء الخُرْقُ.

4. The worst thing is ineptness.

4_ اَسْوَءُ شَیْء اَلخُرْقُ.

5. Ineptness is a disgraceful attribute.

5_ اَلخُرْقُ شَینُ الخُلقِ.

6. Ineptness is the worst quality.

6_ اَلْخُرْقُ شَرُّ خُلق.

7. How bad a quality ineptness is!

7_ بِئسَ الشّیمَةُ الخُرْقُ.

8. The height of ignorance is ineptness.

8_ رَأسُ الجَهْلِ الخُرْقُ.

9. One whose ineptness increases is scorned.

9_ مَنْ کَثُرَ خُرْقُهُ اُسْتُرذِلَ.

10. How many an elevated person has been degraded by the ugliness of his ineptitude!

10_ کَمْ مِنْ رَفیع وَضَعَهُ قُبْحُ خُرْقِهِ.

11. It is from ineptness to make haste before [having] ability, and to act slowly after getting the opportunity.

11_ مِنَ الخُرْقِ العَجَلَ_ةُ قَبْلَ الإمْکانِ، والأناةُ بَعْدَ إصابَةِ الفُرصَةِ.

12. Increased ineptness is an abomination.

12_ مِنَ الفُحشِ کَثْرَةُ الخُرْقِ.

13. It is from ineptitude to let go of an opportunity when one is able to take it.

13_ مِنَ الخُرْقِ تَرْکُ الفُرْصَةِ عِندَ الإمکانِ.

14. Ineptness is not in anything but that it tarnishes it.

14_ ما کانَ الخُرْقُ فی شَیْء إلاّ شانَهُ.

15. There is no quality more disgraceful than ineptitude.

15_ لا خُلْقَ أشیَ_نُ مِنَ الخُرْقِ.

16. There is no attribute more belittling than ineptitude.

16_ لا خُلَّةَ أزْری مِنَ الخُرْقِِ.

The Loser

The Loser الخاسر والخسران

1. Many a person who gains is [actually] a loser.

1_ رُبَّ رابح خاسر.

2. The biggest loser from among you is the most unjust from among you.

2_ أخسَرُکُمْ أظْلَمُکُمْ.

3. How great a loser is he for whom there is no

p: 252

share [of reward] in the Hereafter!

3_ ما أخْسَرَ مَنْ لَیْسَ لَهُ فِی الآخِرَةِ نَصیبٌ.

Submissiveness And Humility In Front Of Allah

Submissiveness and Humility in front of Allah, The Most High الخشوع والخضوع للّه تعالی

1. When you are guided to your goal then be most submissive in front of your Lord.

1_ إذا أنتَ هُدیتَ لِقَصْدِکَ فَکُنْ أخْشَعَ ما تَ_کُونُ لِرَبِّکَ.

2. Everything is humble in front of Allah.

2_ کُلُّ شَیْء خاضِعٌ لِلّهِ.

3. Everything is submissive in front of Allah.

3_ کُلُّ شَیْء خاشِعٌ لِلّهِ.

4. One whose heart submits, his limbs [also] submit.

4_ مَنْ خَشَعَ قَلْبُهُ حَشَعَتْ جَوارِحُهُ.

5. Whoever is humble in front of the majesty of Allah, people become submissive to him.

5_ مَنْ خَضَعَ لِعَظَمَةِ اللّهِ ذَلَّتْ لَهُ الرِّقابُ.

6. The best form of obedience is submission and humility.

6_ نِعمَ الطَّاعَةُ الأنْقیادُ، والخُضوعُ.

7. How good a supporter of supplication submissiveness!

7_ نِعمَ عَونُ الدُّعاءِ الخُشُوعُ.

8. There is no worship like [that which is accompanied by] humility.

8_ لاعِبادَةَ کَالخُضُوعِ.

9. Humility means servility [in front of Allah].

9_ الخُضُوعُ دِناءَةٌ

The Foe Of Allah

The Foe of Allah من خصمه اللّه

1. One whose enemy is Allah, the Glorified, his proof is refuted and he is punished in this world and in his Hereafter.

1_ مَنْ یَکُنِ اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ خَصْمَهُ یُدحِضْ حُجَّتَهُ، ویُعَذِّبْهُ فِی الدُّنیا وَمََعادِهِ.

