The Blessed Birth of Imam Mahdi


Title: The Blessed Birth of Imam Mahdi

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Ansari

Translator(s): Sayed Ali Farid Muhammadi

Publisher(s): Ansariyan Publications - Qum

Category: Imam al-Mahdi Miscellaneous information:nbsp;The Blessed Birth of Imam Mahdi

Author: Mohammad Reza Ansari

Translators: Sayed Ali Farid Muhammadi

Publisher: Ansariyan Publications

First Edition 1430 -1388 - 2009

Sadr Press

Quantity: 2000

Number of Pages: 40

Size: 143X205 mm

ISBN: 978-964-219-090-4


الولادة الميمونة للإمام المهدي(عج) باللّغة الانجليزية

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سرشناسه : انصاري، محمدرضا، 1366 -

Ansari, Mohammad Reza

عنوان قراردادي : گزارش لحظه به لحظه از ولادت امام زمان (عج) .انگليسي

عنوان و نام پديدآور : The Blessed birth of Imam Mahdi/ author Mohammad Reza Ansari; translator Ali Farid Muhammadi.

مشخصات نشر : Qum: Ansariyan, 2009=1388.

شابك : 978-964-219-090-4

وضعيت فهرست نويسي : فيپا

يادداشت : انگليسي.

موضوع : محمدبن حسن (عج)، امام دوازدهم، 255ق. - -- ميلاد

موضوع : Muhammad ibn Hasan, Imam XII -- Birthday

شناسه افزوده : محمدي، علي فريد Mohammadi, Ali Farid, مترجم

رده بندي كنگره : BP51/35/الف8گ404952 1388

رده بندي ديويي : 297/959

شماره كتابشناسي ملي : 1841507


A very perceptive view on the blessings of Allah SWT and the circumstances to the marriage of Imam Mahdi's parents Imam Hassan a.s.and Narjis Khatoon, the daughter of a Roman emperor, Imam's birth, and his early days.



The decision of the emperor of Rome for the wedding of his two grandchildren is the beginning of this story; but the wedding did not took place on that day! This is the beginning of the relationship of Nargis with the holy family of Imamate.

The pain of Nargis for the absence of Imam Hasan `Askari and her request from the emperor of Rome is another point in this attractive story. Then, we shall narrate the secret conversion of Nargis to Islam that gave her an opportunity to see her future husband, who was none other than Imam Hasan `Askari. Then comes the Imam’s help and assistance to the princess Nargis to travel to Iraq, and this is the final section of this chapter.

The Wedding Party

Nargis was the daughter of Yeshoua the son of Caesar. Maternally, she had a relationship with Simon

p: 1

the Zealot, one of the disciples of Jesus the son of Mary.

When Nargis was thirteen years old, her grandfather, the Roman emperor, decided to give her in marriage to one of his grandsons, who was Nargis’s cousin.

So, the Roman emperor invited many personalities from his nation for the wedding ceremony: more than three hundred priests and clergymen, some illustrious men from the descendants of the twelve Apostles of Jesus the son of Mary, nine hundred men and women from the aristocratic families, and finally his military high ranking commanders.

The Strange Fall Of The Crosses

The servants of the palace took a precious litter, which was adorned with innumerable beautiful gems before the emperor of Rome. They installed many crosses around the precious litter for the marriage ceremony. Soon after the future groom came on and stood on the litter, the archbishops and bishops stood up from their seats to show him respect.

Everything was ready for the ceremony to get started according to the court etiquette. By the emperor’s order, the archbishops opened their Bibles to recite the wedding vows; but suddenly, the crosses around the litter fell down unexpectedly on the ground…! The pedestals of the litter began to tremble and moved from their places; so, the frightened groom fell down on the ground in front of the astonished people…!

When the archbishops saw that strange incident, they got deeply frightened and stunned, because of the fall of the crosses at the very beginning of the wedding ceremony was a terrible, sinister event for all Christians.

The archbishops

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came close to the Roman emperor and said respectfully: “O great Emperor! We beseech you! Let us not perform this doomed marriage ceremony! Maybe this unfortunate wedding would demolish the Christian government, the church of Christ, and its submitted societies in the near future…!”

Another Effort

The Roman emperor was astounded by that strange event, so he ordered to his servants, saying, “Rise up the litter and place the crosses on their places around it once again! Then, bring on the brother of this unfortunate young man to become the new groom! Maybe this time, he would be lucky unlike his ill-fated brother…!”

The servants and the courtiers did exactly what the emperor had ordered them. After a while, the new groom came on with a stunned face and stood obediently on the litter and got ready for the new ceremony, but when the group of the archbishops came to their places to begin once again the ceremony, the same incident was repeated just like before!

The emperor did not know what to do or think; at last he gave up his will to marry his grandchildren and he cancelled the ceremony with sadness and frustration… The guests went back homes silently, not knowing what to think... At the end of that day, everyone was wondering astonishingly about the strange events of that day. The young princess Nargis was as astonished as the others …

The Holy Prophet of Islam in Rome

At the very night of that strange day, princess Nargis, once more, saw in dream Jesus the son of Mary accompanied

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by Simon. There stood also some of the disciples of Jesus all of whom stood strangely at the same place where the archbishops and the clergymen stood on that day…

Then, she saw the Holy Prophet of Islam in her dream accompanied by the Commander of Believers `Ali ibn Abi-Talib and a number of his descendants. There was also a handsome young man … They came to the palace where princess Nargis lived and Jesus the son of Mary stood respectfully before the Prophet of Islam to say his greetings with utmost respect.

The Marriage Proposal

The Holy Prophet, referring to the young man beside him, said to Jesus the son of Mary, “O Spirit of God, I came here to ask for the hand of princess Nargis the descendant of your successor Simon for my beloved son Abu-Muhammad…!”

