Lady Khadija (s.a.): The Perfect Woman

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Author : By: Fatimah


There are only four women in the entire world who have measured up to the lofty standards of real greatness and perfection set by Islam. They are:

1. Lady Asiya (s.a.), the wife of Pharaoh

2. Lady Mary (s.a.), the mother of Christ (a.s.)

3. Lady Khadija (s.a.), the daughter of Khuwailid

4. Lady Fatimah Zahra (s.a.), the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (p).

Lady Khadija (s.a.), the holy wife of The Lord of Prophets Hazrat Muhammad (p) and the mother of The Mistress of the Ladies of the Worlds, Lady Fatimah Zahra (s.a.), combined in herself all the attributes of those women, which add up to perfection. Malikatul Arab (the Queen of Arabs) was the ideal woman, the ideal wife for The Seal of Prophets [or the last prophet], Hazrat Muhammad (p), and the ideal mother.

Lady Khadija (s.a.) had a deep dedication to Islam, and love for and gratitude to Allah. She sacrificed all her wealth for Islam and stood by the side of her husband, the prophet of Islam. Holy prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (p) did not take another wife as long as Lady Khadija (s.a.) lived.

Muhammad bin Ishaq, the biographer of the Prophet (p), says that when Divine revelation was resumed after its cessation following the first two visits of Gabriel, Lady Khadija (s.a.) received a tribute and a salutation of peace from Almighty Allah. Gabriel communicated the message to Hazrat Muhammad (p) and when he conveyed it to Lady Khadija (s.a.),

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her words were: “Allah is Peace, and from Him is all Peace, and may peace be on Gabriel.”

Holy prophet (p) remembered Lady Khadija (s.a.) with love, affection, and gratitude forever. Her death filled his heart with deep pain and sorrow. Lady Khadija (s.a.) expired on the 10 Ramadan of the 10th year ater Hijra in 619, and was laid to rest in Hajun, Holy Mecca. The Messenger of Allah himself descended into her grave to lay in it for a few moments. He smoothed the earth on her grave after the burial.

Hazrat Muhammad (p) had to sustain another great shock in the death of his uncle and guardian, and the bulwark of Islam, Hazrat Abu Talib (a.s.)’s passing away, one month after Lady Khadija (s.a.)’s. He was overwhelmed with sorrow and grief with the expiry of two supporters and called the year of their death “Aamul Huzn - the Year of Sorrow.”

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