2. One whose enemy is Allah, his proof is refuted and Allah wages war with him.

2_ مَنْ یَکُنِ اللّهُ خَصْمَهُ یُدْحِضْ حُجَّتَهُ، وَیَکُنْ لَهُ حَرباً.


Writing الخطّ والقلم والکتابة

1. Put cotton in your inkpot, keep the nib of your pen long, leave space between your lines and keep the letters close to

p: 253

each other, for this makes the writing more beautiful.

1_ اِلْقِ دَواتَکَ، وأطِلْ جَلْفَةَ قَلَمِکَ، وفَرِّقْ بَیْ_نَ سُطورِکَ، وقَرْمِطْ بَینَ حُروفِکَ، فإنَّ ذلِکَ أجْدَرُبِصَباحَةِ الخَطِّ.

2. Open the sharpened nib of your pen, thicken its point [so that it does not break easily] and cut the edge on the right side so that your handwriting becomes good.

2_ اِفْتَحْ بَرْیَةَ قَلََمِکَ، واسْمِکْ شَحْمَتَهُ، وأیْمِنْ قِطَّتَکَ، یَجُدْ خَطُّکَ.

3. Writing is the tongue of the hand.

3_ الخَطُّ لِسانُ الیَدِ.


Ideas الخواطر

1. The imbuement of ideas is through deliberation.

1_ لِقاحُ الخَواطِرِ المُذاکَرَةُ.

The Daring

The Daring المُخاطِر

1. The daring risk-taker charges towards danger.

1_ اَلمُخاطِرُ مُتَهَجِّمٌ عَلَی الغَرَرِ.


Mistakes الخطاء

1. Making many mistakes points towards excessive ignorance.

1_ کَثْرَةُ الخَطاءِ یُنْذِرُ بِوُفُورِ الجَهلِِ.

Sincerity And Devotion

Sincerity and Devotion الإخلاص والخالص والمخلص

1. Sincerity is in grave danger, until it is seen what it concludes with.

1_ اَلإخْلاصُ خَطَرٌ عَظیمٌ حتّی یُنْظَرَ بِما یُخْتَمُ لَهُ.

2. Be sincere and you will attain [success].

2_ أخْلِصْ تَنَلْ.

3. Let your action, your knowledge, your love, your hatred, your taking, your leaving, your speech and your silence [all] be [sincerely] for the sake of Allah.

3_ أخْلِصْ لِلّهِ عَمَلَکَ، وعِلْمَکَ، وحُبَّکَ، وبُغْضَکَ، وأخْذَکَ، وتَرْکَکَ، وکَلامَکَ، وصَمْتَکَ.

4. Adopt sincerity in secret and in the open, fear [of Allah] when unseen and seen, moderation in poverty and wealth, and equity in satisfaction and anger.

4_ اِلْزَمِ الإخْلاصَ فیِ السِّ_رِّ والعَلانِیَةِ، والخَشیَةَ فِی الغَیْبِ والشَهادَةِ، والقَصْدَ فِی الفَقْرِ والغِنی، والعَدْلَ فِی الرِّضا والسَّخَطِ.

5. Be sincere when you perform an action [and do it only for the pleasure of Allah].

5_ أخْلِصُوا إذا

p: 254


6. Sincerity is the goal [of worship].

6_ اَلإخْلاصُ غایَةٌ.

7. Sincerity is [a means of attaining] success.

7_ اَلإخْلاصُ فَوزٌ.

8. Being sincere is the best of actions.

8_ اَلإخلاصُ خَیْرُ العَمَلِ.

9. Sincerity is the fruit of worship.

9_ اَلإخْلاصُ ثَمَرَةُ العِبادَةِ.

10. Sincerity is the attribute of the most excellent people.

10_ اَلإخْلاصُ شیمَةُ أفاضِلِ النَّاسِ.