When Jesus heard these words of the Holy Prophet, he turned to Simon and, looking happily at him, said, “O Simon, dignity and honor have indeed come to you! You have been honored to give your daughter in marriage to the illustrious offspring of Imam Mahdi, Muhammad’s descendant…!”

Simon nodded his head down in deference and replied delightedly, “Oh my lord! What an honor! What a joy! I agree with gladness and happiness in my heart!”

When Simon declared acceptance, the Holy Prophet descended from his pulpit where he was seated and recited the wedding vows between his son Imam Hasan `Askari and princess Nargis while the holy Imams, Jesus, and the Apostles witnessed joyously the ceremony of the

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marriage of that beautiful bride and that handsome groom!

Illness Of Nargis

The next morning, princess Nargis woke up with surprise and while she was re-entering the real world around her, she remembered clearly her vivid dream, which appeared to have been a vision…

When she understood the real reason for those unfortunate events, she decided to keep her true vision for herself and hide it from everyone including her dearest grandfather! Maybe they would kill her if they came to know about her clandestine marriage with the descendant of the Prophet of Islam in a vivid dream!

A few days later, Nargis could not help thinking incessantly about her husband Imam Hasan… She had not said anything about her vision to anybody! But she longed to meet her husband again… And her waiting made her impatient and the longtime absence of Imam Hasan made her sad and ill, because she didn’t eat or drink anything. The illness of Nargis disturbed her family, especially her grandfather who loved her dearly. The Emperor invited the best physicians of his country to the palace to treat princess Nargis, but none of them could guess the real reason of her illness. So, their medicine did nothing to help the young woman…

A Request From The Emperor

When all attempts to heal Nargis failed, the emperor thought that the death of her granddaughter was imminent, so he went to see her. Sadly he said to her, “My lovely daughter, is there anything that you wish for? Anything I may do for you?”

Nargis waited for such a

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moment for long time; so, she said, “O grandfather, it seems that the doors of tranquility and comfort are closed in my face forever. I don’t like to be rude, but I believe that if you stop torturing the Muslim prisoners in your dungeons, have pity on them, and set them free to return to their homelands, I strongly hope that Jesus and her Holy Mother will cure me, no doubt…”

The Roman emperor gratified quickly and without any hesitation the request of Nargis and ordered his soldiers to behave kindly to Muslim prisoners. When Nargis found out that her grandfather had complied completely to her request, she then started to eat and drink in order to make her grandfather happy. After a few days, she seemed better and when the emperor came to visit her and saw her physical improvement, he reinforced his command to his soldiers so that they would continue to have a better behavior with Muslims more than ever.

Nargis in the Presence of the Sovereign Lady of all the Women of the World

After fourteen nights had passed from the request of princess Nargis from her grandfather, Lady Fatimah Zahra', along with Virgin Mary and thousands of Celestial Angels that accompanied them appeared in her dream once again.

Holy Mary the mother of Jesus looked at Nargis and said fondly, “My sweet daughter! This gracious lady is the Sovereign of all the women of the whole world, and she is the holiest lady in the entire universe; namely, Fatimah Zahra', your mother-in-law…”

After Nargis heard the sweet words of Virgin Mary, she started to

p: 6

cry happily. She then placed her soft head on Lady Fatimah Zahra'’s lap and asked her illustrious mother-in-law why her grandson Imam Hasan `Askari had not yet come to see her wife this time.

She then explained that she was deeply saddened by this fact and missed the absence of her husband painfully… That was why she had been so ill...

Lady Fatimah Zahra' smiled tenderly to Nargis, embraced her, and said, “O my lovely daughter-in-law! My son could not come to see you when you are still Christian… And because of the religion you follow, my holy sister Mary is not satisfied either. If you want Jesus and his holy mother Mary to be satisfied of you, and if you like my grandson to come and see you, please do repeat slowly all the things that I will say now...”

Then Lady Fatimah Zahra' uttered, “ashhadu an la ilaha illa allahu wa ashhadu anna muhammadan rasulu allahim (I testify that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.)”

So excited for this unforgettable meeting with these two holy ladies and willing to satisfy both of them, Nargis unhesitatingly complied and repeated delightfully, “ashhadu an la ilaha illa allahu wa ashhadu anna muhammadan rasulu allahim (I testify that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.)”

She wanted more than anything else to see once again her dearest husband!

Lady Fatimah Zahra' embraced her happily and said, “From now on, wait for my son Hasan! He

p: 7

will come and see you...”

Meeting With Her Husband

Nargis woke up the next morning and remembered clearly her dream. She was so sure that her husband Imam Hasan would come in her dream to see her the next night that she joyfully repeated the creed of Islam once more so as to make sure that everything was henceforth ready for her real meeting with her husband…

Nargis was sure about her husband’s presence at the very night in her dream. So she made herself ready to meet Imam Hasan and went quickly to sleep. Upon entering the realm of dreams, she met her beloved husband and after their greetings to each other she said to him, “My beloved husband! Why did you not come earlier to see your wife…? Do you know how much I love you and how much pain I suffered from your long absence…?”

Imam Hasan replied tenderly, “O my sweet wife! After your conversion to Islam, I promise you that from now on I will never leave you! I also promise you that I will come in your dream every night just to see you…”

Destination: Iraq

One night, Imam Hasan informed Nargis in dream, “In the near future, your grandfather will prepare a powerful army to fight against Muslims. He himself will be the commander-in-chief. Listen carefully, Nargis: you should change your clothes and put on the clothes of a simple slave and incognito, go along with your grandfather’s army. In due time, I shall inform you what to do after that. So, be

p: 8

aware and wait for my next instructions!”