11. Sincerity is the highest [form of] success.

11_ اَلإخْلاصُ أعْلی فَوز.

12. Sincerity is the worship of the Near Ones [to Allah].

12_ اَلإخْلاصُ عِبادَةُ المُقَرَّبینَ.

13. Sincerity is the goal of religion.

13_ اَلإخْلاصُ غایَةُ الدّینِ.

14. Sincerity is the most honourable end.

14_ اَلإخْلاصُ أشْرَفُ نِهایَة.

15. Sincerity is the fruit of certitude.

15_ اَلإخْلاصُ ثَمَرَةُ الیَقینِ.

16. Sincerity is the foundation of worship.

16_ الإخْلاصُ مِلاکُ العِبادَةِ.

17. Sincerity is the highest [level of] faith.

17_ اَلإخْلاصُ أعْلَی الإیمانِ.

18. Sincerity in action stems from strong faith and righteous intention.

18_ إخْلاصُ العَمَلِ مِنْ قُوَّةِ الیَقینِ، وصَلاحِ النّ_یَّةِ.

19. If you are sincere, you will be successful.

19_ إنْ تَخْلُصْ تَفُزْ.

20. Through sincerity, deeds are raised (i.e. are accepted).

20_ بِالإخْلاصِ تُرفَعُ الأعْمالُ.

21. Through sincerity, the doers of good deeds contend for excellence.

21_ بِالإخْلاصِ یَتَفاضَلُ العُمّالُ.

22. The true sincerity of a person makes his nearness [to Allah] greater and his reward abundant.

22_ صِدْقُ إخْلاصِ المَرْءِ یُعْظِمُ زُلْفَتَهُ ویُجْزِلُ مَثُوبَتَهُ.

23. Blessed is one who anticipates his death and makes his actions sincere.

23_ طُوبی لِمَنْ بادَرَ أجَلَهُ وأخْلَصَ عَمَلَهُ.

24. Blessed is he who makes his knowledge, his actions, his love, his hatred, his taking, his leaving, his speech and his silence sincere for [attaining the pleasure of] Allah.

24_ طُوبی لِمَنْ أخْلَصَ لِلّهِ عِلْمَهُ، وعَمَلَهُ، وحُبَّهُ، وبُغْضَهُ، وأخْذَهُ،

p: 255

وَتَرْکَهُ وکَلامَهُ، وصَمْتَهُ.

25. Blessed is he who proceeds with sincerity, acts with righteousness, acquires the reserves [for the Hereafter] and eschews [the disobedience of Allah] cautiously.

25_ طُوبی لِمَنْ قَدَّمَ خالِصاً، وعَمِلَ صالِحاً،وَ اکْتَسَبَ مَذْخُوراً، وَاجْتَنَبَ مَحذُوراً.

26. You must espouse true sincerity and complete certitude, for these two are the best forms of worship of the Near Ones [to Allah].

26_ عَلَیْکُمْ بِصِدقِ الإخْلاصِ، وحُسْنِ الیَقینِ، فَإنَّهما أفضَلُ عِبادَةِ المُقَرَّبینَ.

27. The goal of sincerity is [attaining] deliverance [from the punishment of Allah].

27_ غایَةُ الإخْلاصِ الخَلاصُ.

28. It is for making actions sincere that the people of intellect and understanding contend.

28_ فِی اخْلاصِ الأعمالِ تَنافُسُ اُولِی النُّهی والألْبابِ.

29. How can one be capable of sincerity when he has been overcome by vain desire?

29_ کَیفَ یَسْتَطیعُ الإخْلاصَ مَنْ یَغْلِبُهُ الهَوی؟!

30. One who devotes himself sincerely to Allah gains support for his life in this world and his Hereafter.

30_ مَنْ أخْلَصَ لِلّهِ اسْتَظْهَرَ لِمَعاشِهِ ومَعادِهِ.

31. One whose action is not accompanied with sincerity, [his action] is not accepted.

31_ مَنْ لَمْ یَصْحَبِ الإخْلاصُ عَمَلَهُ لَمْ یُقْبَلْ.