Nargis did exactly what her husband had ordered her and dressed like a slave and went along with other slaves who had to accompany her grandfather’s army. On their way to battlefield, some Roman sentinels from her grandfather’s army poisoned some Muslim soldiers and Nargis got very sad about the future of the unfortunate Muslims. From that special night when Nargis had converted to Islam due to the kind assistance of Lady Fatimah Zahra' and even on her way to Iraq, Imam Hasan appeared in her dreams every night without exception and protected firmly his young bride from every danger.

In the House of Imamate


Here begins a new chapter in Nargis’s story:

In this chapter, we will narrate how a loyal Shi`ite (i.e. a follower of the Holy Imams) happened to go to Baghdad to accompany and bring princess Nargis to Imam Hadi’s house. It was truly a difficult journey for the young princess, but the thought of going to her husband made hardships of that tiring journey most seem to be pleasurable and happy for her. It was the beginning of her new life in the Household of Imamate…

On The Way To Baghdad

Bashshar ibn Sulayman was a slave trader and one of Imam Hadi’s loyalists; he lived near the Imam’s house in Samarra'.

One night, a servant of Imam Hadi went to the house of Bashshar to summon him to be present before the Imam Hadi. Bashshar responded and quickly went to the house of his beloved Imam. Once he arrived there,

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he found Imam Hadi talking to his son Imam Hasan and his sister who was behind a curtain.

Imam Hadi said, “Bashshar! You are one of Abu-Ayyub Ansari’s trusted sons, we know that you have accepted our wilayah (i.e. the divinely ordained leadership of the Holy Imams) most obediently and you have always believed us in your heart. I am going to let you in a secret: you have to go to Baghdad and buy a female slave from the salve market. I would like to tell you that this will bring about full joy to your heart and it will increase your rank in the presence of our God.”

Beside The River Of Tigris

After that private conversation, Imam Hadi wrote a letter in Latin; he then stamped it with his special ring and gave it to Bashshar. He gave him a yellow purse inside which there were two hundred and twenty dinars and told him that he should travel to Baghdad and in a specific day at noon, be in the riverside of Tigris. He should wait then for the arrival of a merchant’s boat on which he should find a man named `Amr ibn Yazid. He should wait until this slave trader would start exhibiting his slaves in the slave market. After a while, `Amr would bring a young female slave who wears two thick silk dresses. Unlike all others, this slave would not let people see her face and moan and cry in Roman language [Latin], saying “O Good God…! I can bear

p: 10

no longer such an insult and such a misery…!”

Suddenly, a man from among the people would stand in front of that young slave and announce, “The purity and the virtuous qualities of this slave urge me to buy her. I am ready to give you three hundred dinars to buy your slave…” But that young slave would reply with a fluent Arabic, saying, “Even if you were like the Prophet Solomon the son of David and have lots of jinn around you, my answer is still no! So, take pity on your money and do not waste it vainly!”

At that moment, `Amr ibn Yazid the slave trader would say pitifully, “So, what am I supposed to do?! I need to sell you, girl!”

But the young slave would respond, “Do not hurry! I must find some one suitable to me… someone I can trust.”

At that moment, it should be your turn to go near them and tell them that you have a letter from a nobleman. Tell them that your master has described himself in his letter to her and that he has written that letter in Latin. Then, take this letter to the young woman and ask her to read it. Then, tell `Amr ibn Yazid that if the young slave is content and satisfied, you in your turn are ready to purchase her for your master…”

Purchasing The Young Slave

With these detailed instructions of the Imam, Bashshar went to Baghdad without wasting any more time. He did as exactly as he had been

p: 11

told and found `Amr and his slaves at the right spot. He then waited for his moment…

Bashshar watched all the events and found them going as exactly as had been described by Imam Hadi! When he heard the words of the young slave asking `Amr not to hurry too much, he got closer and stood in front of Nargis. Addressing `Amr, he said, “I have a letter with me from a nobleman. My master has described himself in this letter. Please, do give this letter to that slave. If she will be satisfied, I am ready to purchase her for my lord and master.”

When `Amr gave the letter to Nargis, she opened it and after having read the first line, she began to cry. She then said joyfully, “Please! Sell me at once to this man; otherwise, I will kill myself.”

Bashshar and `Amr talked and negotiated for a few minutes about the price of the slave and `Amr finally agreed to sell her with two hundred and twenty dinars! It was exactly the same price Imam Hadi had given to Bashshar. He then purchased Nargis and took her to the place he had rented in Baghdad.

The Marriage Of Imam Hasan

After so many hard days and nights, princess Nargis felt happy finally; Bashshar saw with stupor that she used to smile and kiss the letter written by Imam Hadi frequently.

Bashshar asked her with astonishment, “What are you doing? You do not even know who the writer of this letter is!”

Nargis smiled and narrated her life

p: 12

story to him from the moment the crosses fell down until her meeting with Lady Fatimah Zahra’ and her husband Imam Hasan in the realm of dreams.”

Bashshar told her curiously, “It is very strange that you are Roman but you can also speak Arabic so fluently!”

Nargis smiled and explained, “Yes, because my grandfather loved me very much, he was very serious about my studies. He appointed a woman who could speak many languages as my teacher. Therefore, I learned Arabic from the best teacher ever!”

The Greatest And Most Blessed News!

The next morning, Bashshar and Nargis reached Samarra’ and went to the house of Imam Hadi. The illustrious Imam welcomed Nargis gracefully and told her with great affection, “Welcome my dear child! Now, do you believe in the majesty and greatness of Islam and the honorable behavior of the Ahl al-Bayt (i.e. the members of the Holy Prophet’s Household)?”

Nargis responded obediently to her lord and said, “O son of Allah’s Messenger! How can I express my thoughts and feelings whereas you are wiser and more knowledgeable than me in so many ways?”

Imam Hadi said, “My child, I would like to give you a gift. Do you like to receive one thousand dinars or to convey to you a glad tidings that will bring you an eternal honor and dignity?”

Nargis who had tolerated all the hardships of her long journey and waited only to hear this joyful news answered, “My lord! With all due honor, I am ready to hear the joyful news.”

Imam Hadi smiled and said,

p: 13

“My child! Our God will give you a son who will be the sovereign of all the worlds from east to west and everything will be under his command! He will bring justice and equity when the earth would be filled with tyranny, oppression, and injustice! ”

Nargis asked, “My lord! Who will be the father of this child?”

Imam Hadi answered, “The father of the child is the same one that our Holy Prophet, on that special night, came into your dream and recited the marriage vows between you and him in the presence of Jesus the son of Mary and his successor. Do you remember?”

Nargis answered quickly, “Yes, of course. I remember! How can I forget this sweet and important event?! That special night, when Lady Fatimah Zahra’ came to my dream and I converted to Islam on her holy hands. From then on, my husband comes in my dream every night.”

Lady Hakimah And Nargis

After that conversation, Imam Hadi asked his servant to call his sister Lady Hakimah to join them. When she entered the room, Imam Hadi said to her, “My beloved sister! Nargis is the one that I had talked about her before.” Lady Hakimah welcomed her kindly and embraced her. Imam Hadi smiled and said, “My good sister! Please, take Nargis with you and teach her the teachings of Islam because this sweet and innocent girl is the legitimate wife of my son and also the mother of the last Imam to come.”

On the Threshold of the birth


In this chapter, Lady Hakimah, Imam

p: 14

Hadi’s illustrious sister, will be invited at the night of the birth of the last Imam. We shall see the very respectful, kind behavior of Lady Hakimah toward Nargis. In this section too, the birth of the baby boy and the night prayers of Imam Hasan, along with Lady Hakimah and Nargis herself, are narrated. The last section of this chapter is about Imam Mahdi who shall begin to talk with Lady Hakimah.

On The Night Of 14th Sha’ban

Days and nights passed and Nargis was the center of attention in the house of Imamate. No one was aware yet of the important role of Nargis as the future mother of the Last Savior of the World. The only persons who knew about this were Imam Hadi, Imam Hasan her husband and the father of the future baby, and his aunt Lady Hakimah.

After the sad days of the martyrdom of the tenth Imam Hadi, Imam Hasan received the important role of Imamate by the will of God Almighty while he was only twenty-two years old. His wife Nargis was already pregnant. By the will of God Almighty, all signs of her pregnancy were hidden from everyone including Lady Hakimah. She did not know about that and after nine months, there was still no sign of a baby in Nargis’s womb. Finally, on Thursday, Sha`ban 14th, 255 AH, Imam Hasan invited his aunt to his house.

In a letter, the Imam wrote, “My beloved aunt! I would like to invite you to come over here for breaking the

p: 15

fast with us. This very night too, our God Almighty will finally grant us our wishes! At that special night, the beloved baby that all of us have been waiting for his birth a long time ago will come into this world! God Almighty will thus complete His blessings to all human beings with the birth of my son. My aunt, tonight the Patron of the Age will be born and one day he will offer eternal life and perfect justice to the whole world after the death of the earth.”

Lady Hakimah went quickly and happily to Imam Hasan’s house and asked him excitedly, “My lord, are you sure that tonight is the special night you were longing for its arrival?”

With smile, Imam answered, “Of course I am sure, my aunt!”

Lady Hakimah was aware of the details of the life of Nargis and of the glad tidings of her life, but she asked Imam Hasan once more, “My lord, may my life be offered as ransom for you! But… who is the mother of this great child?”

Imam replied, “Of course! Nargis is the mother of my son!”

The Deep Affection of Lady Hakimah to Nargis

Lady Hakimah loved Nargis very much and Nargis also showed a lot of respect to her husband’s illustrious aunt; so, when lady Hakimah used to come to their house, Nargis herself used to take off the shoes of lady Hakimah and kiss her hands tenderly.

When Imam Hasan told his aunt about the night of the birth of the Savior of the world, Lady Hakimah

p: 16

went quickly to Imam’s house and entered Nargis’s room. The princess smiled sweetly upon seeing her and stood up respectfully like always and asked her, “My life be offered to you, my dear aunt! How are you?”

Lady Hakimah answered quickly, “Do not ever say that again, my sweet child! It is my life and the entire world that should be offered to you! I’m fine.”

Nargis said kindly, “Dear aunt, let me take off your shoes.” But Lady Hakimah did not let her touch her shoes; rather, she herself bent down and kissed Nargis’s feet and said, “My beloved child! You are my lady from now on! I promise our God that I will not let you touch my shoes ever again! I am at your disposal forever! Please, tell me what I should do for you?”

Mahdi: The Savior of the World and the Son of Nargis

Nargis began to wonder about Lady Hakimah’s words and strange behavior, because she had never let her do anything! And now, suddenly, Lady Hakimah began to say the strangest thing ever: “My child! God Almighty will grant you a son this very night! He shall be the lord and master of all the people of the world! And one day, he will solve all the hardships and problems of all of his believers, by God’s will!”

Nargis had not expected to hear such words from Lady Hakimah; so, she became very embarrassed and said modestly, “My sweet lady! What are you talking about?”

Lady Hakimah answered her without hesitation, “No, please do not call me like that

p: 17

ever again! You are my lady and you are the greatest lady of this era! Do not wonder nor doubt about your high rank and position, my child!”