32. With sincerity, deeds are raised (i.e. accepted).

32_ مَعَ الإخلاصِ تُرْفَعُ الأعْمالُ.

33. No one preserves his reward except the one who makes his action sincere.

33_ لایُحرِزُ الأجْرَ إلاّ مَنْ أخْلَصَ عَمَلَهُ.

34. There is nothing better than making action sincere in [accordance with] its true intention.

34_ لاشَیْءَ أفضلُ مِنْ إخلاصِ عمَل فی صِدْقِ نِیَّتهِ.

35. The sincere one is worthy of getting [his prayers] answered.

35_ اَلمُخلِصُ حَرِیٌّ بِالإجابَةِ.

36. One who makes his actions sincere, attains his hopes.

36_ مَنْ أخْلَصَ بَلَغَ الآمالَ.


Sucession الخلافة


p: 256

How strange it is that the succession [to the Prophet] is [decided] by companionship [only] and not by companionship and kinship.

1_ واعَجَبا أنْ تَ_کُونَ الخِلافَةُ بِالصَّحابَةِ ولا تَ_کُونَ بِالصَّحابَةِ والقَرابَةِ.

The Caliphs

The Caliphs [Uthman and..] الخلفاء(عثمان و...)

1. With Allah, the Glorified, lies the clear verdict between the appropriator [Uthmān] and the protestor [who was responsible for his assassination].(1)

1_ لِلّهِ سُبْحانَهُ حُکْمٌ بَیِّنٌ فِی المُسْتأثِرِ والجازِعِ.


Disagreement الخِلاف والإختلاف

1. Disagreement wrecks [good] ideas.

1_ اَلخِلافُ یَهْدِمُ الآراءَ.

2. Organized affairs are disrupted by disagreement.

2_ اَلاُمُورُ المُنْتَظِمَةُ یُفْسِدُهَا الخِلافُ.

3. The cause of disunity is disagreement.

3_ سَبَبُ الفُرْقَةِ اَلاِخْتِلافُ.

4. With disagreement there is no harmony.

4_ لَیْسَ مََعَ الخِلافِ اِیتِلافٌ.

5. From disagreement stems repulsion [and hatred].(2)

5_ مِنَ الخِلافِ تَ_کُونُ النَّبْوَةُ.

6. Too much disagreement is discord.

6_ کَثْرَةُ الخِلافِ شِقاقٌ.

7. Disagreement is the motive for wars.

7_ اَلخُلْفُ مَثارُ الحُُروبِ.

8. Disputes demonstrate the foolishness of a person and do not increase his claim.

8_ اَلمُخاصَمَةُ تُبْدی سَفَهَ الرَّجُلِ ولاتَزیدُ فی حَقِّهِ.

Good Character

Good Character الأخلاق

1. A refined character is one of the two blessings.

1_ الخُلْقُ السَّجیحُ أحَدُ النِّعْمَتینِ.

2. The best thing is [good] character.

2_ أحْسَنُ شَیْء اَلخُلْقُ.

3. The most honourable distinction is [good] character.

3_ أکْرَمُ الحَسَبِ الخُلْقُ.

4. The best of qualities is honourable ambition.

4_أحْسَنُ الشِّیَمِ شَرَفُ الهِمَمِ.

5. The most beautiful qualities are forbearance and chastity.

5_ أزْیَنُ الشِّیَمِ اَلْحِلمُ والعِفافُ.

6. The purest of all people in lineage is the best of them in character.

6_ أطْهَرُ النَّاسِ أعْراقاً أحْسَنُهُمْ أخْلاقاً.

7. The most pleased of all people is one whose character is agreeable.

7_ أرْضَی النَّاسِ مَنْ کانَتْ أخْلاقُهُ رَضِیَّةً.

8. The best eminence

p: 257

1- Part of sermon no. 30 of Nahj al-Balāgha.
2- Another possible translation as mentioned by ‘Allāma Khwānsari (r) is: From opposition (to vain desires) loftiness is achieved.

is [in possessing] a beautiful character.

8_ أحْسَنُ السَّناءِ الخُلْقُ السَّجیحُ.