After this brief conversation, Lady Hakimah looked at the body of Nargis but could not see any sign of pregnancy! She asked Nargis about her general condition, and she answered that she was well; she felt neither headache nor pains. Then both of them went to see Imam Hasan to whom Lady Hakimah said, “My lord, I didn’t see any sign of pregnancy on Nargis’s body!” Imam Hasan smiled kindly and replied, “Dear aunt! Be assured that my son will be born tonight! The mother of my son is like the mother of Prophet Moses; so, there shall not be any sign of pregnancy on her until the time of birth. At that time, Pharaoh’s soldiers by his direct order used to kill all pregnant women they would see so as to find and kill Moses. My son is like Moses. My sweet wife, know that your baby is a boy, his name is Muhammad, and he is the next and last Imam after me.”

Serenity and tranquility appeared on Nargis’s pure and innocent face after she had heard those words from her beloved husband.

Calmly, she asked him, “My lord, what is the right time for the birth of my baby?” Imam responded, “Beloved wife! It will coincide with the rise of dawn.”

A Prayer in the Night…

At the sunset of the fourteenth day of Sha`ban after the time

p: 18

of the ritual sunset and evening prayers, Imam Hasan, Lady Hakimah, and Nargis broke their fast and ate their dinner. After a while, Nargis went to her room to rest a little and she slept peacefully. Lady Hakimah went inside her room to be beside Nargis, perhaps she might need something; so, she could help her quickly. Imam Hasan sat in one corner of the room to rest for a moment.

After resting for an hour, Lady Hakimah woke up sooner than usual for offering the Night Prayer. She went to the backyard to perform the ritual ablution. When she returned inside the room, she was thinking still about the birth of that illustrious baby; so she looked up at Nargis but the young woman was deep asleep! She slept deeply and serenely and did not move in her bed as pregnant women usually do.

After performing the rituals of the Night Prayer, Lady Hakimah sat in a corner of the room to rest for some moments, but she slept once again. After a while, she woke up suddenly and saw that Imam Hasan and Nargis readying themselves for the Night Prayer. Each one of them headed for the prayer-place to pray God.

After finishing her prayer, Nargis returned to her bed and slept, while Imam Hasan and lady Hakimah remained in their places to pray and wait for the beginning of that great event.

The Waiting

After an hour, Lady Hakimah went to the backyard and gazed at the nightly sky… It seemed that the

p: 19

rising of the dawn was close. For a moment, Lady Hakimah felt a kind of doubt about the time of the birth of the baby in her heart and said to herself dubiously, “And now, dawn is beginning to come… But still, there is no sign of the promise of my Imam…”

Suddenly, Imam Hasan, from inside the house, said loudly, “My dear aunt! Do not let your heart and mind have such thoughts! Do not doubt! We are so close to the will of God Almighty!”

Lady Hakimah, most embarrassed from her thoughts and doubt, returned quickly inside the house and read some Qur'anic verses from Surah (Qur'anic Chapter) Sajdah and Surah Yasin.

The Words Of The Baby With Lady Hakimah

A few minutes later, Lady Hakimah went to Nargis’s room and saw her trembling. She took her quickly in her arms and asked, “Why, my sweet lady! Are you well? Do you think the time of your giving birth to your son has finally come?”

Nargis answered, “Yes, I think the time has come!”

Then, Imam Hasan ordered from another room, “My aunt! Do please read loudly the verses of Surah al-Qadr!”

While Lady Hakimah recited the verses of Surah al-Qadr, she heard suddenly that the baby from inside Nargis’s womb began to recite the same Surah along with Lady Hakimah! After having finished that, the baby inside Nargis’s womb said his greetings to Lady Hakimah.

For a moment, Lady Hakimah got frightened and ran toward Imam Hasan who said to her, “My aunt! Do not be afraid and do not wonder about

p: 20

the will of God Almighty! Do you not know that God Almighty make us, the Imams, skillful speakers from our infancy and in our adulthood and appoint us as His living proofs on earth?”

The Final Moment

Lady Hakimah returned to Nargis’s room and with her soft hands, held Lady Hakimah’s hands tightly and shut her eyes. Then she began to recite verses of the Holy Qur'an.

At that moment, Nargis vanished in front of Lady Hakimah’s eyes! It seemed that an invisible curtain had suddenly dropped down and separated Lady Hakimah from Nargis! Once again, Lady Hakimah ran quickly toward Imam’s room but Imam Hasan did not let her explain what she had just witnessed; rather, he said to her, “Do not worry, my dear aunt! Go back to the room and you will see her once again in her place.”

The Birth of the Savior of the World


The first moments after the birth of Imam Mahdi, his shining and holy body was before the very eyes of Lady Hakimah. In the beginning of this chapter, we will see that the infant boy testifies to God Almighty’s oneness, to His Prophets’ prophethood, and to the boy’s forefathers’ divinely ordained leadership (i.e. Imamate).

We will then see that angels descend from the skies to compliment and congratulate Imam Hasan for the birth of the newborn. The infant boy will then recite the verses in the Celestial Books of the Prophets who came before the Holy Prophet Muhammad in front of his father Imam Hasan, which is another miracle of the greatness

p: 21

of Imam Mahdi. Finally, we will see that the Archangels take the infant boy up to the heavens and specifically to the Throne of God Almighty.

The Birth of the Awaited Son at Dawn

On Friday sunrise, the fifteenth day of Sha`ban AH 255, corresponding to July 29th, AD 869, the Last Promise of God Almighty came in this world. Imam Mahdi the Patron of the Age spread his holy light to all over the world!

At that moment, Lady Hakimah, who was beside Imam Hasan, was asked by him to re-enter Nargis’s room. Complying with Imam’s order, stopped suddenly in front of Nargis’s room stunned, because the room was full of pure and Divine light! She then saw a beautiful, sweet infant boy who was bowing down toward the kiblah direction and praising God Almighty.

Astonished, Lady Hakimah saw Nargis’s face and forehead shining more splendidly than the midday sun!

Bowing Down Towards the Kiblah Direction

While Imam Mahdi bowed down towards the kiblah direction, he also raised his index finger towards the sky and uttered these words: “I testify that there is no god but Allah! I also believe in a single, unique God and there is no partner for Him. I testify that my ancestor is the Messenger of God and I testify that my father the Commander of the believers was the Proof of God!”

Then, Imam Mahdi said the names of his illustrious ancestors and called them Proofs of God Almighty. when Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance) uttered God’s Holy Names, he added: “O God Almighty! Please, fulfill Your promise for me

p: 22

and help me finish my duty! Make my steps constant and firm and spread Your justice and equity all over the world at my hand!”

The Companions of Imam Mahdi

After having pronounced those holy prayers, Imam Mahdi sat on his knee, raised his head and his index finger toward the sky, and sneezed a few times. After each sneeze, Imam Mahdi uttered, “Praise be the Lord God and the Creator of the worlds! And may God’s greetings and blessings be bestowed on Muhammad and his holy Family! I am a servant of God, submissive without any pride, and I will always invoke and remember my Creator, God Almighty! The power of darkness thinks wrongly that the Proof of God has been destroyed so far; if we were permitted to talk, surely all doubts and hesitations would have vanished!”

After that, a multitude of white birds descended from Heaven and rubbed their sweet, white, and pure wings on Imam Mahdi’s tender feet, hands, and holy face. When Lady Hakimah narrated these events to Imam Hasan, he smiled and said, “Those are the purest angels of God! They have come down to consecrate themselves! They are to be his companions on the Day of Resurrection.”

Transferring WilaYah to Imam Mahdi

The Archangel in charge of Paradise is called Rizwan. He had the honor of washing the holy body of the newborn baby in the Pond of Kawthar and Salsabil. Then, Lady Hakimah washed once again the baby, held him tightly in her arms, and smelled the ethereal perfume of the holy body of the

p: 23

infant boy. She then saw a inscription written on the right forearm of Imam Mahdi: “The truth has come and the falsehood has vanished. Surely, falsehood is a vanishing thing.”

Nargis and Lady Hakimah spoke and played for a few minutes with the infant boy while he was laughing. Then Imam Hasan said, “My dear aunt! Would you please bring on my son here to me?”

Lady Hakimah smiled once more at the baby, enveloped him in a silk cloth, and went to Imam Hasan’s room. Imam Mahdi while in the hands of lady Hakimah saluted his father. Imam Hasan replied to his son’s greetings, sat him on his own knees, and recited the adhan statements in his right ear and the iqamah statements in his left ear. He then placed his tongue over the eyes and ears of his baby boy and then inside the mouth of his son. This was done because he wanted his son to see, hear, and talk with justice and Imam Hasan transferred the pure elixir of his wilayah to his holy son.

Having performed these important acts, Imam Hasan embraced his newborn most tenderly, kissed his hands, feet and face, and pressed him tightly to his chest.

The First Words of the Newborn

Imam Hasan pampered the face and head of his son tenderly and said to him with a fond smile, “O living Proof of God Almighty! O essence of the Prophets’ difficulties! O last Imam appointed by our God! O possessor of the shining Return! O shining light from inside the

p: 24

deep oceans! O successor of pious men and women! O one and only light of all Prophets and Imams! Now, by God’s will, speak up!”

Imam Mahdi thus spoke: “In the name of God the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. Greetings of God Almighty to Muhammad the well-chosen and last Prophet of God, to `Ali the well-pleased, commander of the believers, and father of Imams, to Fatimah Zahra' the holy mother of the Imams, to Hasan and Husayn the sons of `Ali, the glorious martyrs, and the chiefs of the youth of Heaven, to `Ali ibn Husayn, to Muhammad ibn `Ali, to Ja`far ibn Muhammad, to Musa ibn Ja`far, to `Ali ibn Musa, to Muhammad ibn `Ali, to `Ali ibn Muhammad, and to my father Hasan ibn `Ali.”

Imam Mahdi prayed then for his companions and for his Shi`ite followers and then stopped talking.

Reciting the Holy Books of the Prophets

Imam Hasan asked, “My son! Do recite all the Holy Books of the passed Prophets.”

Imam Mahdi thus recited the Book of Abraham in Syrian; the Books of Prophet Noah, Prophet Idris, Prophet of ¯alih, the Torah of Moses, the Bible of Jesus, and the Holy Qur'an of his forefather Muhammad the last Messenger of God. He then told their life stories.”

Imam Hasan said to him, “My son, you are the living argument of God against the peoples and nations! You are the Face of God towards which those who pray Him turn their faces! You are the protected trust of God! You are a memory of one of the

p: 25

branches of the Heavenly Tree Tuba! You are the child of the farthest lote-tree! You are the successor of virtuous men and women! You are the core of mysteries and secrets of God! You are the memory of the Pure! You are the Final Day of the world! You are the child of the Glorious Names of God Almighty! You are the child of the Greater Monotheism! You are the huge and prominent veil of God Almighty! You are the connection link between the earth and the heavens! You are the Face of God Almighty; from the past until the present time, pious men have always been aware of your high rank! Because of your holy existence, God Almighty sustains His creatures! Your holy existence on earth is the reason of the survival of the creatures of God Almighty! Your existence is the reason of the constant, firm condition of the earth and the heavens! You are the argument from among many other arguments of God Almighty! You are the safeguard of the believers! You are the last savior of the virtuous men! You are the remembrance of the Prophets! You are aware of the entire knowledge and science! This child is the completion of the signs of God Almighty and the traditions of the holy Family of Banu-Hashim! He is the memory of the light of God! He is the memory of the Holy Prophet! He is the memory of the Straight Path of our God! He is the

p: 26

memory of our merciful, clement Prophet! He is from the holy Family who possess the most eminent, the highest rank, and the greatest position in the Presence of God Almighty! He is the successor of the mysteries and secrets of prophethood, Imamate, caliphate, leadership, purity, and Divine wisdom.