9. The most honourable quality of the noble one is his feigning inattention [and ignorance] about that which he is aware [regarding the negative traits of others].

9_ أشْرَفُ أخلاقِ الکَریمِ تَغافُلُهُ عَمَّا یَعْلَمُ.

10. The best of qualities are generosity, chastity and tranquillity.

10_ أفْضَلُ الشِّیَمِ السَّخاءُ والعِفَّةُ والسَّکینَةُ.

11. The best of morals are those which drive you towards noble deeds.

11_ أحْسَنُ الأخْلاقِ ما حَمَلَکَ عَلَی المَکارِمِ.

12. Verily Allah, the Glorified and Exalted, loves the person who is approachable [and courteous], of tolerant disposition and prompt in getting things done.

12_ إنَّ اللّهَ سُبْحانَهُ وتعالی یُحِبُّ السَّهْلَ النَّفْسِ، اَلسَّمِحَ الخَلیقَةِ، القَریبَ الأمْرِ.

13. Verily it is from nobility of character to build ties with the one who cuts you off, to give one who deprives you and to forgive one who wrongs you.

13_ إنَّ مِنْ مَکارِمِ الأخلاقِ: أنْ تَصِلَ مَنْ قَطَعَکَ، وتُعطِیَ مَنْ حَرَمَکَ، وَتَعْفُوَ عَمَّنْ ظَلَمَکَ.

14. Noble traits are [acquired] through difficulties.

14_ اَلمَکارِمُ بِالمَکارِهِ.

15. A praiseworthy character is one of the fruits of intelligence.

15_ اَلخُلقُ المَحْمُودُ مِنْ ثِمارِ العَقْلِ.

16. He (‘a) said about those whom he praised: When they speak, they are truthful and when they are silent, they are not surpassed. When they look, they take lesson and when they turn away, they are not distracted. When they talk, they remember [Allah] and when they are quiet, they contemplate.

16_ «وقالَ _ عَلیه السّلامُ _ فیمَنْ أثْنی عَلَیْهِ »: إنْ نَطَقُوا صَدَقُوا، وإنْ صَمَتُوا لَمْ یُسْبَقُوا، إنْ نَظَرُوا اِعْتَبَروُا، وإنْ أعْرَضُوا لَمْ یَلْهُوا، إنْ

p: 258

تَ_کَلَّمُوا ذَکَرُوا، وإنْ سَکَتُوا تَفَکَّرُوا.

17. If you must compete with each other, then vie for [acquiring] desirable qualities and praiseworthy traits.

17_ إنْ کُنْتُمْ لامُحالَةَ مُتَنافِسینَ فَتَنافَسُوا فِی الخِصالِ الرَّغیبَةِ، وخِلالِ المَجْدِ.

18. One whose character is bad, his death is [considered a time of] happiness.

18_ مَنْ ساءَتْ سَجِیَّتُهُ سَرَّتْ مَنِیَّتُهُ.

19. When the character is good, the speech becomes gentle.

19_ إذا حَسُنَ الخُلْقُ لَطُفَ النُّطْقُ.

20. When there is an admirable quality in a man, then expect from him other such qualities.

20 _ إذا کانَ فِی الرَّجُلِ خَلَّةٌ رائِقَةٌ فَانْتَظِرْ مِنْهُ أخَواتِها.

21. When the Qur’an calls you towards [acquiring] a beautiful quality, then compel yourself to adopt [a quality] like it.

21_ إذا دَعاکَ القُرآنُ إلی خَلَّة جَمیلَة فَخُذْ نَفْسَکَ بِأمْثالِها.

22. With good character, life becomes pleasant.

22_ بِحُسْنِ الأخْلاقِ یَطیبُ العَیْشُ.

23. By [adopting] good character, sustenance becomes abundant.

23_ بِحُسْنِ الأخْلاقِ تَدِرُّ الأرزاقُ.

24. Opting for the truth and keeping away from untruth is the most beautiful quality and the best etiquette.

24_ تَحَریِّ الصِّدقِ، وتَجَنُّبُ الکِذْبِ، أجْمَلُ شیمَة وأفْضَلُ أدَب.

25. Compete in acquiring [a] desirable character, great forbearance and lofty ideas, [and] your reward will become great.

25_ تَنافَسُوا فِی الأخلاقِ الرَّغیبَةِ، والأحْلامِ العَظیمَةِ، والأخْطارِ الجَلیلَةِ، یَعْظُمْ لَکمُ الجَزاءُ.

26. You should be zealous for praiseworthy qualities like protecting the [rights of the] neighbour, fulfilling the sureties, obedience to virtue and opposition to arrogance; and beautify yourselves with excellent traits.

26_ تَعَصَّبُوا لِخِلالِ الحَمْدِ، مِنَ الحِفْظِ لِلْجارِ، والوَفاءِ بالذِّمامِ، والطَّاعَةِ لِلْبِرِّ، والمَعْصِیَةِ لِلْکِبْرِ، وتَحَلَّوْا بِمَکارِمِ الخِلالِ.

27. Choose for yourself the best from every character [trait], for indeed virtue is

p: 259

a habit.

27_ تَخَیَّ_رْ لِنَفْسِکَ مِنْ کُلِّ خُلْق أحْسَنَهُ، فَإنَّ الخَیْرَ عادَةٌ.

28. Good character is [an embellishment] for the soul and good appearance is [a beautification] for the body.

28_ حُسْنُ الخُلقِ لِلنَّفسِ، وحُسْنُ الخَلْقِ لِلْبَدَنِ.

29. Adopting a good character is the best [means of following the] religion.

29_ حُسْنُ الخُلقِ أفْضَلُ الدّینِ.

30. Good character is the best companion and self-conceit is a hidden ailment.

30_ حُسْنُ الخُلقِ خَیْرُ قَرین، والعُجْبُ داءٌ دَفینٌ.

31. Good character is from the best allotment and the most virtuous of qualities.

31_ حُسْنُ الخُلْقِ مِنْ أفْضَلِ القِسَمِ، وأحسَنِ الشِّیَمِ.

32. Good character is one of the two bounties [of Allah].

32_ حُسْنُ الخُلقِ أحَدُ العَطائَینِ.

33. Good character is proof of an honourable ancestry.

33_ حُسْنُ الأخْلاقِ بُرْهانُ کَرَمِ الأعْراقِ.

34. Good character increases sustenance and makes companions feel at ease.

34_ حُسْنُ الأخْلاقِ یُدِرُّ الأرزاقَ، ویُونِسُ الرِّفاقَ.

35. Good character is the cornerstone of all virtuous acts.

35_ حُسْنُ الخُلْقِ رَأسُ کُلِّ بِرّ.

36. Good character brings about adoration and strengthens love.

36_ حُسْنُ الخُلقِ یُورِثُ المَحَبَّةَ ویُؤَکِّدُ المَوَدَّةَ.

37. The best character is the one that is furthest from obstinacy.

37_ خَیْرُ الأخْلاقِ أبْعَدُها عَنِ اللَّجاجِ.

38. The best of qualities is the most agreeable of them.

38_ خَی_ْرُ الشِّیَمِ أرْضاها.

39. The best of attributes is kindness.

39_ خَیْ_رُ الَخلائِقِ الرِّفْقُ.

40. The best of all qualities is truthfulness in speech and noble actions.

40_ خَیْ_رُ الخِلالِ صِدْقُ المَقالِ، ومَکارِمُ الأفْعالِ.

41. The foundation of belief is [adopting a] good character and adorning oneself with the truth.

41_ رَأسُ الإیمانِ حُسْنُ الخُلْقِ، والتَّحَلّی بِالصِّدقِ.