He is the child of the shining, the clear signs, and the child of the splendid fourteen stars of Imamate who govern all the creatures on earth and who know all the mysteries of the universe and all the things that are usually hidden to humankind. They [the Imams] know everything in the mind and hearts of the people and are witnesses of the people’s deeds and actions.

Our Holy Qur'an, which is an obvious, shining proof, is testifying and approving all these aspects, which belong to them. That is so because the Imams are the first and the last lords on earth! They are the possessors of everything and everywhere by the will of God Almighty!

God Almighty has given a little drop from the ocean of our existence and a shaft from our shining light and a piece of knowledge from our Divine, vast knowledge to His Prophets! That is because just a unique word from the Glorious Name of Allah was among the Prophets, and they could accomplish so many miracles! While all the seventy words of the Glorious Name of Allah and also what had been in the possession of the other Prophets were beside the holy Family of Muhammad!

Greetings of Imam Mahdi to his mother Nargis

Then Imam

p: 27

Hasan said, “My dear aunt! Please take Mahdi to his mother so that she may feed her son. Then, come back here again along with my son. Give Mahdi to his mother and make her happy, for truly God’s Promise is constant and firm!”

Lady Hakimah gave the baby to his delighted mother and Imam Mahdi with a sweet, innocent smile greeted her. Nargis embraced joyfully her son, pressed him tightly to her bosom, smelled his sweet, pure perfume, and kissed him a lot. She then breastfed him happily.

Greetings of the Servants

By God Almighty’s permission, Imam Hasan called some of his faithful, loyal servants he was sure about their manners. He knew that they would never disclose the news of the infant’s birth to strangers. He called on them to enter the room and be the witnesses of this birth. Imam smiled and said, “Come! Come here and greet my son. You may also kiss him. Then, you may bid farewell to him and leave.”

A few minutes later, the loyal servants who lived in Imam Hasan’s house entered the room. They were very excited and happy that they could offer their greetings to Imam Mahdi. They then left them alone. Imam Hasan said, “My aunt! Please bring Nargis here to bid farewell to her son.”

She came in the room and bid farewell to her newborn while she was deeply sad.

The Green Birds

Suddenly, a lot of beautiful green birds appeared and surrounded Imam Hasan, Imam Mahdi, Nargis, Lady Hakimah. Imam Hasan greeted, talked to one of them,

p: 28

and then said, “Please, take my son and protect him until you reach the Presence of God Almighty.”

That same bird took Imam Mahdi and along with its companions left Imam Hasan and his family and flew high above to reach the heavens. Imam Hasan closed his eyes and said, “My son, I entrust you with the Hands of the Merciful God, just as what the mother of Moses did.”

After a while, Lady Hakimah asked, “My lord! Who were those birds?” Imam smiled and said, “The one to whom I gave my son was Archangel Gabriel! The others accompanying ones were the Angels of Blessing.”

When Nargis saw that the birds had gone away with his newborn, she started silently to cry. But her husband Imam Hasan comforted her tenderly and calmly and said, “My sweet wife! Do not worry. Soon the will of God Almighty will give your son back to you just like Prophet Moses when he was returned to his mother! Know that no one has the permission to feed our son except you!”

In the Presence of God Almighty in the Empyrean

When Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance) soared high up to the sky, two other archangels took him to the empyrean. God Almighty from His Glorious Throne spoke to him saying, “Welcome! Greetings to you, My chosen servant who are sent down to support My religion and put into practice My commands! I swore and promised to Myself that by your hand I will reprimand and torment the wrongdoers, and bless and forgive my believers!

p: 29

O My archangels! Take My chosen servant with honor and respect to his father! Tell him his son is verily My last living proof on earth. Mahdi will be under My pledge and protection until the day when I will fulfill an eternal justice and truth. I will then destroy the wicked wrongdoers and all things vain and futile and make my last religion eternal and everlasting through his hands.”

The Days of the Newborn


In this part, we will read about the ceremony of immolation of a sacrificial lamb for Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance) and his conversation with the servants as a little example of the numerous miracles of the newborn infant, Imam Hasan’s order to keep the news of his son’s birth a secret, and the episode in which Imam Mahdi shone in his cradle in front of Lady Hakimah. We will then read about the brilliant perfect horoscope of Imam Mahdi which stupefied many great astrologists in this final chapter.

Performing the ceremony of `Aqiqah (a prescribed ritual ceremony seven day after the birth of a child, the parents offer a sacrifice to God and then shave the child’s hair and give alms to the destitute by the weight of the baby’s hair) for Imam Mahdi was a ritual that Imam Hasan respected and complied to it happily.

When Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance) was born, Imam Hasan ordered his servants to immolate three hundred sheep for his son. Narrating this occasion, one of the followers says, “I

p: 30

remember one day, Imam Hasan sent a sacrificed sheep for me and said that it was a sacrifice for his newborn son.”

According to another narration, one of the Imam’s servants said that when Imam Mahdi was born, all of them congratulated each other for this happy, joyful event.

One day, Imam Hasan summoned his assistant and ordered him to buy twenty five thousand measures of bread, along with twenty five thousand measures of meat. He was to distribute all these things to the poor families of Banu-Hashim. Ibrahim ibn Idris narrated in his turn: “One day, Imam Hasan sent four sheep to me and in his letter to me, he had written: In the name of God. Please, immolate these sheep for your lord and master Mahdi who is also my son, and give them to your brothers and the poor families.”

Hiding The News of Mahdi’s Birth

Hamzah ibn Abu’l-Fath narrated: “One day, a man came to my house and congratulated me for the birth of the newborn of Imam Hasan. He then insisted that I should keep this news to myself. I asked him what was the name of Imam’s son, and he replied that the name was Muhammad and the surname Abu-Ja`far.”

The Episode of the Sneeze

One of Imam Hasan’s servants narrated the following:

One night after the birth of our master Imam Mahdi, I went to see him. While I was watching him in his cradle, I suddenly sneezed, and Imam Mahdi said tenderly, ‘May God’s grace be on you!’ I was very excited about the fact that a baby

p: 31

had spoken to me! A lot more, because he had asked God’s grace for me! Then Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance) said to me, ‘Do you like me to give you a good news?’ I said, ‘Yes my lord, I do!’ Imam Mahdi said, ‘Be aware that each sneeze will keep you away from a sudden death during the next three days.’

The Green Cradle

Lady Hakimah narrated the following:

Three days after the birth of our master Imam Mahdi, I missed him so much that I decided impulsively to go and see him. I went to Imam Hasan’s house and went to Nargis’s room to see her little boy. She wore a yellow dress and had tied her head with some cloth. I greeted her and she kindly welcomed me. I saw the cradle in a corner in the room. She had spread a green cloth on the baby’s body; I drew away the cloth and saw my sweet little master who was fast sleep! His mother had not tied his hands and feet. When Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance) opened his innocent eyes, he smiled at me and played with my fingers. I embraced him tenderly and held him in my arms while I was kissing him all over the face! I smelled once again his ethereal, unique body perfume. I had never smelled a better perfume than that in my whole life! At that moment, Imam Hasan came and said, “My dear aunt! Bring on my little sweet

p: 32

son here to me.”

When I took him to his father, he kissed him tenderly, gazed at him for a moment, and said, “My son, I entrust you with God Almighty just as the mother of Moses entrusted her son with Him! May God Almighty be your protector! My beloved aunt! Bring back my son to his mother and know that you should hide the news of his birth from everyone.”

I brought back my lord Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance) to his mother and returned to my house after that.”

On the third day after the birth of Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance), Imam Hasan introduced his son formally to his special companions and said, “This is my successor and your next Imam after me. It is he to whom the masses of people will pray for his reappearance during his long occultation! When the earth will be filled with tyranny and corruption, he will come to save the world and along with his faithful, loyal believers, he will spread justice and equity all over the world!”

Speaking in Childhood

Lady Hakimah narrated the following:

On the seventh day of Imam Mahdi’s birth, I went to the house of Imam Hasan who, having greeting me warmly, asked, “Dear aunt! Bring on my child to me.” I brought Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance) quickly to his father while the baby was dressed in yellow. Imam Hasan embraced his son and put his tongue inside his mouth, and Imam Mahdi sweetly smiled. Then, Imam

p: 33

Hasan said, “Speak up my son!” Imam Mahdi thus said, “I testify that there is no god but Allah and greetings to the holy Imams!” Mentioning them by names, he reached to his own name. He then said this holy verse:

“And We desired to bestow a favor upon those who were deemed weak in the land, and to make them the Imams, and to make them the heirs and to grant them power in the land, and to make Pharaoh and Haman and their hosts see from them what they feared. (28:5-6)”

Another time, Lady Hakimah recounted the following:

Forty days after my last visit to Imam Hasan’s house, I visited my lord and master Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance).

Who Am I ?

One of Imam Hasan’s servants narrated this incident:

One day, I felt I should see my lord Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance); so, I went to his room and while he was fast sleep in his cradle, he said suddenly, “Bring me a red sandal.” I obeyed him quickly and gave him the red sandal. He then asked, “Do you know me?” I answered, “Yes, my lord!” Imam asked me again, “Who am I?” I replied, “You are my lord and the son of my lord.” On another occasion, Imam Mahdi said, “I didn’t ask you to give me this answer” I said, “May my life be offered to you! Please tell me yourself who you are!” Imam Mahdi said, “I am the last Imam and because of my

p: 34

existence, God Almighty shall verily protect my true believers from all disasters! I am the one who establishes the religion of God.”

The Happiest Event For All Shiites!

After the birth of Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance), Imam Hasan wrote a letter to Ahmad ibn Ishaq Qummi, saying to him, “God Almighty gave me a son and you should keep this joyful news to yourself. We did not unveil this news to anyone except those who are very close to us and those who have already accepted our wilayah in their hearts. I wanted to tell you this news to make you happy. I know you will rejoice at this blessed event just like us!”

The Splendid Sun

In the city of Qumm, there lived a famous astrologist. When Ahmad ibn Ishaq read the news of Imam Mahdi’s birth, he summoned this famous astrologist to his house and told him that God had given him a son. He then informed him of the time of the baby’s birth. The astrologist calculated the horoscope of the newborn.

After studying the horoscope, he said to Ibn Ishaq, “My friend! I can truly say that this baby is not yours. He should be the child of a prophet or a successor of a prophet! Because his horoscope showed me that everything will be under his command! In fact, the entire world, from east to west, and all deserts, mountains, oceans, and mainland will obey him and only him! No one shall remain on earth but only those who believe in him and

p: 35

accept him as his or her true legitimate Imam!”

Sayed Ali Farid Muhammadi

Monday Muharram 1st, 1430

Dey 9th, 1387

December 29th, 2008

p: 36

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