42. I had, in the past, a brother-in-faith and his view of the world

p: 260

as something insignificant made him great in my eyes. He was above being controlled by the needs of his appetency and thus he never craved for what he could not get nor would he ask for more of what he got. He was silent most of the time but when he spoke, he silenced the other speakers and quenched the thirst [for answers] of questioners. He was [apparently] weak and feeble but at the time of battle he was like the lion of the forest or the serpent of the valley. He would not put forth an argument unless it was decisive. He would not accuse anyone in an excusable matter until he had heard his excuse. He would not mention any suffering except after recovering from it. He would do as he says and not say that which he does not do [himself]. Even when (or if) he could be exceeded in speaking, he could not be excelled in silence. He was more eager to listen than he was to speak. When two things came before him, he would see which of the two was closer to vain desire and would oppose it. You should [all] adopt these qualities, thus acquire them and compete with each other in them. And if you cannot acquire them, you should know that acquiring a little is better than giving up plenty.

42_ کانَ لی فیما مَضی أخٌ فِی اللّهِ وکانَ یُعَظِّمُهُ فی عَینی صِغَرُ الدُّنیا فی عَیْنِه وکانَ خارِجاً مِنْ (عنْ) سُلْطانِ بَطْنِهِ،

p: 261

فلا یَشْتَهی ما لا یَجِدُ ولا یُکْثِرُ إذا وَجَدَ وکانَ أکثَرَ دَهْرِهِ صامِتاً فَإنْ قالَ بَذَّ القائِلینَ ونَقَعَ غَلیلَ السَّائلینَ وکانَ ضَعیفاً مُسْتَضْعَفَاً فَإنْ جاءَ الجِدُّ فَهُوَ لَیْثٌ عاد وَصِلٌّ واد لا یُدْلی بِحُجَّة حَتّی یَأتِیَ قاضِیاً وَکانَ لایَلُومُ أحَداً عَلی ما (لا) یَجِدُ العُذْرَ فی مِثلِهِ حتّی یَسْمَعَ اعْتِذارَهُ وکانَ لا یَشْکُو وَجَعاً إلاّ عِنْدَ بُرْئِهِ وَکانَ یَفْعَلُ ما یَقُولُ ولا یَقُولُ ما لایَفْعَلُوکانَ إذا (إن) غُلِبَ عَلَی الکَلامِ لَمْ یُغْلَبْ عَلَی السُّکُوتِ وکانَ علی أنْ یَسمَعَ أحْرَصَ مِنْهُ علی أنْ یَتَکَلَّمَ وَکانَ إذا بَدَهَهُ أمرانِ نَظَرَ أیُّهُما أقْرَبُ إلی الهَوی فَخالَفَهُ فَعَلَیْکُمْ بِهذِهِ الخلائِقِ فَالْزَمُوها وتَنافَسُوا فیها فَإنْ لَمْ تَسْتَطیعُوها فَاعْلَمُوا أنَّ أخْذَ القَلیلِ خَیرٌ مِنْ تَرکِ الکَثیرِ.

43. Nothing gets constricted with good character.

43_ لَمْ یَضِقْ شَیْءٌ مَعَ حُسْنِ الخُلقِ.

44. One whose character is noble, his sustenance is increased.

44_ مَنْ کَرُمَ خُلْقُهُ اِتَّسَعَ رِزْقُهُ.

45. One whose qualities are good, his companionship is pleasant.

45_ مَنْ حَسُنَتْ خَلیقَتُهُ طابَتْ عِشرَتُهُ.

46. One whose character is good, his ways become easy.

46_ مَنْ حَسُنَ خُلْقُهُ سَهُلَتْ لَهُ طَرُقُهُ.

47. One whose character is good, more people adore him and feel at ease with him.

47_ مَنْ حَسُنَ خُلْقُهُ کَثُرَ مُحِبُّوهُ، وأنَسَتِ النُّفُوسُ بِهِ.

48. Allah, the Glorified, does not give a servant anything from the good of this world or the Hereafter but because of his good character and his good intention.

48_ ما أعْطَی اللّهُ سُبْحانَهُ العَبْدَ شَیْئاً مِنْ خَیرِ الدُّنیا والآخرَةِ إلاّ بِحُسْنِ خُلْقِهِ، وحُسْنِ نِیَّتِهِ.

49. The best distinction is good character.

49_ نِعْمَ الحَسَبُ حُسْنُ الخُلْقِ.

50. The best trait is [having a] good character.

50_ نِعْمَ